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Comment 1 hour ago

Glad to have you back, Captain JTB. 

Man, closed circle discussion?!? 

JT is more calculated than Zeke and DLee, but man... the guys did not like the direction of the offense the last two years. JTB was often frustrated visibly with play calling (slow to get plays in).  

Combine that with perhaps Collier going out of his way to praise Tim Beck and it seems like the players were placing more of the blame on Ed W.  His departure to Minnesota to take a position coach job like he did and Beck's hiring at Texas suggest perhaps that Ed W. was the sore spot/out of place the last couple of years.

Comment 15 hours ago

Also, the Dominican Republic is #1 in the world for driving accident fatalities (according to the World Health Organization).

Dominican players are particularly at risk.

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report on driving fatalities around the world in which the Dominican ranked as the deadliest country in the world for motor-vehicle related deaths. A stunning 41.7 deaths per year per 100,000 people occur in the Dominican. When the Washington Post stretched that ratio out over a 70-year span, it calculated than 1 in 480 people will die because of a motor vehicle-related accident in that lifetime. And the real numbers may be worse. The WHO reported that the Dominican doesn't have an adequate death registration system, meaning many more vehicle-related deaths have likely not been reported.

Comment 16 hours ago

They say the same thing every time.  I love hearing it because it's the "right answer."  

I am utterly mystified that the team continues to say they are:

(1) Unfocused (sometimes lazy/effort issue)

(2) Selfish

I love Thad but this is a "culture" issue.  

Something happened that affected OSU bball culture 4 years ago.  It's not a 4-6, A-B, brotherhood we see from the football team.  Maybe Thad needs to get the E + R = O leadership coach into his program.  The culture of this team needs to change or the results won't change. 

Comment 20 Jan 2017

With only one season to his name, it's hard to put him over anyone you listed. 

However, it's pretty amazing that we are talking about him as a top 10 Buckeye RB (or higher) after just one season.  He was that good.

I firmly believe if he stayed three years he'd have won at least one heisman trophy.  Remember, he played before all of the SEC hype and bias. OSU gets the most attention from media coverage.

After his freshman season and that NC game, he was perfectly set up to be the front runner. Jason White won in 2003 and Matt Leinart won in 2004.... both mostly on team hype/talent surrounding them. MoC would have a leg up on both of those guys. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

No way that this guy with this much on the line lets Beck coach if there's even a hint of him checking out. Clemson simply exposed our two-year problem with an offense that refused to do what it was good at doing - run tempo, use space, and power rushing.