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Comment 07 Oct 2015

Thanks for catching this - I inadvertently omitted the word passing before offense.

Stats taken from here.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Man, what has this become , state run media . 2 straight articles trying to tell fans to disregard what they see

[scrolling up]

You're allowed to believe the Buckeyes aren't currently a national championship-caliber team any more than they were the first week of October 2014 when they were ranked 20th in the country. They weren't a national title team the week they played Indiana late last November either. Ohio State was sloppy, turnover prone and took bad angles defensively - in two consecutive layup games against Indiana. 

The Buckeyes faced unprecedented adversity last season and The Grind has manufactured a lesser version of it to the tune of a pitiful red zone offense, plenty of turnovers and 3rd damn down.


Comment 06 Oct 2015

For a 12W flask I believe the appropriate first bourbon in it should be Angel's Envy.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

That you are mischaracterizing me and offending me in a public forum requires my response.

Assuming your name isn't really Hoody Wayes. You can still hold your head high.

On behalf of this website and in this instance, it would have been better for you to simply read and acknowledge the comment. No one should be marginalized or worse, neither because of ethnicity nor age. 

You're applying equal weight to racism and ageism again. It is impossible to take you seriously. You entered an announcement thread about racists in the chat and needlessly dropped ageism into it. Yes, we must rid the earth of both cancer and hangnails. You're right, sir. I'm dismissing ageism - in this context. My real name is on this opinion. I guess I'll face the consequences of being so bold.

Don't pollute this thread with that pathetic false equivalence again. If your real name is Hoody Wayes then I apologize, but for different reasons. Your brand is just fine. Be outraged that someone stole your anonymity and went full-Klan on this site. You seem to have misplaced your anger.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Good suggestion, but it strikes a dilemma we have in creating two sites. The Premium Lounge game thread comments are just as frustrated as the open forum ones but with none of the garbage that was reported yesterday. This is what happens in sites with paywalls - and it had not happened here until the game chats/thread began.

Non-game threads in the PL and the open forums have been virtually identical in tone and candor and you can see 12W icons all over the free threads, meaning 12W members don't hide out in the PL - they're everywhere. This - and not hiding content - is what separates 12W from subscription sites. 

I don't like walls. We're going to look at all options to avoid them and fix this. Thanks for the suggestion - Propllr hit me with it on Twitter and it's a virtuous and creative proposal.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Actually, it seems to me expressions of ageism are more rampant. I think 11W staff needs to mitigate expressions of ageism on this site, as well.

Racism is America's enduring disease and shame, responsible for mass death and centuries of aguish. Ageism is disrespectful and largely victimless. I'm not pro-ageism but this is the mother of false equivalences coming from a poster who curiously has the same unique handle as the one widely reported to be dropping disgusting racist takes in the chat.

You could have played the part of the oblivious hijacked handle better had you not entered this thread with a Well Actually equating racism and ageism - which #ImNotAgeistBut is right out of the racist old man handbook. Yes, we need to cure 11W of ageism. We'll get right on that. By the way the guys who run this site aren't exactly young. Note: Your posting history is nothing like what was reported yesterday and there's no evidence it was you.

The chat engine is a separate entity from the site which makes controlling and validating the posters impossible. That's why we're probably getting rid of it. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

We just have to meet as a board and make it official. Haven't done that yet and didn't want to wait to make the announcement.

[Edit] We now have and it was a unanimous/easy decision.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

You can find Blanton's just about anywhere. You'll want to collect all the different pony/cork stoppers that come with each bottle. There are several.

As for other bourbons I recommend - I'll take the lazy way out and point you here. Plenty of recommendations to be found in the Situational archive.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Actually, Grand-Dad isn't sweet at all and very scotch-like - that's why it's good in the pineapple concoction detailed above; a sweeter bourbon might make this overwhelming. Also, Blanton's

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I thought they played Prevent quite well.  Bama went right down and scored.  Isn't that how Prevent is played?  At least that is what I see happen anytime somebody does play it. 

Blake Sims hit DeAndrew White for a 51-yard completion right down the middle of the field on that drive with three OSU DBs nowhere close to covering him. This is exactly what Prevent is supposed to prevent.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Active college players: Even with the best of intentions, think of tweeting at college athletes as walking into the worst bar of all time. You don't want to be there. The clientele is beneath you. Sure, you might be a beacon of hope in a disgusting place, but that place has no shot of ever beautifying. The people who tweet at athletes fit into four categories: 1) genuine support 2) misguided support 3) attention whores fabricating birthdays or cancer treatments in hope of getting a retweet miracle 4) full-blown haters. Sure, do what you like - but know where you are.

Recruits: It's an NCAA violation and creepy as fuck. Don't do it.