Meyer denies reports of Ohio State job

"After a weekend where his name was bounced around like a lotto ball, Urban Meyer set the record straight Monday. "The former Florida head football coach told The Sun he never interviewed for the Arizona job and has not interviewed for the Ohio State job. And if the Ohio State job i...
21 Nov 2011
by LABuckeye

Braxton Miller: Proving Himself

First posted by Stephan, at Inside The Shoe In an otherwise very ugly game for Ohio State against Purdue, Braxton Miller showed at times what has made him so special.  Miller escaped pressure time and time again to make a play, none seemingly more important than on 4th down on what shoul...

Florida vs Ohio State offensive balance

2006 Florida Offense : 33.2 rushing attempts per game vs 28.5 passing attempts per game (54/46 split) 2006 Ohio State Offense : 36.7 rushing attempts per game vs 26.1 passing attempts per game (58/42 split)   2007 Florida Offense : 37.5 rushing attempts per game vs 27.8 passing a...
15 Nov 2011
by Maestro

Penn State: It May Take A Decade

Allegations of child molestation have tarnished the reputation of a fine university and brought down, its legendary football coach. To this point, de facto corporations Penn State and The B1G Ten, have responded and acted out of self-interest. Each has a brand to preserve and to protect. ...
14 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

What Went Right/Wrong: Purdue

First posted at Inside The Shoe While Ohio State has knocked themselves out of a chance to get into the Big Ten Championship Game, there is still an opportunity to build on these last games. This season could very well end in 6-6, or it could end in 8-4. It's a huge difference not only to...

Why we hate sports scandals

A few years ago, USC was hit with major penalties for improper benefits. Within, the last 12 months, Ohio State, North Carolina, LSU, Texas, Boise St., Auburn, Miami and Oregon have all come under that watchful eye of the NCAA.  It has been a lousy year for college football. And now t...
11 Nov 2011
by painterlad


  Purdue There we stood on the precipice, looking into the abyss and we could clearly see Darkest Day III.  Thankfully, Travis Howard stepped front of an Indiana pass and rescued us from the nightmare which could have ended the 2011 season and doomed Luke Fickell’s tenure ...
10 Nov 2011
by OKBuck

Seven Nation Army, PSU, and Ohio Stadium

I'm no fan of the use of Seven Nation Army in Ohio Stadium - I haven't been for a while, but it seems to sit well with the students so I've been able to shrug it off up until now. After seeing the crowds in State College tonight (and last night) singing it, I thought it would be good ...
09 Nov 2011
by Denny

Wishing Braxton the best of Luck

According to ESPN's NFL Analyst, the two greatest things in the world (in order) are Andrew Luck and Sliced Bread.  There are too few superlatives in their lexicon to describe his greatness.  There has never been a pro prospect with as much potential as Andrew Luck.  He is so g...
09 Nov 2011
by ziplock007

Miller vs Indiana

Completely ripped off from MGoBrian. He explains his terms here   dead on catchable inaccurate bad read throwaway batted pressure ...
09 Nov 2011
by thePhilipJFry

Penn State: End Your Season

Perhaps nothing instigates anger more than, crimes against children. How can Penn State continue to play football, this season? Fears have been expressed for the safety of Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary, should they appear at the game in Happy Valley, this weekend. And what of those attend...
09 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Heavy D

Fellas, in case you care, Heavy D died this morning... (EDIT): This sucks...listened to this guy alot in HS,on the North side of Columbus with my best friend at that time, "Big" Mike Mundell, who died during our junior year because of diabetes...Mike and I  hung out alot o...
08 Nov 2011
by BuckeyeChief


The Gold Pants Club is holding its annual Gold Pants Party on Saturday, November 26 at the Park Street Patio in Columbus. Come join former Buckeyes Craig Krenzel, Dan Wilkinson, Matt Finkes, Dee Miller,  Bob Hoying, John Hicks, Jim Karsatos and many more to watch Ohio State try for ...

Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy I saw a comment on an ESPN stroy which reminded me about the new B1G Championship Trophy. I called the B1G home office and left a message with Jim Delany's secretary.  She was very pol...
08 Nov 2011
by dja.ohio

The NCAA Ruling

The calendar suggests the NCAA will will make public its ruling on Jim Tressel and Ohio State, some time between today and Monday, November 21 - the beginning of the week of the regular season.  One would expect the NCAA to complete its work, to avoid complicating the first annual, B1G Te...
08 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Missouri joins the SEC...East?

Missouri is set to join SEC East division with Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. This makes no sense geographically but the move was made to protect historical rivalries already established within the SEC and to maintain competitive balance. Where have I heard...
07 Nov 2011
by Riggins