"Sinister" Thomas will average 25 in '12-'13

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January 29, 2012 at 8:50p

Why not? We all know that Deshaun isn't bashful and he is certainly an incredibly talented scorer. Looking at next year's team (making certain assumptions), #1 is the logical #1 offensive weapon. I also have to say that "Sinister" is the perfect nickname for the wicked south-paw. This, of course, is considering the literal meaning of the word sinister coincided with the nightmares Thomas surely gives opposing coaches. While on the topic of D.T., I also must confess to being impressed with his quickly accomplished acting skills today against Mish (my response to their "Ohio"). He kept the officiating crew busy for several minutes with that move. 

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I hope you're right, but I'd be surprised if Thomas returned for another year. I'm not saying going pro would be the best move for him at this point in time, just that I think he will.

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Gotta hope he doesnt leave early first.

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i keep trying to think of a nickname for the beard like thing hes got going on his face but i cant think of any. any ideas?

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won't be surprised if he goes pro...told me his senior year of HS he wanted to be 1 and done...that didn't work out but 2 and done sure will

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I'd say Thomas is more likely to go pro than Sully and will be better.

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I think Thomas goes pro and gets a first round pick. I think he will be coveted more than Buford which would be a mistake IMO. Undersized PF are a dime a dozen now and players like Buford are not even though I do feel Thomas is playing much better than Buford right now.

Plus, I think players like Ross, Thompson and Amir Williams will take over next year and Thomas may not be the best player on the floor. Not to mention the talent Thad might bring in next year.

I say Thomas and Sully leave and craft stays. Then it will be a starting lineup of Craft, LS jr, Thompson/Ross, Amir Williams, Ravenel. Depends on who comes in. That Tony Parker kid could come in and play.

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No Pro, Yo! 2012-13 just got a whole lot better...