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Comment 22 Jul 2014

It's easy to laugh at uk and their garbage program but they basically out recruited every B1G team not named ohio state last year

Comment 19 Jul 2014

It sounds as though the 11w community really embraces the idea of signing 20 when there are only 17 schollies available.  A couple years ago I would argue that over signing wasn't that big of a deal in this exact situation and would get blown up over it.  Funny how Urban has changed people's opinion after a couple monster classes

Comment 28 Jun 2014

All 5 star means is that by measurable physical attributes those kids are most ready to play in college.  A guy could have a nice frame but is a little heavy so he gets a lower star rating.  Sometimes the guy could be a freak but doesn't hit the camp circuit or play premier competition so they go unnoticed.  

Comment 28 Jun 2014

I wonder what our reaction would be if Saban told a kid he couldn't commit now but then followed it up with some bullshit so the kid may still be there as a backup plan .   These non commitable offers are shitty.  That kid has no idea where he stands with ohio state.  

As for the numbers in this class, if the studs want to come you can bet urban will make room for them.  It may look a little different, but over signing is alive in Columbus.  

Comment 21 Jun 2014

Ohio State will never join the SEC but I like the point of the article.  I think anyone who rests on the laurels of well everything is cyclical, the B1G will be back to prominence just has their head buried in the sand.  Urban and his staff is the only Elite staff in the conference.  They are the only ones acting like a successful program should.  There may be some successes thrown in there but at the end of the day, even MSU has to prove they have staying power.  No other program in the B1G has done it.  Iowa was good for a while, PSU made a couple nice runs, and Wisconsin was solid, but none of them have stuck around.  Wisconsin's 2012 team that went to the Rosebowl was a joke. 

I also grow tired of the moral high ground that somehow we have more class than the SEC.  It's bullshit.  Everyone cheats.  People complain about free tattoos but Bama had sanctions over Textbooks.  They cheated, we cheated.  Penn State covered up child rape for over 15 years, never heard of that happening in any other conference.  I don't want to hear about oversigning either.  People always say it's wrong in every fashion, but then we went and signed more guys than we had scholarships for in the 2014 class.  Then those same people who said it was wrong on every level changed their tune and said well, we only did it by two and there will be attrition.  Sounds like arguments I've heard from SEC fans before. Let's not act like we don't have boosters out there doing dirty work either folks.  Every program does.  I repeat, EVERY program has bagmen and loaded handshakes.  

We won't go to the SEC, but let's not act like the B1G or our beloved Buckeyes don't do whatever it takes to bring in certain players. 

Comment 21 Jun 2014

It's always always always been about the money.  Even back in the very beginning when the ivy league started playing the game in front of people.  The tradition is a bill of goods they sold to the fans to make them buy in and think the games meant something.  That doesn't mean people can't enjoy the skull session, jumping into a cesspool on campus, or tailgating.  It just means that none of that matters because at the end of the day you will still buy Ohio State gear and go to games.  Even more importantly, you'll still watch college football.  That's all that matters.  We all have great memories of going to the Shoe, and taking part in some of these great traditions, but remove any of them and we still watch and buy.  Would anyone REALLY care if we quit playing Purdue and Illinois?  The only game that truly matters is The Game and I have a pretty good belief that would get ironed out.  If not, replacing TTUN with Bama would be fine with me. 

Comment 21 Jun 2014

I don't think this could be further from the truth.  Sure each year the SEC has 2 or 3 elite teams, but they typically have another 3-5 that are just as good as what the rest of the country has to offer.  Hell last yer their 5th best team pretty much dominated Clemson, who beat us.  I honestly believe that A&M, South Carolina, Mizzou, Bama, and Auburn would have been near the top in any conference they played in last year.  Maybe not have won the conference, but would have been in the top 2.  

That's the difference between the SEC and everyone else, their middle is really damn good.  Sure they always have lousy teams at the bottom like UK or Miss St, but the middle of that conference is always really good.  It's also discouraging when you see a horrible program like UK outrecruit all but 2 B1G teams last year.  Now the bottom of that conference is getting stronger.  The B1G will never reverse this unless they make massive changes and it all starts with opening up the check book and hiring guys capable of coaching. 

Comment 21 Jun 2014

That is correct, you know what else football brings though?  A chance for the university to wine and dine potential donors who are collectively worth billions.  That university was and is being built by those donors.  Football is an integral part of that.  So in a sense, football actually generates hundreds of millions, not just the little bit they get from TV revenue and ticket gate. 


Comment 21 Jun 2014

I typically don't agree with or quite frankly like what DJ writes, but he's spot on here.  Nebraska and Penn State haven't been elite for 20 years.  That's an eternity in college sports.  I'm happy they were added to the B1G, but at the end of the day they really haven't raised the conference's standing.  The B1G is a shit show.  It's an absolute joke and it won't get better.  I disagree with a lot about the reasons why.  To me it's quite obvious, all the great coaching is in the SEC.  They hire the best head coaches and pay a ton for the best assistants.  The B1G programs go after junk.  He's a scumbag, but why oh why didn't Purdue or IU give Petrino a contract?  He would have come.  Tradition in sport has only mattered to 1 group all these years.  The fans.  The administrators sell it as something important and we eat that shit up. College sports, to the schools, have always been about money.  

We need to just admit it the SEC is the best conference by a mile.  Don't tell me all about demographics or oversigning because it's irrelevant, they are the best.  Sign me up.  It will absolutely help recruiting.  The best prospects want to play the best competition.  All these kids say it when they commit to SEC schools.  I'm committing to LSU because I want to play in the best conference in college football.  

I say good riddance to the B1G.  See how the ratings are when your cash cow leaves. We're going to greener pastures to play against the best competition in college football, and laughing all the way to the bank!

Comment 18 May 2014

The only game in that bunch that I really like the B1G's chances is MSU's game against Oregon.  They are, to a T, the kind of team that gives Oregon fits.  Now I don't know if MSU will be as good as last year or not, so that may play into it as well, but I think MSU comes away with that game.  PSU will probably beat Central Florida this time arounnd.  LSU is going to curb stomp Wisconsin.  I have zero faith that Wisconsin will pull that game off. Notre Dame will find a way to win by 1-4 against an inferior Northwestern much like Notre Dame always finds a way to do against inferior teams.  Indiana will get destroyed because they are Indiana. Rutgers is a joke.  Illinois is never to be trusted.  Minnesota had a surprising year last year but they still weren't very good at the end of the day, so who knows what they'll do.  Iowa may pull one out for the conference too I suppose. 

What's kind of sad to me is, this is a "good" year for non conference scheduling and our games with Navy and UC would have cracked the top 10. 

Comment 06 May 2014

I think people will discount the Bearcats simply because they are from Cincinnati.  At the same time, these same people will be worried about a game with Northwestern or Purdue.  UC is formidable.  Even when the Buckeyes have won by a pretty large margin the games weren't easy.  2006 and 2004 Buckeyes won pretty big, but those games weren't easy.  I think we all remember when unranked UC damn near beat the eventual national champion Buckeyes in 2002.  1999 the Bucks won by 2 TD's in a game that was a lot harder than it should have been too.  

Don't let your hate of all things Cincinnati or some silly bUCkeye state T-shirt cloud your judgement.  This is a nice out of conference game against a pretty good team with a good coach.  It could be close, or Buckeyes may just eventually win by a decent margin based on talent alone, but it won't be easy. 

Comment 30 Apr 2014

The only problem is Clemson feasted on bad teams all year too, much like Ohio State.  Then lost to 2 really good teams they played pretty badly.  It's fair to question our season based on not winning those 2 games against good teams at the end of the year.  It's also fair to judge it based on how a VERY mediocre Michigan team probably should have beat us.  Had Brady Hoke played a little Tresselball we probably don't come out of that game undefeated. We can be judged on the 12 wins but we can also be judged on the close call with Buffalo and the way too much offense Cal had etc. 

Was FSU really 7 TD's better than Clemson?  Maybe not.  Would FSU have beat us by that much?  It's impossible to say, my guess is they would have got it done by at least 3 TD's though.  Our D wasnt capable of winning a title and that game would have been Ugly.  At the end of the day, Clemson was us.  Good enough to get the job done against a lot of teams on a shitty schedule, but not good enough to beat the really good teams on their schedule.  Yes, I'm saying South Carolina was very good. 

This, to me, is where perception is reality.  South Carolina, A&M, Auburn, Missouri, and Bama would have won or been in contention to win any conference.  I think any of those teams could have finished ahead of MSU or us.  They certainly were far better than anything else in the conference.  South Carolina was the 2nd best team in their division, possibly the 4th best team in the conference and they beat the 2nd best team in the ACC comfortably.  I'd take any of the above mentioned teams over Oregon or Stanford.  Oklahoma impressed in their bowl game with Bama, but don't Saban's teams always shit the bed when they don't play for the title? (except when they play a B1G team in a bowl game).  

Comment 29 Apr 2014

Isn't it time to accept that the B1G being inferior isn't just perception, it's reality.  This article tells us everything we need to know.  The B1G almost had no one drafted in the first round.  The NFL doesn't give a damn about ESPN agendas or whatever other kind of nonsense people believe in.  Look at 247's recruiting rankings last year.  1 team from the B1G was in the TOP 19!!!!!  Kentucky's class was almost better than the B1G's 2nd best class, Michigan.  Right now, UK football is recruiting as well as a blue blood program like Michigan.  8 teams in the conference finished out of the top 50 of Saragrain's rankings.  

The B1G is horrible, really bad.  I love the Buckeyes and agree they aren't just the best team in a crappy conference, they've had some great teams, but they've had some that weren't so great that ended up highly ranked because of the shit conference too.  I think if you had flopped Georgia, South Carolina, LSU, and Florida with Ohio State for Tressel's runs here any of those programs would have very similar runs.  Ohio State likely would have been a very good SEC team that perhaps lost 1-4 games per year and been highly respected.  

I'm not going to debate reasons for why certain programs recruit so much better, quite frankly that's all just excuses.  Bottom line Michigan, Nebraska, and Penn State should never be getting out recruited or at least having similar classes as a school like UK, who was just outside the top 20 and was what the 10th best class in the SEC? 

Comment 27 Apr 2014

He did have fewer carries in 2012.  Had he had the same amount in 2012 he did in 2013 he would have had 1000.  Had he played the full season in both years he would have had well over 1000 in both.  So, it's not like Hyde had trouble reaching 1000, he just didn't play enough/get enough carries to get to that threshold. 

In today's college football with 14 games potentially on the schedule.  He only needs to average 71 yards per game.  The trick is staying healthy, and hoping the new line can open up holes for the him. 

Comment 27 Apr 2014

People are assuming EZE will have to split carries because of a "Stable of Runningbacks," but do we really have a stable of RBs?  Have any of these guys done anything on field to show they are really that talented?  Rod Smith was good when he held onto the ball but did nothing but insert himself into the Urban Meyer Doghouse.  Dunn has looked so-so in limited carries.  I'm not sure Ball is ever going to contribute significantly.  That leaves Elliot, who did look pretty darn good last year, granted mostly in garbage time, but he put up a lot of yards in his limited opportunities.  

I think it could very well be EZE's job to lose and that he's going to get the bulk of the carries.  I'm just not that impressed with what I've actually seen on the field from these other guys.  I know Dunn looked really good in Spring Ball, we'll see how that translates to real football.  It just seems like for a long time we've been talking about this great stable of backs, and at the end of the day one of the guys has been really good and a few guys looked like they had potential.  I remember when it was Jamaal Berry who was going to dominate, then Jordan Hall was going to be "the guy" , Rod Smith was the next great RB.  During those player's times here it's basically been Boom and Hyde who carried the load when they were given the job.  

I think whoever "the guy" is when the season starts, we'll see that person get the overwhelming majority of the carries. 

Comment 27 Apr 2014

If he becomes a player to do so, he's going to have a HUGE impact to getting this team there.  I said back in 2012 that 2014 was our year.  In order for it to be so, this line is going to have to put it all together quickly.  The schedule is no cake walk this year so there won't be Buffalo and FAMU and a horrible Cal team for these guys to learn the ropes to start the season.  I know the defense was horrible last year, but the most important aspect of this team's success is a strong line.  If nothing else, to keep Braxton on the field.  There's no Kenny G to back him up this year.  I could see this team vying for a national championship, or dropping a couple of games because the line couldn't protect Braxton or create running lanes for all these talented players to run wild. 

Comment 11 Apr 2014

That was the problem with the Tressel Era.  They had no killer instinct.  There were great teams and players to be sure, but they weren't ruthless.  Urban wants to ransack your campus and burn the stadium to the ground and his team reflects that.  Tressel wanted to teach the other team a lesson and hope everyone was better for it lol.  I'm of course exaggerating some here, but you'll never see Urban pissed off on the sideline when his team scores an extra TD in garbage time.  You'll never see Urban have a game like that Sugar Bowl against Arkansas.  His teams will stomp on your throat. 

To me, the Culture was the biggest obstacle to over come.  The program needed someone who wasn't afraid to make enemies.  Who wasn't afraid to turn his team into a bunch of killers.  We needed a guy who wanted to crush spirits and hope for anyone the Buckeyes play. 

Comment 05 Apr 2014

That's what I like about Cardale.  We saw how well Urban did with Tebow.  Well Cardale is bigger than Tebow, I'd venture a guess that he's faster than Tebow, and despite him being a good college QB it's not as if Tebow had a cannon arm.  Physically, Cardale seems to be the kind of QB Urban can win a title with.  

Comment 05 Apr 2014

I get why Illinois gets to claim him, but it always cracks me up how places all want to claim Lincoln.  Recently, I was driving in Indiana and one of their signs crossing the river said "BOYHOOD HOME OF LINCOLN".