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Comment 27 Jan 2015
So, Speedy Teflon Wizard needs to be a GameDay sign.
Comment 25 Jan 2015

The team was a mess, in I don't recall him being asked to leave. (speaking as someone who hung out with him a few times during freshman orientation). Randy Ayres lost complete control of that team; they had a ton of talent, but boy oh boy they were a mess...I honestly did not know he got kicked off, and I thought he left because of the shit storm that came.

Comment 23 Jan 2015
Man. What a thread. I am basking in the afterglow. No worries right now.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
Being on the other side a few times, it was even worse watching the other team pass the ball for 10-15 minutes straight. I coached a rec level soccer team that was forced to play advanced and it was ugly every week.
Comment 13 Jan 2015
Nice! I had to drive my nephew home after the game, but I taped the ESPN and BTN post-games, so I will have to watch tonight.
Comment 13 Jan 2015
I figured he wouldn't have been there, but in a suite.
Comment 12 Jan 2015
The coffee isn't helping! Great post though, and my wife told me to stop being superstitious today.
Comment 12 Jan 2015
Does anyone ever get so stressed over the game that you can't wait for it to be over? I hope we win by 35+. I will be stressed until the final whistle and then hopefully euphoric!
Comment 12 Jan 2015
There are literally 3 non-military Duck fans in Virginia Beach; an old an who always walks in my neighborhood, the jack ass receptionist at my wife's doctor today, and my weird ass red-headed nephew. All my nephews (by marriage) jumped onto the Buckeye fan base. I have been married 14 years, and even took my oldest nephew to Columbus a few years back, but one (his dad is from California, and paternal Grandfather is a Middletown Middie) randomly decides he is an Oregon fan.
Comment 12 Jan 2015
Great article! Hopefully we can slow them down, and Eze E has a monster game/ we win the turnover battle. BTW don't know if this has been brought up, but in addition to facing the 3 Heisman finalists in 3 straight games, this is UM'S 3rd championship game, and he has faced the Heisman winner 8n all 3!
Comment 12 Jan 2015
FTW; we are playing with house $$$ and I am cautiously optimistic right now. I have been home for less than 1 week, fresh off my last deployment ever. I am on leave, and I told my kids if we win, no school tomorrow. My wife isn't happy with me, but Go Bucks! O H!