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Comment 19 hours ago

I totally agree. Having a good bench means a lot in the NBA and winning teams make more profit. It is just that if someone wants to complain about how much good football HC make compared to their value, there are far worst examples. Some jobs make obscene money for what they do and what they provide.

In baseball they have Wins Above Replacement. I'm willing to guarantee Urban's value is worth much more than any replacement that would be willing to take less than he makes. You pay for what you get!

Comment 19 hours ago

I answered this a few days ago, he is running 3rd team at safety.

there are a lot of players who don't get mentioned! doesn't mean anything has happened, usually it means nothing of interest.

Comment 19 hours ago

well when Urban and Saban take the team to a major bowl and the University makes about 4 times what they get paid just for that alone, I think it is plenty worth it! You are complaining about how much they make a year and do you even know how much value they bring to the University? I would be willing to bet it is 10X what they are paid!

When Charlie Strong took Louisville to a BCS bowl game, student enrollment increased dramatically. Booster donations increased dramatically. They got offered to join the ACC which has a much larger financial split than the defunct Big East. Just because of that one season Louisville increased revenue across the board.

and its not just hard work, it is a heavy pressure filled position that few can do and be successful at. Bitch about Charlie Weis getting his undeserved money, I'm right there with you, but many of these coaches earn their income and bring back more than they get paid! The programs that don't cover all their expenses actually borrow from the NCAA, not the University. so the football programs in most cases aren't a plight on the University.

Comment 19 hours ago

It seems like every year Urban Meyer says he does not redshirt players.

this is absolutely not true. Urban specifically says he doesn't recruit with the intent of redshirting a freshman. He recruits players who he feels could play as a freshman if they obviously do everything that is necessary to see the field. Urban has never said he "does not" because that is obviously not the case!

After being asked about it he recently said this,

I don't want to redshirt. It's not our plan. We don't recruit you and say let's sit them down for a while. We want to play them immediately.

Urban brings in players he thinks can play right away, what the player does once they are on the team is another matter. Injuries, immaturity and just not being as ready as Urban expected tend to cause the player to get redshirted.

Comment 20 hours ago

those who complain about what a football HC makes needs to see what they do year round! Urban is constantly working hard and probably does a lot more than many CEO's of major corporations that get paid just as much.

anyone who doubts the value of Urban Meyer just doesn't get it. It is hard god damn work what he does, especially to be the best.

Comment 21 hours ago

Oh, I have little doubt Urban made his decision first! /s

really though, not like Harris and Green went to schools who can't help a RB at least become a starter. Urban does develop well, but the difference seems to be night and day!

Comment 22 hours ago

I'll take your word for it and refrain from going to their website. That news about Harris is unreal. Seems Urban is making the right choices with his RB decisions! If Weber blows up and Harris struggles, much like the Zeke/Green situation, Urban should be checked to see if he is actually Dr. Strange!

Comment 22 hours ago

absolutely. In fact, I go to other sites of teams I am a fan of and when I go there it reminds me how good it really is here.

there is little reason to take this so serious. it is why I jump on those who say they are being oppressed on here!

Comment 23 hours ago

We keep getting older, they keep staying the same age!

not many of us around from back in the day (early Houndie years). I don't chat as much as I once did, although it is off season.

Comment 23 hours ago

What would be different this year than last year if Zeke went down? Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball gave you that much confidence if we lost the main cog in the offense?

how about don't worry be happy! The season won't be fucked if a major player goes down, but if you really want to spend your life worrying...the season goes to shit if JT, Weber, Elflein and Reakwon all went down! Dwell on that.

Comment 22 Aug 2016
Nice. Sucks he is stealing Clarks thunder but that is the definition of top level competition. I hope Clark stays up to the challenge!
Comment 22 Aug 2016
Has Tate said anything? Haskins though, he is the true leader. Kid is making friends in multiple classes and current teamates.
Comment 22 Aug 2016

I think Holmes is more than "thinly" connected.

and of course, thanks to Marvel everyone likes to look for easter eggs.