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Comment 9 hours ago
The team has to look the part or yes they will drop. It just happens. Its why no one respected them last year. The defense didn't look good at all.
Comment 13 hours ago

what expectations? I'm talking about honoring Braxton, not trying to walk in his shoes.

and in case you have missed the last couple of days, JT is being lumped in with Braxton and JT is getting huge expectations for an aspiring national contender already. I don't think a number change would make it that much harder. To be a Buckeye QB comes with expectations. I doubt this would increase that.

Comment 13 hours ago

I think the number tied to the player is no longer necessary to prove you belong. Almost every number at OSU has an all-timer tied to it, if not multiple.

if a recruit comes to OSU to expect their number to be retired,  http://buckeyextra.dispatch.com/content/stories/2012/02/24/osu-halts-retiring-numbers-of-its-stars.html. The number no longer represents the players, because those numbers are already tied to past players. Even Jordan changed his number. Just because Lebron wears #23 in honor of Jordan, he isn't any less of a player (and he was wearing #23 before he became who he is)

I understand what everyone is saying, they don't agree. Fine, but I disagree with this reason because he can still be a great player whether he wears #5 or not for one season.

Comment 13 hours ago

I'm not sure that example of his deep ball is a good one. That pass was from the otherside hash mark of the field to the far sideline. I have seen even the strongest armed QBs struggle with those throws. Plus I think, as said above, that play also shows how tight and fast our corners were playing in that game. look at all the other receivers and they were pretty well covered then too.

I agree that JT doesn't have the best deep ball but I think he can still sling it if necessary and still be productive. Play action or zone read should help JT hit his guys before they get too far out (JT did wait a while on that throw before he launched it, I think it was good coverage). I think JT has the arm that can hit a TE or WR that finds a deadspot in zone coverage, between defenders. I believe JT is better than Braxton at those throws. A few of his spring game throws were hitting a 15 yard slant in zone coverage with defenders around the area, and I don't recall any of them being in jeopardy of an INT. That is where JT will make up for the deep ball and allow receivers to get some YAC.

And they say a strong arm isn't about how far they can throw it, its how quickly they can get the ball where it needs to be in tight places.

Comment 15 hours ago

The superbowl seemed to do alright in NY in February. I think the players/fans will find a way to make it to a meaningful bowl game if it was up north in the cold. Chicago is a cold weather city, people vacation there. even during the winter.

and I'm not talking about selling tickets, I'm talking about players figuring out that its not all about playing in nice weather. Even if its warm, sometimes you have to play in a windstorm.

Comment 15 hours ago

hence why we need more bowl games up north. then when the wimps down south can't take it and lose all the time, players will see they need to be a northern team to compete.

anyone can play in Orlando, come to Minnesota in January!

Comment 15 hours ago

thats not just something in his shirt pocket. Maybe he was carrying his umbrella or a police baton.

Comment 17 hours ago

yeah I'm not saying he should do it to be a little brother or anything. Would you consider Shazier a little brother to Bryant?

It would be just a gesture as an honor to Braxton, like many players do on many teams.

I do agree that he doesn't need to. I wouldn't mind it if he does, just for this year. then Brax could have it back next year.

Comment 17 hours ago

yeah I was thinking a little play action or zone read pass.

From what my limited mind can remember, Braxton is awesome at the deep ball but where I think Kenny, and JT could be, had an advantage on Braxton was hitting a deep slant in stride about 15-20 yards. Braxton could toss it 30 yards no problem to a breaking Devin, but Kenny was hitting Devin before he even got separation more than 15 yards downfield. I think JT could do that and be succesful. I do agree that JT will have to excel at the intermediate throws more than the bombs Braxton would bust out.

Hopefully JT will be great at the across the middle stuff. He looked like he could do it in the spring game. but I do agree that Devin's 50 yard plays won't increase with Brax out. Probably why Devin will need to grow more to and become more than an over the top guy. If he could just catch a 10 yard seam route, he could be awesome!

Comment 18 hours ago

I will so miss that mentality, "here is what we will do and you still can't stop it!"

but yeah it will be nice to have all the other talent being utilized too. I keep thinking about how awesome Clark, Greene, Dixon are going to be and then I realize I'm not even talking about guys who will be starting this year. I keep forgetting that the top WR is still Devin Smith.

If JT is the passer we are hearing about, Devin could have a hell of a season. He certainly looked great with Kenny throwing to him! (nothing against Braxton of course)

Comment 18 hours ago

JT will be a starter at some point, most likely this year. I think Cardale will get passed up but that doesn't mean his career won't lead to the NFL. If he learns to pass better, he has all the other physical traits. Collier might find it the toughest but he just seems like a guy who will work hard, be a team player and doesn't really rely on football to dictate his future. I don't see him leaving.

Burrow and Gibson will red shirt next year, especially now that Brax is coming back. I don't see any way Burrow doesn't get a redshirt and Gibson is too raw to not get a redshirt, if he is that adamant about being a QB. I don't see either transferring if they come, but I wouldn't be stunned if Burrow did eventually to get a chance like Graham did two years ago. It would be nice to say that Haskins will be a buckeye but until that day, I won't worry about the future that far in advance. and Clark could be a redshirt his freshman year, so that problem could be years from now.

It is absolutely a good problem to have but as we see this year, too many QBs might quickly become not enough QBs.

Comment 18 hours ago

So what you are saying is that OSU QBs need to max out their Junior years and run to the NFL?

Good thing our new starter is a RS FR.

Comment 18 hours ago

The Oline might be a work in progress and not at the level it was last year, but it will certainly be better than anything TP ran behind thanks to the Walrus!

I am not concerned about this Oline at all. Nothing could be as bad as that was! Thank G!

Comment 18 hours ago

I just don't see how J.T. (I'm still going to use JT without any . because I'm lazy enough) won't score enough. From what I saw in the spring game with many limitations in play calling and a poor Oline was enough to believe he can score on most teams he plays against.

Granted he might not be ready to face a MSU or top team yet but neither was Winston when he started for the first time last year. I can see JT growing into a QB who will be ready come Nov. 8th.

Comment 19 hours ago

I might be pumping myself up and I might be a bit delusional but I really see JT as a Russell Wilson clone while he was up at Wisky.

If the defense is making the strides we all think they are, I am going to be very happy with this season (as well as you all should too)