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Comment 22 Feb 2017

And then I went from thinking Oh Shit to Oh Fuck and cock sandwich and whatever other profane thing I could think of as my alcohol injured brain tried to come to grips with the concept of Brady Hoke performing a victory dance and crying big crocodile tears of joy. 

This is a harrowing recap of what we all went through in real time, and it makes me want to organize Oh Shit Oh Fuck Cock Sandwich: An Oral History of the 2013 Ohio State-Michigan Game with the rest of the staff at the 11W executive retreat this summer.

Edit: Here you go. Earned.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Why TF is this on here?  It has nothing to do with OSU football, is obviously stupid politics/entertainment and has no place here.  Funny no one is allowed to comment on politics but you write an entire article and allow the thread to take sides. Who gives a shit, it is one opinion in millions. Get it off here.  

1. Have a very hard time believing you read it before commenting. I think you're commenting about the comments, not the story. 

2. That said, the comments that I've skimmed are civil and I'd only edit/delete fractions of a few of them, but there's nothing egregious.

3. People who cannot even pretend to be adults about topics that tweak them even slightly - people like you - are the reason we have rules against hot-button topics here. This was an offseason story arguing that football is, in fact, art. Look at your response to it. Look at how fucking mad you are at nothing.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

It's a long offseason. We will chop the autopsy up into a bunch of easily digestible pieces you can enjoy for the duration.