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Former Marine. Current Steelworker. Born and raised in Ohio, married an Indiana woman so I live 10 minutes from the Ohio border now.


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Comment 11 May 2017

I agree with you on Mayfield being a gambler on the field, but I guess with Kevin Wilson in place and Mayfield's ability to throw the ball compared to J.T. I just feel like the offense would be close to impossible to stop. I feel like the past two years we have no one that is a threat downfield... the question for me: Is that because we lack talent at WR (i think no), or because our QB's weakness is deep passing? I know Mayfield has some Manziel type magical bs plays he makes work, but his ability to throw downfield from the pocket, or while scrambling is pretty impressive at this level. He reminds me of Troy Smith. 

Comment 11 May 2017

I agree on the first part. I think fans think "what an idiot" because of money only. Some people don't want or need a bunch of money, and some people would rather find other ways to be happy in life, for Gordon its dank. Its his choice.  Too bad we won't find him in Saint Louie... some got jobs and some sell yea, others just smoke and fuck all day.

Comment 04 May 2017

You should try NCAA 06 on PS2 for better gameplay.  IMO since they abandoned the old engine the individual control has been compromised in favor of lame canned animations.  On those old games you felt like anything could happen, players ran like they actually had hips (leaned into cuts), you could juke...  06 was the best version on the old consoles because its the only version that the option game works perfectly, in other versions the end always takes the pitchman, on 06 the ai actually guesses and makes it fun.  I think there are guys who mod rosters for that game also, so I think you can get 2016-17 rosters. If you can sacrifice aesthetics for gameplay 06 is awesome.  I have a very detailed roster for the game that makes it very fun, FCS and Historical all completed.  

I gave up on NCAA on the 360 after a few years, online dynasty was about all they had going, I just could never get past the shitty canned animations and stiff running players... at first I thought it was me, I'd taken a few years off gaming... then I popped back in the old ps2 and realized how much Ben Haumiller destroyed the game. 

Comment 30 Apr 2017

I'm going to try to guess which guys get drafted in order. Anyone else feel free to jump in or put me in my place:

1. Jamarco Jones  1st round

2. Sam Hubbard  1st round  will be a stud OLB in a 3-4

3. Tyquan Lewis 1st- early 2nd

4. Jerome Baker  late 2nd-mid 3rd

5. Marcus Baugh  3rd-4th round

5. Chris Worley  4th-5th

6. Billy Price  5th

7. J.T. Barrett  5th-6th

8.  Jalyn Holmes 6th

9. Tracy Sprinkle 7th

10. Michael Hill 7th

I've got Denzel Ward coming back, I don't think Webb gets drafted.

Comment 30 Apr 2017

I def could see Sprinkle getting picked if he plays all season. I'm rooting like hell for him, I felt terrible when he went down last season after fighting back. It'll be awesome if he bounces back and earns conference honors, playing next to Sam and Tyquan will help.   Ok, and I'll admit it... I still wear my old #93 Will Smith jersey from 2002.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

I'm surprised that Will Likely and Jahad Thomas didn't get drafted.  Likely I think is a pretty nice return guy. Thomas I thought was a very good back at Temple.  

Comment 29 Apr 2017

The Toronto Maple Leafs, screw the NFL. If I have to chose its always going to be the college game anyways. I'll just watch a young talented team with a good coach and strong front office turn into a legit competitor. I could handle the Browns if they were in the mix and losing, but its gotten so bad they'll never turn it around. No respectable FA wants to sign with Cleveland, its basically to the point where they are praying one year they'll draft a Brady/Manning/Elway type of guy, and lets face it, if available, the Browns would trade that pick for more future picks.... you know.... for the future. 

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I was actually hoping he was retained so he could go down with the ship. ESPN has been in a decline for years now, and turds should be kept in the sewer.