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Comment 30 Aug 2013

Tomorrow is my 40th Birthday !!!  What a great way to celebrate with the first game of the year.  To say I'm somewhat excited is a huge understatement!!! Can't make the game, but we are having a good size party. 

I'm guessing we see no less than 3-4 different running backs in this game...


Comment 27 Jun 2013

Umm... Apple doesn't fall from the Tree???  Sounds like his dad is a beast in his own regards from the link I read about Ken.  He played Baseball in the minors and in the NFL.  Then competed in IronMan events.  After Knee replacement climbed Mount Everest.  I think is safe to say that Dad is a very positive influence on getting the most out of that athleticism.  Wow.. can't wait...

Comment 07 May 2013

Eddie George was a beast.  Tall, athletic and powerful.  A few times when Rod Smith got some nice open field runs it reminded me somewhat of Ol' Number 27 !!!

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Interesting Comparison.  Same lanky build.  Many people did not like Reggie Miller, but dude was deadly coming off screens hitting 3's from all over the place.  Many times not facing the basket and turn and shoot.  Heck they even have the "Reggie Miller" Rule in the NBA now which prohibits kicking out your leg to create space.  Look at the Follow thru with Q's leg on that shot.  right leg extended.  Good impersonation of a Reggie Miller Bomb to me....

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Evan Ravenel - Had just the best effort on a defensive rebound i have seen all year.  Then he made just an incredible outlet pass for a fast break.  Just Awesome  !!!  Many Buckeyes are playing well together at the time when it matters the most!!!



Comment 29 Mar 2013

Evan Ravenel - Had just the best effort on a defensive rebound I have seen all year.  Then he made just an incredible outlet pass for a fast break.  Just Awesome  !!!

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Q's Drives to the hoop where I thought he got fouled on a few awesome layups was just awesome.  We missed and made many layups and the way the game was being officiated I kept waiting for the whistle, but many times I never heard it. 

Comment 11 Mar 2013

3 weeks ago i would say that OSU chances were slim.  Now that they are playing inspired team ball they have a good chance as long as the defensive effort continues.



Comment 08 Mar 2013

One more home series win and the men's and women's Hockey teams will both be in the Frozen Four !!!  Great year !!!  How cool would it be for both teams to bring home the Hardware.


Comment 06 Mar 2013

D Thomas played his best "D" in this game.  If he continues to play defense like that this team could make a special run.  Scott an Craft playing Awesome defense is a given, and when the others play with that same grit and intensity..... Watch Out!!!!

Comment 26 Feb 2013

It was a toss up between his "D" and making non-OSU fans mad.  His intensity and never taking a possession off on Defense is something to truly marvel at.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

August 31st this year is my 40th Birthday !!  What a great way to celebrate with the opening of the season. 

I will have to pick an extra special bourbon for that occasion.  Any suggestions ?  My new standby has become Basil Haydens, but thinking I need to kick it up a notch for this great day!



Comment 07 Feb 2013

^^ + 1...  Damn I wish I could upvote things again... The new change must put me under the limit.


Amazing for a guy his size to do a standing Back Flip.  Are you serious...!!!  What a Stud !!!

Comment 25 Jan 2013

Kaepernick is a Stud.  How many NFL GM's are banging thier head in a wall for passing on him.  Kudos to San Fran for trading up and taking a shot on a guy.  And He dind't even get this chance until injury to Alex Smith. 

I am looking forward to wtaching the San Fran Offense and to see what the Ravens and thier "D" can do to stop them on the final leg of the Ray Lewis farewell tour.  The SuperBowl should be intersesting this year.

Could the new formula in the NFL be to have this type of QB and due to possible injury have a backup of same type of skill set to get through the year.  It used to be top tier QB's could last a long time while the runnning backs shelf life is about 3-4 years.  Look at how many RB's Peyton Manning has had by his side.  What will be the shelf life of this new style QB ?!?!

Comment 17 Jan 2013

Drama Queen(s)  = Brian And Manti

They need thier Man Card Pulled if they were involved in this.


Comment 11 Jan 2013

I'm not a big jersey buyer, but for my youngest we got him a #4 Jersey for Christmas.  Just love the way Craft plays and what an example to follow.  My son wears it all the time. 


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Comment 17 Dec 2012


Sorry,  I meant combined... what other conference is stonger than the B1G in Basketball and Football combined.  As you said "SEC basketball is worse than B1G football, ACC football blows, Big East football blows."   The only Team that can hang in both Hoops and Football is Florida.  That is what i was trying to say.

Comment 17 Dec 2012

With all the talk about confernece's theese days.  No doubt the B1G is the best Football/Basketball  conference.  Most schools strive to be the best in just one sport.