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Comment 15 hours ago

agreed. Even Braxton would have struggled with a bad Oline like that, no running game but his own and those receivers. Even Braxton couldn't do that much on his own.

we cool!

Comment 15 hours ago

so because JT has only played 4 games in his career that should count against him?

of course the original question is dumb because we have seen Braxton do it and JT  hasn't had the opportunity yet, unless you consider the VT game his opportunity when his Oline was a sieve, receivers dropped almost every pass and he had no running game to help out. And I'm pretty sure Braxton wouldn't have run so well against that defense with that Oline.

Comment 15 hours ago

Tom Brady didn't give it back to Drew Bledsoe who was quite established. It can happen. 

and a B1G champ game winner, BCS bowl winner or playoff contender would trump a 2X B1G POY. Just sayin. Trophies are bigger than conference recognition awards!

Comment 15 hours ago

and we yet to forget that the great Johnny Football had a bad early game against LSU, then another against UF on his way to a heisman himself.

If JT has a big game against MSU, it is very possible he could get a heisman.

Comment 16 hours ago

it was his second game against a defense that basically said "we are coming all out at you". His line couldn't block! His receivers couldn't catch!

In fact, I almost guarantee you we WOULDN'T be undefeated with Braxton! It wasn't JT's fault they lost that game. He was the leading rusher, he threw half of those balls off the fingers of the receivers. He had zero time to drop back and check his reads. And his game plan sucked! Braxton would have had just as many issues in that game.

and I'm pretty sure Braxton wouldn't throw for 300 yards on back to back games like JT has. He has only thrown for 300 yards zero times!

now I'm not saying anything about next year (it has been covered too many times already) but lets not act like JT has been anything but surprisingly awesome to this point. He is absolutely a better passer than Braxton.

Comment 16 hours ago

what happened to real streakers? This is pathetic, if you don't do it right don't do it at all. You think Schlegal would tackle you like that if your dong was within touching range? NOPE! plus by being naked, they know you aren't carrying a weapon which makes it so much more acceptable. Kid just didn't have the balls, metaphorically and literally.

so be smart, if you are going to break the law, do it so nobody wants to touch you because your man bits might get them.

I'm curious what a jury would think actually. I bet that deliberation wouldn't take long.

Comment 19 hours ago

I'm like you, I haven't followed it as much as many have but my opinion still stands. Drake and the University were under Title IX investigation and any little blip on the screen would have to be dealt with "proactively" just because of that.

I think their hand was forced and had to react swiftly. I'm not saying its right and I'm not saying Waters is innocent or guilty. I'm just saying the climate was the wrong time for such a report to come out. It was like Carlos Hyde getting in trouble for hitting a woman (which we all know the story on that) shortly after the Aaron Hernandez situation. Hyde didn't do anything to warrant a 3 game suspension except that the timing was god awful and Urban had no choice. Waters has a report put out into the public about a sexualized culture right at the same time as the investigation for....Title IX.

It was all poor timing.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

sucks because I am heading towards college park next weekend for my wifes reunion. Would have been nice to go the same weekend as the game, although I might not have been able to attend anyways. ugh!

Comment 29 Sep 2014

or really good QB with a monster arm and fast wideouts!

its not always just the defense sucking you know. The other team does make plays.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I was thinking beer brat and seasoned fries but Victory works too.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I plan to rewatch the game to focus on the wideouts more and also Raekwon. I agree, I think Thomas wasn't out there as much for whatever reason. I have no idea why he wasn't on the field more. I was concerned he was injured or something.

I think Spencer, Devin and others have made a case to be on the field, but I also agree it is baffling that Corey Smith is getting more PT than those who have out played him.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Big plays happened against Navy and KSU. They will happen, but I like the way the offense is moving the ball now. I hope it stays this way and the big plays just happen every now and then.

and to me, 3 straight 10+ yard rushes when the defense knows that is what you are doing, is a big play! might not be a ton of yards but it certainly tells me this team has a base coming. In the VT game, the base was never established.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I think they all deserve more touches really, but I think the mix on Saturday is just fine! If Eze runs the ball like that, he deserves as much as he can handle. No matter who the opponent may be.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I'm sure Oklahoma (with WVU) and FSU (with NCST) feel the same, but it happens to even the best teams.

Especially an in-state rival that wants nothing more than to unseat the throne! Cincy wanted that one so bad.

VaTech I think Brewer had a career game, but I don't think it was all that. Their defense had a career night too. The game plan was a brilliant move. It was a complete great day for that team and it was still tied at 21 midway in the 4th quarter! Let's not act like it was a blowout okay.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

yes that was the stat. What I'm saying is that those were all bombs that the pass itself went beyond 20 yards. It is far different than a behind the line of scrimmage screen pass that broke 5 tackles for 80 yards! Even a short slant (which I'm pretty sure was at least 20 yards if not 15 yards downfield) is more acceptable than a bubble screen that nobody could tackle.

Last year, average players were making those plays. It didn't take a 5 star stud QB (and despite the stars, Kiel is a very good QB and should get drafted) to make big plays on that defense.

the other 2 3 were bombs

fixed it! there were 3 bombs and one slant for the TDs

Comment 29 Sep 2014

plus two of those bombs were while the defense was blitzing. The offensive line was a stone wall on some of those plays. Its why Kiel was able to do what he does best, throw bombs.

it really is cracking me up. Next thing you know we will face a team that rushes the ball for 250 yards a game, give up 3-4 big rushing plays and "the front seven can't stop anybody!!!"

IMO, Kiel got a couple of lucky plays. Bell should have knocked that ball out and the defense shouldn't have become lazy before the end of the half (it was a lazy defense, expecting a handoff and not a bomb). The other 2 touchdowns were real though.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I seriously don't see why anyone is saying nothing has changed! There is a big difference between a big armed QB standing tall and chucking bombs hitting on more than he should compared to ANY QB having the ability to dump screens that go 80 yards for a TD.

If you don't see the difference yet, you aren't looking. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a play longer than 20 yards that started short of 20 yards. All those big plays were 40 yards down the field. I didn't see many 10-15 yard first down converting, defense killing plays that we all were expecting after the VaTech game. They fixed that issue.

Now the big plays are a problem, but its a natural and typically problem. Watching average running backs gain 180 yards on screens all day is so much worst! This defense is night and day compared to last year and I'm pretty sure it is still very young and is still developing.