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Comment 19 minutes ago

I might be pumping myself up and I might be a bit delusional but I really see JT as a Russell Wilson clone while he was up at Wisky.

If the defense is making the strides we all think they are, I am going to be very happy with this season (as well as you all should too)

Comment 1 hour ago
I was going to ask if it might have been an issue with your browser and maybe try another one like chrome or IE just to see. I think Jason hit the nail on the head, the crash has given me some glitches.
Comment 3 hours ago
JT wasn't that bad in the spring game and he had half a Oline blocking a good pass rush, was told to pass more than run and had a few breakaways that could have been TDs. I'm not concerned at all and I love how so many are writing off OSU. Buckeyes are going to be fine, it just really sucks for Braxton and I wish it didn't happen. And I laugh when someone, ESPN writer, says JT has the weakest arm. That arm looks pretty solid to me. A rope 20 yards down the seam to the TE is strong enough for me.
Comment 12 hours ago
Ah but he did use two qbs quite well in 2006 with leak and tebow. I can see JT being main guy and Cardale getting redzone play. With his size, easy short yardage TDs.
Comment 19 hours ago

just goes to show the relevance of Braxton and this team. People wouldn't give a crap if we were talking about a regular QB on another team. The fact that people are rejoicing in this goes to show they were seriously concerned about how good this team was going to be.

Comment 19 hours ago

uh, Braxton is the best at the zone read. I think you are mistaken in what the zone read is.

that is the ultimate in zone read, he read the play perfectly. I believe JT is good at zone read, but he isn't better than Braxton. I've seen JT in the zone read and he is good, but there is no evidence he could have done that.

Now I do say that JT is a better zone read QB than Cardale and he is perfect for this offense. I just doubt he is better than the best I have seen in a long time.

Comment 19 hours ago

anyone who says these curses aren't true, they are not seeing what is going down.

If I were a team, I would sue any publication that sports my players on their cover. Especially SI.

Comment 19 hours ago

if one of Jt or Cardale gets injured, I think Collier will not be redshirted. But for now I think they might actually consider a preferred walk on as the third QB. Didn't we get an Ohio kid as a preferred walkon this year?

not the most ideal situation but I think we need to save Collier and let him grow. He could be something special in a year or so, but not this year.

Comment 19 Aug 2014
I agree Barrett will be just fine. He is a top talent despite the inexperience. I do disagree JT is better at zone read, if u are comparing to Braxton. but I agree that JT is taylored made for this offense. I feel more for Braxron right now. I'm not worried about the team. I wanted Braxton to prove them all wrong and win the whole lot!
Comment 18 Aug 2014
First of all, the orange bowl is where he hurt it and pre surgery. Secondly, Chad Pennington massively tore his shoulder and that is why he never was normal again. Have you ever heard of players not playing or practicing when it's not necessary. Again, if Navy was tomorrow, Braxton would start. He is practicing the important stuff, he's just not throwing as much as he normally would. And I'm certain Braxton won't play the whole Navy game because it will be over after half time. Hopefully.
Comment 18 Aug 2014

I disagree about Mariota but I do agree that if Braxton had a decent defense last year, he could have gone all the way and had a ton more stats. Every time I saw the defense stay on the field for more than 5-6 plays a set, I saw Braxton having less time to put up stats. And yet he put up top 5 QB level stats.

if the defense plays up to expectation this year, Braxton should be right there with the rest for the Heisman and this team will look like a contender.

Comment 15 Aug 2014
Hoke's got a badunkadunk! He's the size of an offensive guard, but in a different shape. And I have never been an advocate of making fun of him because he is fat, but that is a whole lot of ass!
Comment 15 Aug 2014
And I don't think it is a bad thing to say they are the same. Some people will look at that and go, hmmmm OSU is like the powerhouse Bama program. They also have a better city (Columbus>>>Tuscaloosa) and an easier path every year. Some 5 star recruits might take heed of that. I still think there are some huge differences, but I think it might be a good thing to be just like the team everyone considers the elite team in football.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
Shows the difference of what a really good defense could do for a team. If Braxton and Co. Had that defense, I'm certain things would be different. And I think Clemson wasn't that good. They were being handled well by our buckeyes and they just didn't put their foot on their necks. The philly muff really allowed them back into the game. He didn't lose the game but Clemson was toast if OSU scored on that drive, or at least took some time off the clock.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
Every time he scores a TD it should flash up there. It should now be written in stone that is Bell's new thing. WE NEED MOAR VONN BELL!
Comment 15 Aug 2014
Supposedly he is about 200 lbs. There is an UDFA rookie playing for the KC Chiefs named Albert Wilson, from Georgia Southern U. He is 5'9'' and about 205. He is fast and can bounce off players. He will make the team and he could be that Wes Weller out of nowhere kind of guy. To have that weight allows those small fast guys to really make plays. That is a huge difference from a guy that size at 175lbs. Dontre should be able to break tackles now and that is a really good thing. I mean really good.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
I wouldn't mind if he took off a bit more time till next week. He would still have a week of practice before game week.