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Comment 24 Aug 2015

IF he would flip for that reason (recruiting competition) he should just go to Rutgers. May be a four year starter there and also home state hero. He was already going to a middling SEC program, why not stay home at start for a middling B1G program and not worry about being recruited over?

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Tress did adapt, I think many forget that. He adapted the offense to a point, though.  The fact always remained that no matter who played QB.... Tress is a philosophically a "field position & defense" guy through and through.  We got there at times different ways offensively with play calling. But come third down, most of the time, it was safe play  then punt.  2006 was magical, though I think Urban's offense is better still.  I was hoping for more of 2006 type offense, but it never really happened.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

True, that year with Troy was amazing, but we reverted back. Even with a potential weapon like TP, the offense never looked that good again until Urban. Now it looks better than ever.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I like Herbie, so my perspective is from one who appreciates his work and need to not be a homer on TV. Here's where I think the disconnect happened. 

(1) Herbie is an "offense" guy, a QB, and he likes points. Tressel's ground and pound and punt offense kinda offended his sensibilities and when it was exposed against Florida and LSU (I.E. The SEC)Tress didn't change, and Herbie hoped he would.

(2) Terrelle Pryor.  Herbie thought he was an entitled punk who wasn't a great QB. I think Herbie felt Tress handed TP the keys too soon, and at the expense of Todd Beockman a quality kid and "good" QB.  I think Herbie felt TP never respected tOSU. Tat-Gate confirmed that for him.

(3) Perhaps out of these frustrations, Herbie did his best to bag on the TP led Sugar Bowl champion tOSU team (the one that also beat Oregon the year before). In this case, despite being a one close loss team, Herbie ranked the Bucks way lower than they actually deserved. 

(4) Finally, when everyone else could see the "SEC" had peaked and were in many ways only a product of ESecPN media hype, Herbie bashed every other team not from the SEC (except Oregon). Thus, being a company man conflicted with being a journalist AND a Buckeye. 

Comment 04 Aug 2015

Clark showed a lot of promise, and has the speed to fill in for the suspended Corey Smith. 

We beat out Meathicken for Berger.

Hooker was a raw but insane athlete, from what I can remember from his football and bbal film. 

Would love  to see them suit up.

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Arm strength is not the most important quality for a QB (see Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell).  

Command of the offense, intelligence, is close to the top. Accuracy matters more. Leadership matters.   Joe Montana and Tom Brady didn't/don't have cannons.  

Cardale has has grown as a leader and in accuracy, but also has a cannon.  JT is a born leader, with a better command of the offense, with good accuracy, and good not great arm strength.  

I feel like JT has an overall edge on Cardale...for it seems the only clear cut place he beats JT is in arm strength.  That may also help the running game a little bit more too.  Both a great guys. Cardale may be a better pro-QB prospect. I'm not down on Cardale.  I just think JT ranks higher in more categories and will win the job.  

Man, Buckeye problems... :)

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Done. Checking in from Shawnee, Kansas. (Kansas City). 

Comment 20 May 2015

Good points. To the first:

Sometimes we are more harsh with the ones we love when they fail, because we know them and expect better from them because we know they are better.  Maybe it was more disappointment than it was principle.

To the second:  ESecPN, of course! :)

Comment 20 May 2015

I think his dropping us in the polls after the Sugar Bowl win vs. Arkansas offended me at first. Then I realized after Treas resigned why I think Herbie did that. I think he felt Tress sold out his principles to pacify Pryor. We saw that played out on Twitter.  I think Herbie dropped us and was critical of the Bucks QB play at the end because of his own principles. If TP was more mature then (like he is now) I think none of that would have happened and no one would have a problem with Herbie.  Most of this complaining about him and his SEC love affair didn't really start until the TP stuff.

And let's be honest, Tresselball was boring and offenses were changing and innovating at the time. As a former QB, you can hardly blame Herbie for wanting OSU to evolve with the game. He loves Urban Meyer for that.

Comment 19 May 2015

Didn't know that! Good. I've never really liked Cheeseburger in Paradise. It'll be nice to have a better restaurant there.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Of course, if this kid wanted in, we'd take him. But he's GONE to the NBA for sure in a year.  

While I loved sucks we only got to see him play for one year on a mediocre team.

Haven't we all also watched Wisky and Sparty with a little envy...players that come in, play hard, stay & develop? Heck...Wichita State is doing that!!! Have you been to Wichitia?!? Yuck.  

I'm glad we are recruiting top players, some from Ohio, who I'll get to watch grow like David  Lighty, 3bler, Craft, and Turner.  It's easier to be invested in a team you know.  

Not against one and done entirely, just really would prefer to get to know a team and have success the way Wisky and Sparty do. I loved the Thad 5.... But the only one I really remember is Lighty because he stayed.  Heck, I loved that Sully stayed 2 years.  I think OSU BBall can be the class of the Big 10 with these players we are bringing in now...provided that one of these post players turn out.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I thought the same thing about Lyle and KBD. Which is why I have them at 6/7 pushing for starters minutes.  Just thinking how Thad will start, Kam, Loving, Thompson all have longer time in the program. I do think that work ethic, team ball, and talent will be the final determiners of minutes.  I get the sense that Thad wants to get back to the type of teams whose athletes smother other teams with defense and whose offense shares the wealth.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Braxton's amazing. I think what people think are his weakness are: making the wrong read in the run game; not going through enough progressions in the pass game. 

The first one is likely due to the fact that he's so good at running, his instinct is to keep the ball.  The second is possibly due to the 2013 receiver core being relatively weak at getting open.  Will be interesting to see what he can do with a healed body.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Harris - Williams - Tate  - Loving - Thompson

Lyle (6) KBD (7) Mitchell (8) Grandstaff (9) Giddens (10) Bell (11)

I think this is how we will start the year. I expect Tate to work on his shot this off season b/c he's a competitor.  I think that will use a deeper bench again.  Harris just screams leader and work ethic to me.  Like Aaron Craft.

I expect Lyle will back-up Harris & Williams, KBD & Mitchell will be pushing Tate & Loving for minutes.  I think we will have a 50%-40-10 sharing of center minutes with the three big guys by seasons end.

I worry most about Loving maturing & having the right attitude for this. Next I worry about Kam Williams who has talent but for some reason, defense maybe, doesn't have a solid lock on a position/role.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Honestly,  the schools are probably even at LB pro-production.  

PSU is a solid school with a great tradition, tarnished as it is by pedophilia cover-up now.

They aren't Rivals, because I think there is only one Rival.  

But, the games I really worry about/look forward to after TTUN are Michigan State, Wisconsin, & PSU in that order.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Tamba Hali is a great football player, but he's really a defensive linemen.  I know it's a 3-4 & people could technically call him but that's not what he was in college nor in the pros.  Justin Houston is the one who stands up as an edge rusher.  

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Awesome. Good thought. Indirectly, this is a post about how great the state of Ohio State football is in.  Urban Meyer came into a much better climate and situation than Hairball.  It's the offseason. I'm bored. It's Friday...there is no football game tomorrow.  Sigh.