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Comment 24 Sep 2016
Well ole Miss cheats by paying players (at least more than most teams do) and MSU doesn't give participation rings for the Peach Bowl!
Comment 24 Sep 2016
I think what he is saying is that despite how good OSU has been compared to Bama, Bama has had more luck with the draw than OSU and that I'd basically why. People talk up the SEC but really has anyone put pressure on Bama to not make the title game in the SEC. Ole Miss beats them but then loses other games. With OSU, MSU has beaten the buckeyes but haven't lost elsewhere. So even though OSU is the better team, MSU wasn't challenged anywhere else. Bama has been extremely lucky in how they got to those titles. Few times it was purely their talent. 2012 OSU should have been in. Wasn't it 2011 that they rematch ed with LSU because OkSt. lost the las week? Last year might have been the first time the didn't need failure to make it. They have been very lucky. Plus I think a 1 loss OSU this year makes it in because of the stronger schedule. They don't and I'll be really pissed if it is a subjective reason vs another 1 loss team.
Comment 23 Sep 2016
Where the fuck do you see him behind Fada? What depth chart is your blind ass looking at? I don't know why you comment because you might as well just stick a watermelon up your ass, because they are both equally moronic! And before you argue "it's your opinion", you are not sharing your opinion. You are making statements with little facts to support your statements.
Comment 23 Sep 2016
Let's see, where in the past have we seen a SENIOR get more PT as a backup than a FRESHMAN? Hmmm. True Baker is playing but Baker is a ridiculous talent. Not everyone is like Baker. Mike Thomas had to sit 2 years. I guess we should have written him off because he couldn't beat out Philly Brown? There are many instances of GREAT players who took a bit longer to find their opportunity. But keep LOLing while we read what you say with a SMDH! P.S. you highly underestimate Joe Burger and what kind of player he is just because he WAS a walkon. Baker Mayfield WAS a walkon with 2 higher rated QBs backing him up this year!
Comment 23 Sep 2016
I didn't down vote and I'm cool with 992 despite being a bit odd in his writing style. My guess is some don't like the self-flogging tone of the piece. 992 is being a little dramatic despite his post being excellent in content and value.
Comment 21 Sep 2016
Jimmy Johnson was fired by Jerry Jones because Jerry Jones wanted the spotlight and control. Harbaugh was fired because he alienated everyone he worked with and he still didn't win anything! Two different scenarios. Plus I like how you, an UM fan, again compares that booger eater to another National Champion. This time College and NFL! Harbaugh has not owned THEE title in either sport! Don't be like that caller, he is not Saban, he is not Urban and he certainly is not Jimmy.
Comment 20 Sep 2016

it might not have been holy buckeye but I think it was very important to the outcome of that game. Buckeyes were struggling to score at that point and a 3 wasn't exactly guaranteed that year. Kickers were not great!

The catches impact on the game might not be at the same level of Gonzo's but the situation was bigger and more important. If the team didn't score there, they might not have had the momentum to score early in the second half and Bama started to comeback and only lost by a single digit score. I think Thomas's catch was very important to momentum and the programs future overall. Until that point, recruiting was very concerning too. A lose to Bama would have altered the last 2 classes more than we think.

bigger picture, Thomas's was more important. Direct game implications, Gonzo's was much bigger. Both were great though.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Curtis Samuel's catch last year vs that team might actually be better.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Mike Thomas in the Sugar Bowl! Sure Gonzo's was to beat that team in an important matchup but Thomas's catch was vs a team that nobody though we should beat, currently down, from a WR and not a QB and the implications of everything that was going on since Gonzo's catch (the NC losses, the record vs SEC teams, Saban's record vs Urban, the opponent {Bama was a better team than UM IMO}).

They are all awesome and I love to remember them all, even Devin's amazing catch vs a crap opponent, but Thomas's just happened at the most critical time when the program itself was considered "not good enough to match good teams". We couldn't win any big games to that point outside of The Game. Beating Bama was absolutely critical and Thomas was a big reason for the win.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Dontre's foot was "sore" vs Tulsa, mainly why you didn't see him vs Oklahoma. It's not getting him into play, it is keeping him from being sore and staying healthy that matters most.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

yeah, experience does help a lot. If I recall correctly, despite Webb being a known contributor for the past couple years I don't think his actual game experience is very vast. He has mostly done a lot of spot duty at corner before this year switching to a new position, which in itself is a learning experience as well.

It is obvious Urban really likes Conley, Ward and Lattimore calling them his 3 starters at corner. Hooker is our current crush of the unit. Webb just seems to get flack for not keeping up with legitimate stars when he is still finding his footing. But I do think Webb is doing something right because Erick Smith is not making it easy to keep him off the field.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

He is an important gunner for ST, I think he is still 3rd string at safety and might already have been passed up by Jordan Fuller.

I wouldn't write off EGW but he might end his career more as a Evan Spencer (unheralded contributor) than a Vonn Bell (starter practically from the beginning). I do expect him to somehow make a huge play in a very important game. He just seems like that kind of player, what I like to think of as a Nate Ebner type.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

but I also think 2015 is already representing in a big way. Baker, Weber, Hill, Dre'Mont Jones, Isaiah Prince, Arnette, Ward, Landers, Hamilton are doing a lot for this team. It is amazing that Hilliard, Gibson, EGW, Cornell, Burrell and Conner aren't already doing so and I expect will likely next year when a lot of those 2014 leave.

then 2016 is already sneaking in at true freshmen! Bosa, Jordan, Mack are regulars with McCall, Cooper, Fuller, Burns getting some run.

but it is possible 2017 ends the discussion of all time best because it will be hard after that to be much better.