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Comment 17 hours ago

I'm old enough to remember the Stanley Jackson/Joe Germaine era. It was mostly a disaster(the QB platoon, thingy). 

In other news, I just bought me a new, beautiful, dark cherry Chevrolet Silverado and I wanted to get some kind of Buckeye vanity plates for it. When I went to oplates.com to get vanity/personalized plates for my new wheels, "BUKIGUY" was available. I was going to pull the trigger but waited a few days and it was gone. :(

BTW, I'll bet that classic Wisconsin vs. Florida Atlantic ticket will be a collector's item, someday. 

Comment 18 May 2017
Isn't this the same guy that came up with the "Leaders & Legends" divisional names(and then it took him how many years to realize it was a bad idea?)? Maybe it wasn't his idea, but he's the dude in charge and had to give it the thumbs up. And some are surprised he's so out of touch? I see this kind of clueless decision making in the corporate world every single day from upper management and their shocked look when people/workers object to it.
Comment 27 Apr 2017

I agree. Even though I don't like the guy, I'm sure he has a family and a Porsche and Mercedes to pay for. But seriously, wishing bad on a person has a way of coming back on you. Bad karma. It just is, what it is. It happens to all of us. It was just his time. 

Comment 27 Apr 2017

"Oh man!!!! I am SO SORRY to hear of Mark May getting canned from ESPN!!!!!!" 

Said no man, ever. 

Comment 27 Apr 2017
I remember very well when the Duke lacrosse players were wrongly accused by a stripper and they received death threats. After it was determined the woman in question lied, the story just faded from the headlines. What does that have to do with this story? I guess that it's best to wait and let the facts come out before getting hysterical.