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Comment 10 hours ago

Two of my all-time, relatively-unknown favourites:

Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn (Live) 
(Note, the first 5 minutes is a lengthy, exceptional dobro intro)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Mumford & Sons, and the Old Crow Medicine Show - "This Train is Bound for Glory"

Comment 02 Mar 2015

The wife and I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in December for our honeymoon (got into our penthouse just in time to see Cardale's first bomb to Devin during the B1G Championship), and it was, without peer, the best place I've ever been to.  The skiing (well, in my case, snowboarding) was truly world class.  Hell, it was mid-December and they'd already had over 100" of snowfall!

That's from the top of the tram at the summit of Rendezvous Mountain.  10,450 feet up, 4,139 vertical feet to the base of the resort, and sheer bliss all the way down.
Comment 01 Mar 2015

Very, very true. I generally liked M Man's comments (and I got really annoyed at the blind hatred towards him because he's a Michigan grad), but his passive-aggressive behavior towards the staff (specifically Ramzy) and contentious behavior over the past year or so was really starting to diminish the quality of his contributions. 

Sad to see it end this way. At his best, he was an awesome contributor.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Rest in peace, Spock.

Fun fact: Leonard Nimoy graduated from Antioch College in Yellow Springs -- the same college where Dave Chappelle's father taught.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Yeah. My only concern for quarry tiles is that they aren't necessarily food-safe. The metal part is tough because you need at least a 1/4 inch thick piece of steel to have the necessary thermal mass and radiant heat.  

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Most definitely.  Denny turned me onto the idea of using hacking a kettlepizza to turn my grill into a bonafide wood-fired oven; but the price of it all made me balk a little.  Though, recently I discovered a Kettlepizza knockoff for $99 at Home Depot, which I'm planning to hack by moving the stone to the top of the unit (and covering with aluminum foil), and then replacing the bottom stone with a KettlePizza Tombstone replacement stone (for easier pie-launching).

Should be a fairly close approximation to this for about $250 less.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I have a red Weber 22.5" OTG kettle grill, and it's the single-best purchase I think I've ever made.  I make everything from chicken thighs to pizza on the damn thing, though my all-time favorite is a thick steak -- either a tri-tip or bone-in ribeye.  I've found that, in most cases, I can get my grill up to temperature in about 30 minutes with hardwood-lump charcoal and a chimney starter.  From there, I'll throw on a few chunks of cherry wood, and I'm good to go.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Heheh, don't even get me started on canine and feline nutrition...

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Yeah, the early Moby song you linked was fantastic!  I'd never heard anything other than stuff off Play and 18, but you can hear how influential that early sound must have been.  

Here's two of my all-time favourites for you: "Nevergreen" by Emancipator and "Que Sera" by Wax Tailor.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Ahh I do recognize some of these guys!  Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, and Chrystal Method are all awesome.  I definitely know Moby and Daft Punk, but not that early of stuff.  Definitely planning on giving these guys a listen!

Spinning some DJ Krush right now -- always a good decision.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I honestly don't know a ton from them, Remy, but damn near everything I've heard from them is rad as all hell. My Pandora app recently updated, and they've been coming onto my Trip-Hop/Post-Rock station quite often (it's obviously grown more diverse than those two genres). 

Any other good '90s Electronica acts I should be aware of? I only really know Fatboy Slim and Hybrid. 

Comment 26 Feb 2015

"although, don't feel bad for thinking about it.  I think we would all secretly want to tame a wolf too, if we could."

Most definitely!  If there was a reliable way to truly domesticate them, I'd be the first one in line to do so.  

Until then, there's always the Alaskan Malamute.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I wonder how much of it had to do with the Bystander Effect.

Granted, there was no crime being perpetrated, but with a (relatively) ambiguous situation (it's not common at all, and plenty of kickoffs are technically fumbled out the back of the endzone without any consequence) and complete inaction from all parties involved, I wonder if anyone who thought about making a play for the ball hesitated because they feared looking stupid?

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I worked in pet retail for around seven years, and have worked pretty closely with some very, very good dog trainers.  I know that's not the greatest wealth of expertise in the world, but I'd strongly encourage you to not attempt to domesticate it.

The domesticated dog, Canis Lupus Familiaris, has been purpose-bred for obedience and (relative) submissiveness -- which is what makes them very good pets.  The common Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus, does have very some very similar traits (in fact, the domesticated dog is a subspecies of it), which makes it indeed possible to train them into a somewhat domesticated animal.  Unfortunately, wolves still have the instincts of a wild animal and can never be truly broken of these things unless they were completely raised within captivity.  Attempting to keep it as a pet is literally playing Russian Roulette with your safety and those around you -- they can bite at any second, even if they appear completely harmless.

There's a breed of dog called the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog that's a by-product of Carpathian Wolves and the German Shepherd.  The breed is recognized by the FCI, yet they still warn people against owning it unless they're "very experienced in dog behavior".  That's how strong and deep those instincts go.  

Just my personal, and somewhat informed, opinion: don't train it and let it be -- unless it's posing a risk to you.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Give me 'Bama and the SEC's other annual team-of-destiny.  Even after this year, nobody's more relevant than the SEC, and that narrative of Southern dominance (though momentarily slowed) will continue until we beat the ever-loving shit out of it.

Soundly knocking off the class of the SEC two years in a row would make for some incredibly delicious tears south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

The Jackass movies are my Kryptonite.  After watching 4 straight hours of recap coverage after our Sugar Bowl win, what did I tune into?  Jackass 3, which was playing uncut on Comedy Central.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Eddie Fitz is my main jam from Great Lakes; though I'm also a pretty big fan of Elliott Ness, Conway's Irish Ale, and Rye of the Tiger.  Their Blackout Stout is pretty damned tasty, too.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Interstellar was a massively ambitious, technically-accomplished, fabulous, bloated mess of a movie.  It was far from a perfect ride; but I enjoyed the hell out of it nonetheless.  

The day after seeing it, I listened to "'39" by Queen and damn near wept.