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Comment 6 minutes ago
I know many are worried about the inside Dline but I find it hard to believe that not one of these kids will figure it out and step up. Michael Hill might be the elder statesman and underachieved mostly to this point, but last year these kids were pups and still learning...and obviously cutting baby fat! Now I want to see how Hamilton and Cornell look. Supposedly they have been working real hard!
Comment 8 hours ago

Looks like it will be much better than the 5.0 week zero's in July. I still don't like them. Last years was much better.

I wish I had your collection. Very nice!

Comment 28 Jul 2016

LMFAO! Yeah, they thought of the fans when they decided this. My ass!

they knew that people will not stay home and watch the playoffs on NYE. It is pure logic and has nothing to do with fans getting upset, they just want the fans to turn those TVs on. If fans turned on the TV and walked out the door, giving huge ratings, they would give a rats ass about how the fans feel. This is a money driven decision and very odd they took this long to make it.

I'm surprised they haven't figured out that people like to watch major sporting events on.....the weekend! Still don't get why the NCAA basketball tournament is on a Tuesday. They could have a whole week of pumping up the title contenders after the final four.

Comment 27 Jul 2016
The black strip is based on overall commitment, not just the field. Even if Bosa plays this year, he still has a lot of other goals he needs to meet to get his black strip removed. Leadership also obviously a big component. I think Jordan and Bosa lose theirs strips quickly because they will do all those things, but I say Haskins steps right in and stands out immediately. Plus, position teammates are the ones to recommend the removal and linemen are hard to impress. Prince losing his so early last year was very impressive! After Haskins I will go with Bosa!
Comment 26 Jul 2016

yeah but in that case he had a senior who had playing experience in Johnson or Brown, granted they weren't as good as Bell but they were seniors and had experience.

In this regard, there is no senior with experience. Most of his competition is redshirt freshmen or redshirt sophomores. The biggest point is nobody has experience ahead of him.

I do think someone else will start because during spring his competition were filling in for Price and Elflein sitting out most of spring. I think that is why he was with the starters to begin with. I won't be surprised though if they go with Jordan. Sometimes a kid just has it!

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Is it negative recruiting when you point out the Penn State kittens have been getting worse each year under Franklin? That they bring in top recruits and still can't win vs any decent team?

I don't think that is negative recruiting, just a sad reality!

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I love the "Interest" for all the other teams, None!