Jaamal Berry

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February 2, 2012 at 8:30p

The following was posted by an Administrator at Buckeye Planet: 

"With permission to repost Nevada....Jaamal has been granted his release."



It's been discussed for a while now that Berry is going to be one of the ones leaving the program but it's a done deal now. Best of luck to the young man- I hope his past troubles stay in the past and do not continue to follow him into the future. Always going to think of what could have been with Jaamal Berry though.. Huge talent, but glad to have some clarity on this issue, especially given Meyer's perpetual talk of "character", you had to know this was coming. 


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Yep. Sad to see him go but there weren't going to be many options following the several incidents. I remember being pretty jacked at seeing his film and what great things we were going to see from him.

Hope he lands on his feet.

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Ive been saying he wasnt going to pan out since he was beat out by Jordan Hall as a freshman. just had that feeling. Hope he has success in life somewhere.


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next is Rod Smith...dont have anything to back it up, just another one of those "feelings"


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hope not.  for one, i think he'll be very good.  secondly, i'd hate to lose out on his brother

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Not sure about this, I mean he would be great help in recruiting Jaylon Smith. OSU needs to keep Rod on the roster.

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People were obsessed with him at the beginning of the season.  He played 2 games and he was a freshman.  We have no clue how good he can be. 

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Losing Rod Smith could hurt in recruiting his brother. But it is what it is I guess. 

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I think he is too "soft" as a running back personally. I think he runs a little too upright and doesn't carry that big frame well like beanie and Eddie did. I don't see him beating out Hall or Hyde for playing time next season..so I could see him being unhappy with that and leaving. Just my opinion.


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Yeah but remember he was just a freshman. Give him a full year in the weight room followed by solid coaching and he may turn into a gem.

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I think it's more likely T.Y. Williams is out (Pure speculation obviously).

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Always sad to see a Buckeye leave. Sorry it didn't work out for him. I'm curious... was the staff counting Berry as a part of the 81 scholarships or was he already excluded from that number? Still only one open spot or now two?

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Certainly he was one of the 3 mystery players that we didn't know about when Meyer quoted 81 players on scholarship.

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Yeah, two more comming up and likely more before fall camp. We will have 'ships to give to senior walkons. Next two may come at the end of the current academic term. When is that?

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This is unfortunate but I could see this coming from a mile away especially after Clarke and Gambrell were released for having run ins with the law as well. It's alawys a shame anytime a player with his kind of talent doesn't take full opprotunity of it.

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Guy never did anything here.  Whether it was injuries, chronic, or punching white boys I never got the big deal about him.  He had a coupel nice runs against scrub teams  I guess.  Good luck in the future to him but I don't think he's going to be missed at all. 

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I remember watching his recruiting cloesly. Remember yelling at him in bloomington.

It's a shame but he never saw the field.

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Can't count Rod Smith out yet. Many a stud Buckeye RB has had problems their freshmen year and got a chance to learn form their mistakes. I remeber the a couple years ago (2?) that he was tearing up the defense prior to the bowl game.

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I don't imagine there is a depth chart at RB, OL or WR right now.  New coaching staff will let the players use conditioning and Spring Ball help sort things out.  Can't see Smith being discouraged yet.

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I know this is the 2nd most asked question (other then when are Digg's and neal going to anounce) but with Berry leaving does that leave 2 spots on the roster? Or maybe Urbz knew this was coming and had already figured that into the equation?  

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With Berry gone that puts us at 82 scholarships on the dot. Diggs would put us back at 83.


Still possibilities for attrition:

T.Y. Williams, Tommy Brown, Chris Carter, Chad Hagan, etc.

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I've heard to expect another medical hardship soon, and I would guess Chad Hagan.

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Berry was a player that I thought would be great...shame that he didn't work out and best of luck to him in the future.

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See: youtube videos of #5.

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Best of luck to the young man. Once a Buckeye always a Buckeye. Getter done Jaamal!


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Common Man and the Torg on 97.1 in Columbus have always referred to Berry as "Guns and Money" due to some of his previous run-ins with law enforcement. Sad that he's wasted his talent, but I do hope he turns things around and lands on his feet somewhere.

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Man what happend with Berry?? I remember seeing him come out of high school and was super excited about this kid! He was a stud coming out of high school. He has so much potential but just couldnt seem to put it together. I also think he was in the wrong system during the JT era. JT was never really good at using smaller, quick backs (Mo Hall) so that may have played a part in his lack of success. I hope he lands on his feet, would hate to see all that talent wasted.

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You could say that about a lot of top prospects that we recruited.

Dorian Bell is a Great example.


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I still think Carlos Hyde is gonna surprise a lot of people!! For a player his size (comparable to Beanie) and abilities...Urbz really needs to give him a real serious look!! BUCKEYES RULE!!

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Probably best for all concerned we cut our loses and move on.  I liked him, but I also understand we cannot afford to have players needing constant supervision and bringing any further discredit to the University.  Our detractors would love nothing more than to have another tidbit to chew on and spew their venom in the media.  I do wish him the best in his future and he does have a future maybe just not with us.  God speed Jaamal, get your priorities together and you will be greater once your inner self is at peace.