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Comment 05 Jun 2012

I could see some sort of pardoy of this video ending up on Tosh.0 given that he's a Dolphins fan.

Comment 01 Jun 2012

actually, having a good offense can help out a defensive unit tremendously. OSU's O this past year didn't have many long drives which resulted in our D being on the field way more than it should have, resulting in poorer results than there should have been in some situations.

Comment 25 May 2012

No, you can have Gee at your institution because he's "good at what he does", as you said. I would even go further and say he's great at what he does. Gene Smith, on the other hand, isn't. HUGE difference. 

Comment 25 May 2012

Actually, we're looking at a third straight top 10 recruiting class. 

And on GS- there's no way you could read this article and still think "he handled tatgate the best an AD could". He was slow in his response to the situation, expecting things to sort of die down when BAM (SI article), he was slow to respond to FTM charge, and he was terrible in anticipating the consequences (bowl ban). The FTM charge would NOT have happened with any good AD because the program would have been in lock down mode after tatgate. GS did absolutely nothing well. 

Comment 25 May 2012

Could someone on the 11W staff please right another story so that Gene Smith's picture isn't the first thing I see on the home page? Thanks in advance!

Comment 07 May 2012

@SilverBullet- I don't think he got caught up in his visit. It wasn't his only visit- it was his third in 2 months. It was his final visit after he had visited every school he really wanted to visit. He made the choice before hand to attend OSU's spring game over others that were on the same date. If I remember correctly, he even said he knew he was going to commit going into the weekend in some interviews. 


Regardless though, I think the horse has left the barn with AA. I would have liked to have him before, but after everything that's happened recently, I'm content to move on and simply wish him best of luck. 

Comment 01 May 2012

I'm seeing a lot of people throw out Kimbrough's name when discussing who is going to take Neal's spot, and while I think Kimbrough is a very good talent, there's someone else I'd much rather see take this spot. Lewis Neal was being recruited as a DE/OLB-- was projected to play in the hybrid VIPER position. If you look at Neal's measureables, he was 6'1 232 with a 4.92 40 time. Someone else that would be perfect for that VIPER spot, IMO, is Jason Hatcher from KY. Hatcher is 6'2 238 and runs a 4.68 40. 

Just based on the film I've seen, Hatcher is a better, more explosive athlete than Neal and I'm very impressed with him. Oh, and he goes to the same HS as James Quick, which is a nice little plus. 

Hatcher has a great offer sheet and the more I see of him, the higher he goes on my personal board. Last I heard, Hatcher has OSU in his top 5 even though he does not have an OSU offer... yet. 


Comment 30 Apr 2012

If I was the Browns GM, I'd have definitely given K. Moore a look in the 6/7 round. Also, I would have not drafted Weeden with the 22nd pick. Grab DeCastro there. Beef up the O-Line with a stud. Then let Moore and Colt duke it out in training camp if you are looking to shake things up a bit- anybody that is as accurate as Moore has a shot in the NFL- height be damned. Not sold on Weeden and let's face it, it's not like Colt had been put in a position to succeed up in Cleveland. 

Comment 28 Apr 2012

Was really hoping Denver would grab Posey with one of their mid-round picks. Would have loved to see Peyton throwing TD's to #8.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

A kid that shouldn't be forgotten is Ricquan Southward- I think he's going to be the best WR in the '12 class by the time it's all said and done. Sticking with the general theme of some posters, I'll call him: Santonio 2.0 :)

Comment 17 Apr 2012

Why? Because it is close to being a finished project? Agree to disagree. To be fair and honest, if you evaluate based on number of kids, they are in the lead right now. If you evaluate based on talent and player rankings, OSU is #1, according to every recruiting service.


Match any 8 of their kids v the first 8 kids OSU has. Which group would you take?

Comment 16 Apr 2012

Plus, the Della Valle kid from NV is looking good for the Buckeyes- at least he's definitely enjoying the Twitter love BuckeyeNation is giving him. He's a unique player from the film I've seen (most of which is a little dated from when he was younger playing for an Italian team). Here's an old tape of him from Youtube:


EDIT: and another one:

You can't miss him- he's the kid with the sweet hair. I don't follow basketball recruiting nearly as much as football recruiting, but after seeing Della Valle's game recently, I've become quite a fan. Love his style and is always giving effort. 

Comment 16 Apr 2012

It was only a matter of time.. I am kind of surprised though that Thad wasn't on the recruiting trail a little harder this past year. With Buford gone and it being a given that at least 1 other player was leaving (NBA or transfer), you would have thought we'd of had at least a little more of a presence on the recruiting trail.