Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy I saw a comment on an ESPN stroy which reminded me about the new B1G Championship Trophy. I called the B1G home office and left a message with Jim Delany's secretary.  She was very pol...
08 Nov 2011
by dja.ohio

The NCAA Ruling

The calendar suggests the NCAA will will make public its ruling on Jim Tressel and Ohio State, some time between today and Monday, November 21 - the beginning of the week of the regular season.  One would expect the NCAA to complete its work, to avoid complicating the first annual, B1G Te...
08 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Missouri joins the SEC...East?

Missouri is set to join SEC East division with Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. This makes no sense geographically but the move was made to protect historical rivalries already established within the SEC and to maintain competitive balance. Where have I heard...
07 Nov 2011
by Riggins

Penn State

Violating children is an atrocity. The fact this may have occurred so often and over such a long period of time at one of America's most revered academic and athletic institutions - Penn State - assures a long criminal investigation, congressional involvement and likely, the largest civil cas...
07 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Miller vs Wisconsin

Completely ripped off from MGoBrian. He explains his terms here   dead on catchable inaccurate bad read throwaway batted pressure ...

A Game For The Ages

First posted by Brady, at Inside The Shoe What a game to select as my only trip to Columbus for football this season! I'm not claiming to be a genius as any Buckeye fan would've picked the Wisconsin game if put in the same situation but damn that was F'n awesome! That trip was eve...

Holy Buckeye, Part Two

First posted at Inside The Shoe, by Stephan What a game.  What a finish.  What an effort.  The Ohio State Buckeyes showed tremendous poise under pressure after surrendering a 12-point lead to Wisconsin with less than four minutes on the clock.  Braxton Miller did not pl...

Tales of November and Indianapolis

Today, begins what will likely be, the most suspenseful November in Buckeye memory.  It's not the "gales of November" and a floundering Edmund Fitzgerald. Ill winds are blowing, however.  Maybe, another maritime analogy is more fitting. The Indianapolis comes to mi...
01 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Braxton Miller In Important Moments in History/Pop Culture

If you watched a television (or re-)broadcast of last night's classic, you were probably mindful that until the mind boggling, game definitive touchdown pass (and even then not without a bit of internal facial muscle tape delay), Braxton Miller showed approximately zero reactions conducive to...
30 Oct 2011
by Luke