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Comment 05 Jan 2017
I peruse many websites and one in particular speculated on the possibility of JT Barrett pulling a "Braxton" and switching positions in order to make himself more marketable as a WR. They are both roughly the same size, although I think Braxton may have more skills to play that position than JT would. I don't think it will happen, largely because in Braxton's case it was do to a nagging shoulder injury. JT may be back to form once the new coaches get here.
Comment 02 Jan 2017

If I was Meyer, I would have benched Weber for the rest of the game after the second fumble. But that wasn't enough. He had to give the team a dropped pass and a personal foul 15 yard penalty( I may have the sequence wrong). 

Weber isn't worthy to hold Ezekiel Elliott's jock strap. Giving him the ball more wouldn't have changed a damn thing in that game. He is not  a power RB in the line of El Guapo or Zeke. He's just not and trying to pretend it is won't change that. 

Hoping to God the RB position, like the QB position, is WIIIIIIIIIDE open in the spring. 

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I just hope that EVERY FRIGGIN POSITION is open next year, including QB and RB! Yes, Im yelling!  I'm to the point where if Dwayne Haskins plays better in spring practice, I hope they give him the starting job. And if Demario McCall balls out, give him the starting RB job. No more automatically giving the starting job to the upperclassmen "just because." 

That is how Joe Bauserman started over Braxton. 

Comment 02 Jan 2017

This is a POWER run spread offense, where did that go all year? 

Maybe it has something to do with OSU not having a power running back. Neither Samuel nor Weber have the size to fill the role of power RB as El Guapo and Zeke did. And after Weber's two fumbles, a dropped pass and a 15 yard personal foul penalty in the Fiesta Bowl, I hope the starting RB position is wide open next spring. I just don't have much confidence in Weber running the ball. His numbers were inflated against mediocre defenses, IMHO.