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Comment 16 Apr 2015

The correct term is "Made recreational"

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I can always tell when it's an article by me before I click on it, so you're not alone.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Tressel grew up in a home where he would often wake up and find BW's players with disadvantaged backgrounds in his kitchen. They literally lived in his house. His father took them in. He wrote about it extensively in his books and has spoken of it publicly.

So when he finds out that six of his players who didn't exactly grow up in New Albany were selling their things for petty cash and tattoos at a place that was about to be implicated in a Federal racketeering scheme he told them to stop it and to stay away from it. From that point you can decide if he lied to the NCAA to preserve eligibility for four starters + Solomon Thomas for, say, the first five extremely winnable games of 2010 (Marshall, Miami, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Illinois) or because he was comfortable knowing he had "taken care of it." There's no right or wrong answer to that.

I personally think he wanted to insulate those guys from shame. He only made it worse with how sloppy he was with both his osu.edu email account and NCAA paperwork, which is why I don't think he had any designs on covering it up for some sort of competitive advantage. His OSU performance reviews consistently showed he demonstrated little interest or regard for TPS reports and paperwork, NCAA-related or otherwise. That doesn't make it right, but that's what he was about - developing people and coaching football.

As for the falling on his sword bit someone mentioned elsewhere in the comments - that's specifically in reference to him taking the fall for the entire AD. Nothing happens in a vacuum there. He could not have been the only person who knew.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Nicely done, Google Adsense. Let's see what ads you produce when I title my next column after a porn film or a Slayer album.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Sports are a meaningless escape from the terrors of everyday life. Hyperbole escapes you, and that's partially my fault here.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Sorry Ramzy, I respectfully disagree with you on this one.

I get that I'm long-winded, but this is in the article:

I'm not arrogant enough to make up rules for something that's inalienably guided by human freewill but I'm happy to share my own personal feelings on the subject - which have admittedly evolved with time and will likely continue to change #flipflopper. 

This whole thing was my justification for me, not a directive for anyone else. Man, that would be obnoxious as hell.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

You can see which sections/bundles stories are filed to atop each story. Example:

11w screenshot

If you click on those words the page for each topic shows up. The link that's shared above is what you get if you were to click on PHOTOS.

You can also do this for Ohio State Football, Ohio State Basketball, 11W Community Interviews, Walt's game posters or event-specific things like 2015 NSD, the Sugar Bowl or the National Championship.

Even all of the Situationals are kept in one place. We try to keep things organized for you guys - it's bundled into your subscription costs.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Citing not only 11W, but citing an article written by DJ with math in it.

mind blown
Comment 23 Mar 2015

All are welcome. The only ones that get declined are the applications who request handles like "WoodySux" or whose email addresses are [email protected] I mean, AOL. Really.

The trolls who hide their intentions eventually get outed. Also, disagree with whomever you like here. Debate is good. Supporting Michigan rapists and harassing mods/writers is bad.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I fail to see what's all that different about Jim Beam whether it's bonded or not.

White label Beam cannot be bonded for numerous reasons, most notably that it's only 40% alcohol i.e. not boozy enough for bonding.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Read that Old Forester is "making a comeback".  Care to comment Ramzy?

I just read the Esquire rehash of the press release last night - they're referring to the first-shelf OF brand, which is fine. What they need to do (instead of, in addition to - I don't care) is get OF Birthday Bourbon more widely distributed because it is wonderful.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Good question. For me personally I wear an L and that fits perfectly. An XL is a little baggy. This is the case for both Homage and 11W shirts, and it's the only information I can go on.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

Just seeing this. Intended to embed links into the original post when it went up, but once I finished writing it I decided I didn't care enough to do so.

Anyway, as several posters in this thread have already stated - his breathless defense of Gibbons started long before the comments to this story. After that episode he immediately decided to continue his defense of Gibbons in this buckshot about Jameis Winston and after that he decided to pollute other threads - which is what got him suspended the first time. Here is the post he made that resulted in his first suspension.

Judge for yourself - his comments about anyone who calls Gibbons "trash" are about me, from another thread where I called him trash. Gibbons is trash. M Man is trash. I now like to think I've removed some Michigan trash from this site.

You'll see in that link above he also changed his autosignature to a pot-shot directly at me ("shut up," he explained) in direct reference to me refusing to allow a debate about a raping Michigan football player who was thrown out of school - on this web site. In hindsight I should have permanently nuked him then.

Hope this is enough to satisfy your request. Also FYI - there are people who automatically downvote any post that mentions downvotes. They apply Fight Club rules to the mention or protest of downvoting. Keep your head down - it's a sport for them.