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Comment 27 Jan 2013

Looking at the comments I can really see both sides of the argument.  Personally I think selling alcohol in the stadium will cause more problems than the revenue it will create. My reasoning is this:

How can this be enforced with minors?  I know when I was in school their was always someone with a fake ID and we always could drink.  When I go to OSU games I already run into some sloppy drunk, and a drunk can either be really entertaining or really annoying for the other fans around them.  Having alcohol in the stadium (with a limit on the # of drinks) may not increase the number of rowdy fans, but it will keep the really drunk people intoxicated longer, and that can affect other peoples game experience. Even in the NFL where their is a higher majority of "adults" of legal drinking age in the crowd, they act irresponsible.  I once saw a guy in the Dawgpound pee in his cup so he wouldn't miss the action of the game.

What about liability?  If a freshman gets served and something really bad happens to them is the University at fault or the vendor? (Anyone in the legal profession, please enlighten me).

What about cost?  How many additional police officers will the University have to hire to properly enforce this?

I love the idea of only selling Ohio Beers, but I think the University would jump at a Quantity discount from a huge Beer vendor( a price break so low the small Ohio vendors could not compete with). Then we wouldn't have a good beer option, just water with alcohol.

I have had numerous games where I tailgated and had my adult beverages, and I am not against people drinking, I just think the stadium is too big to be enforced properly.  The amount of revenue is not worth the headache.  If they want to make more money, put some lights on the stadium and have 2-3 night games a year. Just my two cents.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

I saw that too and wondered if Meyer is really going to live up to his "pink contract"  I hope he doesn't burn the candle on both ends, b/c if he stays healthy OSU could be BCS champion bound(excluding this year of course).

Comment 18 Oct 2012

I would like to see how the D performs the rest of the year before making a decision.  So far,the D has underperformed, we have given up too many points, had many injuries, and many fundamental issues such as poor tackling.  To be honest, if Fickell does not address the current defensive issues he will probably be gone at the end of the year, if the D improves over this back half of the season, I think Meyer will give him another year.

Comment 23 Jul 2012

I believe Emmert said $60 million is what the football program makes in one year.  So essentially the athletic department will be hurting without football making any money for a year.  We will see how bad that hurts b/c they had record donations last year

Comment 23 Jul 2012

Will be interesting to see what Penn State looks like in 2 years, when they are in the middle of the sanctions.  I wonder if any current players will transfer out.

Comment 28 Apr 2012

I agree with Scott, Law School is weighted very heavily on the LSAT.  It is all about rankings, and even though he had Gee as a reference if he didn't score high enough on his LSAT or had not had a high enough undergrad GPA, he was not getting into OSU. 

Comment 23 Apr 2012

Looks like a class of 19, at 13 schollies currently, with 1 going to TE Heuerman, 2 to WR Quick and Gibson, 2 more to OT, and 1 more to LB.

Comment 10 Apr 2012

More motivation to light up 70+ points on teams.  Urban is a bear, and I learned you never poke the bear!

Comment 02 Apr 2012

Always love when we get Toledo kids.  Did you know their is an OSU Mich store in Toledo?  Who will be #8?  Can't wait

Comment 18 Mar 2012

I hope Amir Williams will get a couple more minutes a game from this performance.  That would deepen the bench and give us another defender.  Craft was very impressive.  Happy with 4 B1G teams in the sweet 16.  After watching the UK game, I now think they could be beat by a physical team.  They were definately having trouble with Iowa State's physical play.  I could see Sparty taking them out, assuming they play. 

Comment 15 Mar 2012

I go to both Browns and Buckeye games each year.  Yes their are drunk a**holes at OSU games, but thier are just as many if not more, at Browns games.  This "reporter" is just trying to stir the pot, fans are crazy where ever you go.  The Browns have been bad for years, but that didn't stop them from throwing glass bottles at officials(the reason their is plastic beer bottles) or cheering when Tim Couch got injured and he cried in his press conference afterword, and don't forget about the fans in the dawg pound in the 80's, Art Modell death threats, burning LBJ's jersey, etc....The Browns like the Bucks have a long history and passionate fan base, and with passionate fans, comes crazy sob's, but that doesn't mean all/majority OSU or Browns fans are obnoxious.  I just wish this "reporter" realized this happens in ALL sports cities, even in his "hometown"

Comment 08 Mar 2012

Some Pitt Alums I know have told me that PSU and Pitt are natural rivals, and that's why I put them in.  As for PSU trying to block them, its possible. 

Comment 08 Mar 2012

  I was only looking to them b/c of their ties with being a founding member of B1G.  They do have a team BUT it is no way able to compete with B1G teams. Interestingly Chicago left after they put less of an emphasis on athletics after WWII.   I will edit my post with another institution that can compete in all sports.  Here is a good article on the History of the B1G.


Comment 08 Mar 2012

I think the best fit would be Pitt.  I realize they are switching to the ACC but I feel they are a better fit for B1G.  Strong academics, decent football, good basketball.  Bring back Chicago, I mean our trophy is named after Amos Alonzo Stagg and they were one of the founding members of Big Ten . 

I feel eventually ND will go to a conference but not until most schools have switched conferences.  ND would be a good fit, even though I despise them, hell they play 3-4 B1G teams regularly already.  The only way they switch is if they lose the TV contract with NBC or  realize they can make as much if not more with the B1G network. 

For the last spot Kansas due to geography, they will also increase competition in basketball.

My vote: Keep the original 12, add Pitt(if possible), Chicago(welcome back), ND(feel sick), Kansas.

This keeps us in our markets and expands into mid west.