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Comment 1 hour ago

I don't take anything away from how the Olines worked in the spring game. Decker, Elflien weren't playing, the talent was pretty much split so there was no cohesiveness, and...

I think it really means a lot when the QBs can actually run a true zone read. I think they were asked to throw a lot of passing plays to work on that and were told to not run on the read option. I saw many times that Cardale could have had a huge run but handed it off like he was required to. The offensive line and offense itself works better when the defense doesn't have a strong idea of what is going on. When they make the plays vanilla and predictable, the defense (especially an aggressive defense now as opposed to before) has the advantage. Plus I think Braxton not playing really affected them too. Braxton might struggle a bit in the passing game but he does help the line with their blocking by being so unpredictible as a runner.

Get Braxton, the full starting Oline and an open play book together and I believe the line will be fine! And I also believe that one of those 3 freshmen could actually be a starter. Mainly Jones or Knox. I think Taylor might need some growth still.

Comment 5 hours ago

IDK Bar, the first weekend of NCAA basketball tournament is pretty awesome!

for me, I really like watching NHL playoffs but its not a must. I actually prefer Olympic hockey.

Comment 23 hours ago

I think Rashad Frasier has a word with you about how much better JT's Oline was compared to Jones! In the first half alone, JT was getting touched on almost every pass! That shouldn't happen.

but I will say that Jones's issue was that he was taking more time to pass the ball, so it looked like his line wasn't pass blocking as well. JT dropped back and was practically enveloped by Frasier as soon as he makes his 5 step drop.

Comment 23 hours ago

I think you are confusing the SEC/ESPN biases with southern biases. FSU isn't an SEC school.

and really, this stuff has been around for a very long time and is only getting more pub now. Rape and scandals were also at SMU (as said above) as well as Oklahoma, USC: in the 80's, 90's, and even before that where most of it was swept under the rug by the almighty head coaches back then.

Go watch "The Program", filmed in 1993, to see how long all of this has been going on. Not just "the south".

Comment 23 hours ago

uh, Kyle Berger is really a middle linebacker! He might be listed as outside but his game is so much an inside linebacker. Maybe more of a 3-4 ILB than a true Mike but he could play inside IMO.

not that I disagree that Conner should be offered. I do think he should no matter how many MLB OSU has.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Come on guys, we need to get a car pool together. Nobody should have to drive 9 hours but if we could find 9 people to drive 1 hour, maybe it won't be so bad. How far can he get a "ride" before it becomes a violation? Could he get a ride from several "random" people?

just no stalkers please!

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I'm not saying its a major concern but some of the athletes who previously wanted to go out and party can now afford to go a bit wild one night a month. I know $600 isn't a lot but to some it could be a good night out. And that good night out could lead to trouble.

You are saying its not a big deal. We are saying it only takes one player. I know a lot of people that if you give them $600 more a month, they will go find trouble. Some players can afford to go have fun true, but some couldn't before and now could. Not all football players make bank on the side. A walk-on might be more inclined to do so, who knows. And a walk-on can hurt a University just as much as a starting scholarship player.

and I am not saying we should all fret over it or that the NCAA shouldn't do it, I'm just saying that this does open up that opportunity for a dumb athlete to make a poor decision that they might not have been able to afford to do.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I don't know DJ, I've been partial to this one...

although I personally think the best trophy is the Green Jacket or the Claret Jug. But I'm a golf fan so...


Comment 16 Apr 2014

he is saying the money they save on not having to buy food would be used for concerning stuff. The $600 MB saves might go towards alcohol or partying.

and I think it could be a concern with some, hopefully none of our guys!

Comment 15 Apr 2014

so what does this mean to the star position? Will it be based on matchups who will play in the nickel, either a corner or a safety? This will be interesting because last year it seemed like there were 3 safeties a lot of the time instead of 3 LB or 3 corners.

It was all that I cared to look for in the spring game, press coverage. And boy did they impress me. Many were complaining about the lackluster scoring and offense but I saw short routes get jumped on very well by the defense. With so much action inside the first 10 yards, more QBs will get rattled and I see more sacks and pressures.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

nice analogy but I just don't agree with the SEC being the tortoise. The B1G is Cecil. I guess you can call the SEC the speed police or something else.

Its funny because that was the third and most recent Looney tunes version with Bugs and Cecil. The first one Cecil wins and Bugs couldn't figure out how Cecil does it. In the second one he tries to wear a shell and the gambling rabbits make him lose again by accident.


Comment 15 Apr 2014

when Dontre actually stops touching the ball and just becomes a decoy, something isn't right. Last year something wasn't right and despite the ground and pound, there was nothing keeping defenses honest. No matter how good Hyde and Braxton were.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I doubt you are the only one but you and many others need to keep in mind that it wasn't just the players and their "game speed". People say this about Armani Reeves.

So I ask you, when you have Roby who ran a sub 4.4 at the Combine, Doran Grant who has 4.4 speed and Reeves who was a highly regarded recruit all looking like

Last year he was constantly getting beat on comeback routes where he couldn't react quick enough.

do you really think its all those players fault and they ALL suck, or could it be that the system was a mess and ALL of them were put in bad positions to fail no matter how good they are.

I believe Grant and Reeves are very talented and can succeed at the collegiate level. They just need the right defensive system to allow them to do well. Its not a coincidence that NOW Eli Apple is starting to look like the stud we expected, because he is finally put in the right place for his skill set. Soft Zone can make any corner look bad, especially if there isn't any blitzing: like a 3 man rush, 10 yard cushion zone!


Comment 12 Apr 2014
I think people should be excited and not nervous. Yes the major offensive players were out but did you see man press more in the past five years than today. It was sweet seeing the aggressive play making on defense, match ups or not. That was pretty much what I just looked for. A more aggressive secondary. And how about Frasier! Hot danm that kid can pass rush. Excellent depth!
Comment 09 Apr 2014

That is so laughable. Student athletes can't get nice free stuff from anywhere between $25 and $500, BUT THEY CAN GET RINGS THAT COST $10,000? HA!

seriously, those three rings combined gotta be worth $25,000-$30,000. And they can't pay players.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I like Clark and Wimbush visiting together. Maybe they can have one of those duo deals and come to OSU. I'm certain Wimbush would love to have a TE like Clark for 4 years!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I haven't followed wrestling in decades since the Ultimate Warrior was in the WWF 80's and late 90's (I believe). I have a friend who tried to get me into The Rock but I just couldn't do it.

but I was a fan of this guy back then and it sucks that he is now gone. Man was he juiced!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I will also add that it wasn't entirely Reeves fault. That defensive game plan would have made any corner look bad. Even Roby was put in bad positions playing soft zone with a 3 man rush. Can't cover a guy forever!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

its fixed just like the helmet stickers are fixed! My life depends on these things you know!!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

whoops, misread your statement. Lucas has done it all and there would have been no guarantee that Lebron would have won a college championship if he did go.

Lucas is the man!


Comment 09 Apr 2014

even in an Ohio specific vote can you blame Florida. There must have been a hanging chad.....online!