SEC = Mythical

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January 6, 2012 at 2:53p

I don't hold Vince Young's 2005 MNC Longhorns in high esteem - because they were handed the crystal, by a USC team high on itself.

By the same reasoning, the SEC's ongoing championship streak can be deemed fraudulent. It can be argued the SEC was USC's biggest beneficiary, between 2006-2008, when the Trojans lost a combined 5 games.

Had Southern Cal taken care of business (and pollsters been as generous - then - as they have been to Bama this year), I believe USC would have won two out of three BCS titles, against the SEC.

Alabama vs. LSU will not give us a true champion - because of the polls and the BCS. This game will merely make SEC-dominance, more mythical. 



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A little hard to argue at this point. 

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If Ohio State had bothered showing up in the 2007, and 08(catch the frakin ball) NC games we wouldn't have had this to deal with this constant SEECEEE crap. Thanks a lot.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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That brings up what ive heard many times in the past couple weeks.... What happens if bama wins? will the airways be flooded with a 3rd game to finaly settle it.


I say just let the Sign Every Convict confrence Have the BCS and they can go play with themselves.

The rest of the confrences can have a playoff for a real National Champion.

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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If Alabama wins then LSU will have beaten 3 of the 5 BCS game winners- Oregon, WV and Alabama.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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don't really care - plan on watching House if it's on, maybe take that online Klingon language course, anything I can honestly think of to be away from that contest


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South Eastern Cowards - they never play north of the mason-dixon line.  In the NFL everyone talks about how you have to run the ball to win because of cold weather playoff sites.  We play NFL ball in the BIG - smash mouth, run the ball because we play in the weather.  Give us a playoff system where the lower seeded team travels to play the first round game against the higher seeded team and we'll see how long SEC dominance lasts.  LSU in Columbus in the snow of December?  Perceptions would change quickly...

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Well too bad that the teams such a hypothetical playoff would benefit the most (aka B1G teams) are part of a conference which is the most staunchly ANTI playoff. 


Face, meet Palm. 

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How many times do Big 10 teams play in the cold and snow anymore though?  We're into January and it's in the 50's right now.  I always hear let's see how southern teams would do up north, well my guess is overall a team like Bama or LSU would do just fine.  

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The Big Ten championship game has to go outside so that if there ever is a playoff the sole advantage is not lost.


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Bama and LSU are both pretty good at lining up and running the ball, actually. Georgia and S. Carolina (with Lattimore) are too. I hate the SEC, but just speaking the truth. But i get your point though. However, I'm against a playoff for many reasons. Besides, its only our fault that we usually don't perform well against the SEC in bowl games, not the SEC's fault. As for tonight's game, i'll watch, and will probably pull for LSU b/c i hate Saban. However, in the end i really won't care much b/c OUR team lost 7 times this year, which is what i really care about.

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honestly most of the 2000's usc was far better than anyone else.  If not for Bush's dumb attempt at a flip they beat Texas, and quite honestly at the time of the title game they were probably the beat team in American most years, including the year we beat Miamia for the BCS title.  That stretch of USC teams was sick!