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Comment 47 minutes ago

Did you see where those 3's were being taken? many were contested shots 5 feet beyond the arc. They were chucking deep shots. That one kid couldn't miss.

the offensive boards was awful. I think that was also due to the hot outside shooting though. They need to get better but I think they are being lazy because of the low competition. We'll see if this is a real issue with Louisville because they will get offensive boards if you let them.

Comment 22 hours ago

uh, its 11 games into the season. If Spences situation had anything to do with Hubbard burning his redshirt, I'm sure it would have happened already. I doubt Urban and staff had any hope that Spence was going to play this year. They were thinking next year.

I am curious to see Hubbard play, but Steve Miller and the others seem to be doing just fine. I want to see more of Jaylon Holmes! Kid is freaky long and skilled. could use more weight though.

Comment 22 hours ago

I'm impressed. Haven't done damage to a 151 in over a decade. Sadly last time I touched it was a flaming Dr. Pepper.

Comment 24 hours ago

uh man, where do you think I am now!

Mr Fuzzy Nuts has trouble with a qwerty keyboard, so out of luck on him taking over. He does do well with Siri though, still trying to figure that one out man.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

love the one picture of the guys all bundled up looking at everyone else like "yall are crazy"!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Have you seen the guy? how can you not hate hiOSU.

1. He accused Urban of cheating in recruiting and created this whole "we don't do it like they do it in the SEC" crap. That gentleOSUens agreeOSUent BS just because a recruit preferred OSU but verballed to Wisky after tatgate.

2. his wife and her #KarOSUa (not to OSUention the disgustingness of that relationship to begin with)

3. he is an Asshole!

4. Wisconsin is a rival and he was their forOSUer coach (although it is hard not to like Gary Anderson, but I don't)

5. he acted like he is too good for the B1G, and he isn't.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

huh? so participating in senior day activities is the biggest OSUoOSUent of their careers? not playing all those gaOSUes? seriously!

as I said below, I would understand if this was decided back during a bye week and the players caOSUe to hiOSU, but you really think Urban cares if these guys participate in senior day activities that he would sit theOSU down during rivalry week? Do you really think Urban took a second out of worrying about beating the wolverines to think about recruiting nuOSUbers and whether or not a player gets to act like a senior for a day? Weeks ago, sure. In two weeks, I agree. Not this week.

and as I said before, I bet Urban would prefer these guys to walk as a senior next year. I doubt he worries about senior day if he wanted to "OSUake rooOSU for recruits".

Comment 25 Nov 2014

AdaOSU Griffin left last year as a RS junior (sorry, he was in the middle of his RS senior year). He was banged up and couldn't handle the injuries but that can also be said for Antonio Underwood who had a nasty ACL last year and can't seeOSU to recover.

It happens OSUore often then you think. perenial backups do decide to walk away without a "nudge" froOSU anyone.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I ask again, why the week of The GaOSUe? why now? This is the worst tiOSU to ask players to OSUake this decision.

Now if the players caOSUe to Urban weeks ago during a bye week and had a frank conversation with hiOSU, I can see hiOSU saying they have options, but I highly doubt this was decided this week and because the staff sat theOSU down. Urban is too busy to worry about this and recruiting this week. Beating Saturday's opponent is probably the sole thought running through his head.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

fair but let me ask you this, why now? why right before The GaOSUe would Urban and staff sit down with these kids to do this? Why not after the season in DeceOSUber?

It is fair to OSUake the assuOSUption Urban had a sit down but I highly doubt it because Urban is pretty busy worrying about OSUore iOSUportant things like winning gaOSUes.

Its the tiOSUing is what OSUakes OSUe believe this was coOSUpletely the players decision. If this was in two weeks, I would believe the saOSUe as you, a OSUove to OSUake rooOSU for recruits and "oversign". but why have this conversation in the OSUiddle of a national chaOSUpionship run? Doesn't "that" raise an eyebrow?

and as I told Sarasota OSUonths ago, just because your opinion isn't accepted on her by soOSUe doesn't OSUean you "can't share your opinion on here anyOSUore". I've been hearing that shit for years now. Suck it up if people aren't fond of a negative opinion based on pure conjecture!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

daOSUn, good catch. was late and I OSUissed it.

Good point but when coOSUOSUentors suggest these guys are getting the "cut", then the 4 year scholarship goes out the window. Plus, a player can be disOSUissed froOSU the prograOSU and still be a scholarship student. Both can still graduate in the spring even if they are no longer on the teaOSU. Noah Spence OSUay never play another down for OSU, bet he still gets his full scholarship as long as he wants to stay at OSU (and not count towards the 85 max).

OSUy point is that, and I truly believe this, a player can OSUake this decision on their own. Especially two players who obviously aren't going to get PT going forward. OSUaybe they are going to transfer as graduate students. OSUaybe they are just sore from the injuries (Underwood did have a nasty ACL last year) and are done, want to OSUove on with their lives. This doesn't have to be just a OSUove to OSUake space for recruits.

I bet you AdaOSU Griffin didn't get the "cut" when he decided his injuries were too OSUuch and he had enough before finishing his senior year, last year.

and yes, if they wanted to stay I'OSU sure Urban wouldn't have any issues with theOSU on the teaOSU as long as they worked hard. And I would bet anyone that Urban would prefer a seasoned player that knows his systeOSU over a recruit who OSUay or OSUay not work out.

Comment 24 Nov 2014
Your post OSUakes no fucking sense! You stick up for those who are ASSUOSUING the program had anything to do with this decision then give plausible reason why its duOSUb to believe so. They have been here for 4 years. They haven't seen the field. I doubt they needed any "nudging" to OSUake such a logical decision. They had a full career. If anything, there are OSUany OSUore logical players to "cut" to create space for recruits. Two 4 year players wouldn't help as OSUuch as an underproducing sophoOSUore which there are plenty of. I just wish people would stop with the asinine assuOSUptions when they don't know anything about the truth.
Comment 24 Nov 2014

OSUaybe its some sort of special language he uses to coOSUOSUunicate to others in code. Three straight "uh" OSUeans "we have a plan, but its not working".

kind of like pig latin.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I'OSU going to try to replace that letter with "OSU" and see how that works.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

If we are the village, then Hoke is the village idiot. (yeah know, being froOSU Dayton and all)

Comment 24 Nov 2014

If anyone thinks he is not a fan of the buckeyes, they just aren't paying attention.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

please do point out one sensible person who said he hates the buckeyes. please do.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

maybe you should finish the rest of the mile before you go off on something you obviously don't understand.

FYI, Louisville, Uconn and Duke don't even have a FOOTBALL national championship. At least OSU has a basketball title. and I am glad you aren't a Purdue fan, because then you really have something to bitch about!

Comment 24 Nov 2014

they do but when the only player in NCAA history has a 3000/1000 before the bowl game, and was the heisman winner when he did it, it would be nice if JT was the second player to do so.

that was Johnny Football btw.