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Comment 14 hours ago

many of us have said that Amir should have never been a McDonald's AA. If you look at the tape, he was gigantic vs the competition most of the time and was so lumbering and awful. He looked really bad!

so for me, what Amir was in college was actually an improvement to what I expected. He shouldn't have been a starter.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Yeah because rustled starts with dude. lol

yes I do know that, why I said 5 other teams offered more not less. He still got paid the next year by Denver despite that great relationship with Elway. Elway told him he would get paid still but yes he likes Elway.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

dude, you are putting all these stipulations on your blanket comment. Just admit that good, no great players have become FA!

Deion Sanders was in his prime when he signed with San Fran and then Dallas the next year, helping both to win a superbowl by being the best corner in the league! that is a GREAT FREE AGENT SIGNING.

and yes Peyton Manning was a gamble, a gamble that half of the NFL was flying him around the country to take! You do remember what kind of recruiting whirlwind that was right? He didn't go to the Broncos because nobody else would take a chance on him, 5 teams made him offers that were higher than Denver's. Including my Chiefs who then traded for Alex Smith. don't you think I as a Chiefs fan wouldn't know that it was a GREAT FREE AGENT SIGNING?

FYI, he won back to back MVP's just a year ahead of his injury year. it was only a year removed, then won his 5th MVP a year later with Denver while taking them to the superbowl.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

and what did he do when he signed with the Broncos, only break every single season passing record! Don't let last year fool your perception of that FA signing, he played very well for them for a couple years,

Not to mention he won the division each year he was there and took them to TWO superbowls! Just because the Colts were concerned has nothing to do with whether he was a good player that signed as a FA.

if that isn't a great FA signing, I don't know what is 740. You made a blanket statement that "Good players don't become free agents". Well, they do. They just don't go to crappy teams very often.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

but you were generally saying good players don't become FA. you didn't say out of how many were actually good. we just happened to point out that there are good great players who have signed as FA!

Comment 18 Jan 2017


Curtis Martin (1998, New York Jets) Charles Woodson (2006, Green Bay Packers) Kurt Warner (2005, Arizona Cardinals) Deion Sanders (1994, San Francisco 49ers; 1995, Dallas Cowboys) Peyton Manning (2012, Denver Broncos) Drew Brees (2006, New Orleans Saints) Reggie White (1993, Green Bay Packers)

also like to add that Jerry Rice was still a good WR when he went to Oakland and Shannon Sharpe was a huge get for Baltimore. I also like Priest Holmes going to KC.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

that is just carryover money, not just the total cap available! (max cap isn't available yet and could be a decent jump) Probably have another 10-15 mill too. That is a lot of spending dough for you guys.

KC has only 5 mill to roll over but very likely we will be saying goodbye to some vets like Jamaal Charles. Wish he was healthy but he only has played 15 or so games in 4 years at about 20 something mill a year. Need that to pay Eric Berry!

Comment 18 Jan 2017

A lot better than pretty much the best of the conference? I do agree striving for excellence is Urban and our desire but even when we supposedly suck, we are still better!

and actually Urban strives to have balance, he wants 250 and 250. He knows he won't be one of the best passing offenses because of all the air raid offenses out there. Only Louisville, Baylor and Oklahoma were ranked top 25 in both rushing ypg and passing ypg. Most teams that are great at running don't compete with the teams that are great at passing, and vice versa.

the original point isn't that OSU should be given a pass for being barely better, it is that other teams saying that OSU passing attack is horrible and players will get lost and not get highlighted (as Tyjon apparently was told). I just find it laughable for Nebraska or UM to say our passing is bad when they are worse and haven't shown they will highlight a player anymore than OSU would.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

that is where 1978 is missing my point, I said the OSU passing offense was bad. Yet they were still statistically better than Nebraska's and UM's who also have played a weaker schedule than OSU. So despite all of us knowing it was bad, they still were comparable or better than the conference best. even PSU had worse seasonal stats.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

this would assume that Nebraska and UM's stats aren't also inflated with pushovers. If memory serves me correctly, UM had a lot of pushovers this year and most at home in a friendly environment.

So yes OSU didn't play well vs good teams as opposed to cupcakes, but I didn't see Nebraska light up a good team either! and they had a year that is on average what they have done over the past 5 years, this was a bad OSU passing offense!

Comment 18 Jan 2017

See I don't think you can discount Samuel. Yes he wasn't actually a receiver and probably didn't spend a whole lot of time with Zach, so his production and development might not give Zach the credit, but the way Samuel was used did take away from potential production of the receiving core. 74 catches is significant. The way Urban likes to use a good HB, it should be considered as a factor in the production of the passing game and WR core. Plus Michael Thomas was a much better weapon than Brax and Marshall in the passing game, but I think Samuel was a better weapon than Brown and others. Maybe if Samuel was the player he is in 2014, Thomas wouldn't have had the same breakout year.

I would like to take the article as a point I've been wanting to make (2016 stats):

bad OSU passing offense = 255 completions, 74 to leading receiver, 2781 yards total

typical Nebraska passing offense = 201 completions, 38 to leading receiver, 2752 yards total

UM passing offense in comeback year = 228 completions, 57 to leading receiver, 2756 yards total

I find it funny that OSU had a bad year as a passing offense and one that had Lindsey saying "I don't want to be a gadget player and in the mix of a bunch of players" (basically). Yet as bad as JT and Co. were, still better than conference foes. Yes the talent at OSU is superior to Nebraska, but not really by that much that they should be held to a standard where better stats across the board don't matter. I also find it funny that Lindsey wouldn't want to be a Curtis Samuel when the comparison would be an Amara Darboh (57 catches) and Westercamp (38). correct me if I'm wrong, won't Samuel be drafted very highly compared to at least Westercamp?

Comment 18 Jan 2017

he already graduated so the 4 year scholarship isn't binding anymore, so the talk is he could be basically a walkon paying his way. Gleitman said he most likely has a future as a GA at OSU but would stay on the team for his last year.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Well Gleitman the other day said Collier won't count towards the 85 scholarships if he stays or goes, so I think Collier is the safety net as a 4th stringer or if Martell isn't quite ready yet. Because of that, it is a battle between Burrow and Haskins.

we will see, I hope Burrow stays and competes. I do understand if he feels he needs to move on too.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

yeah, you are forgetting about Bowen who is basically Jones's backup already. He might actually be the LT starter once Jones is gone next year over Prince and others.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

I knew he wasn't thee victim because I would never forget the name Quick on that jersey, but I did recall him getting burned by Brown.

I've always said I was more impressed by the juke move on Cobb over the behind the back catch vs Quick. For a 6'2'' 230 WR to cut like he did was just unfair!