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Comment 18 Nov 2014
I give birm props because I was veering away from any possible Spence news but that would be probably the most ideal situation. I think Noah is getting hosed despite the fact he truly had an issue that needed to get taken care of. I really think Holmes could be the starter opposite Bosa next year but I was expecting Birm to tout Cornell or Dre'mont a bit. I know they are good but could they challenge early. I did like his earlier statement about Cornell coming in as an early enroll. I just think we underestimate him a bit and he could pull a Bosalike freshman power play for PT. I hope Birm is reading Gallimore wrong. Alibi will be solid inside, and we do have Thompson from this year, but Gallimore seems like the true NT we haven't recruited last couple years. I hope he likes it next week when he comes.
Comment 18 Nov 2014

not sure why you are concerned with hate towards Dontre now. We just went through a weekend where people were spewing hate towards Jalin Marshall. What, you can't stick up for Jalin? Why do you hate Jalin so much? huh?

seriously, this could have been a discussion IDK last week after the MSU game. Probably was. The "hating on Dontre" train has passed now.

personally I love them both and expect a few mistakes because they are barely sophomores.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

did you use your phone to setup your userid too? Its Dairy Queen. everyone knows that!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

is he planning to register early in January? seemed like he was ready to get going once his season was over. I think he could push these guys for PT early.

they can fill out the class but I am seriously happy with where the class is. Perhaps a stout NT like Gallimore to finish her off and then the rest is gravy!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

who do you think is going to start next year at........opposite DE from Bosa? Think Holmes is the heir or incoming freshman like Cornell? and more Dline recruits on horizon like Gallimore?

seriously, what is the word on possible DL recruits?

had to.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Kyle, would you agree that Vonn Bell is erasing some minor mistakes being made by the front 7? It seems that when Cobb, or previous RB/ short pass plays, get pass the linebackers Bell is always there to clean it up and limit the big plays.

I think Bell is becoming solid and yet still has a lot to learn and grow. He will be amazing!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Well, they said the same thing when we played Montee Ball and Wisky late in 2012 and guess what happened,

and this offense is much better. The defense might not be as good but I think they can perform similarly. That 2012 passing attack by wisky was much better then they are now, so I think we can sellout on the run more.
Comment 17 Nov 2014

I'm surprised they didn't delay the decision and any subsequent committee hearings till after the season.

oh thats right, this isn't FSU!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

no, not for that fool. but keep doing it, keep getting put in the "silly" jail and eventually you will get what you want.

just stop with the nonsense, that is all. be funny, be sarcastic. but when everyone is screaming "stop with the dumb repeat forum posts" over and over again, you will rue the day!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

No matter how you slice it, JT has to average 215 yards passing and 77 rushing yards a game for the next 3 games to surpass 4000 total yards and be a very rare 3000/1000 QB.

That is insane!

The only QB to be a 3000/1000 before a bowl game is Johnny Manziel (his heisman season btw). 4 others did so when you include the bowl games! (and not even Marcus Mariota has done it, and he only has 524 rushing yards this year)

Comment 17 Nov 2014

JT as a RS freshman: 2356 passing, 771 rushing, 29/9 TDs, 8 INTs

Mariota as a senior: 2780 passing, 524 rushing, 29/8 TDs, 2 INTs

I think JT is right there stats wise and what he is doing is just as impressive. Only way Mariota has been better is obviously the INTs.

I just feel it is going to come down the stretch on who has had a better season, although I think Gordon should deserve the heisman if he comes close to the 2600 yards for a season record (owned by THEE Barry Sanders who was insane)

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I wasn't happy about the fumbles but I also don't blame Jalin at all.

Lets put it together: Jalin Marshall, former High School QB, redshirted last year with a position change to HB, recently took over punt return duties even though he has little experience doing so.  add in the weather and it didn't bode well for whomever was fielding punts.

oh and those pointing out that Minnesota didn't fumble punt returns. 3 were fair catches with little pressure and the 4th was downed at the 3. Not many opportunities to make mistakes there.

Should the fumbles have happened? no. but I think a lot of other things could have been done better and I don't see people tweeting about those.

Comment 16 Nov 2014
Um, the defense has made marked progress from last year. Just go back and watch last years games. Tell me this defense isn't a complete 180. Or even better, show me where a simple screen to a running back has gone 80 yards for a TD with 5 missed tackles. Because it hasn't happened yet this year. Cal had 3 last year alone. The last two games they started playing more prevent late when up by multiple scores. I agree they shouldn't do that but it is a far cry from taking the foot off the pedal to complete inability of last year.
Comment 16 Nov 2014

I don't know what football you are watching. He was the saving tackle on David Cobb multiple times and gets INT. He is the best safety on the team. He is always cleaning up mistakes. He isn't perfect but that happens to a true sophomore who is more talent then experience.

He is flashing a lot. Don't know what you are seeing.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Ive heard a lot of talk that OSU should jump both Big 12 teams based on good wins and that the former coaches might argue the merits of the early season loss to vatech being so early and with the experience level at the time.

I'd put OSU at 6, ahead of Baylor but I think they leap MSST and TCU if they win the B1G championship. I think we are in if we win out.

Its getting fun!

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Mariota the heisman favorite? Did you not see what Gordon did last night?

If Gordon isn't the favorite when he is bearing down the all time season rushing record, then the heisman isn't what it should be. Gordon has had the best season out of anyone!