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Comment 18 Jul 2015

"Don't care" is a better phrase, as in "98.2% of the American population don't care that Mizzou, BYU, Georgia Tech, K-State, and Mississippi State have football teams.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Sometimes, I will eat 4 or 5 hotdogs while I'm at the stadium watching a game.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

I want to give a shout out to the 3 percent that rose up and kicked the Redcoats nancy arse back across the pond.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

I'm impressed. Much respect, LA., that's hard core.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Looks like I'll cross Japan off the list of great places to retire. Sounds like societal tragedy of epic proportion is taking there. We spend all whole lives chasing the prize, while all the time it's been with us since the It's really that simple.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

The best fathers come from Ohio. I want to give my father, Perry, and my Uncle Mike, a little shout out. They taught me how to work, how to fight.. when I had to, how to believe in something more than myself,  and stand on my own two feet. They were there when I was at my worst, but have watched me finally achieve what they had hoped for me. Thanks.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Urban Meyer has a great track record when it comes to honoring scholarship offers to student athletes who are injured before coming to Ohio State. There are multiple players that had surgery before starting careers and a few that had more surgery once they came to school. There's nothing to see here, except an athletes safety and well being. Auburn clears him to play, knowing good and well that the kid won't see the field until 2016. Smart move on Malzahn's part. He get's a blue chipper, get's to knock on the Buckeye's, and the player get's the year that he needs to rehab. If you want to fake your outrage based on assumptions and speculations, have at it. My nephew got sent home from the Bengals rookie camp by the teams physician. Miami's medical staff released him to play before the end of the season. Miami's evaluation of his knee did not mean shit to the Bengals staff. The same as Andrews opinion meant to the Buckeyes.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Charcoal. Light it up, drink beer, prep food, drink beer, cook food, drink beer, eat a great meal.