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Comment 13 hours ago

“The Big Ten isn’t like that,” she said. “That’s just my opinion. There is not that feel here. The intensity in the competition (in the SEC) is incredible.”

You're not going to endear yourself to folks in your old/new neighborhood, with comments like that.

Perhaps this is page one of Mrs. Meyer's plan, to return to Florida when her husband's present contract has reached its conclusion?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Bowlsby: "(R)ight now, if you want to cheat, you can do it and you can get away with it. There are benefits for doing that."

Obviously, because the BXII doesn't play a conference championship game...giving it an unfair advantage when the college football playoff contenders will be selected. What a sage!

“If you like intercollegiate athletics the way it is now, you’re going to hate it going forward,” Bowlsby said. “There’s a lot of change coming. I fear whether we will get past the change. There are all kinds of Armageddon scenarios you can come up with. Change is coming.”

He's speaking for himself. He knows branding (There can be only ONE "B1G") and regional balance (4 conferences, NOT 5, thank you) will compel the Power 4 conferences to lower the boom on the BXII, with this ultimatum: Fold your tent and we'll subsume your teams. If you won't, go play the mid-majors. But, you won't play any of us.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

'79 Brutus prefigures Pokémon. 

tOSU MUST sue Nintendo, The Pokémon Company and Satoshi Tajiri for trademark infringement...NOW!

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Agreed. The Game is always The Trap Game. It's just that a unique mixture of elements puts @MN in a tie for Trap Game:2014.

Bonus: @PSU.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

@MN is a joyless trip.

Undefeated, the Buckeyes will represent Jerry Kill's shot at immortality, in the long-paused pantheon of Golden Gopher glory.

As losers to MSU the week before, Ohio State will have little or no incentive to do anything, but drag their chins over the icy field at TCF Bank Stadium, for an hour. 

Either way, it will be bone-chillingly cold.

@MN is a thankless duty.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

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Comment 06 Jun 2014


Makes these seem pitiful:


Comment 02 Jun 2014

We have to remember more than a few projected Braxton Miller heading to the NFL. Then he didn’t. Then we found out he was hurt.

So, Braxton Miller returned for his senior year to get surgery and get healthy for the draft.  This season, I see him on the chill…protecting his investment.

I expect Braxton will "Clowney-ize" himself: Braxton Miller becomes Braxton Chiller, in 2014. You can’t blame him. The man has a son.

Unfortunately, this bodes a transition year at Buckeye-QB, with time split between a cautious #5 and a Cardale Jones who will need to be ready when “Chiller Time” comes, without notice. 

As QB goes, so goes a football team. If there’s a transition behind center, we can reasonably project 2014 will be a transition year for the S&G. 

Unless the Buckeyes play pissed, several matches on its schedule look tricky, to me. Meyer will face two, former, SEC foes at the helm of the Bearcats and Nitts, respectively. Ohio State will be the underdog en route to East Lansing, most likely. I can see the Buckeyes winning a tight game over the Spartans…and losing a tight game, the following week against the Gophers.

Never count scUM out. Lest we forget last year's installment of, The Game.

10 wins.   


Comment 01 Jun 2014

I would sound the alarm. Both MN (road trip) and IN (in Shoe) could be trap games, as they're sandwiched between MSU/scUM.

Comment 29 May 2014

Yeah, my MClub buds say the same thing: 9 wins.


Hoke. Must. Beat. Ohio State. In the Shoe.

If he doesn't, 9 wins won't mean shit. They'll opt to intro the new guy the following year, in AA.