College Football This Year

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September 13, 2012 at 3:21p

Hello friends and fans,

I know we're only two games into the season, and a lot has to play out by the end of the year, but is there a general consensus that college football isn't that good this year? As in I don't believe there are that many good teams. Alabama is obviously sweet, and there are a couple of other teams I could rattle off like USC (struggled against Syracuse) and LSU (do they run dave like we used to?). But it seems like the rest of the pack is just overrated - Georgia struggled against an alright Mizzou team, we're not that good now, Notre Dame isn't anything special, Michigan is meh, the Big Ten has taken a step back, Michigan State is pretty good, Florida isn't that good and I think is overrated. Am I missing some teams? What are you guys' general thoughts? Let me know if you think there's a good team that isn't overrated. Oregon? Oklahoma struggled a bit, what about ole ball coach? Again obviously only two games into the season, but based off of what we've seen so far, only one or two teams are that good right? Thanks for your input, go bucks.

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2 games in and not conference play yet for most teams ... I'd say give it a bit before we start saying college football is weak this year.


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There have been no good games. Michigan-Bama has been the best game so far, and Michigan matches up poorly against pro-style offenses like the one 'Bama runs or the one that Dantonio's Spartans run. We've been waiting for wild upsets, but ULM-Arkansas has been the only one so far. If you are posting because the SEC teams aren't as good as you think, then we may be creating balance in College Football.

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I think overrall in all the conferences that aren't that many good teams. Could be due to balance yes thanks for the viewpoint

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I miss the days when 2 out of 3 non-conference games for a major conference team were against other major conference teams ... too many cupcakes against Sun Belt & D1AA teams nowadays

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