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Comment 10 hours ago

but its funny because saying the patriots are getting away with stuff insinuates that other teams (cough, cough..New Orleans, Seattle) don't. I highly doubt the Patriots are the only team cutting corners every chance they get. All teams try to outwit the NFL. Patriots just seem to get caught when they do it.

heck, the Steelers and Jets actively try to interfere with players on the sideline during plays.

Comment 10 hours ago

actually that was a sequel, not a remake. different storyline.

but yes, one of the worse movies ever made despite how hot Michelle Pfeiffer is! it is really bad when she can save it with tight leather pants on.

Comment 15 hours ago

I wouldn't mind a remake of Goonies, if done right. If it became another SNL hack, then I would be pissed. I don't object to a remake of Ghostbusters, I just object to this version of it.

I'd prefer James Cameron to remake Ghostbusters, or maybe Tim Burton.

Comment 15 hours ago

The first was about a bunch of uptight country club elitist that went up against some laid back, druggie rebellious goofballs. And it was about golf, not a movie that had golf in it.

gotta look at Caddyshack 2 as a separate type of film then the first. Its silly, its slapstick. Although Randy Quaid playing the lawyer was hilarious.

Comment 15 hours ago

yeah, I would have gone the Star Trek route or the Dark Knight route. Follow a completely different storyline. Plus this sounds like it will be just a comedy and the original Ghostbusters was a bit scary. Rick Moranis getting attacked by the dog was dark.

Comment 15 hours ago

are you kidding, Caddyshack 2 will be a classic compared to this. this is for Fonzanoons!

Comment 16 hours ago

This is a real boom and bust class. some bigtime players and some real washouts. Bogard is just an awful situation. Feel for the kid.

uh, was Joshua Perry the second rated player in the class? I don't recall any ranking that has him second rated. Most of them were Adolphus Washington, who hasn't lived up to the 5 star ranking but has been a very solid player and still has loads of potential. I just thought Perry was actually exceeding expectations. I remember many of us thought Cam Williams from this class would be the best linebacker.

David Perkins was just a natural freak. I need to go see how he did this season at Ill state.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

the fight with the teacher was debunked. it had nothing to do with a teacher, it was a team rules issue.

and again, you of all people should know what to believe on the internet. Show me the proof that he demanded money on an official visit, you know other then some rumors online.

and I will also refer back to my comment about Russell. He almost didn't get on campus because of test score issues. So did you write him off too like Gibson?

and if Pryor was playing today and did what he did today, it wouldn't be an issue because that was BS then too. He also dealt with rumors online about cars, and parties. Just stop buying into the crap man, and stop adding to it because we all know you love that. Go mess with some Kentucky fans.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

starters: Apple, Bell, Powell and ?

backups: Cam Burrows, Erick Smith, Damon Webb, Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley, Armani Reeves, Ron Tanner, Chris Worley

incoming freshmen: Jamel Dean, Eric Glover-Williams, Denzel Ward, Josh Norwood (leaving off Carlton Davis)

I'd say the other starting spot would be either Damon Webb or Gareon Conley. The 2 deep should be Cam, Erick, Reeves and Lattimore/whoever loses between Webb and Conley. I'd also be surprised if Jamel Dean isn't in the mix early.

This secondary will be strong and long to go with speed.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

oh, that suspension for spring ball? the one where everyone speculated that he would transfer from American Heritage and this was a big altercation with a faculty member? yet it ended up being nothing, he stayed at American Heritage and had a great season. That suspension?

yeah, this kid is a trouble maker. How many arrests does he have, like 15? straight gangsta!

come on, we might as well dismiss Grown and Sexy too, and Cardale because he tweeted "we ain't come to play school" and all the other dumb stuff that GOOD kids also do.

When he steals crablegs, I will be right there with you. Until then, he won't cause me to lose any sleep.

Oh yeah, De'Angelo Russell was a NCAA violation waiting too happen, he seems to have turned out just fine. NCAA violations can happen to good players (see Aaron Craft and Tennessee) and it doesn't mean they have to be avoided.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

but sometimes I feel life would be simpler without all the status updates of what everyone is thinking

simple solution, don't read them! My life is comfortable knowing that kids tweet, because its apart of their culture now, and I don't need to read it. This is the same mentality of a teenager writing a poem about something dark, and immediately putting them on suicide watch. Kids tweet about stuff they think is cool, getting an in home visit from a big time coach is something cool. And I don't think it is disrespectful to OSU for doing so. We just had a kid "secretly" visit OSU after committing to Bama, it happens.

you say we can drive ourselves crazy analyzing every tweet, then why do it? and then post on hear freaking everyone else out. Why freak out over it? It affects nothing in our lives.

and like many above, it barely affects OSU football. Love to have the kid in Scarlet and Gray, won't change anything if he isn't.

and tweeting about this is far from Drama guys. Its a lot less drama then having a press conference to select hats. Its a lot less drama then having a press conference to say you are going back to school and not the NFL (not that I feel that is drama either)

but keep driving yourselves crazy, I'm cool no matter what he decides.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I still think he will be a buckeye, but I have seen this coming....and I try not to pay attention.

I'm one of those who does have and follow twitter, but I don't "freak out" when others tweet on there.

I don't see the "drama" because I think many recruits tweet many of their events. My nephew tweets his every day interactions, not because he is looking for attention (and is "full of drama") because really he doesn't have any followers. He tweets because its apart of that age culture.

I just don't care because I don't follow it and worry about every damn tweet they put out.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

sorry Remy, you left off Dontre's 5 total receiving TDs.

Just a ridiculous class. The best part is Tracy Sprinkle, "Suspended 1 Game for Being Arrested at the Grown and Sexy Lounge."

not every class has the Grown and Sexy lounge involved.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I keep wondering if those compression, copper infused stuff does anything. I would love to get the shirts but outside of being compression shirts, I don't think they really do much.

anyone know?

Comment 26 Jan 2015

My favorite is leaping for the first down on the 4th and 1 vs Oregon. He is supposed to truck Safeties with his size and strength, but he shouldn't be able to roll out like that and leap over a corner. I couldn't believe he did that.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

76 Baldwin, Darryl OL 6-6 307 SR Solon, Ohio (Solon)
50 Boren, Jacoby OL 6-1 285 JR Pickerington, Ohio (Central)
68 Decker, Taylor OL 6-7 315 JR Vandalia, Ohio (Butler)
66 Dodson, Kyle OL 6-6 310 SO Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland Heights)
65 Elflein, Pat OL 6-3 300 SO Pickerington, Ohio (Pickerington North)
57 Farris, Chase OL 6-5 300 JR Elyria, Ohio (Elyria)
61 Gaskey, Logan OL 6-4 295 SO Long Grove, Ill. (Adlai E. Stevenson)
51 Hale, Joel OL 6-4 310 SR Greenwood, Ind. (Center Grove)
74 Jones, Jamarco OL 6-4 306 FR Chicago (De La Salle)
64 Jones, Marcelys OL 6-4 325 FR Cleveland, Ohio (Glenville)
78 Knox, Demetrius OL 6-3 308 FR Fort Worth, Texas (All Saints Episcopal)
75 Lisle, Evan OL 6-6 300 FR Centerville, Ohio (Centreville)
54 Price, Billy OL 6-4 312 FR Austintown, Ohio (Fitch)
73 Taylor, Brady OL 6-5 295 FR Columbus, Ohio (Bishop Ready)
71 Trout, Kyle OL 6-6 312 FR Lancaster, Ohio (Lancaster)
73 Underwood, Antonio OL 6-2 303 JR Shaker Heights, Ohio (Shaker Heights)

There are 12 that will return, 1 is a walkon. That is almost barely a 2 deep. I think all 6 recruits are necessary because a couple will not progress enough to be a starter and we might not be as lucky to avoid injuries across the board like the last 2 years. Depth is a must.

Plus I bet a few will redshirt from this class. So thinking for 2016, that would be 14 total (not including that freshmen class). Only Billy Price and whoever replaces Baldwin this year will be returning starters. A lot of bodies but can't expect them all to turnout.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

again, McDonald is just as unwatchable. did you see yesterday's game with him in? 3 straight layups were guards blowing by him. He is too slow to stay in front of anyone, and god forbid he tries to block someone. You know why this team won by 12, Lee/McDonald and Amir (Amir didn't play) totalled 6 minutes of PT. 1 shot, 2 points, zero rebounds, zero blocks.

Blame Amir but none of the centers have produced. The game started with Lee and they went down, again, early by double digits. Then Matta goes small, they take the lead. Second half, Matta puts in McDonald, Indiana ties it up again. McDonald goes out, OSU retakes the lead and goes back to double digits.

Amir hasn't played the last two games, and yet there still is little production from the center position. Maybe Matta and his staff can't coach the post, IDK. but from what I see, at least Amir attempts to block shots. More than anything that can be said for Trey or Anthony. I have not seen a completely different team without Amir. Unless its all wing players and zero post players.

Plus, it does help with Slam, Scott and Loving are actually hitting shots. Shooting 62% is a big reason for the play. Scott hit 3 straight shots from just inside the arc. He hasn't shot like that all season.

and I actually think Loving is better creating in the lane then getting the ball out on the 3 pt line and trying to drive to the basket. Kid has 5 ft between him and the ball when he dribbles. So much better in the post.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I agree. Kaminsky will abuse this team. I have hope for Lee to give some meaningful minutes, but I have no hope for McDonald as well as Amir.

I am also thinking that Russell just needs to be the starting PG from here on out. I like Shannon but he doesn't have the vision that Russell has to pass, and that was so key yesterday. My favorite lineup was definitely Russell, Kam, Slam, Tate and Loving. Very active.