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Comment 26 Mar 2017

I think great recruiting comes down to the same thing all sales comes down to...

1) great product (not hard to sell OSU football)

2) great people skills. People want to feel special and important. Remember names, important events. Relationships matter.

3) great follow-up. This is the minutae. The text to a client congratulating them on their recent promotion, the check-backs (without being over bearing). I think this is the hardest part... but in Urban's system (and with a full department of staffers dedicated to it)... Davis should be fine.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

I agree. He's not yet and NBA prospect. He's good though and plays hard. Seems to have a smart BB IQ.

If he's like his brother Andre, we will see immediate effort/passion AND improvement over the course of the season. And someone who cares about what the Buckeyes mean to their fans.

Thats all I'm really hoping for with Kaleb next year.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

A caveat about "leadership"... 

I think Fickell's leadership is A LOT like the Senator, Jim Tressel himself. He is a mentor, a teacher, a guide not only to football but to manhood, to life. It's a different kind of command - it's more presence. Not a lot of reason to yell. Plays the "long game" more. Subtle/strategic. 

Urban is more of a "General Patton" type leader. He goes hard. He obliterates opponents. It's not that he doesn't teach/mentor at all, but you can tell his focus is on organizational alignment, discipline, efficiency.  He must win at everything. It's a conqueror style. 

I'm hoping that Fick learned a lot about alignment and structure from Urban while retaining the mentoring/subtlety of the Senator.  

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Reading between the lines of coach-speak (it wasn't too hidden, really), it seems like the two points of emphasis Day has for JTB to work are:

(1) Footwork

(2) Getting the ball out quickly

That seems right. JTB can hold on to the ball a little long in part because he's been drilled to not make a mistake with the ball. Also, I think Andrew or Kyle or someone pointed out his footwork flaws and how it affected his timing last year. To be fair, against good teams he seemed to rush his footwork, probably because he was getting rushed and pounded by opposing d-linemen.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Still think the '09's should have won - a true throwback, original/creative...AND still used our primary colors (Get off my lawn)!  I really just don't see that much creativity in the all-blacks. I'm not totally against the use of black, but I remember seeing them for the first time and thinking, they could've done better...Especially with the helmet. 

Now, I LOVE the 2015 jerseys (wish we wore them all the time as our regular uniform) but they're so close to our regular uniforms now (and especially late 90s early 2000s) that it's hard for me to consider them a TRUE throwback. 

In the end, I love all Ohio State jerseys. There can be no real losers here. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Why yes, I DO want to know why recruits keep going there...

I mean, who has a hype video showing them getting beat by their rivals and having everyone (including OSU) lifting N.C. Trophies - everyone that is, except UM.

This video basically says: Well, we aren't that successful but these other teams are successful so look at them and pretend that's gonna be you. 

Strange tactic, Jim. 

Why not just go to OSU, Bama, or Clemson to begin with if you're a recruit?

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Bad collective bargaining agreement allowed "super-teams" to be formed for playoff runs. How the Warriors had enough money to pay Kevin Durant is beyond me. 

The super teams only care about the playoffs. They know they're better than everyone else except the other super teams. 

Fix the competitive balance issues in the league and this won't happen as much.  

Also - if you DNP/Rest - you don't get paid. 

Comment 20 Mar 2017

If he plays with the same type of energy and commitment we saw from his brother Andre in limited action this past season, I think it'll be great!  

He moves well for a big man. I'd like to see him convert some of that extra weight into muscle. So, better get him in to see Coach Mick. 

Comment 20 Mar 2017

I think we make the NCAA tournament if Keita Bates-Diop is 100% healthy all season. 

We lost a lot of close game and I think he'd  push us to 21-22 wins. 

Then I think we'd get bounced in the first round. 

This team never had chemistry. Neither did last year's team. They don't play together. The effort comes and goes.  They still can't shoot free throws. 

Comment 19 Mar 2017

I agree with your point about the 09 UM game uniform being a true "alternate" whereas the 2015 Oregon (which I love) were basically our regular uniform. 

I didn't love all black. I feel like it didn't really have any gray/silver to it. Perhaps I'd like it better if we wore silver helmets with it. I felt like the all black helmet was "meh" - could've done better there. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Interesting. I don't recall hearing that.l, but it could be. 

While recruited as a safety, he played corner in the Army All American game and was the best corner on the field that day.  

I remember a few speculating he may switch to corner at OSU (before he got here). 

I think he can cover. I think his injuries set him back unfortunately.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Yes. He was hurt and didn't get a full Spring/Summer if I recall. And I think he was injured during the 2015 season.

He came in and had more early playing time and hype than Lattimore when he got to campus. Played lights out in the Army All-American bowl.  Dude can hit!

If he is fully recovered now & returns to that early pre-injury form, look out.