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Comment 21 hours ago

LSU, none, USC's fight song

One I can afford that's as big or small as they want it to be on any given week

I am the only one who went to Indiana on either side vs I married into an Illini cult

whew man, the wayback machine. Both?

Comment 24 Sep 2016

A few years out of college I suddenly found myself with a job/title someone my age shouldn't have and I needed to "get older" quickly in order to buttress my social credibility around people I would be attempting to influence. So I immersed myself in scotch - Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Isley, Campbelltown - and forced myself to be knowledgeable. 

Years later I was on business in Louisville, confident, out with some shot callers in Kentucky healthcare at a nice dinner. I ordered a Laphroaig and it was as if I just vomited on the table. One of the men I was with looked at me and in a southern drawl said, "boy, you just ordered a Pepsi in Atlanta." That was the beginning. Two weeks later I was having a PVW 15 rye in Julian Van Winkle's back yard lot with a mutual friend.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

It's late now, but buy a used tux from a tux rental place and have it altered for you. It's cheap and you'll have one for the odd black tie affair - it's a boss move. Mine came with a seedy hotel room key in the breast pocket. That tux has stories I'll never know.

The asshole/wallflowering balance is delicate and difficult. Give the GF an occasional hand squeeze and check peck. Let actions do the work for you instead of words.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Will probably bounce around. I don't stay in one place well.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

If I try to watch series in real-time, the way I travel, I end up being 12 episodes behind. I like waiting until it's all done and then binge-watching. Didn't watch a single Sopranos, The Wire or Breaking Bad episode until they all wrapped.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I personally use 11W Staff when I'm running non-editorial content, like today - the Gameday and Tailgate articles on the front page right now are from me, but that's not me content if that makes any sense. Personal choice.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

apple shisha

the people's shisha. My shisha of choice.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I'll add it to the product idea/discussion list.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Taormina still looks like the Greeks just left it two weeks ago. It's marvelous.

Dubai is Arabic Orlando, but there is some impressive architecture and commerce there that's hard not to appreciate. For more culture you have to head into the desert, where in the evening it feels like the sun is setting on you and you can get Bekaa Valley wines from Lebanon at Fell Off a Truck prices.

Of all the things I love about Koreans, my favorite is that I'm taller than like 90% of them at 5"9. 

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Never been to Cluck U. I really enjoy heat for flavor, but not as a test of wills. That said, my threshold is abnormally high.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Jason and I once got bottle service at a rooftop bar in Chicago. Giant bottle of Knob creek and then all of the components needed to make Old Fashioned. Suge Knight showed up. Anyway, Bloody Mary buffets are everywhere - there aren't enough Old Fashioned buffets.

Food suggestions -

  • Shrimp skewers, marinated in fresh pesto and then grilled 
  • Irish nachos, which requires a little deep fat fryer and cottage fries in place of tortilla chips
  • Buffalo chicken tip with Chick-fil-A catered nuggets in place of chips (now it looks like I don't like chips, which is false - but sometimes originality takes precedence)
  • Peanut butter confectionary balls, toothpicks and a dark chocolate fountain = dynamic buckeye making
Comment 24 Sep 2016

Nah, you're good. I'm a big fan of editing posts and indicating why rather than wholesale nukage. A wise man or woman once said "don't just tell someone they're an asshole; tell them why they're an asshole."

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Ulsan and Daegu. And you're right, but the rest of the world tends to go along with it - I was at dinner with some Italians in Florida last weekend and they kept referring to Naples. I finally said, "guys, Naples is in Florida. You're talking about Napoli."

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I try to push it outside of football season for selfish reasons but sometimes it cannot be helped. Supposed to be in Italy/England the week after Thanksgiving but I'm trying to find a reason to not go. Was in Orlando last weekend instead of Norman. 

Weekend editor duties are largely custodial, making sure there is content but not forcing the issue, liaising with the beat/recruiting guys in case news breaks, making coffee, Old Fashioneds, etc. So it's like every other weekend, except I have expectations.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Space is a premium. Garden #1 is 8x12 and tiered/fenced/trellised all around to keep deer and other wildlife out. Garden #2 is 6x12, same precautions. Garden #3 is of the patio variety - pepper pots, railing pots, hanging pots.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I'm weekend editor, man - my job this weekend is to sit behind a laptop and watch games.

I was surprised at how slummy Milan was. Global fashion capitol, the rest of Italy is gorgeous and then you get to Milano and it's like "oh hey, is there a square foot of anything without shitty graffiti on it?" There was nothing exotic or beautiful about it aside from all of the women and every bite of food. Yeah, but other than that.

The entire Middle East is breath-taking, from the sights/architecture to the cultures.

The south of South Korea, hours from Seoul, opened my eyes. Where in our industrial and manufacturing heyday steel from Pennyslvania and glass and rubber from Ohio would make its way to Michigan, Korea has steel refining and the car manufacturing across the same bay from each other. When the steel is done they toss it on a barge and shove it to the other side. Kia, Hyundai, etc - their raw goods transportation costs are like zero. They have their shit together in a manner I've never seen anywhere else, and they keep no secrets either. I admire that. 11W does that to a degree - "here's what we do, this is why we win - and we don't think you can replicate it."

There's beauty everywhere. Even looking across the DMZ at North Korea - which looks like a desert compared to the green foliage on the South side because the DPRKers have literally cut down everything to burn for heat so they don't freeze to death - tells a story.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I am obsessed with gardening. This year I grew tomatillos, which was a bit of an adventure but ended up attracting 1000 bees (the good kind) to pollinate them and I take 2-3 pounds of tomatillos out of the garden every day now. Several types of peppers, all the hot/face-melting kind, buttercup squash varieties, plenty of unique nightshades as well as San Marzanos for sauce-making, lemon balm and basil for salad dressing, pesto and caprese (with buffalo mozz from the buffalo farm a mile from my house) garlic, herbs and currently I've got four brussels sprouts stalks over 5 feet that are now filling out ahead of Thanksgiving. I love starting seeds indoors in Feb and then hanging out with the plants as old women and men in the fall. It's therapeutic. There's a certain beauty in getting that much food out of your yard.