Really ESPN, really?

So in case you haven't heard ESPN has turned up the witch-hunt-o-meter to 11.  Yes, THE FOUR LETTER is suing Ohio State.  Stop the Presses!!! Here is a tidbit from their complaint filed in the Ohio State Supreme Court on July 11th...."In short, when times are good, Ohio State l...
12 Jul 2011
by Maestro

Hurting ESPN

After reading the post about ESPN's lawsuit against Ohio State, I started mulling over creative ways ESPN would be impacted by Ohio State fans being pissed off.  I read the comments after the post and have to say, simply avoiding ESPN is not the answer.  Maybe the ratings take a sma...
12 Jul 2011
by btalbert25

Are the Sanctions Here Yet?

First posted at Inside The Shoe, written by Brady. Disclaimer: My tone for today’s column may be a little harsh. It has a lot to do with the upcoming kick in the balls the Buckeye’s are facing in August but also reflects my feelings on the 7 game lead that my beloved Indians choke...

Home Field Advantage

Exercising your Second Amendment right to bear arms adds a new intangible teams will need to consider when entering Ohio Stadium.  Ohio Lawmakers Vote to Allow Guns in Bars, Stadiums A law allowing Ohioans with concealed-carry permits to bring guns to bars, restaurants and stadiu...
15 Jun 2011
by dja.ohio

Pryor's Apology

So, after watching the Pryor press video, I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He seems genuinely remorseful and, if I'm being honest, scared. He looks like a 21 year old who just had responsibility fast-forwarded a year and realizes how much he'll miss his old life. As a Michigan ...
15 Jun 2011
by MGoBlue81

Kyle Dodson Commits To Wisconsin

Kyle Dodson grew up an Ohio State fan from Cleveland and thought his dream was to grow up and play for the Buckeyes one day. That was until he visited Wisconsin. "Growing up I always rooted for the Buckeyes because where I'm from everybody roots for them and hates Michigan", Dod...
13 Jun 2011
by Alex

Tressel write ups

Jim Tressel's Last Punt January 4, 2011.  Ohio State leads the Sugar Bowl 31-26 with just over 1 minute left.  4th down and short.  Coach Tressel calls a punt to make Arkansas drive the length of the field to win.  It's blocked and Ohio State is as good as dead. ...
08 Jun 2011
by Maestro

McCarthyism Revisited

Few people reading this blog remember the era of McCarthyism.  Heck, I was a mere child when that nonsense was going on.  But, I do remember the stories of innocent people being railroaded by over zealous patriots in pursuit of an ideal society.  In the original context McCarthyism...
04 Jun 2011
by NW Buckeye

The Story of Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor

First posted at Inside The Shoe by Bob Where to start? Where to start? What a week for the Buckeyes this has been. A few weeks ago, I wrote right here on Inside The Shoe that it was time for Jim Tressel to go. I was hoping he would do it before any other bad news came out, actually I was...

Apology to Herbie

Kirk Herbstreit was essentially run out of Ohio with his family for being honest and objective in his discussion of the OSU program and it's faults.  One of his main points was that Coach Tressel should stop recruiting players like Terrell Pryor for which he was labeled a traitor.  ...
01 Jun 2011
by gradiology

Ohio Stadium Goes Zero Waste

I have thought about this myself for several years.  I believe Indiana has or is also implementing a similar plan. Apparently to make a post I need at least 100 words but I really have nothing more to say, read the article...
24 May 2011
by Kurt

Warts by Brooks: The Sequel

Just two days after delivering the incredibly scandalous (and incredibly incorrect) scoop behind the departure of Shelly Poe as OSU's football SID, SPORTSbyBROOKS is back with "previously unseen images" of the letter from the Department of Justice that started our winter of dis...

How Many Years Left for the Jackets?

The Dispatch published a report today claiming the Jackets lost $25mil in the 2010-11 season, their 10th in the NHL. I remember telling Jason when the franchise was born that I'd be shocked if they made it 10 years in this town. While they aren't gone yet, I'm struggling to see how th...

Why Was Sanzenbacher A Snub?

First Posted at Inside The Shoe     From humble beginnings as an unheralded receiver from Toledo Central Catholic, Sanzenbacher made his way to Ohio State to try and make a name for himself. He came to Ohio State as an unknown who had to fight for everything he got, and what...

2011 NFL Draft 1st Round Projections

I have the Chargers making the call for Cam Heyward at pick 18.  18. San Diego Chargers – Cameron Heyward, DE/DT – Heyward’s stock has really risen from the impactful play of his Sugar Bowl performance in January.  Son of an NFL legend, Cam has the pedigree to...
28 Apr 2011
by whutupfam

Mike Conley helps lead Grizz to 2-1 over the Spurs

The Grizzlies won a tough 91-88 game in front of their home crowd. The win is their first home playoff win and second playoff win over the Spurs. They now lead the series 2-1 and could take command of the series with another home win. Our very own Mike Conley put up 14 points, 8 dimes, 6 boards, ...
24 Apr 2011
by Seth4Bucks