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Comment 9 hours ago

I think people will bitch, like they have, but they are short sighted in the fact that this team hasn't had a stud NT since Hankins and the defense has been pretty good IMO (top rated overall for years).

I understand that a run stuffer would make the defense wholly better but if the offense was any better last year, that was a championship caliber defense even without a run stuffer.

The bigger key will be at MLB. When this team has a stud at MLB, the NT only needs to be a strong dude that can keep blockers off the MLB. I think guys like Hamilton, Cage and even Landers could fill that role. Hill hasn't been anything really special and he has done a good job at what he is asked to do.

so I'm not bitching, but I also wouldn't complain if we do get a stud NT.

Comment 9 hours ago

Munger isn't on the team at all, I think you mean Landers or Hamilton. Hill and Sprinkle will definitely be gone in 2018, they are on their last year.

I agree a project DT would have been nice but I don't think they liked anyone enough to do that, plus the in 2015 they took in like 5 DT and a couple are going to be RS sophomores this year with a couple years of eligibility. We keep forgetting about guys like Josh Alabi, Barrow, Jashon Cornell along with the studs brought in this year with Cage and Haskell (who is always left out of top DT being the #4 guy in this class).

If all 5 guys do leave, which they will, there is a bevy of talent behind them. I wouldn't be surprised if we see in 2018: Bosa, Barrow, Haskell, Jones, Landers, Young, Berry and Cooper getting a lot of PT!

Comment 12 hours ago

well they do have the perks LCT is talking about as far as time off, but I do agree that lecturers are the substitute teacher of the higher education world! they just get no respect and will never know if they will last another semester or not.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

FYI, University doesn't close for Spring break, just winter break. Faculty and staff have to work spring break. And again, those who have the summer off also don't get vacation days during the 10 months they do work.

It seems like you are holding it against professors the perks of their jobs when they wholly earned them! A full professor works very hard and deserves those things you hold against them. They don't just teach and then sit around until the next class. Most Associate professors and full professors have to do a certain amount of teaching, service, research and some do practice their craft.

I get the feeling you are confusing a professor with a lecturer. Lecturers get all those perks but they are not full time faculty.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I had a professor who had a golden ticket (not only tenured but half his salary was paid by an endowment) and he was a complete asshole to anyone he wanted to be an asshole towards, including the president and football coach. He constantly sent out FU letters to the whole university. Eventually they made sure to piss him off so bad he took a position elsewhere, but that was about as much as they could do.

I truly dislike some of our emeritus faculty! They walk in every 6 months and act like they still own the place and get pissy because things changed from their good ole days. Although they have earned their right I guess.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

not really saying he will be as good as Sullinger was

what about that line did you not understand?

FYI, Sullinger had a lot better talent around him than Kaleb will have. Sully had Buford, Lighty, Threeblier, Thomas and Craft in his 2 years. He was good but he had help from a very good team. Kaleb might be a good player but it will be harder on him to be an AA.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

for the University I work at, in order to become tenured you have to do research and bring in research money. So they do need to be revenue generators, granted not even close to the amount that an athletic program can bring in. But I do know a few tenured faculty who do write multi million dollar grants.

and some faculty are 12 month, typically most of the tenured are. The 10 month also don't get any vacation time despite that 2 month off.

but I do agree that once they become tenured, they can be the worst professors and it is very hard to get rid of them.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

not to delve too much into politics but when some start to argue how a certain doctor getting a cabinet position isn't an issue because he is "really smart", I often argue that just because someone is brilliant in a certain field of knowledge does not mean they are smart in every aspect of life, society and common sense. I work with some brilliant faculty but some also couldn't grasp how to make a conference call ("what, you can call 2 different phones at the same time!!! HOW?") Seriously, I am not joking. They can't even understand how to put paper in a copier without help.

intelligence isn't everything, common sense tends to go a long way!

I love your example, total employment costs does not equal salary! so true, they just don't get it.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I do agree with you about the star rankings because it is hard to continuously and objectively evaluate these kids as they go through the biggest development stage in their lives. I was just defending Andrew because he wasn't using the star rankings as a veiled criticism of Thomas, he was just using the info currently available to him based on those who have done at least some evaluation.

plus I think Andrew thinks Thomas is definitely not a 3 star talent.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I think you guys are underestimating Kaleb. He might not be rated like Sullinger was but he has grown leaps and bounds from a year ago and I believe he can become even more skilled.

I was mainly stating he has a natural instinct for the game like Sullinger, not really saying he will be as good as Sullinger was. Although Sully reached a plateau that I think Kaleb's physical ability can surpass. I believe he is already a better outside shooter than Sully was.

Comment 20 Feb 2017

He quoted the current composite ranking, as he does with all recruits he discusses. It would be far more fallible if he starts predicting where Thomas will end up at star rankings.

what do you expect when the "starhanderouters" start handing out stars when these kids are sophomores? of course it is putting the cart before the horse! Kids change during HS, and some well afterwards. Saying Thomas is CURRENTLY a 3 star is not degrading him in the least, and even if he becomes a 4 or 5 star later doesn't mean he is currently rated where he is supposed to be.

you are aware that "the big boys" do recruit and sign players who stay at 3 stars? just because Bama takes a 3 star doesn't mean he should be jumped to a 5 star and be considered a slam dunk player. Bama takes chances just like every other program, including OSU. It is called finding a gem. Sometimes they are right (Darron Lee) and sometimes they swing and miss.

Comment 20 Feb 2017

OSU offered before 2016, sometime in 2015. Zach Smith visits Tate in January 2016. Tate decommits from TAMU in May. Tate commits to OSU in June.

OSU was showing Tate the love for quite a while at this time last year. He didn't just jump when OSU offered. It took TAMU some dumb ass moves by their coach for him to decommit (remember when that happened, he was in a twitter war with a TAMU coach as players were decommitting left and right).

Tate was being recruited for a while, it wasn't instantaneous! he was being recruited even though he was committed to another team at this time last year. I said nothing false!

Comment 20 Feb 2017

He might not have the breakaway speed that Urban would want as a punt returner or KO returner, but he has a knack for breaking tackles and getting some after contact yards. It could be a possibility for him to be a returner because if you can't avoid shoestring tackles, I don't care how fast you are! I think Dontre Wilson proved that.

Too bad he isn't bigger, he does have a keen ability to sniff out a screen or a sweep. If he had the size of a walkout linebacker, he would be an unreal starter. Still, he is perfect for a nickel corner! He does seem to lose a wr here and there (at the 1:20, if the QB threw a better ball he would have gotten burned for a score. Luckily it was a bad throw and he got an INT) so my concern is if he didn't have help over top. Outside of that, I can see him making plays for this defense in 2018 and beyond.

Comment 20 Feb 2017

Make up for the Chris Paul situation!

They need to keep working to get some shooters around those two. They did also get Casspi who would be a nice shooter for them, but they need an outside scorer to make this work better.

although I wouldn't be too surprised if now Anthony Davis becomes the point forward of the team the way he can handle the ball. These two aren't your typical big guys, they can move the ball well.

Comment 18 Feb 2017
This was the mantra practically right after the Clemson loss. Concentrate on being the best you can to develop yourself first, then in fall it will be about the units and team.