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Comment 08 Aug 2012

dantonio: central ohioan and a good guy. plus, do you know how difficult it is to recruit from michigan state? and then run a pro- system (it's easier to do it with gimmicks; that's why only bad teams run the triple option and throw the ball 60 times a game, for example) with those second-hand recruits? and turn those guys into pros? and win 8-10 every year? guy could go to the nfl tomorrow and be successful, and there are only about 4 or 5 college coaches you could say that about.


Comment 23 Jul 2012

i've always wanted to know how mount union would fair in the big ten. i'm essentially getting my wish.

Comment 23 Jul 2012

the good news is that the team is locked into columbus for 30 more years of misery!!!

Comment 23 Jul 2012

if i didn't have season tickets, i wouldn't know columbus had a "hockey" team (emphasis on quotation marks.)

Comment 20 Jul 2012

this was an "i'm comin' for you, lennox" reference. thank you. mike tyson should be the fourth- most quoted person in history after only twain, lincoln, and einstein. just a beautiful human being.

but as for the subject at hand, we're naive if we think this only goes on at the university of miami penitentiary. as a john grisham character put it in runaway jury, "trials are too important to be decided by juries."

college football is too big of a business to be left to amateurs.

Comment 17 Jul 2012

as far as robinson- kid is a punt returner under center. unbelievably explosive, but leaves you scratching your head every 3rd play. plus, i'll give anybody even odds that the kid has an injury of at least 3 weeks this season that takes him out of the running.

for one, he's too soft. secondly, he's too tiny to take on 8 in the box every week.

Comment 17 Jul 2012

did wisconsin end up getting the kid from maryland? i never saw. plus, is he eligible for post- grad classes and thus can play right away? if so, he's your guy. again, i have no idea if he even went to big ifs there.


if not, whoever steps in for kirk cousins wil be solid. dantonio seems to know how to take 2 star recruits at the sexy positions and develop them into all- conference studs.


braxton will have 6 good games, 3 "meh" games, and 3 "at least we don't have to play in the little caesar's bowl this year" games. i don't care if you're stephen hawking- learning 2 brand new complex offenses in consecutive years is pretty difficult.

Comment 17 Jul 2012

give 'em the guillotine. no, but seriously, we need them to stay or our basketball strength of schedule will suffer. plus, can we really place a value on how much revenue we generate by having access to the University Park market? i mean, there are tens of people there that we simply cannot lose.

Comment 16 Jul 2012

chill, bro. yeah, we all get it. it was a huge tragedy. but what i'm talking about has nothing to do with jerry sandusky; it's all about humbling the deluded. why does everybody on this site have the personality of a goldfish? you're all so anal. maybe it's just a shared chartacteristic of most mesage board people.

Comment 16 Jul 2012

god, this week has been like christmas. in a perfect world, we would have no jerry sanduskys. but, goodness gracious, the only people more intolerable than penn state fans are newly- converted catholics. watching them get humiliated is precious. love it, love it, love it.

Comment 10 Jul 2012

poor argument. meyer gets legal information on his players. joe pa ran the happy valley 5-0. do i need to explain to you the difference?

don't understand your sandusky argument at're just saying words.

Comment 10 Jul 2012

i have to admit i didn't read what you wrote. you may have written something coherent, but i'll just save myself the waste of time and say you didn't.

 the truth is that urban meyer can walk into the franklin county prosecutor's office anytime he wants and find somebody that will cooperate with him. i have no problem with this fact; i'm simply making an objective statement about the nature of things.

moreover, please keep living in your "innocent until proven guilty" world of fairytales, lollipops, and unicorns- jerry sandusky thanks you for withholding judgement.