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Comment 23 Apr 2014

1. You must have $300 based on my calculations, 300 One direction CD's in bargain bin for $1 each sounds about right!


Comment 22 Apr 2014

well it looks like he did throw a few punches when the other player got loose, but it was more of a "be aggressive before the other guy gets an advantage" type of hitting. Just a few punches.

not saying punching is acceptable but I saw nothing of aggressive behavior to instigate the fight and just a kid who was emotional about being attacked. And was obviously the better fighter, which shouldn't be his fault.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

EGW, the one in the black shirt, obviously was trying to avoid fighting and was holding him in a lock while the grey shirt player was trying to get loose to fight more. When he broke the lock, EGW (who seems quite fast in a fight too) did throw those punches and get him on the ground again but again tried to hold him down and stop fighting.

Doesn't look pretty but from what I gather there, EGW didn't want to fight, tried not to fight but was the better fighter in the end. Can't really fault him for be better at fighting when approached. Doesn't look to me like a behavioral issue for EGW. Kids who have bad attitudes don't walk away like that after easily winning and scream those things. Sounds like he was very upset it happened.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

can someone troll so hard like TG. I love it but he is trolling a bunch of fanbases with those comments. So ambiguous.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

I think a rookie like Knox or Jones will compete and provide some unreal talent with what is already there. My money is on Knox.

Like Ross says, its not as dire as other situations. This offense can hum against any team. It is dependent on if the defense can get stops to allow the offense to build a comfortable lead to really open up the playbook. If the defense gets stops, this offense will find a way to put up points. Even if Braxton and one of the speed demons has to do it without an Oline. Although I trust Ed Warriner to get the oline set in time.

I am curious, will Cardale run the 2 pt conversion like Kenny did last year? That might be quite a sight.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

I would put that on game plan that puts a young Oline into a bad position in many ways. The way Gardner played, a young Oline would struggle with a scramble passing game and zero production from the running backs.

I believe Eze and Braxton will make it easier on the Oline. The way this offense works it puts linemen in good positions by keeping the defenders on their heals. Plus I trust in Ed Warriner than whomever is coaching the Oline at UM!


Comment 22 Apr 2014

I know someone who would believe rumors...


Comment 21 Apr 2014

National championship? I doubt it! At that point, Tressel was already gone so he would have played for Luke Fickell his senior year. Also shortly after, Posey and Boom get suspended for more games basically removing Pryor's best two weapons.

That 2011 team didn't go 6-7 just because TP wasn't on the team. It had a lot more issues. Maybe he would have gotten the heisman but I doubt that too.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

I don't think Herbie is a traitor but I do have beef with the guy for going so far out of his way to avoid any nice statement about OSU when the time is appropriate. I don't doubt for one bit he is all buckeye but he really needs to stop it with the "I'm an impartial commentator" stuff. I'm not asking him to be a total homer but don't avoid the moment when asked about something nice to say when the topic comes up. I can't think of a specific moment now but he was asked directly about OSU and he said something sideways and absolutely changed the topic to another game or team. They threw him a bone to talk positive and he avoided it!

It just seems like he goes so far out of his way to avoid any nice comment about them, homer or not. It's not being a homer to say something positive every now and then. And I personally think it makes him look fake, despite my belief he does love the buckeyes.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

actually, Digeronimo had little to do with Pryor's reputation. He was actually more involved with the improper reimbursements to 3 other players that ended up getting suspended. Pryor was the go between but it was well before that Pryor was considered a traitor. I actually blame Digeronimo for what happened to Boom Heron and Devier Posey!

Pryor's reputation was mostly about Tatgate and the stories about getting free cars from a dealership, which ended up being false.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

If I would take any of those traits for one of this years players, it would be Carter's hands. They were spectacular!

I would put a bet down on either Dontre (due to position and expected use) or Mike Thomas (due to his playmaking ability) as the two guys who could meet these expectations. I really think Dontre will get as much use as Philly did last year (his 60 plus catches were no joke). I think Thomas could be a mixture of Carter and Jenkins. I just hope I am right!


Comment 21 Apr 2014

The Buckeye defense produced 42 sacks in 2013 and you could probably count the number of coverage sacks on one finger. OSU opponents lost nearly three full football fields in sack yardage on those 42 sacks. The Buckeyes finished ninth in the nation in rush defense, allowing 109.4 yards per game.

The proof is right there BME, and that was with a horrible back 7. Yes there was a ton of hype with the secondary last year but it wasn't a proven secondary like this Dline is. And I still point to the fact the scheme was more the culprit than the talent last year. With an adjusted scheme and proven starting 4, and depth, I don't think this is as much "hype" as it is just pointing out the facts. This Dline got sacks, TFL and excellent rushing defensive stats. They proved how good they were despite the troubles overall.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

That is why last year was so special with Webb and Co. We can't expect that to happen every year. It was a special class and I just hope that future classes can come close, but I don't expect anything like that to happen again in the near future.

the 2014 class is seriously underrated to this point and we all will see its mark on this team over the next 3-4 years.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Almost anyone else would have been thoroughly investigated even if no charges resulted

almost anyone, like two other football players who have been reprimanded by the University for taking part in the same event that Winston has no involvement with. Its like saying they are in trouble for being accomplices but no crime has been done.

Comment 18 Apr 2014
STRAIGHT EARNING CASH! love that video. I'm stunned I never heard it called that.
Comment 17 Apr 2014

I don't take anything away from how the Olines worked in the spring game. Decker, Elflien weren't playing, the talent was pretty much split so there was no cohesiveness, and...

I think it really means a lot when the QBs can actually run a true zone read. I think they were asked to throw a lot of passing plays to work on that and were told to not run on the read option. I saw many times that Cardale could have had a huge run but handed it off like he was required to. The offensive line and offense itself works better when the defense doesn't have a strong idea of what is going on. When they make the plays vanilla and predictable, the defense (especially an aggressive defense now as opposed to before) has the advantage. Plus I think Braxton not playing really affected them too. Braxton might struggle a bit in the passing game but he does help the line with their blocking by being so unpredictible as a runner.

Get Braxton, the full starting Oline and an open play book together and I believe the line will be fine! And I also believe that one of those 3 freshmen could actually be a starter. Mainly Jones or Knox. I think Taylor might need some growth still.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

IDK Bar, the first weekend of NCAA basketball tournament is pretty awesome!

for me, I really like watching NHL playoffs but its not a must. I actually prefer Olympic hockey.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I think Rashad Frasier has a word with you about how much better JT's Oline was compared to Jones! In the first half alone, JT was getting touched on almost every pass! That shouldn't happen.

but I will say that Jones's issue was that he was taking more time to pass the ball, so it looked like his line wasn't pass blocking as well. JT dropped back and was practically enveloped by Frasier as soon as he makes his 5 step drop.