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Comment 19 hours ago

here we go.... onsides time

Comment 01 Sep 2015

redrafting would be the only fair solution. Auction drafts are a fun option as well if you can get everyone together.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

I'm still shocked by the Riley hire. I thought for sure they would get Scott Frost back home and away from Oregon. Maybe that is the long term plan and Riley is that bridge for a few seasons. I think Riley is a step down from Bo Pelini.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

How the hell is Arizona ranked so low? They won 10 games, return the Butkus winner, a young stud RB and QB who put up big numbers. They pretty much return everyone important. Also I don't get why Utah isn't top 25. They went 9-4 last year and return some studs. Devontae Booker is one of the best RB's in the country.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

It will be the toughest division in college football starting this season. Between Meyer, Dantonio, Harbaugh, and Franklin our traditional powers will be as tough as anyone. Kevin Wilson isn't exactly a slouch of a coach either. I worry more about Franklin and how he will handle replacing Hackenberg. His QB's at Vanderbilt weren't exactly guys that carried the team. We know he can recruit, but compared to the other 3 coaches I worry about his ability to sustain momentum coaching.  I really hope the West division steps up. I think Chryst was an excellent hire for Wisconsin. I'd love to see Pat Narduzzi or Greg Schiano get the Illinois job. Nebraska has to get better. Hopefully Scott Frost comes to town in a few more years.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I never understood why they ditched the orange numbers on the sleeves, I always thought it looked pretty unique. Reminds me of when tOSU had the black shoulder numbers. I think bold looks like this look pretty cool.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

I've been wearing this one out for years:

Comment 29 Aug 2015

What I was thinking. My guess I the AD knew this was likely Beckman's last season barring a miracle, he found a way to run him out without paying him. I think this also is a good move because it will put the spotlight on Illinois and there will be constant talk of the coaching gig during their games. The more time the networks spend talking about coaching possibilities, the more attention the school will get. I actually think Illinois would be a great job, easier place to rebuild, and its located in a talent rich area. There is no pressure to succeed right away either. I wish Narduzzi would have spent another season at MSU,  then landed this gig. It would be nice for someone to step up and be competitive in the west division.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I think Indiana will finish ahead of both Rutgers and Maryland with Sudfeld back at QB.

I've got Minnesota winning the west. Also calling for them to upset TCU.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I'm not sure how anyone else feels about the Illinois job, or any B1G job in the west division, but the state of Illinois has plenty of talent and that division is there for the taking. I'm really curious to see who they target in their search. Because its fun to speculate:

Pat Narduzzi- Unlikely because he was recently hired, but we've seen coaches flip after a season. Narduzzi knows the B1G and would be a huge get for the Illini.

Greg Schiano- Not sure if he will return to college football, but he belongs in the college game. Has a pretty cushy gig now though.

Scott Frost- I think Frost is waiting a few years for Riley to get forced out of Nebraska. I honestly hope he lands there at some point because I feel like he could be the guy who gets the Huskers back to relevance.

Lane Kiffin- could excel at a place with less pressure similar to how RichRod has found success at Arizona. I feel like Kiffin wants to be on the west coach, but if Illinois hired Kiffin I think he could be successful there.

Mark Mangino- Very solid coach with a proven track record.

Ed Orgeron- Doubt he will leave native Louisiana, but this guy could be a great head coach at a mid tier p5 school.

Jeff Brohm- Making a splash offensively at WKU, this guy will move up the ranks fairly soon.

P.J. Fleck- This is my pick to get the job. Fleck is familiar with the area, young, energetic and recruits well. I think he would be a great fit at Illinois.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I respectfully disagree. If there is anything Hoke did well it was recruit. The talent is all there, it hasn't been developed to this point. I don't see Maryland being very good. They lost quite a bit from that team and I don't think in the East division Maryland has a chance this season. I would be more worried about IU with Sudfeld than Maryland. I get what you mean about holding ourselves in high regard due to what Meyer has done, but I just think its foolish and delusional that we have a large potion of fans who think Harbaugh will fail at UM or bolt to the NFL in a few seasons. That Michigan team that has had it share of issues(coaching) has plenty of talent. Outside of Ohio State and MSU who would you say for sure in the B1G is just far and away more talented than Michigan? Maybe PSU? that's 3 of 14 teams.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I find it laughable that we have a sizable portion of fans here that don't think Harbaugh will make an immediate impact. I don't think 8 wins is a reach. The guy can coach. He took a roster of 2-3 star talent at Stanford and basically took down USC by simply out muscling them on the line of scrimmage with far less skill talent. I don't see how anyone that understands football doesn't see Jim Harbaugh as a legit threat. He has proven himself both at Stanford and in San Francisco. Is he awkward, yes. Huge ego, does any of that translate to him being a mediocre coach.

I think 8 wins is very achievable for them this season. The only games I think they can or should lose are against Utah, Michigan State, and of course tOSU. Outside of that there isn't anyone on that schedule they can't beat. Penn State is a toss up and the Gophers will be tough. Harbaugh inherits so much more talent now than he did at Stanford, and it didn't take him long to get them relevant there. Harbaugh's area of weakness will be recruiting in the short term, but winning will fix that pretty quick, and I would think if they can manage 8-9 wins this season and perhaps upset someone, the croots will come.

I think Urban is the better college coach, but dismissing Harbaugh and thinking he will have struggles for possibly a year or two is comical to me. I find it bothersome  the arrogance many of our fans display,  or just the lack of overall respect for what a guy has done. We've been on top of the rivalry for quite a while, perhaps a little humility would serve us well.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I haven't been able to find any information in terms of how long they are out. Do you know? All I see is camp injuries, but they don't say anything in terms of what happened. I did see the OL coach got into trouble.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I agree. As my redneck sociopath aunt would say... "well shit fire to save matches." The passion of these people comes from deep confused rage stemming from the loss of the civil war. I've actually met guys in the southeast part of this country who truly believe the best African American football players come from the south because they have "slave genes". I'm not making this up.