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Comment 5 hours ago

Why do we stop throwing slant passes, despite the fact that it seems no one can cover our big receivers?

This is a question that has haunted me since 2014.

Basically, we don't throw enough slants - though they're almost always successful for us (Michael Thomas, Noah Brown). 

Comment 5 hours ago

Here's my Top 5.  I'm taking the approach of "What Program I'd Take Over in 2017."  

Some programs I would NOT take due to poor management from the AD (USC), academic limitations (ND), terrible fan support (Miami), or ridiculous, unrealistic fanbase (LSU), not following Saban (Bama), or simply, primal hatred (UM). 

(1) Ohio State - no commentary needed.

(2) Texas - on par with tOSU in recruiting base (best HS football in the nation), money, etc. PLUS - it's in the South (weather) & plays in a weak league. 

(3) Clemson - location, successful program, able to recruit Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Maryland with ease. 

(4) Michigan State - I'd take all that Ohio talent OSU doesn't, plus pick up a handful of national talent from Florida/Virginia/Penn. Basically, the Jim Tressel plan for success. And I'd still get to beat Michigan every year. 

(5) Oregon - NIKE money and advertising, ad infinitum. Pipelines of recruiting to California & Texas. Location. 

Comment 26 Sep 2016

I'm pulling for Danny Clark to stick with tOSU. If not, I will continue to follow his career and hope it works out great for him.  I've appreciated Clark's loyalty and passion for the Buckeyes. He's a real fan, just like us. 

I get things change, kids may or may not develop, and that college football is a billion(s)-dollar business. Danny seems intelligent and I bet he understands all of this too - even if it leads in a different direction than what he wants.  It's not personal, it's business, it's competition. 

However, it rubs me wrong how some of these comments go too far, IMO.  I get everyone probably wants to justify why Clark may not be a part of the class. But, I think some things just need to be left unsaid. Why do people need to trash his talent, his nickname, or his competition? He's a high-school kid & Buckeye fan. He's not paid to play like a pro and he's not even on scholarship. 

I hope that the rest of the Danny Clark comments are along the nature of - "If OSUworks out great, if not, sad for Danny but I'll root for him" - and then leave it at that. I'm thankful for Danny's commitment to OSU - whatever the future brings. 

Comment 14 Sep 2016

Thoughts RE: Oklahoma's size inside (compared to Bama)... I think we did alright against Bama, no? Little Jacoby Boren at center was still pretty stout. Elfein is bigger. Our whole line is bigger than the 2014 line - but just not as experienced yet. 

Thoughts on Defense: I think the game plan will be similar to the BG game...funnel everything to the inside, keep Mayfield inside the tackles. Mixing in some blitzes to make Mayfield make some mistakes by throwing too soon. 

Thoughts on Offense: MSU 2014 passing game plan PLUS more TE seam passes and more outside zone (like we had against Bama). 

Comment 31 Aug 2016

I have been a big fan of Dobbins since his commitment. This video solidifies what we've head in other news articles and interviews with him. He is humble, yet confident. He's a fighter & competitor.  

He's very articulate & has leadership written all over him (actually reminds me A LOT of Raekwon McMillan in the way he speaks and conducts himself in public).

I've respected that from the moment he committed to Ohio State he's basically been on lock. He's not playing games. He's true to his word.

I was really dismayed to hear him say that Cam Akers commitment would cause him to re-evaluate things with OSU and his recruitment. In his mind, he's been 100% faithful to OSU and I think expects that in return. Perhaps he was promised that he was "the guy" at running back in this class - just like Zeke was. Remember, when we signed Dontre - Zeke really wavered and we almost lost him to Mizzou.  

Don't get me wrong - I'd love to have both Dobbins and Akers (who is a great back). That'd be a heck of a one-two punch - but that assumes Dobbins plays HB while Akers is more of a TB.  But with ALL the intangibles mentioned above - I'd rather have Dobbins. And I hope recruiting Akers doesn't mess that up (though I see Akers more likely to go to FSU, Clemson or an SEC powerhouse team). Consider me #teamdobbins if it comes to making a choice between the two. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Bosa's camp wanted compromise on the money OR the offset. They said that from day 1. Looks like they took the money.

Way to waste Bosa's rookie camp, Cheap Chargers! In the end he got what he wanted.

The NFL needs to fix this little loophole in the next CBA so the Cheap Chargers don't keep trying to do this. 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

I can see that, and I am no fan of bureaucracy!  What I'm thinking about is objectivity and recognition.  Clear chain of command and formal recognition of achievement.  

Everyone knows who the leaders are, in some sense, by rank. 3 Captains. 9 LTs.  One thing it does is helps peers identify leaders earlier. It also puts leadership within reach of everyone who holds the values.

Being Captain of 120 people is much harder to get to, but being LT of your position group is an achievable and worthy goal. The BEST LTs will become Captains. 

There's a lot of analogies between the sports world and military chain of command. I think it could help. 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Agreed. That's correct, which is what made me think of deepening the structure. But think about the human psychology standpoint - a more formal leadership structure gives our mind something to aspire to and becomes a source of personal pride when achieved.  

Promotions work this way.  It's the power of recognition - by your peers and by your coaches.  I should say that more responsibility and accountability are expected of leaders.  You take something that's more subjective (leadership culture) and create more objectivity (positions/responsibilities)...and this creates a clearer meritocracy. 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

It is possible, I suppose, if we have LT's to limit the team to 3 Captains - making Captaincy an earned, highest honor (I always thought more than 3, and certainly 6, seemed like too much).  

I would propose a Captaincy that based on criteria for LT's but people who were exceptional in these areas - elected by Coaches, Administrators, former Captains, and the Team.  Though, I'd say that Captains (unlike LT's) need to be Starters. 

(1) Offense Captain

(2) Defensie Captain

(3) At-Large Captain

Comment 16 Aug 2016

That's pretty good. I imagine they'd all benefit from being Lieutenants - the responsibility and accountability would be multiplied. 

I should add - if you're a Captain, you can't be a LT.  This means the QB room, the LB room, the OL room this year would need other leaders (so that Captains can spend more time coaching the LT's & whole team). 

So I would say the LT's in those rooms would be: Joe Burrow, Billy Price, and Chris Worley.  

NOTE: you don't have to be a starter to be an LT.  The leadership positions should be based on (1) Respect of your peers/coaches (2) Practice at a high level (3) take care of your business in the classroom and (4) no guns, no drugs, no violence.  

So theoretically, an upstanding, selfless walk-on like Kato Mitchell could be a LT. 

Comment 08 Aug 2016

I think TP admitted this was true, essentially. And Boone spoke about TP's immaturity in past tense.

I think we all know this to be true at the time.  TP was an 18 year old no.1 recruit in America. 

TP's response shows maturity and humility. 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

SERIOUSLY...The NCAA needs to drop the ban-hammer fast on Baylor. Culture of sexual assault and title IX violations. Time to yank some schollies like what happened at USC & PSU. 

Also - Art Briles covers up a ton of sexual assault - and as of now can still coach when/where something is available. WTF?  The Senator got a FIVE YEAR SHOW CAUSE penalty for "covering up" tattoo-gate. Briles needs at LEAST that - if not double. 

Finally, I feel really bad for all these young women and facing the culture of entitlement, harassment, violence, and shaming. I hope they get justice and peace.  

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Defensive backs.

Replacing Apple and both safeties (who have a lot of responsibility in this Cover 4, match up zone) is a tall order. Plus Ash is gone and they have new (but excellent) coach in Schiano. 

Teams are gonna test the secondary early and often.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Good thoughts, Buck68.

I think this is where the "Land of the Wolves" mentality really kicks in. 

It may be the most competitive environment for a team Urban has ever had with 16 new starters needed plus quality rotation playing time. 

That's going to bring extreme focus. That's going to force the cream to rise to the top, and fast.  

We have solid leadership with JT, Pat, and Kwon. Plus some really good program guys like Price and T.Lewis.

This may be the most talented roster, top to bottom, that tOSU has ever had in my lifetime. 

Yes, they need experience. But the Urban Meyer culture, good changes in the coaching, with all of that talent makes me think of what Urban did in his first year with far less talent. 

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I always believed Jalin had the talent to make it in the league. Dude just has something electric about him - something that pure speed lovers don't always see. I think he has more natural talent than some QBs turned receiver. Couldn't believe N.E. didn't try to get him. 

If he stayed at OSU I believe he would have been drafted in round 5, at best round 3. 

Thing is, for him, he wanted a shot at the league and he believed in himself.

He wanted to focus on football without having to worry about school.  

Did he make the right choice? Time will tell. He made a man's choice and bet on himself. Good for Jalin.