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Comment 2 hours ago

Wish I was going this year. Will have to catch it on the tube.

Comment 9 hours ago

Don't you mean WOOOOOOOOOOOO Stanley?

Comment 9 hours ago

Swish is the sound of the ball going in, that is the correct one.

Swoosh is the name of the nike symbol. The Nike Swoosh.

Comment 9 hours ago

I've done the trick with the mouse to my whole office floor. With the mouse that has the laser instead of the ball, take a sticky note and write april fools on it. then put it on the bottom of the mouse. Mouse won't work.

the problem is with some people they don't understand to look under the mouse and think its broken. Totally ruins it.

One co worker I changed the computer sounds to clips from movies and turned the volume up real loud. So every time they changed a screen it would play "It's in the hole!" or when they opened a program it would play "Nananananana".

Comment 9 hours ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he gained an inch or more in the next couple years, but at 6'9'' he is big enough to be a real forward. I'm curious how good his outside shot is but on defense I see him protecting the rim and eating up rebounds next to whoever will be the center.

Comment 9 hours ago


a true PF. Kid will be a welcomed sight for some size on this team. He could even slide over for a small ball center. Long and athletic. Love this signing. Now lets get a dynamic scorer to go with him.

Comment 10 hours ago

Nah, JT in pistol, Eze behind him with Marshall, Thomas and Corey Smith out wide, Vannett in the slot.

or Cardale in pistol, Eze behind him with Dontre, Thomas and Dixon, with Noah Brown in the slot.

or Braxton in pistol, Samuel behind him with Campbell, Dixon and McLaurin out wide, with Baugh in tight to the line.

really, could run out a whole new set of skill players every down and still have enough speed, skill and experience.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Make sure to put in an address or small area. You put a city like Columbus or Louisville and it will limit it to some random street that sucks.

I'm also curious how this affects their data capture? is this a way for them to get a monster amount of input they can use for profit. Very smart of them.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

apparently they stopped doing shows for 4 years and did a come back last fall for The Game.

here is their website where they explain this,


Comment 31 Mar 2015

We can put it next to the "Fire Fickell" chronicles and "QB controversy" chronicles.

because that worked.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

and our right to keep people off our lawn, sarcasm fonts and that damn kid on the escalator again!

Comment 31 Mar 2015

uh, no. just let us enjoy their misery. Should have seen them back when they beat OSU in 2011. Its how it is.

and since when can a sports blob no longer make fun of other teams? what kind of site is this supposed to be. First we can't joke about Calipari and Kentucky, now we can't poke fun at the biggest rival for a century? smh

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Its spring! Last spring players where "trying" new positions and still ended up where they were. This staff recruits players who are versatile. Lets stop getting all worked up about who was recruited as what and who played where in the spring on a random Thursday practice.

Samuel will be a diverse weapon, as are many of the others. It pays off for him to learn how to be a better receiver, as I am sure he will also practice pass protection too. These all make him better as an NFL prospect. H-back already has two very talented options already there, as well as a very talented redshirt in Campbell. With unproven options backing up Zeke, I doubt a move to H-back will happen when there is already depth there.

and there were plays last year where the RB moved out wide, so it doesn't necessarily mean a position move to be out of position. In the Wildcat the QB isn't in the backfield, does that make them a flanker? no.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Its spring, and Dontre is out recovering from his foot injury last year. Jalin will be the starting H-back, Dontre his backup and Samuel will probably be all over the place but the actual backup running back.

to be honest, we really can't put many of these guys in a labelled position, they are all diverse. but it is just spring, don't get too excited about a practice position change.

Jalin did all that actually being the H-back. The position can be a wideout or a running back depending on the play and how the defense is lined up.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

"I will be your student president with the enthusiasm of a million suns!"

"I didn't come here to play no scho...oh, that was used!"

"In a couple years, I promise wins!"

"Vote for Jay, er...I mean vote for John!"

"Give us your girlfriends addresses!"