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Comment 28 minutes ago

2 spots are locked at this point.  Oklahoma and B1G Champ.  There's a pretty fair chance that the winner of the ACC title game 
(Clemson or not) still gets in.  That leaves are hopes really and truly resting on a Florida win, which I just don't see happening. 

Comment 26 Nov 2015

I'm pulling for the Hawkeyes now.  If we find a way to back in, then great, but EVERYONE is doubting the Hawkeyes, I want them to get in there and mess some fools up.  They have great fans, and Kinnick is a great place to go see a game and tailgate before.  

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Calipari has never only coached anywhere in college for 3-5 years.  He was at UMASS 8 years, Memphis 9 years, and now at Kentucky getting ready to start his 6th season.  He didn't leve UMASS because of trouble, he was coach, GM , and part owner of the team.  Now the team wasn't good under his tenure, but he made a TON of money and basically was given the keys to a professional franchise. Don't like the guy, that's fine, I get it I don't either, but let's at least be honest about it.  Plus, if he was pulling recruits down at Ohio State like this we'd all love the guy. 

Comment 15 Nov 2015

This is just my opinion of course, but I think the Bama RB's are very old in football years by the time they get to the NFL.  It seemed like Richardson and Ingram were just used and abused in college.  I don't think Yeldon was at the level of all the other backs Bama has had.  I have real concern for Zeke in that way too.  He's been ridden pretty hard the last 2 years, and when he's not running the ball he's extremely physical blocking.  I may be looking too much into it, but that's one thing I think is a concern. 

Comment 15 Nov 2015

If a QB can get to or over 40 total TD's he'll have a good shot.  I mean JT was 5th in Voting last year with those kind of numbers.  .So, it's a likelihood that Watson gets over 40 in his last few games, which when the voters start crunching the numbers he'll look pretty strong.  

Comment 05 Nov 2015

I've said it a few times this year, but I think Braxton's jersey needs to get retired on senior day.  It won't happen, and I get that, but seriously has any player devoted themself so heart and soul into the program as Braxton?  He may not have ever been a vocal leader, but has their ever been a player you would want to follow their example more than Braxton.  He stuck with his commitment after the tatgate debacle.  He gave everything he had through the Fickel debacle.  He just went out and won 24 games in a row as a starting QB.  He got hurt, and accepted a new role with the team.  Now he has been working out as QB again as a just in case (or possibly redzone QB) for this weekend.  Also, he's never been arrested.  He's never had academic issues.  From all reports he's an excellent father.  This kid has always loved Ohio State and I can't think of anyone in my lifetime who has done so much for the program and university as a player.  I know Urban saved the program and what not, but would he have even come here if he didn't have a talent like Braxton to build his program around?   I'm not so sure.  Easily my favorite Buckeye ever. 

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Full Disclosure, I have an absolute, full on mancrush on Braxton.  So, I am biased toward the guy, but I think he gets to toss it around alittle this weekend.  I believe this will be the week where he has a TD passing, rushing, and receiving.  What would be awesome is if he could end up with 100 yards in each category.  Long shot I know.  I do think he throws a few passes though.  He said he's been working out in practice throwing it.  Warriner and Urban said they've had plays and packages designed for him to throw it. 

Let's play imagine if game here though.  What happens if Braxton does get some snaps where he can drop back and sling it a few times?  What if he were to go 5/5 with 100 yards or more and a TD or 2 and looks damn good delivering the ball?  Braxton has put in great work as a WR and for all intents and purposes that's what he's going to be if he has a future at the next level, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be our QB in November and beyond.  What if he does get a chance at QB Saturday and he looks really good?  

It's all imagination and speculation for me at this point, but if he gets chances, and looks good doing it, I think he gets to be starting QB on senior day, which is the way he should leave The Shoe.  

Comment 04 Nov 2015

I don't fault a kid for not staying committed.  It's pretty foolish to "re-affirm your commitment" then the next day decommit, or 2 days later whatever, but they do have a lot of people in their ear telling them what to do.  Friends, family, shady "mentors" who are more concerned about what they are going to get out of where the kid goes, and coaches who are basically selling them a line to get them to go to their school.  Maybe Meyer and the staff are upfront, but they "cool" on players all the time.  Anyway, we used to blow up Meyer for how he recruited at Florida.  He's not different now because he's here.  So if a kid changes his mind a lot, I get it.  It's a huge decision and there are dozens of people who are supposed to care or be close to them telling them what's best.  

I'm not going to sit here and say wish him well wherever he goes, because it really is irrelevant now.  Maybe he ends up winning the Heisman and being a first round pick, maybe he's not playing in 2 years.  Who knows, I'm more concerned about what the RBs in this class are going to do, not guys who didn't want to be part of what's going on in Columbus. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I guess I don't see the connection you are trying to make here.  Mizzou is God awful this year and A&M is playing for what 4th in their division this year?  Last year, with the D that Mizzou had they probably would have competed.  The offensive talent, paired with how bad the defense in the Big 12 is, I think A&M would compete. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

It will definitely all shake itself out.  As bad as Baylor's schedule is, if them, TCU or Ok State go undefeated that they'll be in.  That would mean wins over Oklahoma, and 2 of the above mentioned undefeated teams.  So, if things continue as they are, Ohio State, Clemson, Undefeated Big 12 team and 1 or zero loss winner of the SEC will be the final four. 

The thing about it is,  there won't be 3 unbeatens.  

I could see LSU winning, then turn around and lose 2 of their remaining games this year, essentially eliminating them and Bama.  In my opinion, Florida is the SEC's best chance at a playoff spot, and they still have to play FSU. 

My final four is Ohio State, Clemson, Baylor, Florida. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Honestly, we spend far too much time worrying about guys who don't want to be here and not enough on guys who are thrilled to be coming to the Buckeyes.  I wanted Walker on the team sure.  He's amazing.  He doesn't want to be here anymore though and has moved on, we all should too! I don't wish him ill will, but I really don't give a crap where he goes and how good or bad of a career he has, because it's irrelevant to the team I love.  The only question is, do I want him to go to Michigan where he can get thumped 4 times and probably not have Harbaugh coaching him his entire career or do I want him to join the kid from Kentucky last year in Bama and lose in the playoff to us???

Comment 01 Nov 2015

I'm so disappointed with how the game ended.  I've been telling everyone Michigan is a 5 loss team and last night would have been a nice step in that direction.  

Comment 31 Oct 2015

This is more in line with how I see it.  Which is fine, I actually hope we aren't in the first top 4.  That'll be a big kick in this team's ass.  If they do go on resume, then MSU is ahead of us.  Michigan and yes even Oregon are better wins then anything we've put up so far.  I'm sure we'll be in the top four because we're the defending champ with over 20 strait wins ( i know that is irrelevant but it's going to be kind of relevant).  

Comment 31 Oct 2015

So over .08 can just get you cited, but not arrested????  I think a trip to the drunk tank for a while , then being released would have been a great lesson here.  I little shame and time to reflect while locked up would have been adequate for someone to reflect on the consequences of their actions.  

This is disappointing news, especially since we hear how mature and how great of a leader he is.  We can't apply the "what you've never made mistakes" logic here.  He's not a typical 20 year old.  We are told this all the time.  He is a captain on an unbeaten defending national champ.  He is and should be held to a different standard.  At 20, 99.9% of us were never balancing as much as JT is.  We were never in the spot light of everyone in a city of about 2 million people either.  We were just some idiot college kid.  There's a huge difference folks.  

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Either you are in denial or haven't been paying attention.  Any time a recruit decides to go to an SEC school immeidately there is a bunch of bullshit spewing about Bagmen, ESPN Bias, or oversigning.  It's a shit show really. 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Our Schedule will look pretty nasty at the end of the year when it matters if MSU takes care of their business the next few weeks.  I'm still confident Michigan finds a way to lose one more before we play them, but conceivably we play an unbeat MSU, who will be in the top 5, then (and I don't think they'll only have 2 losses by the time we play) but Michigan who could be ranked in the top 10-12 if they keep winning, then an unbeat Iowa (i mean really Iowa plays NO ONE).  If that's the case that could be 3 top 10 teams in our last 3 games. 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

At the end of the day Georgia and Texas A&M are better than anyone on our schedule not named Michigan State, and honestly I'm not convinced MSU is that great either.  They struggled with a bad Oregon team, and though Michigan is everyone's darling this year, they are probably going to end up a 4 or 5 loss team when all is said and done, and it took a miracle for MSU to win that game.  

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I think JT at QB will help Braxton thrive even more too, both in the run and passing game.  Cardale misses Braxton a lot or Braxton has to make a circus catch to get to the ball.  JT is going to get Braxton, Marshall, and Samuel the ball in space and let them get to work.