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Comment 06 Aug 2016

While everyone knows that Archie is the only two time Heisman winner, most people don't realize that Pace is the only two time Lombardi winner. I am utterly convinced that if he had come back for his senior year he would have won the Heisman, along with a third Lombardi. He is hands-down the most dominate lineman, offensive or defensive, that I have ever seen.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

I feel sorry for Penn St. fans. It took me about six months to admit that Jim Tressel lied and cheated, and that was to cover up selling personal belongings to obtain tattoo money. I can't imagine how long it will take them to finally say out loud that Joe Paterno protected a child rapist for decades. In all seriousness, it must take so much mental energy to just fight those blue and white demons associated with this story.

Comment 04 Jul 2016

As a side note, the butthurt over the 2014 game on Black Shoes Diaries is incredible. I know they are utterly desperate to make us bitter rivals, but I would put them about 5th on our list in the BIG. In fact, the only reason I enjoy beating them every year is because it means so much to them and so little to us.

Comment 04 Jul 2016

I'm sorry, but nothing about the Penn St. program worries me at this point. Nothing. At least I can look at Michigan and see that Harbaugh is recruiting better and coaching better. PSU is still stuck in neutral as far as I'm concerned.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Sorry, but I don't buy the "crowd is more into it" argument, unless by into it you mean more drunk. I have been to games in scorching heat, freezing rain and frigid temperatures, and in all of those games the crowd was jacked throughout. I hate night games. I know that makes me a minority, but if your idea of why you go to a Bucks game is to party for eight hours, then you have lost me. To me, the GAME ITSELF is all I need. The crowd creates it's own atmosphere, as does winning.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

I actually got into a debate with a woman from North Carolina over this. I was staggered to find out that they take credit for the Wright Brothers. I told her that NC taking credit for the Wright Brothers just because the flight took place there is like the Pacific Ocean taking credit for the moon landing because the capsule landed in it. That shut her up.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

If they were going to OSU on an academic scholarship and took a high paying job before they had their degree no one would say a word. Somehow physical skills aren't viewed as important as mental. They were recruited to play football not invent the cure for cancer.* I hope they continue with their education for their sake but let's not pretend that they shame Ohio State by going into their chosen profession as soon as possible.  *does not include Craig Krenzel. He could find a cure for cancer.

Comment 28 Dec 2015

I'm sorry, but I still can't get up for this game. Whenever I see something about the playoffs, I sigh and change the channel. That should be us there and not Sparty. Honestly, I still feel like Miss Columbia after Steve Harvey yanked the crown off her head and handed it to someone else. I know come 1 pm on the 1st I will be jacked, but even if the Bucks were to blow them out it would still feel like my stomach an hour after I ate Chinese food.

Comment 13 Dec 2015

I think that, back when the BIG only sent a team to the Rose, playing in a bowl for either Michigan or Ohio State really was anti-climatic. It's not that they didn't want to win the Rose Bowl, it's just I think they often didn't have anything left in the tank. Besides, Woody, Bruce, Cooper and Tressel all geared their teams to win the BIG, which meant stout running games for November runs pared with stout run defenses. Sometimes the teams they faced in the various bowls liked to try the forward pass also.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

The problem with expanding to 8 teams is that #9 is going to bitch. It's so very easy as a Buckeye fan to want to expand, but the simple truth is we had one game to win and the entire team/staff played/ coached like crap. We win that game and all of us are happy right now and think the system is just fine. If (or should I say, when) they expand, it should never be more than 8 teams. And conference champs must get a place! I'd rather see a three loss Big 12 champ get in instead of 3 SEC teams that ESPN would push for.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

How bad is the SEC East if Florida was good enough to win that division? I almost feel sorry for Alabama because they have no idea how bad their team is...yet. I'd put Oklahoma at 1, The Other Michigan at 2, Clemson at 3 and Bamy at 4. I think that the Sooners would roll (pun intended) the Tide and Sparty would introduce Clemson to a team with a defense. Hells bells, Sparty might just win the whole damn thing.