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Comment 25 Mar 2013

Thank you all for the kind words. It is a little bittersweet for me today as I have a great opportunity over there, but this site has been home for over four years. Derek and Miles will do a killer job here and I will be sure to check in from time to time!

Comment 21 Mar 2013

As for March Madness Live, all users get 4 hours free before cable authentication. That is 4 hours per device, so four on your computer, four on your phone, four on your tablet, etc. It's a nice secret, but it's also 4 per browser, so you basically never have to authenticate :)

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Deleted a comment because someone brought up politics already...did you not see the disclaimer????

Comment 13 Mar 2013

I believe he intended an H although it does look like a U...could be wrong...regardless he does seem intrigued by OSU

Comment 13 Mar 2013

I think they're solid, but it may not be the timetable they want. May have to offer another QB after spring evaluation.

Comment 06 Mar 2013

Marcelys Jones = loves attention

Bottom line is this kid shouldn't have committed to OSU until next fall some time. He LOVES the attention he's getting from these schools, yet HATES the fact that Lattimore and Smith can take visits or talk to these schools without being criticized because they are not committed to Ohio State.

I don't think he'll ever "decommit", but I do think he'll take all five official visits, as well as whatever unofficial trips he can. He'll say he's "still committed to Ohio State, but looking seriously at other schools" just to stir up some NSD drama and then at a press conference at Glenville re-affirm to OSU.

Sound familiar? Been done every year by some big prospect at some big time program lol.