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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Probably would have to be the 1990 Reds winning the world series. I was 9 years old,and it was easily the best day of my young life. I've had some incredible life moments, but the joy I felt that day has rarely been matched.
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Comment 01 Dec 2016

It's funny to me that Saban didn't show out like the pic from the tweet with the Buckeye crew that visited, unless maybe Bama knew the writing was on the wall after the visit to The Game by Browning.  

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Overall, I don't think our pass protection has been THAT bad, but for a few games now, our passer has looked bad.  I love JT, but my goodness he has looked really bad.  In my opinion, if we get big game JT from Oklahoma or the Nebraska game, hell even PSU he didn't have a bad night, we'll be ok.  If we get JT of the last 2 weeks, we're screwed.  If he's hitting passes, (and last week there were plenty of opportunities) the pass rush isn't as big of a deal, and the running game opens up.  

If not, it could get ugly. 

It's frustrating to me that it seems like none of our guys are ever open.  Especially when you watch teams with average to mediocre players like Northwestern or MSU complete passes against our secondary which is one of the better units in the nation.  Am I really to believe that all these talented receivers are just not getting open ever or is it the guy throwing to them just hasn't been decisive enough.  
These aren't slights to JT.  He's had a pretty damn good year, but goodness when he has been bad, he has been really bad. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

The following statement is based on the assumption that JT will figure things out and be able to hit receivers again.  I don't want to play Michigan in the playoffs because it's far more important for us to play Alabama.  We can beat them, if JT remembers how to pass again.  Urban has said we need to prepare like Alabama does.  Alabama is our competition.  They are the roadblock keeping us from being the greatest program in the game right now.  They are interfering with our ability to land all the top recruits we want, and we need to play them and battle it out with them as much as possible.  Michigan is in the rear view, bring on Clemson, then Bama.  We need Urban best Saban as much as possible. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I just don't honestly see Michigan/Harbaugh getting a win in The Game any time soon.  I think about last year, and Harbaugh had all this momentum and Michigan was playing better than ever, it was a home game and his first ever "The Game" and they fell on their faces.  I know there were circumstances around the game like injuries and what not, but that is a statement making, beginning of an era type of win.  It also came after an extremely disappointing loss for the Buckeyes.  

This year, they have a senior laden team.  Buckeyes are really young, and have an offense that outside of the Oklahoma game, just hasn't been very good.  Coming in, he was supposed to have the best D-line outside of Alabama.  This was the perfect opportunity for him to pick off a win.  

Buckeyes are going to come back LOADED next year and we'll still have Urban.  I just don't see Harbaugh winning it.  If he goes 0-3 and Michigan still doesn't win anything (which, I doubt next year they do win any titles) does he stick around for a 4th season?  I'm not so sure.  

Comment 28 Nov 2016

As a college coach, Harbaugh has still never actually won anything significant.  He had the opportunity to actually go play for something, and blew it.  Why is it again, that this guy is supposed to be so good?  I mean don't get me wrong, he does get the most out of his talent and is a good coach overall, I just find it funny that he is automatically considered a stud coach, when he's never actually won a game of any significance.  

Comment 27 Nov 2016

JT Barrett has forgotten how to pass the damn ball.  I don't know what is going on with that guy, but honestly, he had open guys a lot today.  Pepper's only INT ever came off of him throwing a bad pass to an open receiver.  

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I always laugh at the Recruits love alternate unis defense.  No kid picks a school because of uniforms.  I also think the "tradition trumps all crowd" is funny.  Uniforms are constantly evolving over the years.  There is no "historic" Ohio State uniform.  It has evolved and changed many times over the years.  I do love the silver helmets, but earlier this year when they were sporting the black helmet I have to say I liked it quite a bit.  

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I don't think the problem is JT throwing in wind, I think it's JT just isn't that accurate this season.  There have been a lot of games where he's overthrown and underthrown open guys. He routinely throws behind receivers instead of hitting them in stride.  He just isn't quite the same QB he has been int he past.  I love JT, he's a gamer and a great leader, but something just isn't quite right with him this year.  I don't know what's going on.  I'm hoping, being the game, he'll snap back. 

Comment 31 Oct 2016

As an offensive coordinator????  No thanks, I can't handle the Field Goal offense again. 

Comment 31 Oct 2016

Bielema is the perfect example of why I hate Cubs fans.  Most of them don't even realize there's an actual ballgame going on.  They want to talk about how trashed they got at Wrigleyville or in the Bleachers.  Rarely ever do I actually hear a Cubs "fan" talk about what happens on the field at Cubs games.  

Comment 31 Oct 2016

The worst Cubs fan????? ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

I'm a diehard Reds fan, like, they are my favorite sports team period and I have no issues with the Indians winning the World Series.  I have major issues with the Cubs winning it though.  Not only do I despise their fans (I've met some of the worst humans at Reds games cheering for the Cubs) but what they did to Bartman up there years ago was deplorable.  I freakin hate the Cubs!

Comment 29 Oct 2016

Yeah, I don't mind craft beer, just not IPA.  I feel like telling people I don't care for IPAs though is almost like the reaction I get when I tell someone I don't like soccer.   Of course, the reaction generally comes from someone with a beard, tatoos, skinny jeans, and a sock hat when it's 90 outside lol.  Now I'm profiling! 

Comment 29 Oct 2016

My grandpa always had a miller high life in his hand.  He was the only person I knew who drank a lot of beer when I was a kid, so I thought Miller High LIfe must have been the greatest beer on earth, so guess what I started drinking when I could regularly buy beer on my own.  Nostalgia is a strong pull my friend! 

Comment 29 Oct 2016

I have such an aversion to bitter that the whole IPA boom is lost on me.  I from time to time try one again just to make sure I don't like them, and I just can't choke them down.  A few weeks ago I mistakenly ordered an IPA from Bells.  I love Bells in general, but just I got through about 2 ounces of it over about 30 minutes and finally tapped out.  

Comment 29 Oct 2016

I absolutely love Urban Meyer, and so glad he's at the helm for the Buckeyes.  So, remember that before I get ripped to bad here!  Does anyone else get tired of all the hyperbole though?  

“That's as improved a team as I've ever seen from beginning to now, outstanding,” Meyer said on Monday of the Wildcats. “Three big wins, two on the road. Defining wins.”

Really?  In all the years of coaching and the teams he's coached, he's NEVER seen a team as improved through the first half of the season as Northwestern has improved this year? Really?  I know it's all psychology and what not, but every week there's some kind of statement or series of statements like this.  That's the one thing about Urban that drives me insane!!!!! 

Comment 29 Oct 2016

I enjoyed it very much!  I don't know if you like coffee typically in beer, but BOMB is really good if you haven't tried it yet.  Coffee, Ancho Chili Peppers, vanilla bean, and cocoa nibs.  The coffee is the dominant flavor you get, but all the other stuff adds a lot of subtle other notes.  The chilis don't really add much heat, just a little little bit on the back end. 

Comment 28 Oct 2016

My Favorites are:  

2) Goose Island Bourbon County (Really any of them)  I pulled a trade last year with a guy who had like 16 bottles 4 were from 2015 and were the stout and Barleywine the other 14 were stout, barley wine and one little gem called Coffee Stout.  It was probably the best beer I've ever tasted. 

1a) BOMB from Prarie


3) Backwoods Bastard- Founders

4) Shiner Bock

Comment 28 Oct 2016

I was a little disappointed with KBS.  I kept hearing about it and I got 2 bottles last year.  I thought it was good, but not what I had hoped. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I play a lot of darts! To me, the best website is a website called Big River Darts.  I usually buy soft tips by the 1000.  I can also get the flights and shafts there too.  

There's a group out of Alabama I buy stuff from at a tournament each year.  I got a 100 dollar set of Hintori shafts, and 35 dollar L-Style flights and shafts along with 15 dollar L-Style Graphite tips for converting my soft tip darts to "steel tip" and the total package was 65 bucks.  

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Everyone is beatable.