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Comment 26 Jul 2015

I'm not so sure they beat Alabama. We gave Oregon multiple chances to get back into the game and they repeatedly blew it. Alabama gave us a much better game than Oregon, and I'd like to think Alabama would have handled Oregon in a similar manor as we did. Power run, shots to Cooper, chew clock against a weak Ducks front 4.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Threw you a mercy uv for having a strong opinion and partially because I agree with some of what you posted. Sadly there will always be gossip and chatter as long as there is interest in any subject where the fans don't have exclusive access to information. Speculation is all anyone has. I respect the process and I agree that we are living in different times where folks blindly follow a school or coach and refuse to acknowledge that their school can also be seen in the same negative light. Such is the life of the diehard college football fan, and such is the loyalty in recruiting. Recruits are worried about what the school can do for them and nothing else, so as the institution you must be made aware of what you are recruiting. It reminds me of the classic union mentality of the employees against the company. It  also reminds me of Marine Corps recruiters. As it goes, if you want a handout and are worried about what a service branch is going to do for you or how much money they promise then look elsewhere. If you want to be the best and get handed nothing then have a seat. In the end self importance prevails as the kid can't completely trust the school, and the school is worried about what they really get with and from the kid. I do miss the loyalty in football that you mentioned, the more masculine no BS approach to things, but sadly those times have passed and in large due to the money involved. When guys from that generation went to college to play football, that wasn't all they were there for. Recruiting was much more local for a variety of reasons. I miss the more simple times myself and often wish I lived back then when life was more simple and time moved slower. Convenience has taken over and we live in the instant info society. My wife used to ask me if you could live during any time period anywhere what would you do? I always said that I would have played college football, then fought in WWII, survived and went on to work and support my family when things were booming in America and you didn't have to suppress your opinions to satisfy a pacifist mentality of political correctness. I wish the best for the Cupp kid, and I don't think Mark Dantonio should be crapped on for deciding to de-commit himself from a kid that may not be certain of his decision. In the end it's probably best for both sides.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I might look at it differently if he played for a large school, but Leipsic is pretty small. Like others have stated he needs camp exposure against elite talent. It will help him tremendously. I never played D1 football, but I know that camping at Ohio State and going to as many MAC camps as possible did nothing but help my development as a football player, and boosted my confidence. I would think that if anything the MSU staff would want Cupp to get as much experience against better talent as possible not just for the kid, but for MSU to get a much better evaluation of the kid.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

My guess is that Braxton will throw the ball a few more times than Percy ever did. I'm standing by my prediction of Braxton Miller to win the Heisman by a landslide with 1,000yds rushing, receiving, and passing.  Jet sweep reverse passes everywhere. We will essentially run an option offense with 2 QB's. Defending the option is tough, but defending an option offense that you can't identify you key in or don't know where the option is coming from will be almost impossible to stop. This will be the most prolific offense in the history of college football.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Pretty much terrible and sad. The only thing that looks remotely good is how they incorporated the "N" on the pant leg into the stripe design, outside of that these are horrendous on every aesthetic level possible. First off, the Nebraska colors are pretty simple, red and white.. not black and charcoal. Second, this isn't some second rate football program you are molesting, this is a storied traditional power, so keep them looking like it, and save these types of uniforms for schools like Louisville or Memphis. I cannot wait for the day all this trash with the shoe companies deciding what college football should look like ends. Bold and simple looks best in motion. These look jersey shore-esque and have no place in football. Perhaps adidas should stick to soccer and maybe get involved in with gymnastics or some other sport no one spends time watching.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

"I went camping with Bosa ... I'm in the back of a pickup with Nick Bosa and a live deer. Well, Bosa, he grabs the deer by the antlers, looks at it and says, 'I'm Nick Bosa! Say it!' Then he squeezes the deer in such a way that a sound comes out of its mouth -- "nickbosa!" It wasn't exactly it, but it was pretty good for a deer."

"Bosa's family crest is a picture of a barracuda, eating Neil Armstrong."

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I can't believe Michigan is last on that list. I know they aren't the best team on there, but Harbaugh in the Big House with a chance to send a message on our way to Indy? It doesn't get much more exciting than that for me.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I agree. Right now the Pac12 has a chance to take over that title. I can see the B1G eastern division becoming a super division in another year or so once Michigan improves.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Excellent post. I don't get why so many people want an expanded playoff. College football is the best for many because the whole season is a playoff. The last thing I think we want is a watered down field consisting of a bunch of 2 or even 3 loss teams. Only the elite make it in. Do I feel bad for TCU, yes... but they blew a huge lead to Baylor and without a conference title game to elevate themselves they missed out. I think the 4 team playoff is absolutely perfect and will almost always decide outright who the champ truly is. Until it proves faulty I think it needs to stay the same. It will be harder for Notre Dame and Big12 teams to get a seat at the table, but I'm sure the conference shuffle isn't over. My guess is we end up with 4 power conferences and the Big12 is dissolved.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

IMO the NHL is a sleeping giant. I do believe the sport is seriously growing in popularity and has a chance to pass up Baseball. Of all the networks I think Fox has the biggest shot at hurting ESPN if they can manage.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

LSU at 5 is a joke, they lost 5 games last season and have unproven QB play in a tough division.

I don't agree with Baylor ahead of TCU just because Baylor lost more (Petty)

Georgia should never be allowed in the top 10 until they prove they can finish there.

Texas A&M in the top 10 is an absolute joke. They might be the worst team in their division this season.

Arkansas and Ole Miss will have good seasons I think, but top 10 is also a serious reach.

Michigan State not in the top 10 is a joke right? NFL QB, nasty defense, and only two losses coming to the National Champs and runner-up? I would almost consider them top 5.

I think Notre Dame should be a tad higher imo.

USC is a top 10 team preseason

how the hell is Arizona not ranked!?!?!   A 10 win team that returns a young QB that produced over 4,200 yds total, a 1,400 yd RB, a 1,000 yd WR and Scooby Wright? This amazes me. They aren't better than Florida?

Comment 22 Jul 2015

The Big12 will have to have an undefeated team to have any shot at the playoff. They play one less game, which is one less opportunity to lose in the eyes of the committee. As for expanding the playoff I don't see it for a while. It will continue to give us a proven champion until there is a crappy season like 07 where you had a bunch of 1 loss teams. I don't know what will happen with the Big12 in terms of conference stability, but I just hope whatever happens the B1G is involved and not left collecting scraps. I can see the Big12 getting left out for quite some time unless they produce an undefeated team. They need to look into adding BYU, possibly Boise State or Colorado State to stabilize the conference and get a legit CCG or else I'm sure other conferences will be looking to swoop in and steal whats worth taking (texas & Oklahoma).