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Comment 3 hours ago

They beat Texas Tech who is terrible. He is a solid coach, but he hasn't won a conference game yet, and looking at their schedule, they may not this year. I won't be shocked if he gets canned over that alone.

Career wins at Arkansas include:

2014- Nicholls State, Northern Illinois, Texas Tech

2013- Louisiana, Samford, Southern Miss.

He has been outscored 523-627 at Arkansas. They have yet to beat anyone good since he took over, and his marquee moment was losing by a point to Alabama.  He is in over his head there.

Comment 3 hours ago

Nebraska beats Rutgers. Armstrong has a good game, Randy Gregory has over 3 sacks in this one. Huskers win 34-21

Minnesota beats Illinois.  The Illini are just bad, Cobb has a big day, Maxx Williams as well. Gophers roll 44-20

Wisconsin beats Maryland. I think The Badgers win closer than people think. 35-28

Sparty gets it done over Michigan.  I think Michigan makes this a game though. I think Cook makes some mistakes and the Wolverines get some Funchess bombs to go there way before Gardner throws a few picks and has a sack fumble. Dantionio's team 31-21

Ohio State over PSU. Lions make some big plays early and the crowd keeps them in the game for the first half.  Buckeyes pull away early in the 4th 47- 28

Other Games:

I have Utah beating USC

LSU upsetting Ole Miss

Texas beats KSU

I think Washington State upsets Arizona.

Comment 3 hours ago

Weren't we supposed to play Virginia Tech later in the season? Like week 4 or something?  That would have helped.

Comment 3 hours ago

There is no way they hire Bert. He ins't qualified, has regressed at Arkansas, and If Long got the Michigan gig I think the last thing he would want to do is bring in a coach who can't win a conference game in two seasons, and a guy with a losing record to tOSU.

Comment 15 hours ago

Sam Rogers is a bitch of a fullback, tough kid. Marshawn Williams has to carry them.

Comment 15 hours ago

Here we go. 24 point comeback time!

Comment 16 hours ago

I've watched this team a few times now, I just don't think the Brewer kid is getting it done. Not sure how he looked so good on third down against us, but he looks terrible. I'm surprised they haven't went to a young guy yet.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

The only thing I worry about with them is Hackenburg getting hot in the short passing game. I could see them trying to neutralize our defensive line with quick passes, screens and draws. I think PSU could give us problems. Most on here a pretty confident we will beat them soundly, I'm not so sure. FWIW I never am though. Anyone can beat anyone, and if we come un bi headed or slightly complacent we can be beaten. Franklin is a solid coach, and I think we will get a better contest than most think.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Remember that South Carolina-Texas A&M was supposed to be a huge game. Despite the losses of Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney, this was an epic matchup with huge implications to start the season..... That's what we were told. Both teams replace QB's, somehow this was a highly ranked matchup. Why though? How did these two teams who were seemingly going into rebuilding years find themselves in the national spotlight????  ESPN that's how. Those were a pair of average teams boosted up in hype and the ranking because of the SEC. That is all. Just like the Mississippi schools are being overvalued right now and pumped up. When one loses then they will focus on Auburn and Alabama more heavily again. Its a joke. It's all a ploy to keep between 8-10 of the 14 teams inside the top 25 for exposure and money.... that is all.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Mizzou loses to Indiana: crickets

Mizzou stomps Florida in the swamp: Florida is a mess, no props to Mizzou

Florida job comes open at seasons end: Best job in College Football, gets more hype than Michigan job.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I think NBC or Fox would be ideal. We would still have BTN, and I'm sure we would have conference games each week on Fox and FS1 which would put us toe to toe in terms of exposure similar to the SEC.  I think for me the one thing I hate that ESPN does with the SEC that gives them a blatant advantage is that each week they have between 3-5 games all played in primetime hours. Where the B1G might have 1, maybe 2.  That's smart on the ESPN/SEC's part, but I think a deal with Fox would be our best bet to make up ground in terms of exposure.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

There ya go!  I'm against black uniforms for a few reasons, one of them being that it's a ridiculous trend that everyone does now. I mean seriously, nearly everyone does this. I'm a traditionalist at heart, but if we went with an alternate I like this concept. We have a very unique secondary color in gray. I would much rather see us utilize it. You would still get the same sort of shock value when you saw it because it would be different.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Does anyone else feel like if the conference would just push the schools to spend more on coaching this could be solved?  The talent disparity isn't great between the power 5, its the coaching that separates.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

No time for that.... Mississippi just learned how to play football boys.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I watched one ESPN segment where I think Finebaum or another guy on set kind of looked over his shoulder when they mentioned that loss. Like they don't claim Mizzou all the sudden. It was awkward body language. I had to laugh when I saw it.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

BTN could easily do this. J Leman has a great persona, I like most of the people we have on BTN. DiNardo is solid. I think if they made an honest effort to put together a "gameday" type show where they has a live set on a B1G campus, it would do well. It would alienate ESPN from coming to a B1G campus, and before you know it the Pac12 and ACC would follow suit. Screw them, they want to be biased and put 3-4 SEC night games on each week and pump up all their teams into the top10 rankings non stop... screw them.  Put real live gameday programs on BTN, and I'm sure ESPN would feel the hit. They can still talk about the national scene on BTN. I know I would watch for obvious reasons, but more so for the change of pace.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Awesome, Love it when we keep our home grown talent here in State!  Welcome aboard Jerome.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Bill Snyder because he does more with less and has integrity. He built Kansas State from the ground up. They were nothing before he arrived. He should go down as one of the greatest college coaches in the history of the sport. I remember really pulling for the Wildcats to run the table in 2012 and I was pretty bummed when they got upset by Baylor. I would have loved to see Snyder play Notre Dame or Alabama in the title game. He also fielded some seriously tough teams in the late 90's that were fun to watch. Guys like Darren Sproles, Michael Bishop, Martin Gramatica, Mark Simoneau, David Allen, Jarrod Cooper, and Terrance Newman to name a few. A truly great coach who has be loyal to his school and community. A leader, a teacher.  If Jim Tressel can't come back to Columbus I would love to see him take over for Bill Snyder at Kansas State to continue his teachings.

Jim Mora. I love his confidence and what he is doing there at UCLA. He seems very confident and energetic. His demeanor reminds me of Harbaugh when he got to Stanford. I think he can turn UCLA into a national brand and be in the hunt each season. He has a very young team similar to tOSU and VaTech. A ton of underclassmen all over the field. They will be a national player over the course of the next few years.

Mark Dantonio for obvious reasons. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want him over Urban before he was hired. I think Dino develops his talent and they always play up to the competition. He is old fashioned, hard nosed and he is what Ohio State is all about. It is no coincidence that he is having success up there with his team model being the Tresselball teams we all know.

Nick Saban.  I love they way he coaches. I like his coaching philosophy and think he understands the balance in the game better than most coaches. You win by controlling the clock by running the ball, you win with a rested prepared defense. And most importantly you win in on the line of scrimmage. He coaches the way football should be coached on the field IMO, and that is the reason for his success. He is proving this to be the right philosophy by owning College Football for the better part of 5 years now. He is anti spread and as an old school football guy myself I appreciate the way he coaches. It's refreshing to watch a power team beat down a fancy spread team. It proves games will always be decided in the trenches.

Frank Beamer.  Great coach, loyal as well.  I really like Beamer. I loved when they seemed to block a kick or punt every game it seemed like. I really hope Bud Foster sticks around to take over when he retires. Excellent coach, likable guy.

Paul Johnson and Ken Niumatalolo.  Easy for me, I love triple option football having coached it some. It's all about basic fundamentals and execution. I love any coach who can have success running this system because it requires players to be incredibly disciplined and fundamentally sound. Both great coaches I hope stick around for years to come.

Bronco Mendenhall.  Hard for me to explain. I like his character and they way his teams play.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Jameis is from Alabama, I wonder how much attention he would be getting if he played at an SEC school? My guess is not as much.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

What a baby. Jesus, man up and answer the question. If he is innocent then why not say what you think?