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Comment 10 hours ago

Bucknuts says a lot of things, many don't really come true! The written word doesn't actually mean it will happen, just trying to get clicks from readers.

Curtis Samuel was "said" to be recruited as an H-back, he was actually recruited as an athlete without a defined position. And just because he was supposedly recruited as an H-back, doesn't mean he will end up there. Chase Farris was recruited as a DL, guess what he is playing OT now. Billy Price is not a DT, which Urban was recruiting him for (not to mention Price said publicly he wanted to play DT). Just because someone is recruited with one thing in mind, doesn't mean it will end up that way. Roby was not a WR when he left last year.

and as Dave Biddle stated, he was playing WR. Which means they are moving him all around during PRACTICE! That tends to happen, at PRACTICE in the SPRING.

to end this, I will publicly apologize if Samuel is the starting H-back come September over Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall is a wideout. I just don't see it happening and believe it will be Jalin as the starting H-back, Dontre backing him up and Samuel as the backup RB to Zeke. I think the odds are in my favor.

Comment 11 hours ago

true, but I think that 2007 season he had more turnover than people recall. In 2006, Tebow wasn't even the full time starter. Leak left the team, I'm pretty sure some defenders left that year too. A bunch of those kids were Zook's players and Urban's kids were still mostly freshmen learning the game.

I think this 2015 team will have more continuity from last year, not to mention I think Urban is stacking the deck more than he did then at UF. He wasn't pulling in top classes till after the second championship, although he never needed top classes to get the most out of his talent.

Plus the SEC then was a stronger conference than the B1G will be this year. I'm concerned they will lose a game or two, but 4 would require a major breakdown somewhere. Hopefully that won't happen!

Comment 11 hours ago

if the coaching staff didn't think he's good enough to get reps over some guys why move him

who said anything about not being good enough? I said I doubt he gets PT over the current incumbents at the position! BIG DIFFERENCE! and also some players who are meant to be HB coming in as Freshmen!

well, like most teams in the spring, they try things.

and since Dontre is recovering from an injury, Jalin getting work at WR (plus most likely getting some rest too), moving Samuel over could be just a temp move to have a solid talent at that position for practice. Doesn't mean he will be the starter over Dontre or Jalin come September. Time will tell but typically these types of moves are to fill in temporarily. The RB position still needs Samuel there, Dunn and Ball have not stepped up and can't rely on Weber yet (not to mention he isn't with the team yet, as well as a couple players that are expected to compete at HB as well).

I think Dontre's struggles are misleading too. The whole team around that time was struggling with consistency. JT had to carry the team in a couple of games. Jalin was having just as many issues then too. What changed was Cardale taking over the offense and opening up the passing game more with the deep ball. I believe Dontre would have had some great plays if he was playing with Cardale, like the others had. Remember, the offense was sputtering when they played PSU, Illinois, Minnesota and Indiana (last two were without Dontre and still were struggling).

Dixon can play H, he had 4 carries from the slot last year (the only four touches in a game he had). He most certainly can play H!

Comment 11 hours ago

well he must have learned from what happened in 2007 the next year because they won it again. I would assume any lesson then would have been learned.

although he did lose again the next year in 2009, so maybe he hasn't. maybe its an even year thing for him. Can't wait for 2016 then!

Comment 12 hours ago

I'm aware that Samuel will get moved around but we have seen moves like this during spring practices before and they don't stick when the regular season comes around. This team still needs a reliable backup at RB for Zeke, especially if that wrist becomes an issue going further.

I still think Samuel will be the backup RB on the depth chart come September. I just don't see him getting PT over Jalin the starter and Dontre the backup, not to mention others that can fill that role too. I even see Dixon getting more HB reps than Samuel.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

"So uh.....just to recap, we would love to have you here at Michigan. BTW, what is your girlfriends address?"

nah, not creepy at all...

Comment 25 Mar 2015

that statement doesn't make sense to me. Written out it basically says, the ego is less than the mission. Wouldn't it be better to say: the mission is greater than the ego?

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I haven't for 2 years yet I still get insider. lol

Comment 25 Mar 2015

the players, cousin's, twin sister, who once knew a kid, that roomed with someone, who knows a guy that will help!

Comment 25 Mar 2015


Comment 25 Mar 2015

that is what is funny, they are salty about the call in that game but what they should really be pissed about is that their team has been absolutely nothing since then!

We killed their program (with help from sanctions and stupidity) and they are pissed about one play. HA!

Comment 24 Mar 2015

not really new news. this was talked about his rookie year when he had back surgery.

It sucks he has to learn how to control it because when his weight is just right (I think 260 is too light for him), he can muscle his way to a ton of rebounds. He will never lose enough weight to be above the rim type player so I think he should be still a bit on the heavier side of that, but 300 plus is too much.

Despite not being a fan of the Celtics, it would be fun to watch Sullinger and Turner playing on the same team and becoming great players. Hope he can get healthy, weight loss or not.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

said it back then and will repeat for you 77.

There is a big difference between Columbus and Gainesville. True Columbus has its seedier areas but Gainesville has a drug issue in general and the whole town is run by the University. Some of the best weed in the US come from farms near Gainesville. Its easily accessible.

Everyone talks about the players Urban recruited and didn't "discipline". It was more of the culture of the town, much like the culture that everyone now knows about in Tallahassee. Spurrier had issues with it and so has Muschamp since then.

So I agree that it is awesome the lack of legal issues with the team the last couple years, but I think Urban has always been an excellent evaluator of recruits and trouble. He just couldn't compete with what the area provided kids. And the whole Aaron Hernandez thing should not be blamed on Urban, the Patriots or anyone but Hernandez. Some people just live double lives that few know about. No one knew Chris Borland was thinking about retiring all season (he did say he was planning it last pre-season)

Comment 24 Mar 2015

exactly. OSU was late to the party themselves. Aussies are in the NFL and the kid who won the Ray Guy award this year was a senior punter from Australia.

my thing is, its about time TTUN followed suit. Seems they are a decade behind in what trends are in the NCAAs. They will probably recruit Florida soon, sometime in 2020.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Turner just reminds me of Derrick Coleman. He has these ridiculous games that prove he belongs in the NBA and makes teams dream of what he can do for them, then he disappears for a long time only to tantalize another team.

I really hope he finds his niche and becomes the player we all think he can be. The way he is playing now is awesome to watch. Boston can be quite scary in the playoffs this year.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Congrats brother! Can't wait for baby squirrel master to join!

enjoy the greatest day ever.

Mrs. Squirrel Master is highly jealous. She hopes it only takes 3 hours.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

If he was offered a full ride to OSU, he would be going to OSU. Not because I would force him too but because he would already be a diehard buckeye fan.

but no full ride, I'm good with where ever he wants to go. Full ride is a full ride, even if it is from Calipari! (but obviously if he was that good, buckeyes would offer)