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Comment 8 minutes ago

It looks like maybe 10K people showed up to watch Cal. I know this was last nights game, but does anyone else think Taysom Hill is basically Tim Tebow minus 30 IQ points?  They have Mangum who is a solid passer, They have 3 good receivers, and a stout defense. I think Hill holds them back and he should be relegated to a Bell Dozer role.

Brady Hoke goes to Oregon and now they fall apart.  I love watching this meltdown. All the gimmicks, Scott Frost leaves town and it all goes to crap. 

Jahad Thomas for Temple is pretty solid, but I noticed they had another kid crack 200yds. Curious to see how long HC Ruhle stays there. I think he's a pretty good coach.

Comment 17 minutes ago

Years ago when? Like from 2000-2007 when they were producing NFL players each year. Lets not act like because Purdue is the worst team in the conference now that they always have been. I'm sure you would ignore Indiana's football history compared to Purdue's right? Flavor of the month I suppose, but yea, lets boot a team that isn't the worst historically in the conference, then add 2 more teams that have been garbage for 100 years outside of a small stretch with coaches Freidgen and Schiano.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

They'll hire Fleck because they refuse to spend money. I wouldn't be shocked to see them take a stab at Greg Schiano, but I think he's always been linked to Penn State... and that job might be open also. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Rutgers has better talent than Illinois, the Coaching is the difference. I suspect it wont take too long for Illinois to become respectable again. Sadly I don't know that Ash has what it takes, and IMO he bit off more than he could chew by taking the Rutgers job. He would have been better served to take a lower tier job and do very well somewhere else for 5 years.  Rutgers is a bad gig just based on logistics. Building a program would be much easier in the West division. Rutgers will never be able to keep the best talent in NJ home. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I once got a road knobber and had to park behind a Graeters to resolve the situation. My GF at the time wasn't too excited the next day when I said I wanted to go back to Graeters, until I said this time just for ice cream. 

Comment 15 Oct 2016

Tough equation.  Tennessee will remain ranked #9 for the rest of the season despite Josh Dobbs looking like the Ghoulie crawling out of the toilet on the 80's smash hit movie. So Vanderbilt will need to beat an FCS team by 33pts to jump into the top 25 because SEC.  "hah" -Verne

Comment 15 Oct 2016

I called it the other day.... NC State upsets Clemson. Gallman went down early on a monster hit. Turnovers have killed NC State. Been a hard hitting tight game.

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Sparty has an offense that is a one trick pony. The QB play has dropped, basically Josiah Price is the only guy they throw to. Indiana beat them by stuffing the run, forcing 3rd down passing situations that MSU is not particularly great in, thus stopping the clock for incompletions, thus giving IU time for the comeback. 

Comment 05 Oct 2016

I don't think there is any truth in this. It's pretty well known that Nebraska and Colorado despised Texas. I can't see it happening. I wish the conferences would have been left alone after the ACC expanded. It's been a dumb TV cash grab that makes it harder for fans to travel. 

Comment 03 Oct 2016

I'm guessing they kick Mason Cole back outside to LT and shift guys around. Ben Bredeson was raved about in spring. Not sure if they let Senior Center Dawson take over, or move another G to center.   It sucks for Michigan, but Harbaugh knows how to coach up lineman to play above their potential. See Stanford and the sleuth of 2-3* players he turned into a Trojan mauling machine.  I feel bad for Newsome as this sounds like a potential career threatening injury, never want to see football taken away from anyone.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

LSU and Texas will be in a bidding war. Geography aside, I think if Texas wants Herman, they will pull out all the stops to get him. Louisiana is no slouch regarding recruiting ground, but Texas is Texas. Herman would have them a national contender year 1 with Beuchele and all that young talent. I feel sorry for Ed Oliver here, perhaps he transfers if Herman leaves?  LSU wants him for the simple reason that they know he took Cardale Jones with one prep game and beat Alabama.  

I think Franklin is done at PSU barring a huge turnaround. IMO  Les Miles would be an excellent fit for Penn State. He's an excellent recruiter and the east coast is pretty fertile. 

I don't know who USC will go after.  I know Larry Fedora will also be in the mix for a big time gig. The guy can coach. 

I don't see Jimbo leaving FSU, he's already won a title. Perhaps he knows he will always live in Bowdens shadow? who knows...

I project Scott Frost will be the next Huskers coach when that time comes. 

I'm not sure if Brent Venables will leave Clemson for a HC job. 

So much speculation within the first few weeks already.  lol  Gotta love the carousel!! 

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Well I appreciate it brother. I try to be as objective as possible without being a complete homer. As long as I've been a Buckeye fan, I've been a fan of college football as a whole. It's easy for fans to get too arrogant about recruiting and just winning in general. I try to stay humble and keep history in mind. We are certainly in the prime years of Ohio State football, and I just hope it continues. 

My problem with commenting on this site is that I work screwy hours so I often post when a thread has lost traction. lol  I'm always late to the party, but when I show up early the thread is usually a dud. I love engaging with fans here, certainly can learn a lot from the crowd we have here. 

Comment 02 Oct 2016

I think it we a decent game. I don't think they are able to score much on us with the young QB. It'll be too easy for our LB's to lock up Fumagali, they have no one outside that scares me. I think they have a pretty tough defense. I think Shelton is a damn good corner, but i think we put together drives, keep our defense rested and the opposite happens to Wisconsin as the game goes on. We will probably start off slow offensively, maybe have an early turnover, but late 3rd quarter I feel like their defense is tired and we break some big plays open. Tough place to play for us historically. 30-14 Bucks.