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Comment 16 Oct 2013

There was a time when Washington was being pegged as a DT. He put on like 40 pounds between HS and arriving on campus. Maybe that's where he'll end up in the long run. Can we just go with 5 d-linemen and 2 linebackers from here on out?

Comment 06 Sep 2013

According to a new NCAA rule, they can't wear that jersey. The number has to contrast the rest of the jersey. Black-on-black won't work. 

Comment 14 Aug 2013

When you run the spread, you give up more yards and points due to less rest for your D and the urgency of the other team to keep up in the scoring. Add in the fact that the co-defensive coordinators (Fickel and Whithers) were not accustomed to managing defenses with Meyer's offensive philosophy. Plus, this team was built to stop Wisconsin and MSU, not all the spread teams that have popped up. Finally, the d-line was the overwhelming strength of the defense last year with the LB's the obvious weakness. Doesn't it make sense that every team might have created schemes to take advantage of this imbalance? If the LB's are better this year - and they should be - the defense will be fine.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

FWIW, Campbell Hill has a cool origin story. When the glacier that carved out the Great Lakes headed south, it carved and flattened the northwest corner of the state, roughly creating a diagonal line running from just north of Cincinnati through Lancaster all the way to some place in the northeast corner. To this day, topographic maps provide evidence of just how far the glacier reached before it retreated/melted. Oddly enough, the glacier moved around one little plot just north of modern-day Bellefontaine - home of both the world's shortest street and the first paved street in North America. 

Comment 25 Jun 2013

I'm sure this is how many Buckeye fans felt after the Purdue game last season.

Comment 18 Jun 2013
Honestly, I don't care what anyone says. I'm going to enjoy another undefeated run whether it ends in the national championship game or not. If they make the title game, great. If they don't and still go undefeated, I suspect that they will be one of two (or one) to not lose a game. I'm okay with that.
"Who did Ohio State beat?" Everyone they played the last two seasons. That will be a priceless retort to all the trolls.


Comment 11 Jun 2013

Did anyone follow that Denard link? What a piece of junk that was. It included this gem: "Ohio State was flailing around through an aborted season because their crime lord had finally bitten the dust after 10 years of cheating..." Yes, that's about the 2011 season and Jim Tressel. Ten years of cheating?!? They really believe that? Wow.

Comment 10 Jun 2013

I haven't seen the Buckeyes in-person for a long time, but I will be in Evanston in October for this one. I'm stoked that it could be the game of the year (or at least #2 to TSUN). That said, Ohio State has never lost when I was in the same stadium.

Comment 26 May 2013

I live in Columbia and conditions were less than ideal. That and the competition at that level in Missouri is pretty weak.