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Comment 26 Aug 2015
Comment 25 Aug 2015

I am pretty sure this is an old article or at least a re-hash, as Peyton Hillis has spent the last 2 years playing for the Giants.


The Joe Thomas quote was from 2012.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Welp, I am in a lottery to win 4 tickets to the game (5 hr drive); the wife was going, but decided to take the kids to a concert instead. So, if I win, I have 4 tickets, if not I may just drive up and tailgate UNLESS someone here has a spare ticket they want to sell for a reasonable price. (If anyone without tickets is going to go and tailgate, give me a shout).

In the event I don't drive up, I will probably get a to go order from B-dubs (BW3) and watch at home.

Comment 20 Aug 2015
This. I kinda don't think about him much anymore, but 2010 was just plain bad. We discussed him a lot here.
Comment 19 Aug 2015

*Also, I am pretty sure Nike outfits all our teams, correct? I knew a VA Tech wrestler and he told me they had to buy all of their own equipment and supplies outside the singlet.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

Thanks for the insight.

I am not opposed to a black one off; a ton of our fan gear is black, and as posted above,Woody did wear a black hat on the side line for years. IMHO this wouldn't be (in the words of Paul Lukas, though he may disagree) BFBS.

I thought you where going to drop the "I saw the black uniforms" bomb.