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Comment 19 hours ago

Right, good thoughts. But to be clear, I'm not saying any of these guys SHOULD go. Theoretically, you take a better job than the one you have.

In my mind these are the kinds of jobs I view as better than their current jobs. I did this activity based on the idea of Schiano leaving his job as D-coordinator here to take a (lesser) job as head coach of South Florida.

My thought was he's better than that and will get an offer this year or next year to coach a solid Power 5 team. 

So, I did that same kind of analysis with every assistant coach. For example, Zach Smith could leave like Withers to coach an FCS team. But he shouldn't leave Ohio State just to take any job (like a high school coach or a slightly better coordinator job at a bad school). 

Overarching point: OHIO STATE assistant coaches have it good! Stay here until something obviously better comes open. 

Comment 23 hours ago

The product is bad. Good point. The venue doesn't help at all. Gene Smith cares about these things. Which is why, like I said - the mandate is to compete for championships. Matta WILL NOT get a lifetime pass based on what he's done for this program (which is a lot). He will have to win and compete or he will be fired in a year or two. See: Jim Foster. 

Comment 23 hours ago

He may not be a head coach (just saying that's the only thing that should tempt him to leave OSU). Perhaps I didn't word it clearly, but I included Cincinnati and Ohio for Coombs because of location not because they're P5 (but I confused that with Fickell). 

Great point about Meyer bringing in other guys over him. 

Comment 23 hours ago

True. But as we see all the time with coaches... sometimes you jump at that chance too soon and it hurts you in the long run because you took a job at a place based on position, not necessarily a good opportunity. 

I get the desire to be a head coach, but if you take a terrible job with a mess of an athletic department and you fail...well, you might not get another shot for a long time(like what could happen with Ash at Rutgers). Whereas if you wait for the right type of opportunity (like a Houston right now) it could really set you up.

Of course, it's not my call. Just theorizing. 

Comment 23 hours ago

I'm not saying that he WOULD BE good at it.

 I'm saying that that is the type of job Warinner SHOULD leave for if the opportunity presented itself.

I was attempting to sketch out the kind of jobs I think these guys should leave a great situation (Ohio State) for...because they're sometimes linked with moves that would be downgrades (like Schiano with FAU or South Florida). 

Comment 23 hours ago

The loss to FAU is BAD. However...

It's too early for #FireMatta.  

Generally, I think that we need to give the improvements made in the off-season time to marinate (such as clearing the house of players who refuse to buy in and the hiring of Jent). 

Yet, I believe if this season is as bad as last season, Gene Smith is going to act. He fired a very, very good coach in Jim Foster because the women's program plateaued under him.  

I think that Matta has MAX two seasons to get back to competing for championships or he's gone (maybe just this one). For all he's done for Ohio State which is A LOT - he's been given grace already. 

However, this is Ohio State and we compete for championships in every sport. That objective has been clearly defined by our AD. Matta won't be allowed to ride mediocrity out until he wants to quit, so don't worry about that happening. 

I hope Thad's offseason improvements come to fruition. We'll see by the end of the season. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

No matter what happens (and if the committee's logic holds true, we should still be in the CFP).

11-1 with the youngest team in CFB

3-1 against top ten teams, best resume in all of college football. 

We beat TTUN's best team in a decade...with glorious schadenfreude that will last for another decade. In fact, they're going to make a 30 for 30 with Harbaugh and Peppers still crying about how JTB was short. LOL. 


Comment 04 Dec 2016

It took us winning the B1G 59-0 to impress the committee and have us jump from 6 to 4. 

Washington, already at #4, had the most impressive championship game of the one-loss teams.  PSU and Clemson won by 7...and it took the whole game to decide the winners. 

Could we drop to #5? Anything is possible. OU winning the Big 12 helps us a lot... as does Michigan's 39 point win over PSU. 

We'll find out tomorrow!

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Looks like they're gonna win. I guess they stay at #3 then?  Seems like its a battle between Washington and PSU for the #4 spot?  Washington did dominate their championship game, albeit in a weak league. PSU won by a touchdown but in the best league (and they beat us). hmmmmmmmmm

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Well, it's not going to be comfortable but I'd find it hard to see how we'd drop out of the playoffs. The three championship games we saw only seemed to give Washington a little bump (over Michigan). The ACC and B1G championships were close games. You never know, but there's no 59-0 out there. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

We are fine. PSU isn't going to jump up to #2 in the country by beating the #6 team by 7. 

Washington isn't going to jump to #2 in the country by beating Colorado. 

Clemson isn't jumping us barely beating VT right now....and may still lose. They're not jumping us. 

Bottom line, none of these games showed these teams were better than Ohio State.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

It's not terrible if PSU wins. It's going to be a close final score. Not a blowout either way. PSU could jump up to #5 but they aren't jumping above Washington or Clemson. Them winning the B1G makes our loss to them look a little better...I mean, we lost by 3 on the road to the eventual B1G champion who had two weeks to prepare for us. We will still have 3 wins against tTop 10 teams, including the Big 12 champion. Would a Wisky win make it all cleaner for us? Yes. But they're just proving what everyone knows...the West division is inferior to the East. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Wisky's backup QB isn't a threat. That enabled PSU to get back in the game. Now Wisky has no idea how to defend anything. B1G WEST division is trash.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Makes me so mad when considering Tressel got 5 years show cause for covering up Tat-gate. 

Covering up multiple sexual assaults is far worse.  Heck, Penn St. Was nailed for cover up.

Why aren't Briles and Baylor being crushed for this? Briles shouldn't be able to coach for at least 5 years. And Baylor should have scholarships reduced.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

A lot of thanks Herman gets for taking over their mediocre program and making it good. 

Sorry, UH... Texas is one of the top jobs in America and importantly a member of a Power 5 conference. Can't say no to that.

What are you gonna say about the loyalty of whatever coach of a lesser school who chooses to leave their current situation to come to UH?