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Comment 7 hours ago

Gruden criticized Hooker for taking bad angles, really should have seen how bad Peppers was at taking angles. Sorry Browns fans and DJ!

My Chiefs got a big armed QB. I was stunned how they did it but they had picks to spare and few needs as big as a QB to develop for when Alex Smith fails to get 4K yards again! I'm happy. Now I would love to get McMillan or Samuel in the 2nd round!

Comment 19 hours ago
Glad Hooker got picked but Indy kills players legs. I never like seeing a buckeye go there because of that field.
Comment 26 Apr 2017

he hasn't spoken to the police yet. He wasn't in the room when they talked to the other two male witnesses in the report. The witness 2 stated "he didn't touch her" (talking about himself) but "his best friend was with her". He does then say that his friend never touched her and she got mad.

but Conley never made the statement to the police.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

not saying it is false but sometimes revenge doesn't require a financial aspect to it. If she was just pissed he didn't want to have anything to do with her, this could be just payback and not extortion or civil case.

some people just want to ruin your day if they feel scorned! we will see which is the truth.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

As much as I tried to pay attention to the Opening, they fucked that whole thing up! It was far too much talking about prospects and showing highlights and not enough of the actual events going on, especially the 7-on-7.

I hope someone takes it over and makes it more viewer friendly.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I feel for you and your son, that does suck.

but you and your son aren't trying to get into the NFL and aren't bound by the NFL's rules. Not to mention you and your son don't have an AGENT that should be well versed in the document I linked.

again, I'm talking from the NFL's perspective and their rules, not what is right. Follow their rules if you want to play for them. Diluted samples have been discussed in the past,


This was a big story 4 years ago,


I'm just pointing out that this isn't the first story about diluted samples in the NFL drug policy. Players should be aware to avoid excess water, even if they are sick. And if he and Foster were really that sick, why still go to the Combine? they are first round picks anyways, show up at the pro day. Do individual workouts with teams. Don't risk failing a drug test for a diluted sample when it isn't necessary. Mike Golic calls it the stupid test for a reason. Now Foster and Peppers are going to get tested multiple times a year because they made an error....clean or not.

not everyone gets to go to UM or OSU. There is no shame in going to any college or learning a trade skill if you don't. I know a lot of successful people who didn't go to a top college. My step father makes 6 figures as a west coast sales rep. He works his ass off and by doing so, made sure I had an education!

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I just don't see LJ or Coombs going anywhere. They found their place where they can thrive and make good money doing it. I think they are happy.

but I will never say never when it comes to the drive of coaches.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

first of all, what Kerr is dealing with is debilitating! he is having severe headaches and nausea. He has fluid leaking from his spinal cord! That is far from Thad dealing with a degenerative foot. Thad can still coach with his injury.

secondly, far lesser players have made the jump and developed enough to be long standing support players. Many said the same stuff about Channing Frye when he left early and was dealing with injuries while still at Arizona. He developed a 3 pt shot and is now on a championship team making millions. Thompson has a chance to make it even if he won't be a star player. NBA is looking for athletic 7 footers, he might do better in the d league for a year or two than returning to OSU.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Agreed. Someone obviously has no idea what they are talking about. 10/9/1.5 with his style of play. He might not be a starter in the NBA, but his abilities are useful with how they are now using long and athletic centers and no longer using big hulking centers. If he spends 2 years in the D league working on an outside shot, he could be useful off the bench for years.

far from the "best year" of Dallas! not to mention Dallas was barely 6'9'', Thompson is a true 7 footer.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

you can't be serious? it has been well documented that the NFL sees a diluted sample as the same as a positive test for substance or a masking agent. EVERYONE DOES KNOW IT! If I know it, and most people I have talked to for...IDK years!, then any player and agent should have a fucking clue. You are arguing from the stand point of whether he smoked, I'm arguing THIS IS THE FUCKING NFL'S RULE!

In addition, a “dilute specimen”— a urine specimen that has a specific gravity value less than 1.003 and a creatinine concentration of less than 20 mg/dL — shall be deemed positive

Page 10 under concentration levels. And I didn't take more than 5 minutes looking that up! If Peppers wasn't aware of this, he needs a new agent! fair or not, he is now in the program!


Comment 25 Apr 2017

I know you are trying to toe the line but bringing up UM shit isn't necessary at this time!

and no matter what the judgement is towards Peppers, he will be in the program whether he smoked weed or not and EVERYONE knows a diluted sample is the same as a failed sample. Don't drink a shit load of water even if you are clean!