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Comment 27 Jun 2015
Those 5 are very strong and don't forget there is always an unknown team. Indiana will surprise a team like UM. I think Harbaugh will have an early loss because he is still building his team. I easily see 4 of the 5 above. Definitely OSU, MSU and Oregon State. I think PSU will too. Not sure about Utah, but they have one hell of a punter and should make it tough. I don't see Harbaugh coming in and turning it around this year. Next year he will have a great one, then probably leave for NFL.
Comment 25 Jun 2015
You should watch this, supposedly it is real crispy bacon. (And this dude is funny) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=URxeIR0xiyM
Comment 24 Jun 2015
I don't think he will leave the Cavs but if he did, Lakers could get him, draft Okafor, trade Julius Randle for a late teens pick and draft a PG like Julian Grant (although depth with randle is more valuable). They would be a decent team of they did that. Love wouldn't hate it plus he would be in his home town and the elder statesman once kobe is gone. But I think he wants to stay.
Comment 24 Jun 2015

sweater vest!

unfortunately I'm not a jersey wearer often. I have one (#2) but I do want more. #5 and #10 are two that I would love to have.

although #15 and #97 are growing on me fast!

Comment 24 Jun 2015

wow, its almost like I read this before somewhere. Why do I get the feeling of deja vu?

Comment 24 Jun 2015

I think Dolo should win it.

The Mon'e story is great but outside of proving she was better then all those boy players did she really breakthrough anything? gender barrier I guess but that really isn't a sport thing, its more a social thing.

Spieth shouldn't win it because he was basically leading the masters last year. Kid did win his first major in dominating fashion but not like he wasn't a strong favorite.

ODB made an amazing catch, Best Play should be the award he should win.

to me, Breakthrough means a 3rd string afterthought comes out of nowhere to pick up a team and carry it to the ultimate prize, a national championship. If Jones doesn't epitomize this award, I don't know anything!

Comment 24 Jun 2015

WOW, a discussion on Tressel and Pryor is as controversial still on a buckeye blog site as much as beating the meat is on an Alabama website.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Can someone help me, what is weed or this pot people are talking about man?

Comment 23 Jun 2015

that is very interesting. I'm not a baseball person but I do know that just because someone throws a curveball doesn't mean it is a breaking ball that is going on this big sweeping curve.

now Sliders break nasty. Randy Johnson's slider was ridiculous. never saw anything that would go from 5 feet left of the plate to the dirt 5-6 inches to the right. He wasn't pitching from the mound, he was pitching from the first base line with his lanky arms.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I doubt it. I think he will most likely be the other starter opposite Apple. I think he is better than Conley and Lattimore needs some catching up to do.

and my point is we are discussing safeties and where Malik Hooker will be. Bringing up corners as if I forgot about them in the discussion of safeties is inaccurate. I said Burrows will be the starting nickel or STAR, not who should be playing the nickel or STAR position if Burrows can't. Hooker will most likely end up as a two deep at safety because..

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Bell and Powell are the starters, Burrows will be the starting nickel or STAR and the two backups should be Erick and Hooker. Last I heard Hooker was looking good last spring before being redshirted. He is an athlete, hopefully he will be able to put it all together.

Although with Erick Smith and incoming Damon Arnette, might be tough for him to get starters minutes. I'm rooting for the kid.

Comment 22 Jun 2015
Florida is a no fault state. All assets are split 50/50 that were earned during the marriage. Although some circumstances can limit what she gets like a prenuptial.
Comment 22 Jun 2015

yep, because even though Bosa didn't get a sack, I and everyone else remembers him chasing around Heisman winning QB Marcus Mariota. Few players can make Mariota scramble for his life like that. Just ask his shoulder after Bosa tattooed OSU on it.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I find it funny that Porzingis is being pushed up the board when I don't see him being any better than Frank Kominsky. I watched his workout, he does nothing that tells me he is all that good. Plus I think Kominski's underrated skill is his passing as a big man.

The draft should go 1. Towns, 2. Russell, 3. Mudiay, 4. Okafor, 5. Winston Justice. Porzingis shouldn't be a top 5 pick.

I like Okafor but he isn't dominant all the time. He has his stretches and can dictate a matchup, but get someone who can defend on him and he can disappear for a bit. Post centers can't go long periods without production, that's just not effective. The free throw percentage is awful too, get ready for Hack a Shaq on him.

I think Towns and Russell are the best two players in this draft. Towns is Anthony Davis only with more size and muscle. He is going to be a monster.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

well according to the topography and density of the snow, not to mention the right to left slope of the hills (telling that you were facing north because the hills are coming from the great mountains of Appalachia), and throw in the Pinus strobus (or more commonly known as the eastern white pine), I believe this location is at..