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Comment 28 May 2016
When teams will try to bum rush JT because it worked in the past with teams like PSU and VT, Baugh will be extremely important to JT as an outlet. At least until the WR prove enough to be a threat. Until then, teams will expect option runs often with JT and the start in RB. I really hope what we saw with Baugh in the spring game is going to happen in the regular season. Easy 5 to 7 yards each time!
Comment 27 May 2016

I see you brought it back with more data. Last time I was accused of being a "Michigan Man" (the page no longer exists message) when you took it down. I kind of don't like that message!

Comment 27 May 2016

Well I look at it like this, as much as I liked Powell and really respect him for all he did as a buckeye...either safety is an upgrade IMO. They learn from the first two games and we might not need to worry about the lack of experience in the secondary. I just don't see Webb starting at one of the true safety positions and expect he will play that 5th nickel DB. I do expect Erick Smith to end up starting next to Hooker.

I do agree the safeties will probably make some mistakes but I also expect the offense to be a bit more consistent than it was last year (because I think Warriner in the booth is that much of a difference to the play calling) and a few mistakes by the defense won't kill this team.

I think Dre'Mont will be fine at 280 playing in either a 3-tech or 5-tech DT position. Kid is strong too. That obviously won't help the lack of a really good nose guard but I think he can be effective for the team being the other inside DL. Hopefully Mike Hill puts it all together, nose guard is scary behind him as much as I do like Devon and Landers. Would be nice if Thompson comes out of nowhere and shows up, but I doubt it!

I also think no matter what we know now, once Nick Bosa shows up anything can happen. He might not take a starters spot this year but he will have guys competing harder by just being there, and that alone could spark someone.


Comment 27 May 2016

I know Brady Taylor is going to be the backup at center but I can really see Cupp as the next starting center. Kid is like fighting a giant rock, just doesn't move very easily. He seems to look really good at run blocking and getting inside a booth the way he dominates his guy. He is definitely not a tackle, at least not left tackle. It is just nice to think that we will have a guy who is 6'5'' possibly at center.

as a stand up DE, LOL! kid is a player but man did he look slow rushing the passer. Got the sack but it looked very awkward. He is a Slob if there ever was one, and the kind that loves being here and will work hard to do what he can to help the team. Reminds me a lot of Taylor Decker coming in with how he just seems comfortable enough with who he is. Big balls defying MSU like he did, but it paid off.

Comment 27 May 2016

Well that is why it is great to have a 250 lb tackling machine behind them in Raekwon!

I also think that Hooker is going to be a ball hawk in the secondary and with him roaming around back there it will help the D-line have more time to get pressure. Not to mention I think Erick Smith is more sound as a tackler and will help the run D a lot, if he is ready and healthy.

I agree that Sprinkle and Hill should start but Dre'Mont is really looking good and impactful! There is some talent that can play inside, just need a few games to get rolling. I'm so glad Oklahoma is game 3 and not sooner.

Comment 27 May 2016

Equipment note 2: don't leave the board out as well. It will warp and the bags won slide...at all!

Comment 26 May 2016

Birm said that about Dobbins as a "bold prediction" that he thinks can happen if Akers commits to OSU first. Dobbins isn't actively looking elsewhere right now, just that he would consider other options more closely if Akers does commit.

right now Dobbins is in as a texas recruit. And not like Urban has never brought in a texas recruit before (JT Barrett, D. Knox), so the work down there hasn't exactly been fruitless. Just hasn't gotten anyone in the last two classes. That can easily change this year.

Comment 26 May 2016

I'm pretty sure its what we already know, he withheld information that his players were committing sexual assault on female students. That in itself should be enough, shouldn't require a bombshell.

Comment 24 May 2016

not every team recruits a full 25 players every year, plus not every conference has a limit of 25 per year and some schools recruit and take 30+ recruits, while others might only take 15-20.

and the 85 is total scholarships allowed, not how many kids get signed per year.

Comment 24 May 2016

Rashod Berry is another one. Kid is an elite athlete and they thought he would be a TE but now he is running with the DE. I think it is even more rare and amazing when a player can fit in on offense or defense as well as what position. For Darron Lee to be a QB in HS and then transition to OLB is unreal!

this team has a lot of talent, hope they find the absolute best way to utilize it and take another trip to the title!

Comment 21 May 2016
I'm a big Raps fan and I believe they are a good team. Even if they get JV and make it to game 7, I just dont see Lebron losing like that. But I also feel it won't get there. Raps shutdown the paint tonight, I don't see Cavs only getting 20 pts in the paint again. Maybe at most one more game but I don't see it going to game 7.
Comment 21 May 2016
They didn't shoot great. Only Lowry and DD were barely over 50%. Carroll, Biyombo and Scola combined for 7 makes. That is 3 starters. They played well and really competed. They are good enough to grab a win, and they proved it. Now the Cavs will be more motivated and Derozan won't score 30+ again. It will end 4-1 Cavs moving on, I just think the Raptors showed they aren't an also ran like the rest of the east. If they had JV and not played 6 extra games, maybe Cavs win in 6. I expect Cavs win close on Monday and then take game 5 at home to end it.
Comment 21 May 2016
And the Raps played god awful the first two games. Probably would have been different if they didn't shoot so bad. Woulda, shoulda coulda. Raps played well and deserved this one. They won't win the series but they showed they aren't the Hawks or Pistons. FYI, Cavs didn't still beat the raps.