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Comment 6 hours ago

yep. I think the Indiana defense is much faster than it used to be and they really were keying in on the outside stuff. Beck and Warriner should have recognized that earlier and went to counters for that aggressive play. I believe the Zeke big runs were counters to the Indy defense playing the way it was, but they took too long to recognize it and really didn't hammer it when they did.

Comment 6 hours ago

This is the perfect example of the thought process of someone who doesn't understand a rivalry and real football player mentality.

Why play at all? Who cares about glory and actually enjoying playing the game when you can get into a playoff that makes everyone else money but you!!

Comment 6 hours ago

274 yards rushing for Zeke isn't a debacle.

narrow it down more, the passing game is a debacle. Turnovers is a debacle.

the offense in whole is actually not a debacle as much as it is a mediocre product.

Comment 7 hours ago

only thing wrong I see with this is that Gibson and Burrow are not eligible.

but everyone else I agree with!

Comment 8 hours ago

well, seemed to me that when they ran off tackle with pulling linemen, they did get yards each time. It is the halfback dives up the middle and the god awful sweeps they kept screwing up on that went nowhere. And true Zeke did go up the middle but those were cutbacks where he made a play happen. They can run the "85 yards through..." play over and over again and I bet they will be successful the majority of the time.

I know halfback dive (DAVE) is necessary and the sweeps can spread out a defense, but when they get Zeke running just off tackle, he wasn't stopped much if at all.

Comment 8 hours ago

LSU, "They are a good team, dominating their opponents. They deserve to be in the playoff talk"


LSU just beat Eastern Michigan. Who is a better team, EMU or Indiana? Lets just say EMU to make it look like LSU had a tougher game, in Baton Rouge BTW.

  • LSU just beat EMU by scoring 2 TD's in the 4th quarter. It was 30-22 until then, one score game right?
  • LSU is RB dominant, 233 yards for Fournette. Zeke, 274 just like LSU.
  • LSU has a struggling QB, with 80 yards passing and 1 INT. Jones, 245 with 1/1 TD/INT.
  • OSU gave up 402 yards to a team avg. 500. LSU, 255 to a team avg. 400.

one is in the SEC and the other the lowly B1G! Yet, they are the same team except for the fact OSU has proven to be able to have a passing game when it is working. Not sure LSU could throw for 300 yards in a game.

Just a simple comparison of two teams that are running game dominant, struggling passing and undefeated getting opposite publicity!

Comment 8 hours ago

his shoulder pad hit the defender above the hip at the jersey, helmet hit the bottom of the shoulder pad. At no point until after original contact did he touch the defender below the waist. It was a low block, but the defender was low too.

like I said, it might have been a bit on the back of the shoulder and back, but it was not low to be a chop block. I've seen clean blocks go lower than that and not get calls.

Comment 10 hours ago

B1G needs to review that call because it was awful! first chop block call I've seen where the offender didn't even touch anywhere below the numbers. Maybe a bit on the back of the shoulder, but that was not an illegal block.

Comment 11 hours ago

sure rant, but could you make it a bit smaller say.....1/3 of what you wrote. I don't like loooooooonnnnnnnggggg rants!

Comment 11 hours ago

I agree the OSU opponents aren't great but they are winning. Sure Ole Miss played a tougher opponent in UF (who really isn't that great though), but they lost miserably.

All these teams are rising up the ranks, then they lose. Last week the two best teams in the sport were supposedly ND and Ole Miss. Well, now its Clemson and UF. Watch them lose next. UCLA was a hot team out west, just lost to a team TAMU beat the crap out of.

Playing badly and winning to me is better than looking good then losing. Again, have a few drinks and the beer goggles will show TCU and Baylor's pretty offenses, but once sobriety hits they will not look too pretty when tested.

and I see a lot of comparison to FSU last year. I don't agree but if they are like FSU then going undefeated all year and making the playoffs isn't a horrible thing to me! even if they get routed by a good team once they do.

Comment 11 hours ago

I've said it on other posts, I disagree with the FSU comparison. FSU went down by multiple scores often and had to play miraculously in the second half of games to come from behind. They were down to Louisville by 21 points. Our Bucks haven't played like that yet.

OSU is struggling but they have not trailed like FSU had and they are making plays but making mistakes. That FSU team didn't make plays until they were about to lose. Yes our buckeyes struggled Saturday keeping the lead, but they had the lead and fought to keep it.

Also, they left a lot of points off the board. Few less mistakes and it would have been a bigger win. Its not a lack of ability which most of the time was FSU's problem last year.

Comment 13 hours ago

I am not enjoying the play, like many others. Where I count my blessings is we are watching a team that is giving up 3-5 turnovers a game, missing FG, missing wideopen TDs, trying to figure stuff out.....

and yet still remaining in control of games and not having to make miraculous comebacks (see FSU last year and TCU vs TTech this year). Everyone wants to point as OSU struggling with "bottomfeeders" when the top SEC and top PAC-12 teams lost to teams that many in the media say "they won't lose to", and badly I might add!

It is one thing to have to hold off a contender when you are the champion, and another being the champion but obviously outclassed by the contender.  This team isn't outclassed, they just can't put together a whole game.

Comment 13 hours ago

well, we all weren't on TV but when Zeke made that run to take the lead I bet I looked just like that!

it was the rest of the time I kept screaming, GIVE ZEKE THE BALL!!!

Comment 02 Oct 2015
I'm a supporter of Louisville but only cuz I work here, but I find it funny when Jurich says Pitino has a sterling record. HA! Maybe with recruiting violations so far but he isn't above reproach in his personal life. I don't think this is a big deal as far as probably not the only program doing it, but not a good look after the last blemish by Pitino.
Comment 02 Oct 2015

fine, scarlet and gray are the "signature colors", but black is also on the uniform making them on a different "footing" than all the others as well. It might not be signature, but it isn't the same as the others either. if you want to put black with blue, orange and green, then you are just as wrong as those who are trying to make it a signature color!

so, both inaccurate! done.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

can you show me examples of people saying black was a "signature color". If that was argued, then I will agree with you.

but you are saying black is the same as blue because they are both "official". That is patently wrong and Urban would agree.

I think many are saying black is among the group of colors that scarlet and gray belong too, primary. Same footing to me means in the same group, like a classification chart. Black is apart of the same family as scarlet and gray much like a cat is the same family as a Lion or cheetah, but the Lion and Cheetah could be said to be more signature Felidae. Blue is like a Dog, its in the Mammal class but not the same family.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

have all been on the uniform already? I haven't seen green, blue or orange on there. I have seen a lot of black.