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    2014 WHAT!
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Comment 2 hours ago

Thank you...with school and two jobs I don't comment as much as I used to. December can't get here quick enough.

Comment 6 hours ago
He got discharged and disappeared.
Comment 15 hours ago

Alright folks! I gotta head to bed! Thanks for the questions!

Comment 15 hours ago

I had a bunch of in laws trash talking me over it, it was funny.

Comment 15 hours ago

A dead body in the Persian Gulf, 1998, on my first deployment.

Comment 15 hours ago

I was bummed for a lot of my friends. Personally, I was still happy we beat ttun.

Comment 15 hours ago

Lord Horatio Nelson, no doubt. He is a legend. I would try to fight Blackbeard to see if he really was a bad ass.

Comment 15 hours ago

I'm crying over here. That is nuts!

Comment 15 hours ago

LMAO, I just never even thought about it.

Comment 15 hours ago

I don't really regret it, but I have no time in Pac Fleet. The Hilton? nice!

Comment 15 hours ago

Man, same port in 2014 was completely different.

Comment 15 hours ago

Tijuana was pretty bad too.

Comment 16 hours ago

All of Spain was great, but 1998 was awesome...walking around by myself at 2 or 3 in the morning at 20 years old, I'll never forget that.

Craziest, 2006 deployment we were supposed to pull into Turkey, port was bombed and we stood out to sea. Curaco in 1999 pre-wife was crazy. Pretty sure we destroyed a beach club. I almost ended up with a married lady until her husband showed up, and we brought a boom box and pumped DMX and stage dove until the club closed. I still have a pic of us swimming out to some rocks and (forwahteverreason) taking off our shorts and posing.

I also remember being ripped and getting up on stage in Bahrain, 1998 and singing Barbie Girl over and over until the cops where called. I have pics...

Comment 16 hours ago

Without too much detail or being offensive, I hosted a huge party with a German ship and one other nation...the Germans bring beer, we bring food and the other guys are supposed to chip in. They show up 4 deep and bitch about the food, and then try to rip off my coin, try to barter for this German guy's shirt, and just cause mischief. It almost got nasty.

At the same party, me and a buddy from Philly started singing "22" by Taylor Swift. We also got the Germans hooked on Pitch Perfect, and at a NATO reception got the Pitch Perfect soundtrack played, and then reamed by the Captain.

Comment 16 hours ago

CAPE ST GEORGE, 2001. Keep in mind I left the COLE 2 months before it was bombed. First underway, they announce this guy is missing after a few hours. They cancel all non-essential watches and rotate us to look for the guy. We have ships, planes, Coast Guard looking for this guy and after a few days, they assumed he is dead. Captain is crushed...

rumors start going around that this guy dimed out a drug ring and they killed him. I am like f this I'm out. We pull into Cape Canaveral, they pack his stuff up and send it to his parents. We get underway after a few days, and they pass "Dr. Zhivago to sick bay".

Turns out, he was hiding in a fan room for a week. He had just been picked up for an Officer program, sharp guy, but scared to death. They fly him home for a psych eval, and 11 people pop on  urinalysis.

Comment 16 hours ago

I swear to you, about 2-3 years ago, I saw this guy, he had to be in his 50's, gray hair and all, on a freakin scooter, cripping it up. I started laughing at him at a stop light, until I remembered my kids were in the car.