Big Ten Football

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September 17, 2012 at 3:54p

I can't ever remember the big ten looking so bad.  I am so tired of arguing from my freinds down south about our league.  We don't have one legitimate top 10 team.  It is down right sad. I think we are getting better, but it will take some time.  Michigan is recruiting well, but they are still a few years away.  Wisconsin is lucky to only have one loss.  Penn State will be down for several years.  Michigan State I thought was turning the corner and then get manhandled by the Irish. Nebraska looks very average. Illinois the same. I am glad we don't have a bowl to play.  With the big ten schedule there are no great teams to get you ready.

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Buckeyes PERIOD.  No reason to concern yourself with the rest.

vacuuming sucks

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Good point Maestro.  You made me feel better.

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Just shrug your shoulders and agree, in a nonchallant voice, that the Big Ten sucks right now and that the SEC is the dominant conference. Then, yawn.
Tell them that, although you occasionally tune into SEC games to watch SEC speeeeed in action, you end up turning the channel to watch an ACC or Pac 12 game, because those inferior non-SEC teams aren't bad asses on defense like the all-powerful SEC, so the games are more back-and-forth, with crazy momentum swings and wild finishes.
Tell them you no longer need to watch, talk about, or even think about SEC games/teams, because we all know they're head-and-shoulders above every other conference - why spend time watching for a foregone conclusion. Then, yawn again.

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Chill. Wisky is rebuilding not only the team, but the coaching staff - last year's Q is a starter in the NFL and just beat the Cowboys - hard to replace someone like that.  And, perhaps we are finding out the Bielma is really nothing special without good assistants.  MSU has a new Q, new RB, and replaced other starters as well.  PSU is, well, PSU.  Illinios is better just because they are Zookless. Nebraska goes the way of their Q - he can play really well like he did in the first quarter against UCLA, then he can go in the crapper like he did for the rest of the game and revert to his old habits.  Iowa is simply fulfilling Ferentz's real potential. It is not the B1G's year, but who really cares?  We are in the midst of rebuilding/reformatting the system, and from what I have seen so far, we have vastly improved from last year.  The rest of the league will come around - the recruiting last year and this year will pay dividends down the road.  Right now I am more than content to see these young Buckeyes grow up - win or lose. 

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It has been fun to watch. I was confident that the bucks would win last week. I was just mad about giving up big plays on the ground. It was frustrating. I have enjoyed this season so far. As long as we pound Michigan I will call this season a success. Man, isn't Braxton fun to watch? He made me forget the name of his predessor.. I also really like listening to Meyer. He tells it like it is... And on the last year players, Simon and Hankins are a blast to watch.. If Hankins comes back (I am not holding my breath, nor would I be mad at him) this Dline will be absolutely sick!

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Illinois should be flattered by being called "average" at this point

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS