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Comment 3 hours ago

Whatever teams we pick, I see the B1G desiring a footprint in Georgia, Florida, and/or North Carolina. these states have tons of talent. Florida has a ton of Buckeye fans...former Ohioans who've settled there or  ones of vacation there often.  

I could see Georgia Tech and FSU making the most sense. Maybe Miami or Clemson. Virginia or VT, though I don't see us wanting two teams from the same state, this expansion is about $$$ not competition, initially anyway. 

Comment 21 Sep 2014

_ichigan coaching possibilities:

Nadzurri (MSU)

Miles (LSU)

Morris (Clemson)

Stoops (Kentucky)

Leach (WSU)

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I think it's a low-brow chant. I'm not offended, I'm just not impressed. It's not unique or clever or worthy of "THE."

I'd rather establish a tradition that highlights our dominance over Michigan (at every game, no matter who we are playing):

O-H-I-O ...the Team Up North Still Sucks! 

Because no matter how bad the B1G is or TTUN having some down years/coaches...

The best thing about the B1G is tOSU's dominance and the second best thing is The Game/The Rivalry.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

What a great & difficult question.

Top 5 D from 2000-2010






Top 5 O from 2000-2010






Comment 15 Sep 2014

I like what Chip Kelly does, personally, a little bit better - just because his teams still have a running game.  I think the Pats offense operated at its best with a quality running game in Maroney & a true, big deep threat in Moss.  Of course, the Giants just seem to know how to beat them.  Right now, I think it's pretty much Brady's talent & Belicheck that keep them winning, but they aren't really feared in the same way.  If we could have that 2008(?) Pats offense - look out.   Plus, like I said, I think JT is capable of running better/more than Brady when needed.  Now that we know how teams are going to try to stop us (BEAR or at least 4-3 over press coverage) - it will come down to coaching & who wants it more - to win the big games. 

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Good to hear about Noah playing.  

I know both Jones' played on the line. Marcelys did enroll early, so it makes sense he played first, having been here for 9 months.  Our guards are struggling some still, so there might not be as much Pt early for all the new guards. Our starters need work.

Jamarco it seems, at tackle, is more a necessity.  Like Kwon, they probably have to get him up to speed fast in case we really need him by the end of this year. More opportunity to play early.

Of course, the tweet could be in reference to anything - girls, friends, a song. IDK.  Probably just reading into it because I expected Meechy would get PT early in a game like this.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

This is EXACTLY the type of power play to C gap that I was talking about!  Thanks for finding it.  

Why don't we have this is the arsenal?

With that bear front, we could have sealed them (like the green wall in the video) and run power!  Come on man. Jeez. 

Comment 10 Sep 2014

It's time for a change. They're okay.  But if we have alternates, we can do better. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I can see how their theory could work with experienced players.  I'm just mystified that they had no concept of a Plan B - (running power off tackle, more swing passes to backs outside, sending the flanker deep and having a speedy H-back run an intermediate sideline route).  We saw a few speed options that worked and a few double slants that worked.  But the "adjustment" game plan seemed to lack imagination.  The strategy seemed to be - If Plan A doesn't work - keeping doing it harder, there is no Plan B. That's frustrating.  

Comment 09 Sep 2014

This whole article sounds like the finger of blame really lies at coaching ineptitude. How could Herman and Meyer not be prepared to this level?  I mean - we have cover 0 beaters in our playbook (besides 3/4 verts).  As noted - double slants worked. I know we've all said the same thing on here since the game...but SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!  I can forgive the "green" players. I cannot forgive coaching ineptitude of this level.  

Why did we stop running the speed option?  Why don't we let the tight end (or large H back) come in motion and run off tackle if A/B gaps are jammed? I mean COME ON!  Let the line block power and the H-back in motion seal the MLB and let our VAUNTED BLOCKING RECIEVERS block the OLB/safety/corners.  Seriously. It's not rocket science. Look at picture above and we could easily get 4-7 yards doing this!

The defense got better as the game went along, so I'm very optimistic about that.  VT was 5/7 on third downs in the first half... and 4/10 on third downs in the second.  If we could defend the 15 yard sideline route, game over!  But we saw press coverage and aggressive defense - I expect it will be better each week.   

Special teams killed us.  This isn't being talked about enough by the coaches. The major MOMENTUM CHANGE in the game was when Clinton kicked the ball out of bounds right after we tied the game at 21-21. VT went on to score & then sent the farm on blitzes the rest of the game.  STOP BEING CUTE WITH KICKOFFS and just GET A TOUCHBACK!!!  It doesn't work. Teams are always getting past the 20 (or 30) on us. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Great post. I mostly agree.  I did see on the scheme breakdown that in the 4th on 2 and 7, both Micael Thomas and Huermann came across the middle. Wide open. I didn't think we ran any of those last night. I was wrong.

JT didn't even look at them and got sacked. Granted, he's young and was being crushed that quarter. Also, though... Coaching.  It's like both he and Braxton are ALWAYS looking to throw deep.  That has to be in their coaching.  We need a more ball control passing game that moves the chains. Roll that pocket out when we are getting blitzed like crazy.  So many options here...mostly at GT said---we didn't adjust.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

It seems like JT did make a poor read in the first video. I thought Herman didn't give him any receivers running across the middle. He had two, and was just staring down the outside receivers deep.

He's young and was getting destroyed that quarter, but needs to be coached up a little there.  I wonder how much of that lies with the coaches who are in love with the long ball.  Why can't we simply learn to use the short and intermediate parts of the field consistently? 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I know that VT DBS were playing inside coverage, making it harder for our guys to get inside. But he gave up way too easily trying to do so. How about running those slants/drags/hooks with outside reliever --- and having the inside receiver go inside/out (short or intermediate) and the RB get to the flats or run a wheel route?!?

Here's a novel concept Herman: roll your QB out of that pressure and let him pass to the outside receiver!

BTW-- VT and Michigan (last year) used this roll out against our aggressive D line quite effectively.  Our D coordinators need to adjust. 

Now every good Defense has the game plan to stop our offense.

Every decent Offense knows the game plan to neutralize our defensive strength. 

Come on, coaches. Adjust. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Wow. That punishment seemed terrible before this video, now it's just indefensible.  The NFL is a clown show not unlike it's NCAA little brother. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

All this was exactly the way I felt. I was there too. Deflating loss.

I'll add... We need to kick the ball through the end zone. We are not benefiting from this high kick "pin them behind the 20" doesn't work.  It changed the momentum of the crowd tonight when Clinton kicked it out of bounds after we just tied the game.  I knew we would lose for sure at that moment.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Still so frustrated that this kid (and others) sat while our defense was like Swiss cheese.

No, I don't believe the "if they were ready to play they'd play " line.  That was likely coaches covering for each other, or themselves, after figuring out they blew the season with the terrible scheme and personnel choices.