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Comment 12 Apr 2014

Tough to tell all their strengths and weaknesses accurately given he scrimmage rules and limitations.  FWIW-- I really only care about the 1st half. Second half was like garbage time, get people playing time, etc.

Telling: Jones completed 6 passes for 7 yards in the first half. Barrett had 14 completions for over 100 yards...

I came away thinking JT Barrett was better for these reasons:

1.  Started slow/nervy but then settled down found poise

2.  He moved the chains (even had long drives). This is key. This is what Kenny G. Did so well. Not flashy, but got yards.

3.  He broke off some nice runs at the right time, showed quickness, kept eyes downfield.

4.  Seemed better in the read/option decision making department

Happy to have both guys and while they're not Kenny G, I think they both have more physical upside than Smooth Jazz.  Can't make a call until the hitting is real and they each have time to run the offense with a real line.  I think they could keep the offense going if they needed to step in.  I don't think either has the moxie/poise to go win us a game when the chips are down like Kenny G. (Yet). 

Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Love the new site design, especially mobile phone friendly!

One concern: How do I view older forum topics? I can see the most recent ones, but I can't figure out how to get to less recent topics.

(I'm on my iPhone) 

Comment 01 Feb 2014

The Heacock defense has had its moments. I think it was great in 2009 & 2010 when we shut down Oregon & Arkansas. That 2010 D was dominant...only that loss to Wisky (grrr) in Madison. In that case, I blame the offensive play calling (pun intended). In fact, the three losses in those two years were largely due to Pryor's limitations as a passer and subsequent bad decision making (esp. Wisky & Purdue games...I blame the USC loss on Tress' conservatism).  

The 2010/11 season (tatgate erased year) was probably Tress' best team at tOSU...should have been his second national championship at tOSU. Should've still had a shot at the NC, but by then the eSECpn narrative of "weak B1G" was totally embedded. Even beating Arkansas didn't help that. The "cheating" narrative had taken over.  

I think Tres knew how great that team was, and that lead to his downfall.

Agree with the original post, though, on the whole. Dantonio/Snyder defenses were generally more disruptive than Heacock's....but I think Heacock's d-lines were really stout. 

Comment 01 Feb 2014

Not against the last two ranked teams, coach. -Pizza Guy

Comment 05 Jan 2014

I would agree that criticizing one's teammates in public is not good. The first few tweets that I saw, I thought Mike was criticizing the coaches "stubbornness" to do anything to rectify the problems we all saw in the passing game.  That would include scheme and possibly personnel.

I thought he was going after Hermann a little bit, which wihile not wise is not as bad as going after a teammate. 

In essence, I thought he was doing what Braxton's been doing (they are good friends) - Brax has criticized Hermann's playcalling/stubbornness.  "I'm tired of taking a beating" & "We have talented running backs here too." 

Upon seeing all the tweets, he may have been doing that - but he also expressed frustration at being behind Spencer & Smith. That's not a helpful team attitude. I do think he's accurate in criticizing the passing game - but at this point, who's to say that's Spence or Smith's fault?  Our passing game became "wide receiver in the flats" or "everybody go deep."  I saw precious few slants or curls or crossing routes.  And Brax does need to get better at getting rid of the ball, throwing receivers open.  

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I am a Chiefs and Buckeye's fan too, Buckeye80. This is just a terrible 2014 for football so far.  And the "helpless" feeling of watching a QB pick apart DBs who often jump the wrong routes and get beat deep by the ONE guy that the QB is throwing the Chiefs case, Luck threw the ball to TY Hilton 13 times for 220+ yards. He threw it to him like 5 times in a row in the second half comeback.  I was having the same "double that guy" moments I was having with Sammy Watkins and our DBs last night.  Just, ugh...

Comment 14 Dec 2013

I agree with your defense assessment.  Right now, I'd love to see us play cover three press, redirect outside routes, corners playing flats and run support. 

My five DBs would be three safeties and two corners...

Bell, Powell, and Barnett (unless Bryant is healthy)...deep thirds

D. Grant & Roby at corner


Two linebackers:  Perry (Strongside); Shazier (Weakside); 


Starting D-line: Bosa, Washington, Spence, Bennett 

(Rotation D-line: Hale, Marcus, Miller, Carter)


Against heavy run teams/situations take out one safety & put in C. Grant at Mike

Against heavy pass teams/situations take out Perry & put in Cam Burrows (better than Reeves)



This is the most I think we can hope for by the Orange Bowl.  SIMPLIFY & BE AGGRESSIVE. 





Comment 15 Sep 2012

Hall started slow but ended up with 80 plus yards on 15 carries. That's a good day.  The 46 defense plugs the middle.  I think Hall was rusty ESP. At first, but at least he has lateral speed for the option.

Comment 13 Sep 2012

Ross, your article confirmed what I suspected and posted on earlier in the week. I think rushing less is designed to force interceptions, big plays, momentum changes. I'd take an INT all day long over forcing the opposition to punt (in most situations anyway). 

I posed the question in the forum today - Where's the accountability for Roby? He's blown coverage 2x on cover three in this one game. I believe he blew a coverage in game one too, but I'd have to go back and look. Kid is super talented but Urban has said he "gets bored."  

How is "boredom" acceptable?  I think Roby needs to get benched for a series or two to get the message that talent alone does not let you coast at OSU. We've already got Doran Grant as the "third starter." He might not be as good as Roby in talent, but maybe he knows how not to get beat deep on a simple cover three.  

Roby could be amazing - but he's got to get his head in the game.  

Comment 13 Sep 2012

It's not any real "championship", though Dougger. It's not meaningless - but "Leaders Division Champ" and losing to Michigan (Legends Division) would be WORSE than beating Michigan and having someone else (Illinois, Indiana, Purdue) win the divisional trophy.

Point being proved - Buckeye nation (and I assume the coaches & team) already cared about "respect" thru beating TTUN and possibly going undefeated.  Brando is crazy to think anyone cared enough about a divisional trophy to "lobby" for it. That's just not the Buckeye way, culture, tradition.  

If we do win the Leaders Division trophy - I think we'll say "meh - that's nice, good job" and quikcly move on to caring about National Signing Day & 2013 National Championship prognostication. 

In my opinion, losing to TTUN, would make the season a failure.