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Comment 3 hours ago

or don't change the rule, uphold the rule and suspend and fine his ass so it hurts so much he won't do it again. Can't give an automatic TD for that play but also need to make sure the player understands he can't do it even if it helps win the game.

It wasn't gamesmanship like he is laying it out to be, it was his typical "I don't care if I hurt anyone" attitude. I am stunned he didn't learn anything when Welker chinned him and knocked him out of the game a couple years ago.

Intentional PI doesn't hurt players, so not really the same. I'm sure Talib would take exception to someone grabbing his facemask and wrenching his neck.

Comment 4 hours ago

Whenever I go play golf or hike or anything outside that requires shoes, I wear sandals with my socks before and after for comfort. Sometimes I will walk into a store or get lunch still wearing them.

Also, It might not be a fashionable look but I bet it looks better than some tore up looking feet. Many people should wear socks to save the rest of us!

Comment 20 hours ago

well the counterargument to that is why redshirt them if they won't be around long enough for it to matter. Get them some PT even if it is minimal time. What eligibility would you be wasting if the kid will leave early, even early for a redshirt (Darron Lee left after redshirt sophomore year, same with Apple).

I think after this year with 9 early entrants (most only 3 years including redshirt), Urban realized even if its just a few plays in one game, get them some PT and accelerate their progress if they are ready to see the field. Don't hold them back because you are gaining nothing if you know the player is that good.

Bosa, Fuller and Mack (and Pridgeon but he is a different story) won't stay for a 4th year let alone 5th, even if they play in mop up duty for a few OOC games it is better to get PT than be worried about wasting a year that won't exist.

Comment 21 hours ago

well and as we saw mid season and on last year, LJ will create Dlines that match certain downs and distance. So someone like Nick or from what we are hearing Dre'mont Jones could be very valuable because they can play different positions when necessary.

Comment 21 hours ago

well, really Joey Bosa could have played the 3-tech and he was 270. So I don't think he would necessarily need to gain that much weight at the 3-tech. There is no way he would play nose guard, that needs someone pushing 3 bills at least!

I totally agree with you, just saying if he was going to push to start somewhere, the competition at 3-tech would be the more likely place than at DE because there is no way he beats out Hubbard or Lewis or whoever might beat them out (which I think Holmes still has a shot)

Comment 21 hours ago

Right on Phi, I think many misconstrue Urban's wishes to not intend to redshirt freshmen with a promise to play freshmen. Urban recruits guys he believes are good enough to play, but the players have to make the effort to get on the field for that to work. Just because the team wants to play everyone doesn't mean everyone is ready to play. Some guys take longer than expected, either because of maturity issues or technique (Gibson might be the best example despite his legit talent). Some guys they might think needs to take a bit longer and the kid surprises them (I think Isaiah Prince surprised them and really pushed for PT, same for Denzel Ward).

Urban recruits to play right away. Players have to prove they are capable and that is the difference.

Comment 21 hours ago

There is the possibility he play the 3-tech inside and beating out any of them for that spot, I doubt it will happen but I can see it being a possibility.

Comment 21 hours ago

no, no. He wants to "play" registered nurse. I guess some lucky lady wants to play doctor!

Comment 21 hours ago

I think you are correct but Jordan wasn't quite a surprise and he was from Michigan, not the west coast. I actually think there were a few commits who didn't tour campus before they committed, a couple that was really close too before they went somewhere else.

OSU is quite the draw even from far away.

Comment 22 hours ago

I believe it was them last year to offer $200,000 to the lowest time but you had to wear their shoes. I think the person who did wasn't wearing adidas.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone beats the record, but it might not be someone wearing Adidas. Most likely wearing Nike.

Comment 23 hours ago

There are many sports that are real fighting that aren't even close to UFC, in fact today's UFC isn't even close to actual MMA fights. True MMA fans would talk about the UFC like you are talking about wrestling. They would say its not a real fight because of all the rules.

Just because wrestling isn't UFC doesn't mean its not real. Boxing isn't UFC, does that make it not real? Have you seen a Mayweather fight, nobody touches each other except a bunch of half hearted jabs. I would say there is more action and body hits in pro wrestling then half of today's boxing matches. A body slam by the undertaker would hurt more than a jab from Mayweather.

I agree WWE is fake in the competition and outcomes, but if you ask a pro wrestler they will say the punishment they take during a match is very real. I also want to point out that the WWE is a big publicity, money making event. Pro wrestling for the guys who aren't in the WWE tends to be more brutal then the TV shows. The movie "The wrestler" told a very true story.

Comment 23 hours ago

Boxing is real fighting. MMA is real fighting. Grappling/wrestling is real fighting. Just because a boxing jab isn't a full force punch doesn't make it not real. It is a strategy.

please re-read, I didn't say boxing, jabs or wrestling was not real. I said it is real!

They were the comparisons I used to state...pro wrestling is real fighting. I agree wrestling is scripted but the hits to the body wrestlers take are real hits, the throws and slams are real. Not just anyone can take those shots no matter how much they script or hold back. If a 6'7'' muscle bound man slapped me even half strength, it would still hit me! If Brock Lesner body slammed me, it would hurt. I guarantee it! To say that is not real is really underestimating dropping someone 5 feet on the ground and landing on them with 300lbs. These guys eat pain killers because of it, one of the worse drug problems in sports.

The reason I use Boxing is because the sport is so corrupt that fighters do...hold back as well. It is scripted because they are rigging the sport. If someone wants to say wrestling isn't real, then lets include the sports that are also predetermined. I've also read where MMA (probably not Ultimate fighter matches) are fixed too. Real underground street fights, fixed. Real punches but they know who should take the fall in the 3rd round.

Predetermined outcomes doesn't mean its not real, just means its not true competition.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I've seen fights at football games that provide least impact. Just because the goal isn't to knock someone out or submit doesn't mean it isn't a real fight. Also the least amount of impact doesn't make sense, they do want to make impact it just isn't full force. In boxing a jab creates impact but it isn't full force, but it is a real punch.

There isn't any real impact in college wrestling, but that is considered real fighting. They just don't have a predetermined outcome. It is however real competition. I say pro wrestling is not real competition. They don't really fight to determine the winner, they just fight until it is time for the winner to "make the move".

Comment 09 Feb 2016

wrestling will be finished in less than 20 years. CTE is because of wrestling.

sorry about the sarcasm but gee, another sport where concussions is an issue. It's not just the evil sport known as football. I guess all those people ignoring hockey and soccer are wrong.

Feel bad for the guy because he really enjoyed what he did. It is unfortunate that with all the athletic moves and collisions in wrestling, might not be a lot anyone can do to avoid them from happening. Hopefully they don't alter the sport too much to compensate.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Me personally, I'm over the Cars and Planes series. yes, they are lifelike vehicles with faces. Outside of Bader, Cars was really not good IMO.

I kind of enjoyed the first Alvin and Chipmunks but the second one was awful (and not even considering the 3rd). I can agree with your assessment.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

I wouldn't put Hubbard as a first rounder yet. I think he will get drafted high but he needs to be consistently more dominant to be a first rounder. Kid flashes the potential, he just needs to do it more often like Bosa did.

I'd say right now he would be an easy 3rd rounder.

but I do agree, I think Hubbard and Lewis start with those guys seeing time but not starting. At least without injury. Hubbard is going to show up this year and Lewis is basically just solid all around. Nick and Cooper will have their time, no reason to rush it.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

true. The song though does make it the worst for parents. My son is too little but my 3 year old nephew sings it as loud as he can because his mom loves the movie and they watch it all the time. I feel for my brother!

then I don't know which one you are referring to. There are some bad ones, at least IMO.