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Comment 22 hours ago

There seems to be some confusion...the top photo is a slide show. Click the arrows on either side of the picture and you'll see 50 photos from Saturday.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

It's from Yahoo finance, M Man. It's 100% accurate. And it's part of a sourced column that's linked that you refuse to read.

Brandon's decade at Dominos was defined by overexpansion and product quality that rated dead last behind Chuck E. Fucking Cheese. He guided jack shit. Domino's is still apologizing for what went down on Brandon's watch. Its image has yet to fully recover.

I don't care if you attack me or anything I write, but for God's sake - stop being so fucking boring.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Yeah, it is more serious than a rigged football camp raffle.  Barely.

A 30-year old allegation that was made anonymously in a Sports Illustrated hit piece and is literally impossible to prove...versus a documented 10-year old case where a player could have easily lost his fingers and the coach involved has been questioned since around how he handles player safety.

They're practically the same thing. Point taken.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Which Michigan donor is going to cough up the $$$ to buy out both Brady and Brandon?

it won't be their largest donor, whose support for Brandon is unwavering.

Brandon is basically bulletproof as long as Stephen Ross is alive: They're both very well-connected men within (one of our two primary national political parties). The repercussions of Ross withdrawing support for Brandon would understandably not be great for his friends in Michigan in that party. If you want to dig deeper, look at how Mary Sue Coleman got her job at UM and then who she hired to be the athletic director once Bill Martin retired. I'd post about that, but doing so probably would violate 11W commenting rules.

If you're too lazy to look it up: Good ol' boys are going to good ol boy.

I purposefully tap danced around naming the political party in this post and kept it from being politically charged. Do not violate 11W commenting rules.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Last week the google page cache was there, as was the wayback machine archived version. Both have mysteriously disappeared. No irony intended; just glad I c/p'd and screencapped everything before the scrubbing went down. 

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Does anyone using an iPad on 11W have trouble clicking on their profile? I can still get to it but it's just a little hard because when the "my account" thing pops up, it immediately goes away. 

It's a glitch that happens only when you're in landscape mode. Turn your iPad clockwise 90 degrees. Now it's in the top left corner instead of the right, and the menus should stick.

Then you can go back to landscape. That's my fix until it gets debugged.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Most people never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public.

...said Turd_Bucket, who is heroically living into his own philosophy. Man oh man do you get it. Here -

Comment 18 Sep 2014

But there are other statistics that point to areas of success. 

Ohio State under Tressel was very good at winning turnover margin and field position. Make fewer mistakes and play awesome defense -- preferably on their side of the field. It was less about TOP and running the ball for 200ypg/passing for 250ypg, which were JT's stated goals each game.

This margin for error in executing on this recipe was shrunken by a grossly underperforming offensive line along with play-calling that was less conservative than it was predictable. Remember, Urban was *stunned* at the physical condition of the linemen and their roster depth when he arrived. He couldn't believe he was at Ohio State, which tells me he too has blocked out that night in Glendale - or just selectively remembers OSU's line from that evening.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

 They played ball-control offense. 

Interesting. Didn't know consistently being in the bottom half of FBS - or at the very bottom - for allowing TFLs and QB sacks were crucial components of controlling the ball. If anything they contribute more to the punt being the most important play in football.

Let's give credit to Bollman, who was also the laziest recruiter on Tressel's staff: Were it not for his OL coaching we would have been robbed of countless 3rd and 12 conversions on Pryor's legs. A true genius.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

The man dinked and dunked on us for 60 minutes 

Dave Warner calls Sparty's plays. Bollman coaches tight ends and plays the part of team grandpa. He gets a Co title from Dantonio so a guy who has coached for 40 years can have some dignity.

But if you want to cling to Bollman Revisionist History as a cause - go for it, man. Ohio State averaged having the 61st-best offense in FBS and was 59th in sacks allowed and TFLs allowed while he coached/recruited the line and called plays. 

He's gone and the horse is beaten, but let's not delude ourselves into believing he "got a bad rap." He was a fucking catastrophe here.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

The one who beat out Braxton Miller for the starting job a few years ago? That column runs next week after we fireproof the site.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Currently Aubrey Nelson, 11W's hockey guru is our sole regular contributor, as defined by having a spot on the editorial calendar. Previously Sarah Hardy and Elika Sadeghi were regular contributors. 

They're all real. Chris, Johnny and I are all bots though.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Ramzy would still comdemn your nupituals because it's a Saturday during football season - but anyway, welcome!

I only condemn the hideous scheduling. That said, I still edited his post's subject line to fix the typo. Love all, serve all.