Should We Even Try to Get Timmons?

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November 15, 2012 at 11:18a

Not to knock on Timmons (I actually want him to be a Buckeye), but would he ever get used to his full ability if he becomes a Buckeye?  With Jalin Marshal, Elliot, and Braxton, what place would there be for Timmons?  I wouldn't want him relagated to special teams and I wouldn't want a scholorship used on somebody who possibly would remain a backup.  I think he could be good enough to start on most teams but would be a backup to Marshal and others with the Buckeyes. 


 I'm sure Waycraken sees a great player but I think it may be better for Timmons to look elsewhere.  We never can have too many playmakers but I also want to give kids a chance to chase their dreams.  From what I can see, Timmons is smaller and not as strong as Marshal.  Yes, he is dynamic but I believe he will be pushed aside and forgotten in comparison to other playmakers. 


What do you all think?  Should Urban really go after Timmons or focus on other needs like linebacker and offensive line?  I will be happy if we get Timmons but I just want him to go somewhere he can be used.  I don’t want to us to be like USC or Alabama and have really good players locked behind even better players.


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I definitely think we need to bring him in. It is wayyyy too early to tell who will shake out as the top players and playmakers in this class. Just because elliot or mashall may look to be the better prospect coming out of high school, it is impossible to tell how these players will perform 2 or 3 years down the road. Bring him in and let him show us what he has to offer.

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good point...I guess everybody thought Justin Zwick was our future QB after Krenzel but it ended up being Troy Smith.

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I can't believe this is for real.  Oh, no thanks lottery, I already have enough money and all your money would do is sit in a Swiss bank account.

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who is to say any of the playmakers commited, or the ones to commit, who is to say any of them, even timmons, actually make it on the next level. i say the more potential playmakers osu has, the better chance a couple of the guys become a star. and perhaps timmons would be happy with a backup role, plus being the main kick returner and getting his degree from one the finest universities known to mankind, TOSU. perhaps timmons would be one of the best playmakers to ever put on the scarlet and gray. bring the kid on, please. i have seen him play, he is awesome. i saw on another post, that urban will be at timmons game friday night, is that possible and true?

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That is good news for Timmons if Urban is there!  I have no issue with us taking him as he looks like a great player and Urban knows way better than us who to go after and how.

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WayCraKen is going to go ballistic when he sees this.

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You never know how these things shake out.  You can look at highlights and stuff, and on paper Timmons may not look as good, but he could come in and totally kick ass.  Or, someone who looked better on paper could come in and not pan out like you thought they would.  I'd prefer to get him - hedge your bets a bit.

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No. Can we stop talking about this kid? No matter how much lobbying is going on he's still like #15 on our big board with, 6-8 spots left. Obviously if urban wanted him he wouldn't keep telling him to stay patient about an offer and do it already.

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#15?  Why would Coach Meyer go visit a recruit on a Friday then travel on to Madison if he is #15?  None of us know the strategy Coach is using. I can tell you one thing for sure.   Coach Meyers respects the kid more than you are giving credit for. 

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Is having him relegated to special teams a bad thing?  There are guys in the NFL who basically are only in the league because of their return ability.  Also, if the team is going after other guys like Gibson and Elder, why not take a look at Timmons.  One thing with Urban is certain, if he has the guys with the ability to make plays, he'll find room on the field for them.
I don't think taking Timmons will be at the expense of taking an LB either.  it's likely Timmons will be the guy because Gibson or one of the other guys we're interested in isn't going to make the cut.  Although, I wouldn't complain about a class that had Elliot, Gibson, Marshall, Timmons, and Elder.  Recruting being what it is means that 1 or 2 don't pan out or get lost along the way. 

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On today's call-in show, Coach Meyer gave the WR group a grade of C and said we need to have more WRs, develop better, and recruit more.  I think this shows you where the staff stands on the need for WRs.  Timmons is certainly a great player, and it's very promising for Timmons if Coach Meyer does indeed attend his game tonight.

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Special teams can change games, so if he ends up just being a specialist thats still a huge contribution. It is really hard to knock his production though, no matter what kind of talent he is playing against. All teams need playmakers, and who's to say his best fit isn't on the defensive side of the ball. I'm not sure if he plays any defense in high school but you can always use great athletes on the defensive side of the ball ala Roby. Thinking out of the box here.

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I believe before the season Urban said that he wants to have at least 9-10 good WRs at all times that are competing against each other and pushing each other for playing time and rotations. We were no where near that, and although we have made a bit of progress with what we have, it's hard to have too many as long as you can meet your other position needs.

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Ok something is not right here... This post has been up for awhile now and still no word from WayCraken??  Do we need to put out an AAP for WayCraken?

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Never enough playmakers. Each will find their niche and be a thorn to prepare for. Bring him in!

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yep never can have too many game breakers. the best thing about this offense is that it finds ways to use all of this speed and quickness. marshall, elliot timmons, jacobs and timmons could all take handoffs as well as play slot (although i think elliot primarily in the backfield and jacobs usually playing receiver). meyer managed to get the ball to harvin, demps, rainey, moody, deonte thompson and hernandez even in the year that they had a heisman winning qb. meyer will not have a problem finding ways to get these guys the ball.

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All I would say is this: I trust the staff. If they haven't offered him, they probably have a reason and know better than us. 

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You know I think everyone has good and valid points. I am also sure that is why so many WR recruits are holding out on making their decision (based on securing a starting role as a freshman and seeing who their competition is going to be). 
Well Let me tell you the only reason Mr Timmons is holding out is for one reason and one reason only. He wants to play for Urban Meyer at tOSU. It may not come about but he is doing everything in his own power to make it happen  

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IMO   Put Timmons in Coach Meyer's strength and conditioning and you have a CJ Spiller. 

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The main reason why i want this kid on top of his talent right here. Cant measure heart and determination. Sounds like he would give everything to the 7nniversity. Ill take a kid like that on top of a diva superstar anyday of the week. Not saying he is as tough as these guys cuz clearly he plays a different position but there is a reason why Simon and Boren are fan favorites for a reason. I know limited schollies left but i hope Meyer takes a shot w him. He is the kind of player Meyer is looking for to a T. On a side note. Probably just my wishes but anyone think Meyer might be starting to seriously consider him with the drop off in larue and north?

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I can tell you one thing, If Timmons ends up a Buckeye, he will be the most watched freshman for OSU.  Just to see how he does and if he is as good as advertised.  I will be rooting for him.  Thanks for your posts on this kid Wayraken.

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You never know about position depth. Heck, we are down to 2 running backs this year. If we offer Timmons, I have no problem with him comming here because he is quite the talent

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Might be a dumb question, but could they ever look at him for a defensive position like a corner? If he is speedy and smart, and is all in, could he learn that position with Coach Coombs and do well there? Or am I just clueless?

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timmons plays defense from time to time. does well too.  he played some last week against connor and did good. he has scored while playing defense in his high school career.

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In 2008 when Urban won the NC with Florida he had Tebow, Percy Harvin, Chris Rainey, Jeff Demps, and Emmanuel Moody running the ball with Riley Cooper and Louis Murphy on the outside stretching the field vertically... I'm sure Timmons would fit in well if all those guys could make it work in dominant form. 

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Without getting into too much depth, I'll just answer the post title & say YES!

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Personally I do not think they are entertaining the defensive side with Timmons. He has a playmakers mindset 100% and plays Defense to help his team but it is not his passion. They would have to do a lot of coaching to get him to the level he would need to get to play D1 on the D side of the ball. JMO. 

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Franklin County #1 Offensive team in the state (60 pts per game)
Cooper #2 Defensive Team in the State
Should be a good game for Coach Meyer to see if he sticks around after visiting with Ryan Timmons.  Game is going to be played at Franklin County Ky. 
To everyone that might attend from this site wear your Ohio State Colors!  I know of at least 3 that will be there with a strong possibility of 2 more.  Buckeye Grove came last week as well as a few Rivals UK guys.  I also know of many more coming to get a glimpse of the Show as well that are not Franklin County people but curious about Timmons.  DBEV you wearing Scarlet and Gray tonight?  I know Buckeyestu will be unless he is headed to Cancun.  Think I will go to BW3 and have a few before the game.

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At this point, I think the only WR lock is Gibson... I believe Quick ends up with Charlie Strong if he is at L'ville or UT.  I don't care if Timmons is small, put him out wide and let him burn his DB.  I believe in speed over size every day!  Sign this kid up!!!!!

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Timmons is the same size as Quick. I watched some highlights the other day, he is not small for a wide receiver by any means. once marrotti (sp?) gets ahold of him, oh man...


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Rivals has Quick at 6-1 and Timmons at 5-10... 3 inches makes a difference. 

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You can never have too much talent!! Braxton plays QB, Marshall WR, Elliot RB, thats only 3 positions. Having 2-3 playmaking WR's in this offense would be hell for anybody!! I just love the way the team is shaping up for the future and the new look of our team!

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Timmons=Quick. Except Timmons WANTS to be a Buckeye! Look for Yourself:

That's a big deal to other recruiters too. He is telling them that if he gets an offer he's going to Ohio State. He has essentially put all his eggs in one basket, so to speak. Why don't we? #discuss


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Hmmm...lets see. Talent,speed, and great instincts. Thats all good on it's own. The kid wears an Ohio State dew rag under his helmet? Bonus round!! Please, make this kid an offer.

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The kid can play and he lives to be a Buckeye. Seems like a no brainer to me. But as in all things Meyer - whatever choice he makes will be a good one!