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Comment 10 hours ago

so what you are saying is as a fan you should root for your own team to lose to a conference rival just so that conference rival has a better chance of winning a national title so you can still say the conference is the best. And you are equating this mentality to the SEC group think model.

well I can't speak for SEC fans since I an not an idiot, but I certainly wouldn't root for a RIVAL to beat MY TEAM no matter what it meant nationally. I'm pretty sure some of my UF friends wouldn't root for Georgia unless its a chance to catch Ebola.

Comment 10 hours ago

oh....thanks. I got lost when he started talking about the old man and the sea.

Comment 12 hours ago

funny thing is, this year I don't see that great of defense in the SEC. lots of high scoring games down there. Only two decent defenses I have seen are Auburn and Arkansas in the west. The east probably has good defense with GA, UF and others but their offenses suck too so that could be a misnomer as well.

Big 12 is all offense. I don't know how anyone could pick a team from there to go to the playoffs.

Comment 12 hours ago

well we certainly aren't acting like he is a grizzled veteran who has done this before!!

Yes, he is a redshirt freshman BVW, but he is also a first time starter. He also went 2 years without playing competitive football before getting thrown in after a 2 time B1G POY went down two weeks before the season started. Not exactly a guy who should be judged on a few incomplete passes in the wind and rain.

So what if we believe he should have a few breaks for being fairly new. RS or not, he has only started 6 total games since 2012. To me, what he is doing is pretty remarkable for a guy who still has 3 more years of eligibility after this year.

Some of you act as if he's a senior and should have all the wrinkles out and ready to go to the NFL after the season. If you compared him to Braxton as a freshman, he would be light years ahead of him. No matter what players are around him or not. Braxton couldn't throw for 300 yards and still hasn't. Barrett has 2 300 yard games and is 185 yards short of averaging 300 per game. his worst game was a 219 and 1 TD performance against VT, with 70 rushing yards and another TD. That is a good game for most QBs who are 10X more experienced.

Comment 12 hours ago

I think it is very telling when Urban was on SVP&Rusillo show last Friday when he discussed the VT game and said "if they could complete a slant pass they would still be undefeated). Tells me that Urban thinks the Corey Smith drop in the endzone is where they lost that game.

I'm with you. Plus, aside from the 3 INTs (not all JTs fault either) he still had 289 yards and 2 TDs in that game. that usually is a good game for most QBs.

Comment 12 hours ago

Lets see,

1. It was raining and windy out. So he wasn't great on a few throws, it happens to growing first time starters. Even big arm Braxton floated a couple deep balls from time to time. I hope MSU and every other opponent thinks JT can't throw a 30 yarder. He will make them pay if they do.

2. This offense doesn't need the deep ball. It did with Braxton and the only weapon being Devin Smith. Now there is Mike Thomas who can catch slants and sideline throws, Dontre Wilson who catches crossing patterns, Vannett/Heuermann....yes, TEs can catch and the pass to the RB in the flats. Braxton struggled with these throws, Barrett doesn't. Barrett doesn't need the long ball as much as Brax did.

3. MSU's defense isn't as good as it was last year. The Dline is good, but the secondary is beatable. MSU was able to contain (not shutdown) Braxton and the running game last year because they knew that A) Braxton was limited passing, B) the weapons weren't that good in the passing game and C) they had a shutdown corner in Dennard. Barrett isn't limited (and actually is okay on the deep ball, just not great) and has lots of weapons to use and Dennard's replacement is not as good.

4. Plus this tells me he can throw it far enough and with excellent accuracy,


I am confident in Barrett's ability to score on MSU. If I were concerned about anything is if the Defense could maintain Cook and Langford enough. That game will be in the 30's minimum for both sides. I just hope its more like 40's for JT and Co. and only 30 for MSU.
Comment 13 hours ago

lol. A struggling QB that won the job over Kyle Allen is a good thing?

If I were Kirk, I would come join the offense that is on the rise with a stand out RS freshman QB (and another senior QB who has shown he is fun to play with as well next year). If I was a WR, I would choose Braxton/Barrett over Hill/Allen.

Comment 16 hours ago

I beg to differ, Joey Bosa will be the biggest weapon. Because he will be the tool of LJ's fury to undo those Nittanys!

plus he really is the biggest weapon. He basically shuts down a whole side of an oline. I don't recall seeing an effective run against his side of the ball. Usually they go up the middle or to the other side.

Comment 16 hours ago

I want to put in my two cents.

Fromthe18, you must be high!

that is all.

Comment 17 hours ago

I was thinking the same thing. He wants Ole Miss to get into the playoff without controversy from him. Funny thing is, I don't think Ole Miss gets in. I think Miss St runs the table and is the SEC rep for the whole conference.

I also don't see the Big12 getting a team in. It will be SEC, ACC, Pac-12 and B1G as the four champs.

Comment 17 hours ago

well he did have the ball tucked away, which is more than we could say for Braxton and many other QBs who run with the ball like a loaf of bread. Pryor was the worse. He never tucked the ball.

and that really wasn't a bad hit. Yes he should have slid after getting the first down and that is something he will have to learn soon, especially if he has any desire to succeed in the NFL. but most of his runs don't take many bad hits, some not at all. He does run out of bounds, he does brace and covers the ball a lot and he isn't a slight guy like RG3 or Braxton. Braxton is bigger now, but even with his running style he puts himself more in harms way trying to juke someone. JT doesn't juke, he runs north/south.

I am not concerned at all with JT running the ball. He runs like Marcus Allen, mostly taking glancing hits then hard ones straight on.

Comment 17 hours ago

one quick correction, the def misc 3rd down conv. is wrong. Its a repeat of the offensive 3rd down conv. The correct percentage is .555 (5/9)

amazing. That is why I laugh when people start putting together what the rankings are of the teams OSU has played already. OSU has a lot to do with those stats. Maybe not VaTechs but all the others.

Comment 19 Oct 2014
Heisman or not, he should be a favorite for Big Ten POY. He will win Freshman of the year. He will break records. And could he by chance rush for 1,000 yards? Lovin this kid!! So fun to watch and that 33 yard rush was awesome. He avoids a lot of hits and runs like a dagger. Brax was a ginsu who could cut anything, but JT stabs the defense in the heart.
Comment 18 Oct 2014
But UF could still contend for the SEC East... Not only is it sad a division title matters to them, but the delusional hope is unreal!
Comment 18 Oct 2014
I hope FSU kills ND. Maybe it will wake up those recruits committed there. ND will never win another championship.
Comment 18 Oct 2014
This is an elite game? They are playing volleyball with the football. And Winston is not a heisman winner this year. I've seen better play from others. Including JT.