Why not Tressel?

With all the recent talk about Urban Meyer's inevitability as the next head coach of our beloved Buckeyes, I have to ask you all:  what's the argument against re-hiring Jim Tressel?  It was Ramzy's moving article describing the unseen good that Jim Tressel did as head coach ...
20 Oct 2011
by Menexenus 57 Comments

Perhaps having a productive offense isn't so easy

Here is the scenario Team A plays against Team B. Weather, low temperature of the day 53 degrees F, high temp 84 degrees F, avg wind speed 2.5 mph, precipitation 0.0 inches Team A has 194 total yards of offense on 59 plays for an average of 3.3 yards per play against Team B. Team ...
18 Oct 2011
by Maestro 16 Comments

Announcing Drink Too, Brutus 2011

As many of you know, Eat Too, Brutus is sold out this year (thank you!) and we're looking forward to an epic Saturday that leads to us giving the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research a nice fat check. While we still have many surprises in store for Saturday, we wanted to...

Miller vs Illinois

Completely ripped off from MGoBrian. He explains his terms here   dead on catchable inaccurate bad read throwaway batted pressure ...

SECFootballTalks On Top of the BCS

Look out again! The South Eastern Conference maybe holding on to that BCS National Title. The way Alabama and LSU are destroying everyone on the schedule. If the # 1 and #2 team LSU and Alabama has anything to say about it. The BCS National Title will be in the South Eastern Conference one more y...
17 Oct 2011
by lgsecfoo 3 Comments

So 4 passes or 34 passes which is better?

I was listening to some Mizzou fans this morning on the radio discussing their beat down of Iowa State on Saturday.  They were thrilled that the Tigers ran the ball 58 times on Saturday and that Henry Josey (averaging 10 yards per carry this season) finally carried the ball a season high 19 ...
17 Oct 2011
by Maestro 7 Comments

Zook's decision - could it be right?

Everyone is trashing Zook for going for it, it fits the meme that he's a terrible game coach. I actually think it's complicated and he could have been right. First off, the success rate on 4th and 2 is pretty good, around 60%. If they made it they have a much better chance of getting ...

Illinois Drinking Game

Let's face it: The 2011 Ohio State football season is an exercise in humility. Between Nick Siciliano avoiding his true calling at Best Buy, Jim Bollman catching flying fish with his mouth and Joe Bauserman dropping scuds on innocent people, we might as well have a little fun. Laughter he...

Illini Week 2011

Illinois 2011 Well, I’m back from a totally unwarranted one game suspension. I go to a friend’s beach house in the Outer Banks for a few days of golf and the NCAA calls that an improper benefit, so I miss the Nebraska game. Can’t anyone have fun?  Speaking of fun&hellip...
13 Oct 2011
by OKBuck 1 Comment

Jim Bollman is Consistent

Being consistently good (not great) can open more doors because, while you may never dazzle, you still produce.  Of course, if you're consistent at something, and you're always terrible... then you're probably named Jim Bollman. Let's take a trip back to 2005 and look bac...
13 Oct 2011
by ziplock007 5 Comments

#2, yep that about sums it up

The curse of #2 is in full effect. Not only do we all have hallucinations of #2 arm punting and gliding his way past opposing defenders effortlessly, but so far this season the current #2's have been about as good as that other "Number Two". Rod Smith played himself out of a...
12 Oct 2011
by Maestro 3 Comments