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Comment 22 hours ago

One of the big reasons was that he would talk about going to 3 Rose Bowls and the like, acting as if Wisconsin was on top of the B1G...talking a lot of smack despite the fact that he was 1-5 versus tOSU when it was brought up(and that the only reasons Wisconsin looked as successful as they did under him was that either tOSU was playing in a better BCS Bowl OR we were on probation for Tat-Gate.  He is a decent coach, but couldn't really win the big games for the most part. 

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Joey Galloway.  4.1 40

Watched everyone mentioned in this thread play, and Joey is the fastest.  Teddy or Terry second/third.  Both legit 4.3 guys.  

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I appreciate you putting your opinion out there in a rational manner. Having said that, I disagree and not for "homer" reasons.

The Buckeyes should be at #5 based on this committees' logic. Ohio State has better top wins than TCU and Baylor.  They have also beaten their two best opponents on the road (one in inclement weather).

How TCU is ahead of tOSU is beyond me. They almost got beat by Kansas! Kansas is about the 100th best team in the nation. They are awful. Worse than everyone in the B1G. 

And our loss to VT isn't as bad as they beat their 2nd ranked team in Duke.  It seems VT has the talent but lack the coaching to make them consistent.

I am okay with MSU at 4 for now. Alabama doesn't deserve the #1 spot. 

Should be: FSU; Oregon; Alabama; MSU and tOSU at 5, Baylor, TCU.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I think people were waiting for that "IT" moment where Dontre showed some magic. 

Kind of like we saw with Michael Wiley or Ted Ginn in their freshman years...plays that just made you go... WOW...that kid is special.

To this point, I think Curtis Samuel has shown "IT" a couple times.  Dontre is good, but I haven't said that about him. One play of his stands out from these past two years: the amazing catch he made over the defender's back in the VT game.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I felt confident that he would be okay because of the Spring game. He look like he had the it factor. Made some decisive throws, spun the ball well, and had good runs.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Simple fix: If you don't play in a conference championship game, you don't get to play for the National Championship.

That means that the Big 12 and the Independents are out until they get a championship game.

This year, the B10, SEC, Pac12, and ACC champions would be the final 4. 

If you go to 8 - that means that the 2nd best team from each conference, should it lose the championship game of its conference, would be eligible for one of the three remaining spots (assuming the power 5 all go to choir ship games). 

Doubt we will ever see a 4-5 loss team play for the national championship in that scenario.

Makes winning your division and your conference championship extremely important. 

Means better non-conference schedules since they won't effect rankings too much. Also, everyone should play 9 conference games (ahem, SEC). 

BEST of all, makes polls virtually worthless opinion fests they actually are. Winning on the field should matter, not style or perception points.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Anyone ever ask about Corey Smith?  He continues to get a lot of play & hasn't put it together. Meyer says that they don't yank guys - but I don't see the effort and it looks as if he doesn't concentrate. The position coaches seem to be very loyal to their favorite guys. Zach apparently loves Corey Smith. I can't imagine what he's doing to earn playing time over a Jeff Greene (or the minutes he's taking away from our two best receivers).  

Drayton loves EZE. We get it. I think the lack of getting Devin Smith and Michael Thomas the ball less and only running EZE (not getting Samuel, Ball, or Dunn in the game) could come back to haunt us at some point. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014


If Craft were on this team with this talent around him, he would excel.

Last year he had to do everything and he's a 100% energy guy.  Because no one else could score, he tried. I think he was exhausted and didn't shoot as well be user of that.  

I think on this team that has scorers and less lazy players, Craft's shooting percentage would go up and he'd averse about 9 pts per game.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Saban may generally like to recruit bigger players for his system, but let's not forget we beat out Alabama (along with a host of other SEC schools) for Bell.

Tyvis Powell is 6'3" and our corners are both over 6' so Bell probably looks short in relation to them at 5'10"or11" & 200lbs.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Thanks...that will help, even if I can't stay off the internet that long at least I can watch it.

What about BitTorrent or UTorrent? Do you think the game would be uploaded there soon after its conclusion today?

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Was 2007 the year we made J Lerman look like the best college linebacker to ever play football? Didn't that guy have like 24 tackles and 8 pass break-ups?  Man, I couldn't stand that guy during the game. So irritating. 

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Admirable plan. As you said, won't happen in our lifetime. 

I am am not sure I want to remove the human element from everything...just the media narrative and voter bias (to begin with).

thats why I think the easiest/quickest way is to get to a form of playoffs that is directly based on Conference Championship Games plus three wild cards (who at the very least are divisional champs). 

Then reporting would be about match ups, high stakes games, and winning your league. 

Comment 30 Oct 2014

A good example of the bias.  Everyone but the SEC is required to win all the games.  And even if we do, 1-loss SEC teams are ranked higher due to perceived strength of schedule. Still a beauty contest not an athletic one.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

I think this puts pressure on the lower schools. They definitely need to do their part.  But if you prioritize winning a division and winning a league, it sets their goals out nicely. In a good cycle, a Northwestern may have a real shot at a playoff.  

But as we have seen, we just can't control the media narrative. Those who shape the narrative benefit the most from it. Only way to change the "beauty contest" is to make it an actual contest.