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Comment 4 hours ago
I am glad he is gone. I find it comical that people on this planet are comparing this to Jim Tressel.
Comment 25 May 2016
I met Mc Serge at Disney World a few years ago, can't find the pic though. Without 3rd Bass there is no NaS.
Comment 18 May 2016


You may not feel like this now, but life goes on. As I mentioned a few days ago, my HS girl dumped me over the pay phone in St Croix. After my 1st deployment, I met a chick from Boston who dated for a long time...I tried to be a good guy, guess I was too good...she dumped me over a pay phone Christmas Eve, 1998. (I guess being a third class and living in a trailer park led her to think I was headed nowhere).

In May of 1999, I met my wife...took my time, and long story short, we are going on 16 years of marriage. You will be ok. Don't wallow in sorrow to long...pick your head up and have a great summer...

Comment 18 May 2016

1. Some jackass in my building always props the door open to the male head (bathroom). Why? We don't want to smell you in the hallway, not do we want people seeing us at a urinal.

2. The CIVILIAN HR person telling me I curse to much. I had to bite my tongue today. (In all fairness, I was with my peer group and she hid in a corner).

Comment 18 May 2016

Agreed; if memory serves correct, one victim was being talked about and joked in class, and his classmates didn't know he was one of the victims.

Comment 17 May 2016
Oklahoma fans still talking shit about us? I can somewhat understand trying to find yourself, but at some point you gotta stick with a decision.
Comment 17 May 2016
You caught me off guard for a sec.
Comment 12 May 2016
What a shame. My condolences to his family and team.
Comment 11 May 2016

For the record, I have heard every day this week why the Cavs can't beat the Warriors/ Spurs/ Thunder...told my guys if they do win, I won't be in for a week...going on a bender.

Comment 11 May 2016

That's all?

I checked onto the USS COLE the day before game 7. I didn't have a friend in the world. The Indians lost, I got underway Monday where I puked for a week straight; then we pulled into St Croix on Friday, and Saturday Morning, my high school sweetheart (who was at Dennison) dumped me over a f'in payphone.

Fuck the Marlins. Fuck October of 1997.