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Comment 11 hours ago

It's not that the players come from the south, it is just the simple fact that playing in crappy weather does affect the game. I really wonder if the committee or people in the sport understand that a 17-14 win in cold rainy weather is not because the teams were playing really bad, it is just tougher to put up 40+ in bad weather!

Just keep in mind that you are a fan of a team that plays in bad weather after October. Even if they are really good, they are going to have bad looking games in those bad weather games. Just think, the 2 best games in November were vs Nebraska and Maryland, both games in great weather.

Comment 11 hours ago

THANK F'IN GOD! There is sanity in this world that a player doesn't get credit for being slightly above average at 86 positions! But he is a good punt returner, I'll give him that.

I bet there will be a lot of tears about how he only tied for the award and not won it outright and that Barkley actually deserved it. Well...........don't lose twice!

Comment 14 hours ago

so even if the good banter goes a little sideways we are good?

but I do agree better threads do help! I also know I have yet to join the 12 warrior club where better material might be happening. Just can't swing it with a 1 year old and going back to school.

Comment 15 hours ago

can we say that we miss the old highjacking days? Threads just don't seem as appealing anymore. Now I don't even bother reading half the posts when in the past you could go into the most obscure bad post and find GOLD!

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I don't think he has set up an interview yet, he is just a candidate name they put out there.

don't underestimate major coaches deciding to go small. Larry Brown is now coaching high school basketball when major colleges would be interested. Avery Johnson could probably have gone to a top basketball program but wanted to go back to Bama. Sometimes they get to the pinnacle and get tired of the pressures. Going to a small program allows them to get back to what they love, coaching up players. I don't think Schiano feels that way, but it isn't unbelievable that it happens.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I don't think Schiano would take the USF job but I think you all are not realizing how fast USF is growing as a program. If Schiano or a major coach did take that job, they could make it a Houston type of location and in a hotbed of talent.

right now USF is a step down and not a P5 school, but they get the right coach they could be considered by a few P5 conferences and they have room to grow in a good population city with few other distractions (outside of the beach).

but I do agree Schiano should stick around another year and look for a program that is already there.

any chance Houston goes back to the OSU coaching bin and pulls out Beck? I wouldn't mind that one bit!

Comment 05 Dec 2016

your argument is comparing Purdue with his old job. Their argument is comparing Purdue with other possible HC positions that are comparable to that salary and probably a better chance to win and stick around a bit.

get the money while you can but if that money is available elsewhere, why go to Purdue. Cincy supposedly was highly interested and they paid Tuberville that kind of money. He did interview at Baylor too!

Comment 05 Dec 2016

It was academic in that it wasn't the football program who suspended him, or the NCAA and B1G. It was the University that did it and yes he does have to get reinstated to come back. If he is reinstated after the Fall semester is done (which is what the suspension was for) then he should be able to come back to the team in some capacity!

Call it what you want (yes the correct term is Code of Conduct) but it had nothing to do with football. Only association is that while he is no longer a student for Fall semester, he can't play football. Once reinstated, Urban can have him back and practicing again! The school isn't regulating his status on the team, just as a student!

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I didn't say he would do anything for the team in the games, just is he able to join the team again.

Gibson's suspension was for the Fall semester, not football related. He is under "academic suspension", not associated with the team. Now he can't practice or play because he isn't a member of the student population during Fall semester, but his suspension (granted reinstatement) should allow him to join the team and at least be able to practice after this week.

Comment 04 Dec 2016
Yep. Every year since this started they have said the conference championship only comes into play when record and other comparisons are equal. In 2014, TCU, Baylor and OSU had the same record before the CCG. All else equal, TCU looked the better team. Then the B1G CCG happened, and the records weren't the same. The extra win changed the win%. This year, records weren't the same. All others had 2 losses while OSU had 1 before the title games. Look at win percentages. 2014 TCU and Baylor ended with win % of 91.6 while OSU finished with 92.3%. Let's say OSU was undefeated before the CCG and loss, they still would have had the better record and win%. Title wasn't really necessary. This year, OSU win% is 91.6. PSU and Okie finished with 84.6%. before the title games, OSU already had record wrapped up because of the 2 losses. Now why did OSU end up above Washington can be questioned. I personally think OSU should have been 4th. But that is why the committee uses the human element. OSU or Clemson in title game vs Bama is more appealing than Bama beating up on another pac12 team. But everytime someone wants to argue why OSU gets in, win percentage! 91.6 beats 84.6 any day!
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Vilma is wrong when it comes to weight of conference championships and he knows it. You show him proof and he goes back to his argument that head to head should matter over everything. Wrong!