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Comment 08 Jan 2014

Thanks Guapo, you left it on the field. 

It will be interesting to see how the running back position shapes out next year. You have the last of Tresses guys who are in the Guapo mode and then you have Dontre Wilson who might be the 'Percy'?  Where does Ezekiel Elliott fit into the 2014 mix.

Ramzy, this is a great article (as always), you really show even though you don't say it outright, how far away Braxton is from being a Sunday quarterback. I'm glad that we have him for 1 more year, I think he improved significantly from 2012-2013 and obviously that needs to happen again if we're going to get past Michigan State and compete in the playoff.


I think our coaches are really smart guys and I think they are smart enough to see the things you're bringing out. I also think they will learn and improve. We were a few plays away from a B1G title and the national title game. So it isn't like were comparing sugar to fesces. It is more like we're trying to get from really good steak to filet mignon. 


Comment 05 Jan 2014

We have watched this defense de-evolve over the last month of the season. When we talk about players who made plays Friday we come back to kids that Urban has recruited. Marcus, Bosa, Bell are UFM recruits so the future is bright and it should be.

Looking at the coaches, I will trust Urban to hire and fire but something has to happen. Would Jim Heacock come out of retirement? The last time the Silver Bulletts were the Silver Bulletts Heacock was the DC and Fickell was the Co-DC.

I wish we could put Urban Meyers offense on the field and then send out Jim Heacock's defense.  The future is bright we are recruiting great players but to allow scUM, Sparty, and Clemson to basically get a marathon worth of yardage just isn't acceptable with the quality of kids we're putting out there.

We knew the defense would be the weak spot going in. Has it gotten better? Have they improved over the 14 game schedule. Even if we had won the Orange Bowl 42-40 changes in defensive staff would be necessary.

How many points would our secondary give up to Florida State? We would actually match up better with Auburn because they run the ball more.  Florida State would score 60 and Auburn would score 40.

There is talent on the field but it isn't being put into position the way it needs to be. That is what coaching is supposed to do.

Comment 21 Dec 2013

When you consider the history of Ohio State Football.

Heisman winners are ahead of Carlos.

1. Archie

2. Eddie

3. Vic Janowicz

4. Howard Hopalong Casady

5. Chic Harley

6. Keith Byars

7. Beanie Wells

This is so subjective.  I think we all have to agree on #1, beyond that you can rotate them as you like. Clarett shouldn't be on the list because his time at TOSU was one season. However, it comes down to what you remember and memory is not always clear or concise. Not having Hyde on the list isn't a dig at Carlos it is a testament to how good our running backs have been over the last century.

Comment 16 May 2013

I don't know that any team in the B1G has a better backup than Kenny G.

Braxton inspires fear in the opposition because you have to deal with so many things that he does. Arm, legs, decision making. Braxton also makes everyone around him better. Kenny inspires respect but he doesn't instill fear.

With the offense that we run, Kenny will have to play in many games in 2013. Braxton is going t get dinged and take pops and in the moment of the game Kenny is good enough to beat anyone we will see before January (including those giant suck holes in Ann Arbor). I just worry that if Braxton is lost for a complete game and a defense has a full week to prepare for Kenny G., will Kenny G be able to do what he did as a junior?

Comment 16 May 2013

I will defend the less points than last year position.

I think we will go 14-0, I think we will beat Michigan twice in back to back weeks and I think we will go to the BCS title game and push back the Tide. That being said I think we will score a little less than 37 per game. Here's why I think this way.

1) The conference has had a year to see how Urban is going to use the personnel. You're not going to beat the 2013 edition of TOSU by getting in a shooting match, you might beat em in a chess match, which means run the football and the clock which means lower scores.

2) Cal is going to be lower scoring than you think. Eastern time zone teams always under score when they travel to the pacific time zone.

3. We are going to blow some people out but the later in the year we get the more minutes back ups will play in the effort to keep healthy. If you're up 35-3 in the fourth quarter you're gonna sub and you may not get 38 or 42.

4. One injury to Braxton and we are scoring less than 37 per game.

5. If we our last three games of the year are @ Michigan, Big Ten Title game and BCS title game I think those games will be less than 37ppg.

Of course considering that we might score 200 points against Florida A & M I might be completely outside of my mind.

Comment 08 May 2013

Zach Boren did a great job in 2012. His toughness and willingness to sacrifice for the team was such a positive for the 2012 edition. Best of luck in finding that roster spot young man.

Comment 07 May 2013

The SEC is really interesting as far as academic institutions go. Vanderbilt is one of the best academic universities in the nation. The rest are kind of meh.

The Big 10 is a group of universities that happen to have football teams. The SEC is a group of football teams that as a second thought have universities attached to them.

If I had a dollar for every book in the library of an SEC university I couldn't buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's. The only good thing is that most of them aren't colored in yet.

Unfortunately the only answer is to beat them. Somebody has always had to stand up to bullies. Somebody will have to beat these jokers on the field. Hopefully it is UFM and the TOSU Buckeyes.

Great Article Ramzy


Comment 06 May 2013

I agree. Glue guy. He fits well with Matta's system where playing great defense has to happen all of the time.  I think you're over selling Q  and Sam. Late first round for both of them. I hope I'm wrong because I always want our guys to be #1. I would rate their stock a little lower.

Comment 03 May 2013

The place that high school football has in the hearts of Ohioans is something that I miss now that I don't live in the Buckeye State. People wonder why I get crazy over the high school kids I teach and coach. When they ask me, I just look at them and tell them that I get it honestly. I'm from Ohio, a place where high school football is big, really big.

Comment 02 May 2013

The history buff in me loves the idea of a showdown at high noon. Scarlet and Gray beating the hell out of the piss and blue in the bright mid day sunshine but in almost every other way I think the prime time slot is better. I don't care when we play it as long as we kick the hell out of ichigan.

Comment 01 May 2013

Bosa will definitely be in the Cam Heyward, John Simon mold. I think this kid will be a player among players. He will be a good one.

Comment 30 Apr 2013

I think having an elite quarterback in this class is pretty important.

It will give the kid a year to learn with Braxton on campus. I don't think Braxton will be leaving for the NFL after his junior season and learning Urban's offense from Braxton would be a big deal. Especially if the kid could be on campus for the 2014 spring game.

Also, I think it pushes Cardale Jones to improve. I like Jones but one of the reasons that Ohio State is really good year in and out is that we have good ones in the pipeline pushing kids to be better all the time.

Comment 29 Apr 2013

I think Fragel has an awful lot of upside. Work ethic and team attitude being two of them. I also love the Rush quote at the end of the article. Good stuff.

Comment 25 Apr 2013

I really think that Fragel will have the longest and most productive NFL career. Offensive skill people kind of lead the league in injuries because they take the most direct shots. I think defensive front seven guys take the next largest amount of injuries.

I hope all three are great NFL players but I think Fragel will the best chance to be in the league 10-15 years from now.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

Jeremy, Can you give us some insight on how this young man compares to some of the D-Linemen we have coming in. Is he better than Bosa at the same stage?

Comment 20 Apr 2013

No loss in April on the recruiting trail is final or fatal. Mr. Harris, I hope you enjoy every weekend at Michigan except for all the games you lose and the four tail whippings you're going to get from the Buckeyes.

Comment 17 Apr 2013

I had doubts about Curtis Grant at the end of last season. Congrats kid on apparently turning it around. Now we move into that five month trough between the spring game and the start of the season. I hope the focus and the work continue. Kid has beau coup potential.

Comment 11 Apr 2013

Grant is who I am most curious to see. Our line backers are unproven with the exception of Shazier. If the middle level of the Defense (linebackers) looks good then I think we could have a hell of a defense. Braxton will improve, I kind of treat that as a given, but dang! if the linebackers live up to the potential we have a defense that could be...............special.   

Comment 10 Apr 2013

Good D-Line play is so important.

Our linebackers our eager as hell (look at how hard Brutus got hit.) but other than Shazier they are 'untested'. I think they will improve exponentially as the year progresses but in April.......eh.

If Spence can be a force on the edge it buys those linebackers time. Time to get better.  Mr. Boren was able to do a great job as a linebacker in part because he had Simon and Hankins clogging things in front of him.

D-Line play matters. Great article.

Comment 08 Apr 2013

God Speed DT. I know you will do great things in the Association.