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Comment 30 Aug 2015

DJ is probably taking Sundays off during football season because he's going to be hungover and taking care of his cats. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

I was at that game in A-squared and up until that point, I never actually "hated" TTUN. 

From that day forward, my two favorite teams were Ohio State and who(m)ever plays those assholes. I am not in the camp "we need TTUN to be good so they help our SOS when we beat them." I would smile if they lost every game. 

And BTW: that game was won on the O-line and D-line by TTUN , who played their best game of the season. There were holes in the OSU d-line that a 50 year old man like myself could have ran for multiple 1st downs, that day. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

So Beckman got fired? This is the first I've heard that. Isn't this kind of a weird time to give your coach the hook? Usually firings occur near bowl season, it seems, not right before the season starts. As much as TTUN has seemed like a train wreck lately, Illinois just seems like a bunch of stooges running things over there.

Update: just read the article to the right. I get it now.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

I always liked Earle and thought he got a really raw deal. He had the unfortunate fate of following a legend. He reminds me so much of my dad, who passed away in 1991. Every time I see a  picture of Earle it reminds me of him. 

Long live Earle, and RIP dad!

Comment 29 Aug 2015

1998 vs. MSU goes down as the worst loss ever that I can remember. 

We're not going to have any "let-down" games this year, right? 

Comment 28 Aug 2015

You're right, man. My bad, DJ.

I appreciate the work you put in, dude! 

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I agree 100%, Livinginthegrey. This is what I have to deal with when living around all these damn TTUN fans. They're desperate to find anything to complain about the Buckeyes. Effing Losers.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

 could you imagine how def coordinators have to prepare their team from half to half...

My guess is that they would accuse UFM of running up the score. Some of my UM co-workers accused Meyer of running up the score on Oregon. Whiners.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I'm not die hard Metallica or anything like that, but you DJ are the first person I know(kind of) that doesn't like Enter the Sandman. 

It seems Noah Brown has taken the "hit somebody" blocking philosophy quite literally. Speedy recovery, son!

Comment 26 Aug 2015

U of M hospital is very good, no doubt, but it doesn't approach the greatness of the Cleveland Clinic. I researched both before my son, at age 16, had major surgery at the C.C. five years ago. The Cleveland Clinic is in the top five in every single category, whereas U of M hospital was real high in a couple categories while "only" in the top twenty in the rest.