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Comment 1 hour ago
I believe he made a play or two in the hype videos of TC released by the University staff. I think he still has potential and another guy who could step up. Him and Dixon could be valuable vs VT.
Comment 6 hours ago

yeah, my Raptors were looking really good early in the season last year and they ended up sucking bad! Late season and playoffs matter more. I don't think missing parts of the early season would be an issue, especially when you still have Lebron and Love.

Comment 6 hours ago

Seems to me like a few commenters on here think this is the actual depth chart. This is just a projection article, not the released depth chart from the team.

I think there are some guys that are not listed above that we haven't heard about that will be a surprise. When Jashon Cornell or Alex Stump aren't even mentioned, you know there is some depth that is lingering that we have yet to hear about. Not to mention Dylan Thompson and Jeff Green.

Comment 6 hours ago

I think that Tyquan Lewis is being kept as a secret weapon and not talked about much. I also believe guys like Jashon Cornell and Dylan Thompson will factor in later in the year moreso.

Plus, not like VT will run over any defense OSU puts out. They didn't last year! I would be more concerned with that kid Brewer having another epic day again, but not against this secondary and linebackers now.

I wouldn't be too concerned about that side of the ball. Lets just hope the offense can destroy them like we expect.

Comment 6 hours ago

It was just announced that Webb is the starting nickel. and if he wasn't, Cam Burrow was most likely the one.

Besides, I like Smith to stay as the primary backup just in case. I bet he does see the field though, but just as a true safety.

Comment 10 hours ago

I don't consider myself a Herbie hater, in fact I like the guy a lot.

but my beef was always that he would steer away from discussing the buckeyes a lot or would go out of his way to avoid being considered a homer. You can be somewhere in between Howard's over the top homerism and completely unbiased. Herbie can stick up for his team a bit more without having to be considered a homer.

IDK, it just always irked me that I know he is a huge fan and he would deliberately avoid anything that showed he was a fan. At least for a while, he seems to be more comfortable talking about them since Urban showed up and they started winning.

Comment 11 hours ago

If its not Zeke or the buckeyes QB, the only guy in the B1G I think it can be is Cook. I don't get why people think HackaSack will have that good of a season.

Again, why do people confuse NFL projection of talent with college production. HackaSack hasn't shown anything to prove he will be the best college player this year. I expect him to be a first round pick but I don't think he will get the heisman.

Comment 12 hours ago

2014 vs VaTech = No Braxton, new starting QB, new starting RB, 4 new Oline and 3 new WR (Thomas, Jalin and Corey didn't play a down before 2014).

2015 vs VaTech = No Devin or Evan, Braxton will play, experienced QB, heisman level RB, experienced Oline, experience at WR in Thomas and Samuel.

despite the loses that will be felt, I think this team will STILL be far better than it was last year. Just the addition of Braxton will make a difference.

Comment 13 hours ago

described at length many times on here during the season. (probably will again too)

I can't watch games at my brothers. was there during 06, was there for Purdue Harbor, was there for USC at home (we at first thought it was the moron with us who said "its in the bag" before USC marched down and won the game), was there for VaTech and I was there for the Sugar Bowl vs Bama until the INT in the second quarter that put them up I think 21-3. Drove home as Zeke scored the first TD. That was when we put it all together.

so, no more buckeye football at my brothers house. Anywhere else is fine!

Comment 13 hours ago

gee, football players cheat to make the grades back before 2000? who would have thought.

I'm not surprised to hear this. I mean, UM's players still get a degree in General Studies!

Comment 14 hours ago

I've had some thoughts that if Cardale wins the QB battle, JT should still be the one who starts vs VaTech. Let JT beat up on them and then Cardale can start the rest of the year. I think everyone would be fine with it if it was laid out like that from the beginning.

I doubt it would happen though. It will be more likely both get PT throughout the season.

I would prefer Brax getting first snap in The Game.

Comment 24 hours ago
Where did you here issues with Baugh. All Urban has said is he is almost ready to get on the field and really contribute. They see progress in Baugh. Plus I think AJ and Rashod can be good blockers and KJ Hill will add to the passing game. Urban did a lot with worse.