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Comment 18 Dec 2013

I agree with this being Matta's best team.  It is true that we have only played a pretty easy schedule so far, but like FSU in football, we have demolished all of those teams. What strikes me about this particular squad is the balance at both ends of the court. While Turner was here, players seemed to stand back and let him run the show. With the '06 team there was too much youth. But this team is playing well, spreading it around and as noted playing killer D. I also appreciate how much Matta is using his bench. (Possibly because he knows what little he will have returning next season?) I know the BIG still looms ahead and March is a million years away, but if this teams continues to progress they have an excellent chance at another Final Four.

Comment 15 Dec 2013

It's often hard to appreciate greatness while you are experiencing it. Sometimes greatness can only truly be understood after the event is over and time allows for the person/thing to be placed in its rightful place. We can look at Craft now and say "great" but ten years from now we will say "one of the greatest ever." In other words, Lincoln might not have written such a monumental address if he had done it immediately following the battle of Gettysburg; four months of contemplation allowed for the battle to be placed in its proper perspective.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

Wait...alcohol affects judgment? Damn, Kalis must have been fall down drunk when he picked Michigan over The Ohio State University. I appreciate OSU making it a student-only activity. Who wants to see some fat, bald 48 year-old strip down to his shorts and make a fool of himself? (Looks into mirror and sighs.)

Comment 10 Nov 2013

When November rolls around, people think of pumpkin pie and the smell of turkey roasting in the oven. You can now add the bittersweet taste of Michigan tears to your list of November treasures.

Comment 11 Aug 2013

Since everything is spelled correctly, I am going to guess it was painted north of the Ohio River, or done by one of the three Alabama fans who don't refer to fifth grade as "my senior year."


Comment 08 Jun 2013

You can tell that young man is brand new to Miami football. When being arrested, the hands go behind the back, not out in front.

Comment 23 Mar 2013

That looked like two best friends screwing around at the local playground rather than a first round NCAA game. Too easy.