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Comment 16 hours ago

well some Iowa fan is voting a lot. I doubt they have 18K fans that are voting like that. I bet its some computer geek Iowa fan that really wants this win.

doesn't matter, we know Brutus is the best!

Comment 17 hours ago

FYI, you can vote from IE, Firefox and Chrome separately. That is 3 votes for each person. lets go!

Comment 18 hours ago

Well we have already heard that teams are thinking about doubling on Bosa. We know Noah Spence will require attention. And we know that every team forgets about Michael Bennett until he has a couple of pressures, then they compensate for him.

I have a feeling whoever will plan Middle linebacker is going to have easy lanes to run through on passing downs and running backs will find it tough to have enough blockers to keep the linebackers off him.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I fully regret my actions in that scene. Nasty Nate was fighting dirty so I had to clack the marbles once so he respects me. Then I took him down like the squirrel hater he is!

now my fish know not to drop the soap!

Comment 28 Jul 2014

with such a rough upbringing, why couldn't 9route have done what others with rough upbringings have done? I mean, look at Luis Suarez, he seems to have been able to avoid creating multiple accounts on 11W. Even if he has other issues.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

not much has concerned me about UM these past couple of years, but Peppers is someone to be concerned with. He could have a Charles Woodson type of impact. Maybe not this year, but some day he will.

of course I would like to compare Peppers and Vonn Bell someday. I think, and hope, it will be quite the conversation. Couldn't imagine what a secondary would have looked like with both of them on the same team. man!

Comment 28 Jul 2014

not going to happen. US dept of Education is making it so that Universities are doing more of this. Waters should have seen that or listened to what the administration was telling him.

plus I won't sign it because I think he was fired justly.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

that would be the most experienced lineup and I have always liked Slam at the 2 guard spot. I think his length there could be a real problem for most 2 gaurds and he is still quick enough to guard there. His shooting might not be good enough for that spot, hopefully he will grow more with his offensive game.

I'm not so sure with Loving at the 3. He is kind of awkward on defense away from the basket. He is great defending around the key, but faster SF will give him trouble. And with many schools and programs going with smaller lineups using 3 guards, he could be a liability.

Plus with last years issue of scoring, I will be stunned if a freshman or Kam won't be in the starting lineup. And I will also be stunned if Russell doesn't start either. He is too good. I've seen a few games, not just highlights, and he is capable of starting. His handles will be great too with Scott taking over full time duties at PG.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

as much as I agree that Amir shouldn't start, I don't see it happening. He is a senior incumbent. He will be the starter at center. Lee isn't big enough to be a true center, and Bell, McDonald aren't ready either. Trevor getting a waiver to be able to play would be nice, but I don't think it will happen.

as I said above, Amir will start but after 5 or so minutes he will go to the bench for a small lineup that can score more.

I do think that Lee will help Amir a lot. As much as Ross and Deshaun were good on offense, neither were post players. Especially Ross who baffled me that he could have easily posted up the opponent but never did. He had no back to the basket game. Lee does have a post game and I think him being able to work in the post will help Amir. I don't think it will make Amir great but he won't be the only post presence on the team like last year. Granted post presence is a stretch but he really didn't have any help down low and didn't have much help with outside shooters drawing opponents away from him. Amir is limited, but anyone can be limited with 3 defenders in a certain vicinity because they aren't afraid of outside shooters and scorers.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

If it is true that 9route wasn't aware of his other multiple personalities, he is now! lol

and I'm not sure, but don't multiple personalities all have different ideas, wants and likes? so what you are saying is that "john doe" has 10 different personalities (sorry, 11 including the tramp stamp) that all like Ohio State and 8 of the 11 enjoy trolling doubleonedoubleu?

and for the previous commentors thoughts that multiple people might live at the same residence, 9route should have known and should have done something after the first couple of troll accounts.

at least we can still follow him of twitter. ;)

Comment 28 Jul 2014

It will be Scott, Russell, Thompson, Lee and Amir. But I see KBD getting subbed in quickly for Amir and Lee moving to center for a smaller but more scoring team.

I see Kam getting in next, basically starting a rotation of Scott, Russell and Kam at the two guard spots. Tate will get plenty of minutes but he might have to wait for Kam and KBD to get subbed in first. Same for Loving. I see both of them getting plenty of minutes but they will have to wait for others. I think an active and excellent scoring lineup would be Russell and point, Kam at the 2, KBD as a long 3 who can shoot, Loving and Lee. I would be stunned if they couldn't score on anyone.

I think many are forgetting David Bell and I think he will surprise many. Kid is getting huge and I swear I think he is a true 6'11'' type center. He is much more agile than Amir and is active on the boards. I think he will be a really nice asset come the end of the season.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

this was from last night,


Comment 28 Jul 2014

whoever picked Alabama, FSU or OSU: you are an idiot!

It is likely that any of these teams might not make the playoff, but which team do you feel WON'T. Based on conference, schedule, recent past and how I perceive the team Oregon is the least likely to get there. They have probably the toughest schedule, they always lose a game no matter how dominant they are in most games and they have a reputation for it. The committee will know that Oregon always blows up, so they will be watching for that one loss. Oregon basically will have to go undefeated to get the respect of the committee. OSU might also but OSU has an easier schedule.

I can easily see OSU, FSU and Alabama going undefeated. The schedules are easy. They each have solid talent on both sides of the ball with some solid leaders at key positions (well, Alabama might not but they always seem to be well lead). Oklahoma is going to be good in a bad conference. When Baylor is your best competition, I think you have a good chance.

Oregon won't make it. The others are likely to not, but I don't see any way Oregon will.

Comment 27 Jul 2014
Seriously! Worried about recruiting! SMDH Uh, you are an idiot.
Comment 27 Jul 2014
I think the only mythology was portrayed by his multiple accounts. What started the whole thing for 9route was his forum post that we should all follow his twitter acct because he will break recruiting news, yet was always a few days late. People ragged on that so much it became known.
Comment 27 Jul 2014
I promise, I am only one account but I still have multiple personalities! Sometimes fuzzy nuts gets on and messes with you guys. He has an odd sense of humor but can be easily distracted by imaged of acorns. Just an FYI.