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Comment 6 hours ago

It's getting so bad now. I was hoping for Kansas State to win just so those guys would shut up about it. My biggest problem is that it's an injustice to the kids on the field. They spend far too many minutes talking about the other SEC teams, when they should be focusing on the game being played. Focus on all those kids who have busted their asses to get to that point and will never sniff an NFL field. Make it about the players and coaches in THAT contest. What will be funny is when 20 years from now when you watch a classic game the narrative will be half about the game, the other half about how a certain team matches up if they were in the SEC. It's so retarded.

Go watch any college football game from 15 years ago and beyond. There is no dick waving between conferences. It's all about the teams as it should be. Watch a 90's Huskers game.... they don't compare the Big12 to the SEC or Big10.... All they care about is whoever is playing. 

ESPN is doing what they have to do.... it sucks for us fans, but let's remember that this was partially the doing on Magneto. If there is no BTN, the bias bullshit isn't strong, and the B1G is still in the good graces of the major media.

Before BTN all was well in the Midwest. No tat gate.... no ped state..... no going after Michigan for practice infractions...   Everything was good. Once the BTN was put in motion, ESPN from that point became our competitor. If we sign with ESPN and the B1G is never formed you have to think tat gate gets minimal coverage if any. possible suspensions.... they don't dig deep. I'll take my tin foil hat off now, but I seriously feel when the BTN was formed that was the beginning of the end.  Our only hope is for a major network to buy the BTN before the product gets worse.

Comment 8 hours ago

Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech

Mississippi State upsets LSU and the Les Miles to Michigan rumors start again.

My complete longshot upset is Wazzu over Oregon. Leach has his guys ready to play after a slow start.

Comment 8 hours ago

A well coached spread has always given Alabama fits. We'll see.

Fixed that for ya!

Comment 11 hours ago

Man I miss that grass field. There is a part of me that worries that we will remember that era as the golden age of Buckeye football. Hope it's not true. Sure it could have been a little better. Imagine another title win in there... Crazy how much success we had, hope it continues.

Comment 11 hours ago

An underrated one would be Laurinaitis hitting a Michigan WR during the game in 06. It was late in the game, an awesome hit that got sort of overlooked because Michigan went no huddle. I can't find the clip.

Comment 11 hours ago

The crazy thing about that hit is that he actually hesitates for a split second after he sees the fullback doesn't take the handoff. Imagine if he just went full steam after the QB.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Donnie Nickey dropping the INT in the endzone as we win the National Title. It was the perfect ending for us to win the game with our defense on the field.... and for Donnie Nickey to find a way to be Donnie Nickey even in our greatest moment.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

What if someone actually got their head ripped of for the first time in a football game.... then they shut down football on all levels because a guy got his head ripped off on the field, and Ohio State will forever been known as the fans who called for a mans decapitation that led to the end of football for everyone? 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

It's pretty ridiculous. At some point you would think it could just be a game between 2 teams. I really miss college football before it turned into this petty conference dick waving contest. It takes away from the game experience for me. I want to know about the two teams playing. I want to know about their players and coaches. Talk about that. Our media in this country has gone to complete shit. Cover the game.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Ginn because he could change the game at any moment. Hawk because he was a classic under recruited guy that was an absolute stud. Both guys born and raised on Ohio soil. I'll always love Mike Doss for coming back and getting us the title.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I was always a sprinter in HS. Was forced to run 3 miles when I joined the Marine Corps. I hated distance but finally adapted. I started around a 20 minute 3 mile, I eventually got down to a 18:41 at 215 lbs. I miss those days. My goal now is to master the mile. Anything more will tear up my knees. I lift between 3-4 times a week, but I really want to cut some weight and at first I thought distance was the answer, but I feel like a get more out of trying to run a fast mile.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

"you might wanna hold off on that, he's got a lip fungus they haven't identified yet."

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I work with a Colts season ticket holder and he claims Mewhort has been the best surprise for him this season. Nice to hear coming from a Purdue fan.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I think Jim H. seems like the more controlling type who would prefer coaching college kids over dealing with politics and contracts. He was his best at Stanford coaching with lesser talent. With the current talent on the Michigan roster, he comes in and they win no less than 10 games and are a legit contender day 1 IMO.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I wanted Missouri as well. I would have rather had Boston College or Pitt over Maryland as well. I think the Boston and NYC market would have been more attractive than NYC DC.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I agree. I would say priority #1 is coaching. That's the difference between the SEC and everyone else. They seem to understand in order to make money you have to spend it. They invest heavily in coaching, and it shows. Coaching and recruiting go hand in hand. We need to pay our coordinators more money and add to the staffs in regards to assistants.

We need Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State to all be dominant. Wisconsin and Iowa have held their own and been solid. I'm glad Sparty has found their coach. Not sure Pelini is the right guy for the Huskers job. Rutgers is a QB away from being very respectable. Tons of talent in that area. As for Michigan its either Les Miles, a Harbaugh, or bust. They need a real coach. I would love to see Narduzzi get a B1G HC gig. Perhaps Illinois?

I have no doubt the B1G will bounce back soon. This is not the year clearly, and like someone mentioned, until we win a title, no one will take us seriously as a conference.... and I don't think they should. It needs to be proven on the field not in the archives.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Spread or Air Raid QB's tend to struggle in the NFL because they never turn their backs to a defense and have to look up and read the defense. Play Action is huge in the professional game, and most Spread system QB's have a hard time making that adjustment. IMO it's why Manziel will struggle to make it. He has the legs to bail him out and buy time, but there is a learning curve there. The bigger problem is finding a high school QB who doesn't run a spread offense. It all goes in phases, eventually the power run will come back. I look forward to the day it does. I love parody in college offenses, but I really miss I-Formation running and play action passes. It's a more physical style on line LOS as well.

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