Urban is Not Perfect... My Thoughts

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January 17, 2012 at 9:01p

Let me start this off by saying how excited I am about Urban Meyer and the new coaching staff. They should do tremendous things for years to come at Ohio State. However, over the past couple months I've become increasingly annoyed at my Buckeye brethren (don't mistake me for saying I still don't love everybody on here and all Buckeye fans around the globe) and the majority of them who think Urban can do no wrong. Seemingly all of the sudden we forgot our former opinion of him (he was a snake to most of us.) Now yes, that has a lot to do with sour grapes after the 2007 BCS National Championship Game, but some of our criticisms were very fair. Let's not forget that this is the guy who retired twice before turning 50 citing health reasons and wanting to be with his family, only to return to coaching a year later. But now since we were the program he chose to return to, he can do no wrong and EVERY action he takes is an act of God. It is ridiculous and unreasonable. After the bowl ban was released, I openly questioned Urban's promise to recruits that there would be no more punishment and expressed relief that nobody decommitted. At the same time I stated that this was an oppurtunity for Urban to stick through a rough patch like he has never done before and prove he's not fragile like some have suggested based on his "retirements" (which both convienantly came after his two worst years as head coach anywhere.) When I said those things, I was not trying to say I dislike of Meyer. I was mearly trying to take an unbiased look at things. I was shocked at the response I got from a couple of users here. I was called a lunatic and called out by those I thought were very level headed about things. Now this Dominic Clarke incident comes to light and we won't even listen to the kid because he is just some "stupid kid ranting" about "URBAN MEYER GOD OMFG #$)%#$ URBGASM." I'm not saying Meyer did Clarke wrong, but I am saying that its ridiculous that we are dismissing Clarke's thoughts immediately because we are blinded by our love for Urban.

We need to get over this "Urban can do no wrong" phase as a fanbase. If we do not we will turn into the defenders of guys like Saban and Les Miles, who see clear misdeeds happening inside their program yet take them as deeds of God because they love their coach (and winning) so much. Tressel wasn't perfect. A lot of us thought he was. Yes, he is a great man, but he ended up having his flaws. Urban will have his flaws as well. I think it would be amazing if we could recognize those flaws (I recognize them as the flaws of college football, not exclusively Meyer) yet still embrace the amazing head coach we have in Urban Meyer. I hope I am not the only one who thinks Urban is imperfect. All of this is just my two cents.


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So true Jake.I have 6 different tee shirts promoting The Illicit Urb as our coach.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I have been annoyed lately with a lot of Ohio State fans as well lately (same as above, I still love everyone). But, we got spoiled with amazing winning seasons, spanking Michigan, Big Ten titles, winning 2 BCS bowls in a row, Basketball team being very good, etc...bottom line, a lot of the younger Ohio State fans arnt good at losing because it isnt the norm. Where I am going with this is that a lot of fans are being more critical to a lose in the regular season of basketball, or something silly like that.  With how bad the football season turned out, those criticisms were almost out of control, and now Urban gets hired and looks like a savior, getting recruits left and right and that hate for him leaves, and we applaud him getting rid of "bad apple" players because "we dont want what just happened to happen again" or "we are under a microscope". I hated Urban as well when he was in Florida, but after hearing his knowledge and insights on college football while with ESPN, I grew to appreciate him a bit. And now seeing what he can do for the Buckeyes I am excited about the future.


I know this isnt the most well thought out or organized post, but its more of adding my own thoughts.

Michigan Sucks!

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The same thing happened with St. Jimmy T. 

I'm sure Bama fans feel the same biased way about Nick Satan, and so on, so forth. 

It's college football. We are fans. We are homers. It's part of the sport. 

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Jake, You are correct. I guess what we do or don't know or understand is what we asked for is what we got... we wanted someone to put us back on that national train and that's what we got. Urban will do this his way, the only way he knows how... I for one won't complain of his methods this is what I asked for... there is not a coach around that has walked the straight and narrow and been successful at a national level.... there is always going to be some bending of rules ( or as Urban says cheating within the rules). this is just how it goes. this is a new day in buckeye world. It will be hard, It will be intense. The day of the Vest is gone, Urbanization has begone. if you cant handle his ways. Leave. If you break the rules, You will be punished... No If and or buts... This is Urban Meyer, like it, hate it, That's what it is...

Capn, Make It So...

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[fuh-nat-ik]   Origin
   [fuh-nat-ik] Show IPA
a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

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Sure, that would be a great rebuttel if "fan" in modern day sports meant the same thing as "fanatic" in the dictionary. Yes, I know "fan" derives from "fanatic" but if you really think that's an argument... Come on... If they were the same then Jason and this amazing Eleven Warriors crew would not be able to have any credentials when reporting or talking about a news sports story because they would just be people with extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics. As moronic as I am about to sound, "fan" doesn't mean "fan," really. In sports, the word "fan" has become a synonym for "very strong supporter." I like to think there are many levelheaded Ohio State "fans" out there.

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It precisely and accurately describes why you're being critical of the "fans". Personally speaking, I am not sure how anyone can be critical based on his tenure thus far. You can go back to his Florida days and trash his reasons for leaving (though none of us are privy as to why he made the decisions he made, even so is it any of our damn business given its' personal nature?) but I won't. You say most of thought he was a "snake". Where the hell does that come from? Florida doesn't have a history of oversigning like LSU/Bamer. We were bitter because he and his players beat our ass. Period. That isn't being a "snake". Snake is reserved for Florida fans who are bitter he left to come home.

Being level headed goes both ways.

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Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Its so easy to miss the part where I say how excited I am to have an amazing head coach in Urban Meyer. But that doesn't mean its not there. Dammit, I never trashed Urban Meyer. I just questioned this "perfection" that a lot of people are assuming he has.

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LOL, I realize your excitement, hell we all are. It can't be helped. I just have issue with "snake". There are a boatload of adjectives that describe how OSU fans felt about UM after the loss, snake is pretty far down the list imo. It's all good.

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I think a lot felt he may be a little snakey. Like I said in the post, it was mostly sour grapes that made some of us feel that way but there weren't many kind words for Urbz before he left Florida. I'm thinking of the Shariff Floyd incident, Chris Rainey incident, and the high arrest rate that he had at Florida as specific times that some of us had a few names for him. But I am happy that he is the head of the Ohio State football family, FWIW.

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I have a hard time being critcal of coaches for off the field issue personally, whether it be UF, OSU or whatever. There are exceptions to that in USC but those are rare, but I understand your point.

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To me, the perfection part of things only happens a couple of times in a coach's career.  Before he every coach's a down(urban right now) or after the guy retires, passes etc. (Woody and certainly JT will reach that point too and has already for many)

It'll be short lived I know that much!  I'm sure game one there will be people who have some problem with Urban or the team, such is life for a coach especially at a program like Ohio State. One place he will be perfect is when we argue with fans of other teams.  He's our guy and we'll defend him in discussions with others I'm sure. 

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He's our guy and we'll defend him in discussions with others I'm sure.

Funny you say that. If I were to get into an argument with somebody from a different fan base right now they would probably think I am what I describe in this blog post. That tends to happen a lot for me. I'll debate about something/someone with some people on here, but when a person from a different fan base starts talking trash on that something/someone I'll defend our guys until the death.

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Now this just sounded kind of sily.  

Fan - "devotee," 1889, Amer.Eng., originally of baseball enthusiasts, probably a shortening of fanatic, but may be influenced by the fancy, a collective term for followers of a certain hobby or sport (especially boxing); see fancy. There is an isolated use from 1682, but the modern word is likely a late 19c. formation. Fan club attested by 1930.

Although I prefer the Wiki etymology of being from "the Modern Latin fanaticus, meaning "insanely but divinely inspired," or this, from the Latin word why wasn't I born a hot girl so I could just make money off my looks.  Sigh.  At any rate, while there are indeed many levelheaded OSU fans, just look around on game day to see how the word applies to, well, anyone.  And outside of Saturdays in the fall, it is easy to see how our actions as fans makes us look so bad - keeping in mind that one guy can ruin it for everybody.  

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It happens all the time in sports!  I'm sure Bama fans hated Saban when he coached at LSU.  UK fans, although they will deny it today, constantly called Calipari a cheater and criticized the "thugs" he recruited at Memphis, no the man can do no wrong. So of course people didn't like Meyer when his program was the one that exposed Ohio State and started the OMG SEC SO AWESOME trend.  Now he's here, and he's our guy and everyone else is mad, jealous, and outraged.  

I love the guy.  He's the best man for the job, period.  Put the best coach in college football at the head of a program the stature of Ohio State with facilities and resources the school has, and great things will happen.  He'll squeeze every ounce of talent out of every kid he recruits.  His intensity will be contagious. 

Different sport but when Rick Pitino came to UK and turned that program around he carried himself in similar ways.  He talked about recruting, he talked about the program not being broken(though UK certainly was at that point) and he talked about the intense work outs the team was going to have. Richie Farmer was going to quit, he said he was there to play basketball not run all the time.  Pitino convinced him to stay.  Anyway, a team of guys who really weren't that talented became one of the best teams in America. Later on, he had a player who said in an interview UK's workouts were so hard that he did 3 leg presses and puked, almost quit 10 minutes into his first conditioning.    What's all this have to do with anything?  Well Pitino was the right guy at that time for that job.  Urban is for Ohio State right now.  There will certainly be some mistakes made along the way, and fans will certainly get upset with some decisions, but no doubt there is going to be a lot of success. 

It's the honeymoon stage right now.  There is going to be a lot of love for Urban because he has not made 1 single on field decision yet.  There's not been an opportunity for him to do wrong just yet.  I say after the year this program and it's fans have had, give everyone a break.  Let everyone think the guy can do no wrong, because at this point as Ohio State's Commander and Chief he's done absolutely nothing wrong.  He hasn't had the chance to.  He's saying all the right things.  He's making great hires, and he's destroying everyone in recruiting right now.  He can do no wrong right now!  We'll have time over the years to fret over mistakes he's made, but right now is the perfect time to be enthusiastic about Urban and the future. 


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I love the guy.  He's the best man for the job, period.  Put the best coach in college football at the head of a program the stature of Ohio State with facilities and resources the school has, and great things will happen.  He'll squeeze every ounce of talent out of every kid he recruits.  His intensity will be contagious.

100% agree.

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Now see... this article is exactly why the SOPA 2012 law needs to be killed! Jake would have never been able to release is frustration otherwise! Great read Mr. Buckeye!

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Why did he need to dismiss Clark himself? I've seen people let go from jobs a zillion times where the CO wasn't involved. I know this wasn't a "job" but the same idea, right? Maybe if Meyer recruited him. Am I missing the point with this?

I can agree that there should be more reasonable expectations. I'm already thinking they can run the table next year. But some of the fanbase drives me nuts with their armchair QBs, thinking they can gameplan, and call a game better than an actual coach. Sending threatening letters etc....the fanbase needs to remain somewhat sane pls. And stay away from calling his daughters names y'all.

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I think some Buckeye fans (myself included) just got caught up in all the hoopla.  We had a very rough year in which everywhere you turned their was something or someone talking down OSU, not to mention the actual product on the field.  This was the first piece of good news a passionate fan base has had in a while, and they just ran with it.  GO BUCKS 

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I was mearly trying to take an unbiased look at things. I was shocked at the response I got from a couple of users here.

Being disagreed with by just two people provoked this lengthy post?

However, over the past couple months I've become increasingly annoyed at my Buckeye brethren (don't mistake me for saying I still don't love everybody on here and all Buckeye fans around the globe) and the majority of them who think Urban can do no wrong.

I'm beginning to wonder if you've ever been through a coaching change before, because this is par for the course for a honeymoon period, especially when you consider how well recruiting has gone (I remember the first recruiting years for both Cooper and Tressel, and it was nothing like this). I certainly don't think the honeymoon is a sincere belief by fans that "Urban can do no wrong," let alone a coordinated effort by the rest of the fanbase to quiet disssent.

This is Columbus; therefore Meyer is guaranteed to have no shortage of critics before very long. Given my low expectations for this coming season, you should be getting your wish by, oh, late October or so.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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My whole point is when people get excited sometimes common sense can get thrown out the window.  I agree with you that the "Urban can do no wrong" thought process is wrong.  This happens in all of college sports, where coaches are put on pedestals and can do no wrong.  We have to remember that coaches are people to, and they also make mistakes. It is a part of college sports that I personally think needs to change.

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my thoughts...I have yet to read post/comment claiming he was perfect. excited fan base, for sure. urban is perfection, haven't seen it yet. why the debbie downer? esp after the recruiting moves he has made to shore up a team with crap at certain areas.

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I think a lot of it comes from people just being really excited what Meyer is doing. What he has done in terms of hiring coaches and recruiting over the last month has been nothing short of spectacular. We are all excited! Enjoy the good times about to roll! Don't be so negative! 

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should i listen to the very respected, middle-aged coach or the felon in his early 20's? you're right. we should take clarke at his word. how unjust of us!


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Ugh. Yuck.

A) That's not what I said.

B) Clarke is not a felon.

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I sort of agree.  I am not sure how wide-spread the "do-no-wrong" thing is.  Certainly 11W's new shirts on Skreened are OUT_OF_HOUND.  I think a lot of us are actually pretty jaded and skeptical of our athletic administration, of our coaches, etc.  For me, that stems from Tressel - someone that never in my wildest dreams did I think would do something to harm Ohio State.  You do a good job of voicing that warriness here.

The only reason I am in full support of Meyer is because of his attitude, his relentless recruiting strategy, his 21st Century mentality, and the fact that he's an Ohio son.  But there's still a surreal feeling that he's the coach.  It feels as if all the karma in the CF universe was against us for the last 6 years, yet we came out on top.  I can't help but thinking, "Wait just a minute here...this is great, but I'm still worried for some reason."

So, I'm with you.

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let me guess- you think christmas isn't that great, either. ice cream is overrated. a beautiful woman isn't worth the trouble. the beach is too hot.


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forgive my ignorance, but what exactly did clarke say? ive been creeping on his twitter and most of his tweets involved keeping his head up, and wishing the coaches had seen his act as a forgivable mistake, but i didnt sense any contempt....am i missing something?

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I haven't read through all the comments so I apologize if this has been discussed, but here are my thoughts on Urban:

It has been surreal since we hired him. In terms of recruiting he has done it all: He's flipped, he's got a few undecideds, and he is going to bring in a few more great players before it's all said and done, but there is one thing that keeps jumping in the back of my mind. When the scandal came out with Jim Tressel, the chief complaint was that Jimmy T was too powerful and that there was no longer any accountability from our coach in Columbus.

With this concern for power and the struggles when a head coach has too much, we went ahead and hired Urban. Now, I'm not saying that it was the wrong hire because clearly Urban and Ohio State are a match destined for a lot of great seasons, but won't we just have the same concerns as we did before?