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Comment 25 May 2015
Sky is blue, grass is green and Bass dropper (among others) won't let this go. I just hope Dean does play somewhere and doesn't get injured again. That is all that matters, not all the conspiracy theories about how Urban wants to ruin a kid. Come on.
Comment 23 May 2015
First time starter at H back - Jalin First time starter at QB - JT and Cardale 4 new starters at Oline. More aggressive play and youth tells me more about the mistakes then the play count. Teams can run less plays and still make more mistakes. it's about developing a culture that accepts errors as long as you are maximizing effort and play. Urban might not like turnovers but I bet he understands pushing the envelope all the time will cause them to happen. I just think he can imagine how unreal this team could be without those mistakes and I think another year or two will change that. More seasoning to the overall team.
Comment 21 May 2015
It will be funny when Houton's fan base doubles because of buckeye fans loving Herman so much. He is doing what not many can, bring the sand to the beach. He didn't just take the HC job, he brought a fan base with him.
Comment 13 May 2015
Then you didn't watch last year much. Tate battles in the paint more than most tall guys. You should watch Drayton Green for Golden State too. Don't have to be tall to be effective. I do believe Tate will be most effective at SF though. He could bully other small forwards and I want to see if Giddens could play at PF for some minutes, Dave Bell could be a rebounding PF or KBD grow some more and get stronger to be a PF. I also see Mikey Mitchell still growing and end up as a passing Kevin Love kind of forward. I think he is highly underestimated in this equation.
Comment 11 May 2015
My brother and I are getting into it here in Louisville. I love that it's free the most. Plus half the time it takes to play real golf. I'm not that good. Courses here are in the trees and on hills, so I tend to not get very far some times. I shot 20 over last time.
Comment 11 May 2015
If Maryland is a top 5 team next year, I don't think it will be because of Rasheed Kid is good but he gets cold a lot. Terps will be good but it won't be much becuase of him.
Comment 08 May 2015
Devan Bogard had his 2 knee injuries while at OSU and had to sit out. Jamel Dean was barely on campus and already had 2! Bogard was given the medical hardship after his 2, Dean was offered after his Weren't even with the team yet. Braxton is a different story but he also had his surgery by Dr. Andrews who is renowned for his work. Dean came on campus after hurting his knee at the all star game and no surgery. They can trust Braxton should recover based on the situation. Wait a year and see when it comes to Dean without any assurances that he A. hasn't had surgery on that knee and B. already has hurt it twice without playing a down. If Braxton hurts his shoulder again, I'm sure the talk would be had. I just dont think the risk was worth it for the OSU medical staff to okay. And if anyone says why did they let him sign then, we'll they didn't know the extent of the injury (as I'm sure Auburn doesn't either yet) and how much worse would it have looked if they pulled the scholly. We base trams that do that so I don't see OSU getting that rap.
Comment 08 May 2015
Neither side has to be wrong. How about the OSU doctors are just being more cautious with a kid who has documented knee issues, multiple. If Dean goes on and has a nice college career, that doesn't mean OSU was trying to screw him or anything. It means they were thinking more about his health then anything else.
Comment 05 May 2015
I disagree about Derek Jeter. He might not have been the same but he was still better then a lot of players at his position. Last year he was pretty decent. I think Jordans come back in Washington would qualify. That was not pretty! Randy Johnson was pretty bad too at the end.
Comment 05 May 2015
Aaron Murray, Chris Conley, Justin Houston are all GA bulldog And current chiefs. Knile Davis from Arkansas. It really is amazing. Glad they stopped with he LSU players. Most were failures. Tyson Jackson was awful for a #3 overall. Although they do draft a lot of Pac12 and Big12 too. But off top my head, I can only name a few B1G players. Tony Moeaki, Junior Hemingway. Kind of sucks!
Comment 05 May 2015
Awe man. I was really hoping to root for a buckeye on my chiefs. I think this might have a little to do with them signing Bo Wallace as an UDFA. Also rumors they were shopping Chase Daniels a bit to get a low draft pick. Making Aaron Murray the backup and Pryor 3rd string. But I thought it was just a rumor. Hope he finds a place to stick, no matter what position he ends up. Sucks. Back to rooting for a bunch of SEC players (seriously, my Chiefs draft tons of SEC and few B1G. Sucks)
Comment 05 May 2015

I wouldn't call the Notre Dame QB a dark horse. They are all better than the OSU QBs after all!

Comment 05 May 2015

Buckeyes average pretty much the same and I can't think of many defenses in the B1G that can slow down the Zeke train.

but Boykins is very likely, I just don't think it will be that cut and dry. Recently the favorites coming in don't end up winning it, seems to be a dark horse a lot lately. Mariota wasn't a dark horse but Winston was the favorite to repeat last year.

Comment 03 May 2015
And Iiiiiiiiii had the time of my liiiiiiife. And I never felt like this before.
Comment 03 May 2015
While I agree with the morals to not push kids under sophomore in high school, I think it can be done properly without pushing that line. Let's not forget Danny Clark was barely in high school when he had an offer from OSU and also committed. I think his recruitment has been handled appropriately. Kids with talent will always garner attention. It's what kind of attention that matters. Respect, limits and awareness that they are kids learning to enjoy a game. So birm, don't feel like you can't discuss talented kids. Just keep it on the up and up like you do and it will be just fine.
Comment 03 May 2015
I had a wonderful fight day! But let's start back to the dawn of time. The big bang just happened and stars started to form. but before we get to that, let's talk about the atom! See, protons and electrons create the basics of what create life. And then we have chromosomes. Chromosomes are formed together to create genetic material. Ya know, Mayweather has some incredible material. Sorry, didn't mean to get side tracked. So back to the big bang. Space dust is combustible and they create a magnetic push and pull that causes friction as the electrons bounce more rapidly. And that is why my fight night was awesome! Sorry you didn't have the same experience, but when I was 3 years old I knew this would happen.
Comment 01 May 2015
My Chiefs are solid but outside of that first round pick I am feeling like they have some misses. Chris Conley at WR I think is very underrated. Wish they drafted a linebacker by now. Need lots of help there.
Comment 01 May 2015

Based on what I have seen as him being a part time starter, yes I think Vannett is really good. I believe many teams are now starting to look at guys who are well rounded at pass catching and blocking. Plus I think Vannett could streak up the seam but doesn't because of the offense he is in. I think he is highly underrated.

Tunsil is currently the big name at LT and I know many like Drango and Stanley, but Decker is every bit as good as them and the more exposure this buckeye team will get as the defending champs, Decker will get noticed more. I know the top names and I know they don't always end up the top player a year later. Cedric Ogbuehi was considered the top LT a year ago. Just sayin.

and I did say "I think he has the makings of the top overall tackle". I didn't actually write it in stone!

Comment 01 May 2015

I think 2/3 or more of the OSU offense WILL get drafted in the top 3 rounds. 11 players on offense. Thomas, Cardale, Decker, Zeke, Vannett, Elflein, Price, Marshall. And that isn't taking into account Corey Smith and Braxton not being starters.

Now, will all go this year, I don't think so but if they all did I think only Boren and Dontre (and if Farris is the starter at RT) won't.

Comment 01 May 2015

I agree on a lot but I disagree on Decker. He has all the makings as the top overall tackle taken and they typically go in the top 15. Especially if our buckeyes have another strong year like last year.

I think many are forgetting that Vannett is a senior and he will be drafted high after this year. He just seems to catch everything his way and he is a very all around TE. Probably a top 3 TE next year.

and me personally, I wouldn't be suprised if Elflein or Price get drafted high if they both come out. Price maybe not but I wouldn't be surprised if both were high rated players.

Comment 01 May 2015

How many titles have Matta and OSU won? zero. That is the difference. Ohio State is NOT an elite program without titles!

Kansas, Louisville, Uconn, Kentucky all won championships in the past decade. Virginia is the local school where he currently is and a rising top program the last two years (FYI, who was great when they were kids doesn't matter when who was good this year does). I don't understand why you think Ohio State is a better option for any of them.

and if you followed above, King is NOT a local kid like Sullinger who grew up in Ohio, watched his brother play at OSU, his father was a local basketball coach. King spent about 3 years in Ohio while Matta's teams struggled to compete with those Elite teams.

You want to complain about missing out on Bragg (who went to Kansas)? fine. You want to complain about missing out on Luke Kennard (who went to Duke)? fine. But VJ King is not a buckeye born and bred. Its not the same!