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Comment 13 Apr 2014

Is it dead?  Probably not.  I believe it is more of a Braxton thing, due to the line hearing the clap better than him yelling.  It may not have been in the spring game because of the youth at Quarterback and unfamiliarity for them and the offensive line.  I think come gameday, it will be back in full force.

Comment 25 Oct 2013

I voted for Beanie for two basic reasons.  First, in Beanies final year, there were pre-season discussions about Beanie possibly earning the Heisman trophy.  I believe turf toe ruined that but Hyde has never received such considerations which tells you how good Beanie was viewed.  Secondly, I still remember a 50 some yard run against TTUN in 2006.  Hyde has never had a big run that I can remember.  While Hyde is very good, Beanie was the better running back in my opinion.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

He played at least some as he spelled Bennett for a bit when Bennett was injured.

Comment 22 Aug 2013

Hyde will not be included in the ESPiN B1G Blog of top 25 players.  That is because they made their list when Hyde was in trouble (pre-video).  I asked where he would be ranked and Brian Bennett said Top 15 but that is all.

Comment 16 Jul 2013

To me Manziel was not an impact freshman, if he wasn't good enough to see playing time during his True Freshman season.  Tebow wasn't the starter his first year but he played and made a difference.  That is the thought of an impact freshman.  The fact that Manziel didn't play his first year doesn't put him on any higher pedastal than Tebow, Bradford, and Ingram.  If anything it just means he had a huge improvement between year 1 and 2 to catch up to how good these other three were.

Comment 16 Jul 2013

I hate it when it is said that Manziel was only a freshman when he won the heisman.  That makes you think he came in straight from high school and took college football by storm.  However, he is a redshirt freshman, meaning he had been with the team and system for a year already.  He had time to grow and develope.  I wouldn't call him an impact freshman in relation to this article.

Comment 06 Jun 2013

I think the B1G may look a little better if there was an analysis of how many times a coach turned down an NFL offer, an example being Kirk Ferentz.

Comment 10 Mar 2013

It allows for teams like Penn State the chance to get an automatic invite to March Madness if they win the tourney.  Otherwise they have no shot on a year like this.  Liberty made it in to the dance with 20 losses by winning their tourney.

Comment 16 Nov 2012

I can tell you one thing, If Timmons ends up a Buckeye, he will be the most watched freshman for OSU.  Just to see how he does and if he is as good as advertised.  I will be rooting for him.  Thanks for your posts on this kid Wayraken.

Comment 15 Nov 2012

That is good news for Timmons if Urban is there!  I have no issue with us taking him as he looks like a great player and Urban knows way better than us who to go after and how.

Comment 15 Nov 2012

good point...I guess everybody thought Justin Zwick was our future QB after Krenzel but it ended up being Troy Smith.