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Comment 12 hours ago
He doesn't have operations say but when it comes to courting players for FA I'm pretty sure LeBron runs that part of the show. You really think FA are coming because the GM is contacting them and getting a meet and greet? Griffin worked out the logistics but the sit down happens because of LeBron. Point is, it is easier to convince good players to join you with a LeBron than it is to convince a player to join the Sacramento Kings. A GM is more likely to be successful with a successful team. Even Billups.
Comment 17 hours ago

lets be real, Lebron is negotiating with players to come to Cavs. Only job the GM has there is not to screw up the press conferences and back Lebron in what the team can do to provide for the incoming players.

plus, the former player turned office/coach tends to work for successful programs. Lions were crap before Millen arrived and Sacramento is a loss cause for anyone let alone a former player to run.

now I'm not saying Billups should be the choice...

Comment 11 Jun 2017
Very true point but A) Urban has hit on the RB he has taken and B) he did get McCall who is awesome! Also, the latest word is that Thomas is having academic issues and might not be able to be taken. Might not be true but could explain some of the distancing.
Comment 11 Jun 2017
Sorry but the best is Bobby Jones! If the Masters was around (you know, the course he was apart of designing) he probably would have had around as many majors as Jack and definitely more than Tiger. He even retired early due to health reasons and didn't play as much because he was a lawyer too. They say he had the best game and at the time technology was even more limited than it was during Jack's time. Tiger was the most dominating golfer I ever saw. His mark on the sport might be the largest of all as well. But I never saw Bobby play and it is hard to argue against the only player to have a calendar grand slam (including amateur majors). Jack does have the record though. I'm not going to deny him that.
Comment 09 Jun 2017

I like the hire because he is a fresh up and coming coach that seems like he relates to players well. Although I will need to watch some Butler basketball now to see his style of play. Hopefully he teaches offensive sets well and has a nice dribble drive style. Drive and kick to shooters (if you have them).

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Can I join your staff, but I'll take $100K instead of helmet stickers and I'm really good at relating to the Youts!

coaching might not be my strong suit though, but I'm all for practicing 3 pointers and nothing else!

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I'm confident as well, just was pointing out that there are worst things than hiring a coach with a bad record if you are using that as a reason. I trust Wilson learned his lesson.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

you!! are discussing HC hires, Chuck didn't specify that. He said "a coach".

besides, it was a sarcastic response that was basically "well, we kind of already did that". We all agree anyways that we don't want Crean for many other reasons than A) his record as a coach and B) that it was with another B1G program. The guy is a tool and creepy. THAT is why none of us want him!

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Buckeye Chuck didn't specific success, he just said they won't hire someone fired by another B1G school....hence, comparable!

and being fired for a player safety scandal is actually more concerning than fired for having a bad record just a few years after taking a team to the championship game. I mean, I don't want the guy but your argument of "how is it comparable" is flimsy.

Comment 05 Jun 2017

WOW! Wish him well and I expect he would be excellent in a media position.

I am curious who will take over now. Also curious if any of the staff would stay with the new coach and what will the style of play be.

Sorry to see how this all went but gotta admit I'm kind of excited for the possibilities!

Comment 05 Jun 2017

yeah, he coached great in the ECF and all season. Its the level of talent Boston has compared to Cleveland and its not even close, not to mention losing his best player after the first game.

Stevens is a good coach and he maximized his talent, imagine what he will do once they get some real talent there (still won't be as much as Cleveland but they will be a lot better than my Raptors).

Comment 05 Jun 2017

I got your point, on the first thread you posted it on. Didn't say anything!

but as you say,

Now, it's just trying to re-create something for the sake of re-creating it.

You say neoprene.

I say vapid!

and as I said, it wasn't this site that makes these "rhymes". The team makes it and it seems to be bringing in the talent who seem to be embracing it. So, take it up with the program!