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Comment 06 Feb 2016
Favre will definitely. I think Pace will because he was the most dominate LT in the game for a couple years, probowler and SB champ. Harrison has the stats but IDK, a lot of people are freaked out about his off field stuff. I like Atwater even though he is a Bronco. When he and Christian Okoye met, the laws of physics ceased to exist.
Comment 05 Feb 2016

That is what baffles me about the Harbaugh stuff. How can recruits see what he is doing and say "that is a guy I would like to coach me". I think him being a former NFL HC who was coaching in the Super Bowl when most of these kids were just growing up learning about football has to be the reason why they accept his antics. I see no other reason why. I think a recruit on Wednesday even said something about the staff at UM coached in "the league". Maybe that is the success that is keeping him cool.

I will say, he doesn't have success soon, it will become very uncool. If he doesn't leave for the NFL as well.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

man Tony Hawk has gotten old!

seriously, he does look like TH doing an Uncle Drew commercial.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

word is they self imposed this year on purpose to hopefully avoid more punishment next year when they get big time recruits like VJ king who would not come if sanctioned next year before the Fall started. Next year would hurt this team much more than this year.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Oh I totally think Pitino should be held accountable, I just don't think he was actually in on it per se. I think this could have easily gone on under his nose without knowledge due to how easy it is to commit fraud if you are intent on doing so.

To me its not a matter of if he knew, it is a matter of he is responsible anyways!

Comment 05 Feb 2016

UofL is quite the stir right now. Everyone is stunned, IDK why. Not a surprise to me and actually kind of a minimal penalty for what it could have been.

I do disagree DJ about the McGee money thing. He probably had access to program money and committed fraud without knowledge to the coaches and AD. Should it have been caught? yes. but if you are not involved with university financial activities, lots of fraud is committed from Deans to admin assistants at a lot of universities (UofL just had a VP of our health campus investigated by FBI for misappropriation of grant money). I think it was easy for McGee to steal that money for this, although I still think Pitino should have known about this if he didn't. It is not a good look either way.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I would put Hilary Duff not too far behind,

(I have always confused Hilary Duff with Kat Dennings, except blonde vs brunette...and breast size too)

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I'm not counting him in the draft, kind of feels like an Alabama national title ya know!

but he will always be a buckeye and I think he got a raw deal despite the fact him leaving OSU probably was the best thing for him.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

As much as I think he would be able to play WR for the bucks, I think he will be elite as a DB. A corner with catch skills would be a plus anyways!

When they talk about corner prospects, they always talk about fluid hips. At his size I was wondering if he could turn and run easily with opponents. In the tape I don't think he has quick hips but he has great body control and can turn at the best moment (which makes sense why he is good as a WR as well).

This kid really was a huge get. He is big and I bet would be a nasty safety if corner doesn't end up being his position!

Comment 05 Feb 2016


Congrats to your boy. Just read an article that with STEM degrees, it doesn't matter who the school is in terms of income level jobs. Here, thought it was interesting...http://www.computerworld.com/article/3029091/it-careers/with-stem-degrees-its-not-the-school-that-matters.html

Comment 05 Feb 2016

according to Birm the issues are he wants to get into Stanford and they are trying to get his grades into...Stanford. If not he will go to Notre Dame or (I think Florida, can't remember).

I don't think it is a JUCO thing, its a ivy league thing.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I'm sure most coaches don't see it, but Urban does, they need time off as well. By creating dead periods it would also force some coaches to step away for a few and maybe allow their bodies to rest a bit and get healthy. Too many coaches are unhealthy because they are 24/7 all year.

I bet Urban would like July off and not have to stay with the nutjob, tree swinging Joneses. He does a lot that he doesn't enjoy but is required to keep up. NCAA can alleviate some of that along with giving these kids a break.

I also believe it would help the kids decision making if they can sit back and have a moment to think. These flips and decommits probably are a product of constantly being pulled in all directions at all times.

Comment 04 Feb 2016
Tony Hawk dominated the half pipe in his time. It wasn't even close. Mirra dominated BMX even more! Mirra walked in and won. Guys would do what they could to create something different in the rides on street BMX, he would take their trick and shit it with his trick that had twice the difficulty in it! RIP Legend!
Comment 04 Feb 2016
As opposed to complete shutdown at the end of every game! Oooooo..... Actually he should embrace it eventually. He just doesn't seem to enjoy being the leader. So let him be what he is most natural at, good shooter when he is on. 6th man players are streaker shooters by trade. Let Lyle play off ball and Harris play with him.
Comment 04 Feb 2016
Oh no, Loving pump fakes alright. He gets the defender in the air, then avoids contact and tries to drive past with bad handles. What he and others should do is pump fake and draw contact on the outside. Create more fouls, more opportunities and perhaps stop teams from being unafraid to contest more shots without repercussions.