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Comment 2 hours ago
Seriously! Worried about recruiting! SMDH Uh, you are an idiot.
Comment 2 hours ago
I think the only mythology was portrayed by his multiple accounts. What started the whole thing for 9route was his forum post that we should all follow his twitter acct because he will break recruiting news, yet was always a few days late. People ragged on that so much it became known.
Comment 2 hours ago
I promise, I am only one account but I still have multiple personalities! Sometimes fuzzy nuts gets on and messes with you guys. He has an odd sense of humor but can be easily distracted by imaged of acorns. Just an FYI.
Comment 26 Jul 2014

My hope is that he makes it back up for an official visit before he makes a choice. He obviously enjoys OSU, but my concern is he won't take that opportunity. He had a moment with Urban at the end there, he needs to see what the shoe is like at a game. He still hasn't had that chance and I hope he knows it is a must. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014
As awesome as it would be to get Sweat, I still say Hilliard is a bigger get this year. I would also include Gibson because he could help bring in guys like Kirk.
Comment 25 Jul 2014

Northwestern should be Steve Colbert. Seth Myers should be the honorable mention. Colbert >>>>Myers

How can Purdue's biggest celebrity fan be a former QB. Seriously, how about a real celebrity. I know ours is Lebron but at least we know there are others that are huge buckeye fans.

I would still claim James Gandolfini if I was Rutgers. Nothing against Mario but Mr. Soprano was the coolest. RIP!

Comment 25 Jul 2014

yeah Title IX violations I can see being an issue, especially with the US dept of Ed investigating everyone,

but this is weak sauce my friends. I talk worst than that to my lawnmower, it never listens to me on the ramp in my back yard. never!

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I believe the word is that at least one recruit from the 2016 class is a possible commit and I think there is another that is likely too, I just can't recall if he is a 2015 recruit or 2016.

Wouldn't mind seeing Conrad and Gibson commit together. Lock up the future TE and QB.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

You are confusing arrogance with resentment. Conrad has been a huge buckeye fan and always wanted to come play at OSU. He never lacked interest, he is hurt because of the lack of interest from OSU. THAT is the truth!

wounds can be mended with time and Conrad is starting to look more into his heart. I find it will be hard for him to not think about it if an offer does come his way from Urban.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

for everyone who is saying "its been like this for decades" and "what, out of nowhere",

does anyone recall that many universities, including our own OSU, are under investigation for Title IX in the past year?


Whetever happened 10 years ago, or just only 1 year ago, is no longer the same! The US department of Education is bearing down on all these universities to clean up their act. If Drake and the OSU administration didn't do this, this could become a whole lot worst!

AND STOP REFERRING TO PENN STATE! If anything refer to the FAMU hazing as a comparable event. It is aggrevating reading these comments about comparing opinions on here to those of the PSU faithful. ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!