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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Katzenmoyer blowing up Missouri's Corby Jones or Clarett ripping the ball away from Miami's Sean Taylor
  • NFL TEAM: Saints
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Comment 10 hours ago
Did they have donuts? Does anybody know if there were donuts at Rice-Eccles Stadium last night...
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I'm down voting the first person that includes the phrase "Scarlet colored glasses" in their post. Every time someone utters those words, Wee Man should run in and boot you in the groin. End of rant.
Comment 29 Aug 2015
We will be at the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation Benefit on October 26 in New Orleans. Great time for a great cause put on by great people. It a fantastic opportunity to butcher the English language while talking to a handful of your favorite football players. My wife felt the need to apologize to Raymont Harris last year because of the "12 year old schoolgirl" gibberish I spoke while shaking his hand for entirely too long. It was the red wine I tell ya....
Comment 23 Aug 2015
The most important time to remember to wash your hands is after you *ichigan.
Comment 22 Aug 2015
Count me in. I will wait patiently for the videos release. Is it done....Ramzy, is the video finished? Hey, how bout that it ready? Ramzy....hello.....Ramzy...
Comment 22 Aug 2015
Tried to hop the train to "Bangladania" this morning but all I got was this Skully.
Comment 16 Aug 2015
Psssssst...don't you know the last person to make fun of Marion got "shanked" in the PL parking lot...
Comment 13 Aug 2015
On the field after the Sugar Bowl win and the Archie daily double before kickoff...Griffin and Manning. Best sports experience. Ever.
Comment 13 Aug 2015
Took a new job, moved to a new city. It's been crazy to say the least. Been lurking but not enough free time to get involved. Just so glad there is an 11 Warriors and I can keep up with the home team. Serious mancrush on the 11W crew.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
Sorry, read the post as 12w permanent ink and thought somebody got a new tattoo. Carry on.
Comment 18 Jul 2015

"Don't care" is a better phrase, as in "98.2% of the American population don't care that Mizzou, BYU, Georgia Tech, K-State, and Mississippi State have football teams.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Sometimes, I will eat 4 or 5 hotdogs while I'm at the stadium watching a game.