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Comment 15 hours ago

and its not the first time its been on here.

Comment 16 hours ago

I find it funny that play by play and analysts don't know that they are trying to keep the ball out of the endzone on kickoffs. I love it when they question it.

Comment 16 hours ago

to most it doesn't matter because the B1G is already out of it.

you are correct there aren't many top 10-15 teams that could fit but I would pose that LSU has a better chance of upsetting the upstart Ole Miss than PSU has of beating OSU. I don't think either will happen, but there are more probable situations out there she could have picked.

I would even go as far to say Texas is more likely to upset KSU, who is ranked at #11 above OSU. KSU isn't as strong as Ohio State and Texas does have a good defense as well and has played stronger opponents then PSU.

Comment 16 hours ago

you must not read most of the stuff on here about Mark May then.

and yes I have questioned male writers as well. on here even.

and I work in a female dominated department. You want to talk about this, lets talk about it because it does go both ways! And just because I said it happens doesn't mean I condone it. actually quite the opposite.

Comment 16 hours ago

now I didn't go there. I said nothing about her being a woman talking about college football.

an "ESPN company mandate to put down big ten teams"? Yeah, okay. I think she is delusional with her picks (which are typically wrong) and you make it a conspiracy. got it!

and yes I do believe a lot of her work is incompetence, but it has nothing to do with being a woman. I believe many writers are incompetent at ESPN. Male or Female. Mark May picks OSU to get upset every week. I think he is incompetent.

FYI, a male can blow someone too to get a job. doesn't have to be about gender.

Comment 17 hours ago

You are right, I shouldn't have said that. that was very sexist. I still think she doesn't know what she is talking about.

and she did leave off Nebraska? they are playing.

Comment 17 hours ago

That first upset prediction is by Heather Dinich. She is so dumb its not even funny. I have no idea how she got a column on ESPN.

side note, she also listed all the one loss teams that are possible playoff contenders (listed OSU btw, despite her concern against PSU), but she left off Notre Dame (despite how I feel about them, they should be highly considered as a one loss contender) and Nebraska (who should get mentioned even though I think they aren't that good).

(shouldn't have said that, Sorry)

Comment 17 hours ago

They barely beat Rutgers 13-10, and against Gary Nova's worst night (5 INTs). Ohio State beat Rutgers 56-17 (most after backups were put in). Do you think OSU would only score 13 pts if they got 5 INT against anyone?

you are correct with who each team has played, but OSU has demolished those weak opponents. PSU hasn't beaten a power 5 team by more than 3 points (losing two of them btw)

Comment 18 hours ago

BVW, not sure if you know this stat or not. PSU has scored 14 total TDs all season (13 offensive, 1 defensive). They couldn't score two touchdowns on Rutgers. Ohio State scored 8 touchdowns against Rutgers, 15 total in last two weeks.

I don't think it will be a blow out but even against VT the buckeyes scored 21 points. And I believe we can all agree that was the worst night possible offensively and defensively. Unless JT (and the Oline, and Corey Smith) has another night like that, I highly doubt this is an upset alert game.

Comment 20 hours ago

Barrett will be able to use a vocal call after the first quarter, when OSU is up a couple TDs and the crowd goes silent knowing....its over!

Comment 22 Oct 2014

so to compare it to just Oregon and Maryland is idiotic

keep reading!

, it is a far cry from an all black uni
To the uniforms compared in Oregon and Maryland. There is a continuing thought there.
And I really don't see how "everyone is doing it" is a bad thing. Just because many different programs, who are doing quite well, are doing it, OSU can't? Why are we so high and mighty to not do it?
Damn computer won't switch it off quotes.
Comment 22 Oct 2014

I heard that some Ohio State players sold Penn State players to a bowl game, so they know what it feels like to be in a bowl.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I didn't say "everyone else does it". I said the black uniforms are done by every team, so to compare it to just Oregon and Maryland is idiotic. Especially when we all know they are talking about the Chromed out unis of Oregon and the state flag abomination of Maryland.

Those who say we don't need to be like the teams that use the black unis, fine. I understand that logic. Its the people who say we are trying to be like Oregon and Maryland when it is the furthest from the truth! Black uniforms is not even close to what Maryland has put out there.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I love all this. "leave it to Oregon and Maryland to wear those ugly things"

uh, it is a far cry from an all black uni, which just about EVERY team is doing, and the chromed out Oregon unis and the "maryland flag going on an all night bender and puking on their uniforms" Maryland unis.

you all are crazy! I just hope they make the all blacks look nice. there are some pretty fugly ones but some are awesome.