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Comment 14 Jan 2014

"Prescription meds" come to mind, everytime I see a picture of Bo.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

That's a great read. I hope he makes as well. It's truly a testament to the human spirit. That no matter how badly, greed, corruption, and violence, tears down our society, there are those among us who are willing to stand up, and with decency and love, rebuild it. I've finally found a *ichigan *an that I respect and admire.

Comment 12 Jan 2014

Now that's an interesting point, Mush. I've been on the "save Fickell" side of the argument, but I've not put it into that perspective. I've always been a "it is, what it is" guy, but that would be a tough pill to swallow. I like continuity and think that it is a key to success in all things. That being said, I still say, keep it like it is. He coaches the linebackers and they are coming in droves. There has to be some connection. Thanks, I'll play "what if" with that scUM game for the rest of the day!

Comment 12 Jan 2014

"Hey buddy, can you spare a highlight video? Newspaper clipping? Stats?"

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Vrabel is very unique in what he brings to the table. All-American, 2 time B1G Defensive Player of the Year, 13 years in the NFL, All Pro, Pro Bowler, 3 time Super Bowl Champion, and all around good guy. The poster boy for "what a degree from tOSU can do for you." Oh, let's not forget, he's on the Ohio State All-Century Team and a member of the Athletics Hall of Fame. When he comes to your house to sell the Buckeyes, he's walked the walk. Meyer can hire another coach, but it takes a Spielman to replace him.