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September 15, 2012 at 9:59a

I just turned on College Gameday for the first time in about 2 years. They were doing a piece on Urban and his family contract. Once they went into the Cal matchup and showed Braxton highlights the delightful folks in Knoxville break out into the SEC chant. Amazing. Do they not honestly know where these SEC elite teams coaches come from? Do they not understand that before these guys came into their conference they were average?  I just don't get it. You just had a team from the West division(3 teams in top 10) lose to Louisiana Monroe at  HOME!  I wonder what they'll chant if Monroe shocks us again and beats Auburn tonight.  I also wonder how many games College gameday will do in SEC land?  The conference homerism I sort of understand, but chanting is ridiculous.  They just called Texas- Ole Miss a "historic matchup".   This is getting out of hand.

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They just called Texas- Ole Miss a "historic matchup".   This is getting out of hand.

I think you mean out of hound good sir

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Can we please stop acting outraged when SEC fans are dumb.

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Your talking about southern white trash, this is all they've got. They lost the big game that mattered 150 years ago and have been overcompensating ever since in anything they can.

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Completely uncalled for...

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Yes, that must be it. They-meaning SEC fans, lost the Civil War-which was fought 150 years ago...and they are still mad about it and rub football in the faces of their northern counterparts....
OR....hear me out. Maybe they are proud of the fact that their conference is really really good at a sport invented up here. Just a thought.

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Probably one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read.  Congratulations!

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The white trash part might be ignorant, but there may be a point to this post. Before you attack me, just listen. There are actually numerous papers written on the subject of southern pride, and most of it stems back to wanting to hold onto a part of the confederacy. Think about it. When you grow up in the US and move to another country, wouldn't you hold onto some American pride? While I think it's taken to an insufferable level with the SEC (a conference who is perennially overrated because it has 2 great teams (Georgia and South Carolina are NOT top 10 teams if they're in the big ten, acc or even big 12), it sort of makes sense. 

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I would actually agree with this to a certain extent. So many of them still fly confederate flags & call everyone north of Tennessee a yankee. It's pretty ignorant honestly, but not nearly as ignorant as all the things I read from SEC fans insulting football up north, specifically calling us "slohio". Ohio is in a league of it's own when it comes to football in the north, we basically are football in the north. We supply talent to Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame & right here to home to Ohio State. We have 2 pro teams, boast some of the best coaches in the history of the game, & we have the pro-football hall of fame. 9 Heisman winners born here puts us 2nd behind California. SEC fans are ignorant to even try to insult us, mainly because regardless of what recent times have shown, they have a long way to go until they match Ohio's accomplisments.

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The SEC is dominant at football. SEC fans are dominant at being dumb. That's it, plain and simple. It is what it is.

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Texas-Ole Miss IS a historic matchup. They both used to be in the same conference. I'm 18, and even I know that.

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Huh?  The SIAC?

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@Cory... Your statement displays the ignorance... I live in the south and was actually at Gameday yesterday. My wife and one of my best friends are UT fans so we went to the game. I'm a Buckeye fan because my dad's side of the family is from Toledo and I've grown up watching the Buckeyes. For you to categorize people in the south as white trash is ignorant. I happen to have 2 bachelor's degrees and a master's degree and will be pursuing a higher degree starting next July. My wife has her bachelor's and is getting her master's right now. There's nothing white trash about us. The reason people chant SEC all the time is because they win. When you win 6 straight national titles it gives you confidence and a reason to brag. That's just how it goes. It has nothing to do with being white trash. Until the B1G (which is a below avg conference this year), PAC 12, ACC, or Big 12 knock them off... We can't say anything and they'll still chant. Plain and simple.

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^So much this.

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It's simple: if the B1G had the SEC's record for national championships and bowl games, I'd be chanting BIG TEN, BIG TEN, BIG TEN!! too.

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The SEC gets overhyped sometimes.  I'll say this - I think the top of the conference - the top 3 or 4 teams - are better than the top 3 or 4 teams in any other conference.  Honestly, though, when you look past Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and maybe South Carolina (though they're overrated and the other 4 teams I mentioned here would kick their asses), the conference is pretty average.  Vandy lost to Northwestern, Arkansas lost to UL Monroe, Kentucky lost to Western Kentucky, and Auburn needed OT to beat UL Monroe.  Oh, and Ole Miss had 66 dropped on them by Texas. 
Personally, I thought Gameday should've gone to East Lansing this week, though I understand IF they're going up there for MSU/OSU and they didn't want to go up there twice in three weeks.  I doubt Gameday is going to go up there now, though, and may never have planned to.  There are other games not featuring SEC schools that they can go to.

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SEC chant is extremely annoying. It's most annoying when you have your middle of the pack and lower tier SEC teams doing it. They are literally living vicariously through the Alabama and LSU's. That's like Indiana and Minnesota fans chanting Big Ten after Ohio State wins a big OOC game. That would be extremely weird.

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Exactly, that would be annoying.  If OSU won the title and then Minnesota chanted "BIG TEN" while beating Syracuse or something, I would be annoyed at that, too.  We won that national title, not Minnesota.  Minnesota didn't contribute anything to a positive Big Ten reputation.  Alabama fans have more of a right because at least Alabama is carrying the SEC flag as the best team in that conference, and have contributed to their reputation with 2 national titles in 3 years.  But Vandy or Ole Miss doing
Like I said above, you take the top 4 teams (may be 5 this year but usually it's 3 or 4) from the SEC and compare it to the top 4s of other conferences - not much of a comparison.  But beyond that top 4, the SEC is pretty average.  People rag on the Big Ten for losing OOC games and bowl games while acting like the SEC is the bomb-diggity, but the fact of the matter is that SEC schools have and continue to take their fair share of lumps in some of these kinds of games, too.  It's not like SEC schools are winning every bowl game they're in (see Georgia vs MSU) or avoiding embarrassing OOC losses (see Arkansas and Kentucky).

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This year, thank your lucky stars Georgia and SC aren't in the B1G....
Whatever dude. You made a stupid comment.

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South Carolina is not THAT great...lets compare
SC - 17 Vandy - 13
Northwestern 24 Vandy - 14


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South Carolina played on the road in an opening game with their QB hurt. Northwestern got them at home. I'm not convinced Northwestern is a bad team after watching the rest of the B1G thus far. 

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This is from the Bleacher Report.
Since 2002, the SEC has done a great job of winning bowl games vs other conferences. According to College Football Data Ware House, the Big Ten is 12-13 vs. the SEC in that time span. The SEC just took that lead this year as they went 3-1 in the Citrus, Outback, Gator and Sugar Bowl, respectively. If you were listening to the media, you would think that the SEC would be undefeated in bowl season vs. every conference and in every game they play.
Unfortunately for southern football fans, that's not the case as we saw this season with Georgia losing to UCF.

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