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Comment 28 Jun 2016

a lot depends on Hali and Houston staying healthy. Our backups at OLB are pretty bad.

but I am liking the secondary and even though he might not start right away, Chris Jones at DT is a monster! He is already yanking around OL in minicamps.

Charles will be back too, I just hope he stops fumbling the ball in the worst ways possible. The only real flaw to him. He killed us in that Denver game last year.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I don't see Beamer as overrated because he is barely rated by most. At least he played in a national championship game and has a defensive style named after him. Two things Harbaugh, Sumlin and many other haven't even done, and all those guys are considered better than Beamer. David Shaw is considered one of the best in football now and he hasn't done many things Beamer has done.

kind of hard for him to be overrated when so many more are overrated above him. I think he is just properly rated.

Comment 28 Jun 2016
Unfortunately no. Knight was brutal to his players often. Good coach but he was monstrous sometimes. Plus his antics were more with the press, were Harbaugh's antics are just goofy and immature. Plus, Bobby won titles.
Comment 27 Jun 2016
When Sumlin was flying high, his best record was 11-2. Manziel's heisman year. Since then, he has averaged 4 loses a season. He hasn't been to a championship game or a playoff with all the talk about them. Glorified Harbaugh IMO!
Comment 27 Jun 2016

What is going on down there in Argentina is Messy! Hopefully the star player doing this will make changes, and to many other federations out there that are just as bad if not worse.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

well Pryor could possibly move to Linebacker. The guy you shouldn't forget about is Marcus Williamson who has been committed for a long time and is very good. He is Pryor's teammate at IMG. They are going to be awesome this year for that team.

Comment 24 Jun 2016
They have done well with Giannis, jabari isn't doing bad and they handled his injury well. They arent great but better than Sacto track record. Plus Thon was at least a first round mock. I never heard of the center that went in the trade to Sacto. Definitely didn't see his name in the first round anywhere. And they traded the #8 pick for him with an established player. Not to mention a center when they don't need a center, unless they really are going to trade their one good player. If Thon becomes something, he fits a need. I will agree both didn't pick well but what the kings did was crazier. A top 8 pick for very little.