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Comment 20 hours ago
Yeah but that was a lose by 3 points and after a long winning streak. It was just pure anger. I'm sure MGo is a lot more depression and suicidal thoughts, especially by losing by 4 TDs. I mean, 13 of last 15 meetings they felt the sting! Gotta get old by now. I believe it's two different situations. Maybe close if MSU beat us by that much, although after this and "the no punt" they should be thoroughly miserable.
Comment 20 hours ago
Is any of them being completely delusional and saying "one play changed the whole game"? And does any of them recognize that Barrett made Gerbil Peppers his bitch?
Comment 20 hours ago
Good thing Kalis didn't come to the buckeyes. Zeke might have only gotten 150 yards without help from the Oline at all positions.
Comment 27 Nov 2015
Or Dale throws 65 yards and gets a bunch of incompletions and they still punt! Because every time dale throws 65 yards it's a TD or INT. Yeah, that will work...
Comment 27 Nov 2015
Yeah, Urban is fucking horrible! What a bad coach! Wish we could get a good coach like Will Muschamp. Winning titles and 20 game win streaks, that is some awful play calling...
Comment 27 Nov 2015
Everyone harping on the turnovers need to rewatch the game. The ball was dripping wet from halftime on! The refs should have done something about it after the first time it was requested to get wiped off. And seriously, the foul called on Kam when the Memphis PG slipped on his own was ridiculous. Then Lyle gets hammered by 3 guys on his back, no call. Don't get me wrong, buckeyes lost this game but they played a lot better and had some bad luck. Best example was KBD driving on Lawson with 3 fouls mid 2nd half, the foul goes on a guard who wasn't even touching KBD and NOT Lawson. Then Lawson goes on to score 3 more times to help them take back the lead. Meanwhile Trevor was called for some really questionable fouls.
Comment 27 Nov 2015
I guess deadly nuts isn't out of jail to "fire matta" yet? Darn
Comment 27 Nov 2015
Isn't this the same fucking post from this morning? Blame someone else? Mods, can we add to the rules that anyone brings up "fire..." or "blame..." automatically goes to jail? I'm kind of getting tired of logging on because there is one of these posts every hour! How about we just let it go.
Comment 27 Nov 2015
Ah, a blame but not quite fire thread. Why aren't people blaming the GAs enough! The offense is awful because they.....exist!
Comment 23 Nov 2015

So, i'm going to go ahead and say most of the commenters on here either chose to ignore the first sentence of the OP's thread, or don't give a fuck.

or....the OP is attempting to change the tone by rehashing the same topic and failed. How about just letting it be and not even broach the subject at all.

Its michigan week and every attempt at discussing the OSU coaches in any light should just stop!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

The shirt said "Michigan Wolverines" not a block M.

yes he probably has other shirts. Probably wore those on the days it wasn't turned into a mass media hysteria! They do tend to work out a lot!

I'm suggesting that it is possible that a kid who probably doesn't have gobs of money, was given a free shirt...probably when he was being recruited....and is willing to wear it because he might not have a ton of shirts to workout in 7 days a week. I have a UofL football shirt I wear to workout in, I could care less about Louisville football. It was free though! Also, he was a fan of the team at some point in his life. Could he still be a fan but play his hardest for OSU? Justin Boren played for UM and was a fan of them, transferred to OSU and played his ass off! Interpreting a t-shirt and tweets doesn't mean the inevitable conclusion some come to.

No the shirt isn't the story, you brought it up. The story is that it is being made out that he has been negative the whole time at OSU and the OP's words "is my least favorite player because of it". I would like to know when he was negative (since the T-shirt apparently) that made the OP feel the way he has? or is it just residual of the signing day situation?

and there have been many players who get red-shirted their freshmen year that are "disengaged and frustrated". Mike Thomas being a real example. Gibson apparently is also projecting the same things. Cardale supposedly thought about transferring years ago too. Kids struggle adjusting to college life and a difficult lifestyle in elite college football.

I'm just saying it is natural for a freshman who doesn't get PT, learning how to be on their own and feel lost to still end up fine and staying with OSU. doesn't have to be "negative".

Comment 23 Nov 2015


People overanalyzing and trying to interpret Social Media Sucks !!!

don't blame the message, blame the people who try to make it about something they want it to be about.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

1 month after signing day he was seen wearing Michigan clothing.

oh the workout t-shirt when he wasn't even with the team yet.......how is that negative? Maybe you and the above deemed it negative!

and also do tell me what kids are supposed to wear when they have those clothes in their workout attire because they originally wanted to go to UM to begin with and were fans when little? So his broke ass should have tossed all his clothes before he arrived on campus and was giving stuff to wear?

okay, fine...you can have that one. When has he been "negative" since he has been with the team since August?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

you really think this thread helped change the topic from the FIRE threads?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

yep, Kyle Kalis is a shining example of great attitudes from Ohio recruits. Not one high school football player from Ohio has issues. They are all perfect!