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Comment 12 hours ago

I've never had to enjoy the Philadelphia experience, but when PBS opened here in Cincinnati I worked for CSC for event staff stuff.  The guy who started their operation here was from Philly and was a big manager up there.  He told me before our first event here that from what he heard CIncinnati is fucking Disneyland.  He said there was an MFL game in Philly and the staff wasn't expecting it to be a rough night since it was the 49ers.  San Fran really wasn't a big rival like New York, Washington, or Dallas.  Anyway, he said that night all hell broke loose.  There were fights every where, just mahem.  Then right before half-time, a guy stood up and shot a flare gun across the stadium into the stands on the other side.  

Comment 12 hours ago

Pretty much saying you wish him well just means you won't get accused of sour grapes or get down voted.  At the end of the day these kids don't give a damn what is said on a blog by people they'll never meet and a fan base they'll never play in front of.  Honestly, I won't ever follow what the kid does, don't wish him poorly at all but at this point what he does or doesn't do is irrelevant to Ohio State.  I also think if your scenario were reality, the 2 guys Ohio State went with could end up first round picks, and so could Hall and it wouldn't mean the staff was wrong with who they went with.  

Comment 13 hours ago

It's not as if that's the only draw they have though.  I can see where Bama would be easy to be very impressed with.  At the end of the day, it is still the best conference from top to bottom.  I always think about Vonn Bell's commitment.  Urban told him something along the lines of, if you go to Bama or Ohio State you're going to see me?  Why not just roll with us?  

I'd love to hear that same conversation now since Urban and crew have bulldozed Bama.  Ok son, I'm sorry to hear that, good luck to you and I'm really sorry that we're going to truck your ass in a couple years! 

Comment 13 hours ago

So, early on in the thread, when someone mentioned he still has us at top and is going to visit, you responded that's all nice and well..... it sounded as if the Buckeyes have moved on from Hall and that was that, then another comment you made it sounds like they would still take him if he is interested.  So, in their eyes is he good as gone and on to the next one, or would they still take him if he visits again?  

Maybe it's that the staff believes those comments are all bullshit?????? 

Comment 15 hours ago

I was quite surprised Trev Alberts wasn't on this list.  I know it's been a long time since he was on ESPN, but quite honestly, I used to actually want to hear Mark May talk on their segments because Trev was so anti-OSU, May didn't seem so bad. 

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Zeke will be Zeke, the O-Line will be great.  JT/Cardale will look good.  The player everyone will be talking about before and after the game will be Braxton.  I'm predicting right now, he'll account for 4 TDs.  One on special teams, one running, one receiving, and one passing. 

So that's my hyperbole.  I honestly think Braxton is going to be the story of the Va Tech game.  He's going to put up video game numbers this year folks.  Strap in and enjoy the ride! 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

5 in a row because that would be an uprecedented level of dominance, especially in this era where it's hard to be king every year. 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Every time players mess up and get suspended, we get a post like this.  I am 34 and have never been to jail.  I was never suspended from a sports team through school because of pot or grades.  That doesn't mean that I don't understand that kids in college do stupid shit because they are young.  They know better of course, but choose to skip class, play x-box, smoke a little weed, etc.  

I'm not excusing their behavior, but it happens.  It always will.  You went to the Marines at a young age.  That's awesome, it worked for you.  I also know that not everyone who is in the service toes the line and avoids trouble all the time.  Shit happens.  

At the end of the day, this kind of stuff drives me crazy.  Guys know when they are doing something that violates a rule, and ultimately they are the ones responsible for their own actions.  I also think if this story broke about another school many on this site would be blasting that program, so the hypocracy kills me too.  

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Braxton Miller has cemented himself as my favorite Buckeye EVER!!!!!!   I'm being dead serious when I say this.  On senior day, this guy needs to have his jersey retired.  In my lifetime, I don't think there is another player who has dedicated himself to the school and program like this kid.   

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I guess, in my opinion, if it isn't good enough for me to put an upvote on or isn't offensive enough for me to downvote, I really won't be compelled to vote for it at all.  I hope this comment is mundane enough, that no one votes for it either way.  I'll just imagine I have 1000 neutral votes ha ha! 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I'd really like to see him stay for another 10 years, but quite frankly he could quit tomorrow and it would all be totally worth it!  He turned this program around from it's worst season from a total losses perspective to 12-0.  My 2 favorite Buckeye teams have come in 3 of his years here.  The 2012 team, and that group of seniors, should go down in Buckeye lore for what they pulled off.  It was my favorite Buckeye team ever untillllllllllll.........last season.  Anything from here on out is just gravy. 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I like the downvote when it's used the way it was meant to be used.  People still downvote simply because they disagree with a comment a person says, which really wasn't the purpose of the downvote.  I do think it's funny when people get pissed off that they were downvoted.  I really don't see the point of a neutral vote, we always have the choice to not vote at all on a comment which would be, in effect a neutral vote.  

Comment 21 Jul 2015

If Kiffin rides Henry in the 2nd half Bama probably wins that game.  That guy is an absolute freak.  I love Zeke, but honestly, if I were drafting an RB for my team, I take Henry.  That's not a knock on Zeke, Henry is just that good.  I'm not sure why Bama would split carries between him and Yeldon the way they did, and I'm really not sure why they didn't lean him more than they did in the 2nd half.  Glad Kiffin didn't call up more runs for sure.  That guy is just a beast.  He averaged over 7 yards per carry in the playoff game.  Give him the 10 carries Yeldon had, I have to believe he rips off a long one and goes for close to 200 in that game himself.  

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I know what you meant, was being a smartass.  Past history just doesn't indicate that a weak or strong B1G is better for Ohio State.  IN 2012, a year the B1G was pretty darn bad, we play for a national title and probably beat a so-so Notre Dame team, and Alabama, who was by far the best team in the country that year is left out.  Of course the bowl ban made that irrelevant.  I just don't see where a strong B1G really is that important for Ohio State.  Plus, like last year, we win a title and all the sudden the conference doesn't look so bad nationally.  

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I guess I just don't care what may have happened if he may have been more healthy months ago.  He's coming back here now and there's a good chance he'll be the starting QB.  The other thing that I find interesting is how other coaches and college football "experts" seem to love Braxton and rave about how great he is, and yet the fans overwhelminly want someone else to start.  Just don't get it.