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Comment 02 May 2015

There's no doubt that picking later benefits the already good teams. They spend less money on their picks, and aren't forced to rely on them right away in many cases. Not to mention there is still always plenty of good value and talent well into the late 2nd round. Crawling out of the NFL basement is harder than ever IMO due to the disparity in elite coaching and management. the really bad teams literally have to hit a homerun with a QB pick to begin to make any progress. Cleveland will forever struggle because they give each coach and GM 2 years to make miracles happen with average talent and no QB since 1994. Until the Browns can bring in a veteran guy to lead the team (Philip Rivers, Drew Brees) or draft a rare talent like Andrew Luck instead if winning 2 games and missing out on him, the Browns will continue to suck. I hate the Bengals, but the fact that they have kept their front office and coaching together for so long pays off. They are consistently a solid team and in contention.

Comment 02 May 2015

Yea, that's ridiculous. I don't understand the logic in that move. Honestly, what are the odds that Cooper is picked before he falls to us? They did the same thing with Weeden and Manziel and I remember thinking how ridiculous it was to trade up only a few spots when the teams ahead of you probably aren't taking that guy.

Comment 02 May 2015

Fair points. I think his lack of touch on passes and tendency to pull it down and run are what will keep him from being drafted as a pure QB. I think Troy had a stronger arm and was certainly more accurate as well. Where Troy Smith made huge strides was after his JR season once he and the staff realized teams are scared stupid from him running. Once Troy committed to going through his first few reads.... then scrambling and keeping his eyes downfield, IMO he became so much more dangerous. Braxton hasn't consistently displayed the ability to do this up to this point. I love Miller's athleticism, but I just have a hard time seeing a team draft him as a QB. I don't know if he is durable enough to play RB, but who knew Denard Robinson was?  I really hope Braxton finds a role and way to get on the field in the NFL.

I guess based on what you said I don't see how a QB with shortcomings in pass touch and timing who has battled injuries to his throwing arm gets drafted as a QB. He would be considered a project in that position, and usually those guys end up UDFA's.

Comment 02 May 2015

We certainly have some talented players that will get drafted next season. The only guy I would consider an absolute lock to be a 1st rounder is Bosa. If Cardale Jones starts, then he would have an excellent chance assuming he doesn't regress. I don't think I'm a very negative person, but after reading some of these posts make me think twice. There are over 120 FBS programs, look at who is getting picked. Schools like Wake Forest, Duke, West Virginia, Iowa, Lousville, UConn, Kentucky and Central Florida have produced 1st round picks. There have been guys selected from places like Samford, Hobart, Texas State, and Northern Iowa are getting guys drafted inside the top 3 rounds. For us as fans to claim that we have a bunch of sure fire 1st rounders on our team makes us look a little foolish to me. A few guys.... ok cool. But I guess I just look at it differently. NFL teams don't just draft guys based on their college teams reputation or even just stats anymore. Sure we have a great team at Ohio State, and sure we have some guys with an NFL future ahead of them for sure, but maybe we should pump the brakes a little on projecting draft grades or better yet pretending no one else has talented football players. Think of how many college players fall way down draft boards. We are all guilty of thinking to ourselves " how can that guy still be on the board, he's proven so much more than this guy who just got picked".... I know I've done it before.... I know I've scoffed at teams passing on a great Buckeye to take someone else, and what I've learned is that more times than not, the guy I'm rooting for to get picked has a flaw I either don't want to believe, or refuse to acknowledge due to my fandom.

Comment 02 May 2015

I don't think Braxton will get drafted as a QB. Troy Smith was injury free, won a Heisman, and went very late. I like Braxton Miller a lot, If he wants an NFL paycheck he needs to utilize his athleticism and try to move into a slot WR role similar to Antwan Randle-El. He just doesn't have the arm strength and the injuries to the throwing shoulder are going to scare most teams away. I know I'll take some heat for this, but I'm being honest about my opinion. He needs to utilize his most unique asset which is his elusiveness in close space. Not sure how his hands are, but I'd love to see him move into the slot some this season with Cardale throwing to him. Imagine the nightmare Miller would cause taking jet sweeps and running either options out of them or passing?  scary.

Comment 02 May 2015

2 picks, way too damn much. I think they get 4th and 5th rounders and we get their 7th maybe?

Comment 02 May 2015

There really aren't very many good TE's in this draft. Cleveland would probably be best suited to bring in a veteran for a year until a more legitimate candidate becomes available. A.J. Derby..... some guy from Deleware.... a 6'2" guy from Southern Illinois???  no thanks.  Use the picks to get the best talent at this point.

Josh Shaw, Tre McBride, Kenny Bell, Brett Hundley, Gerod Holliman, Michael Bennett would all be nice selections. I think Kenny Bell will make a good NFL WR, he has never had a real QB to throw to him. Could be a buy to look out for.

Comment 01 May 2015

I think they have done well. I would have loved to gotten a WR in the 2nd round. Last year I remember being pissed we took Bitonio over Marqise Lee when we just found out about Gordon's status. It worked out with Bitonio. I really feel like they need WR's and TE's badly. I don't like the Duke Johnson pick... I just don't. Good kid, solid player, but IMO not a guy who makes a huge impact. I wish we could have gotten Ty Montgomery from Stanford. I just hope we get some solid WR's and pick a TE up. I don't get why we trade up to take a DT from Washington state no one was moving up to get. Basically this validates the fact that well run organizations like New England will always prey on foolish teams like Cleveland and take a few extra picks because the Browns want to try to look like the smartest guy in the room instead of letting things come to them and sticking with their board.

Still some great players out there. I can't believe Mannion went ahead of Hundley. I really wonder if Cleveland looks at Hundley? It really doesn't matter who plays QB in Cleveland because there is no one to throw to. We got Hartline, and Dwayne Bowe who hasn't caught a TD in a long time.

Comment 01 May 2015

Tom Brady played in a pro style I formation offense at Michigan.

Russell Wilson played in a pro style balanced run offense at Wisconsin.

I'm talking about being prepared before you get into the NFL. Mariota will struggle because he has never had to turn his back to a defense. That's playing QB in the NFL. The guys who can successfully locate where defenders have moved after playaction, stay in the pocket and deliver to the right target are the QB's who last. If you don't run an offense that allows you to do that in college, you have far less of a chance of succeeding trying to learn that against greater talent(faster game mentally).  Spread offenses are designed to spread defenders to create space for playmakers, but also to make everything easier on the QB mentally. IMO Mariota will struggle because of this combined with the fact he is going to a bad team. For a guy like him to have a shot, he would need a great supporting cast much like Wilson/Kaepernick did.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

It sucks to lose out on in state talent, but they can't all be Buckeyes no matter how bad we wanted them. I know the common dialogue here seems to be "didn't want to compete" or other cliché remarks, but I honestly can't blame a kid for looking elsewhere. There are plenty of other institutions that provide a solid education and will give the kid a stage to prove himself as a pro prospect. Michigan State isn't Ohio State, but it's an excellent school and football program. You have to go where you fit. Some guys excel in an underdog environment. Others need better people around them to improve. Everyone has a different mentality as competitor. I respect these kids decisions even if they don't coincide with my hopes.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

Mariota is cut from the same cloth as RGIII, Manziel, Kaepernick and any other spread read option QB who never turns his back to a defense during a playaction pass, gets his eyes back up and breaks down where the defense is and what they are doing in a matter of seconds. This is the NFL, if you don't play in a pro style offense and prove that you can execute playaction passes in college, you will have a short life in the NFL. This puts great value in guys in college who play in these types of offenses. Guys like Conner Cook, Christian Hackenberg, Cody Kessler and such will have a great shot to succeed because they play in balanced pro style offenses, not because they are far superior in terms of arm talent or athleticism to the system read option/ air raid guys.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

I've heard there is a frozen clone of Brian Sipe beneath a Flying J truck stop somewhere ready to be thawed out and put to good use in Cleveland. My concern is that once the Sipe clone awakens it will be like the movie Idiocracy all over again for him. Jimmy Haslam will play the role of president Camacho....... but seriously. They cannot draft Mariota or any QB with those first rounders. Those need to be starters, not an annual scratch off lottery QB. WR is a huge need imo, with Gordon gone we need threats outside for any QB to succeed. I was pretty mad when we passed on Marqise Lee last season in the second round. Bitonio has proven to be great, but overall I felt like Lee was a polished route runner and would have been a great addition. I still think Lee has a bright future. Honestly I'm fine with whatever they do in the 1st round as long as we use both picks on players for us, and don't take a QB.  If you want another QB, take Hundley or one of the other guys in the 2nd or 3rd round.  I think Manziel should be given a full season to prove he is a bust. It's only fair, and hey.. it's Cleveland.  

Comment 26 Apr 2015

I think Michigan wins at least 8 games. 9 would certainly make them a top 25 team at seasons end. They aren't as bad as some here think. There's talent on the roster, undeveloped talent. QB play will be key. As long as Morris isn't just bad they will be solid. I don't think he will be throwing a lot, similar to a young Andrew Luck handing off to Toby Gerhart and throwing to TE's and FB's in the flats.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Clemson also returns only one offensive lineman I believe. They are a team that I see being great with Deshaun Watson in 2016 after they sort things out this season. Certainly a young talented team though.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Arizona would be a darkhorse for me. They return their QB Anu Solomon (3,700+ yds) RB Nick Wilson (1,000+) WR Cayleb Jones (1,000+yds) and Stud LB Scooby Wright. The question marks would be replacing both Tackles, Center, and 3 starters in the secondary. With Oregon taking a step back and UCLA breaking in a new QB, I think it will come down to Arizona and USC. I have a hard time picking a team that runs a 3-3-5 defense, but they did win 10 games and return playmakers.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

That is a very sharp clean looking football uniform. I'd take this over the affliction looking stuff they make today. I don't know why, but I just feel like the more simple a uniform is the better it looks in motion. The Green and White stand out and look great without adding black or bronze.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I wish Nike would stick to actual team colors when they try to erase tradition and edit history to suit their sales numbers.

MSU wearing anything other than green and white is a bad idea. They change the green to a darker green, then add black, now bronze? wtf seriously when does it stop.

TCU has no tradition, so lets add a red blood stripe like the horned frog has... even though they wear purple, black and white, why??  because Nike.

Arizona you get copper helmets because someone needs to wear copper helmets. Besides, copper goes well with red, white and navy blue.

Arkansas, we will add a skillsaw blade to the shoulders of your jerseys and make all of your uniforms contain gray all the sudden...

Florida and Georgia get number font changes for no other reason than to sell more merchandise.

FSU- change the iconic feather and spear ... why?  it looked great and was unique before Nike molestation.

Kansas State,  my guess here is as soon as poor Bill Snyder dies Nike will change their uniforms. I'd bet on it.

Miami-  you are a university built upon fraud and will be treated like a Nike whore for eternity.

UNC- their most recent upgrade looks pretty bad, like something my 5 year old daughter might draw up.

Oregon State-  they manage to get the crappy designs no one else wants because Phil Knight is a dick. If I were Oregon State I would go with Under Armour if you want people to take the rivalry more serious. As of now they look like complacent little brothers.

I will say that there have been some upgrades regarding aesthetics for many schools, but that number IMO pales in comparison to the number of schools Nike has shit on or tried hard to change for the sake of their brand and not the schools.