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Former Marine. Current Steelworker. Born and raised in Ohio, married an Indiana woman so I live 10 minutes from the Ohio border now.


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Comment 08 Dec 2016

I'm from NW Ohio so soft of a melting pot of Irish, Wolverine, and Buckeye fans. I had family members that were all split between the 3. I always felt like in the 90's that Ohio State was the underdog, and I felt an obligation to be loyal to where I was from. The moment I think I was officially hooked was probably the 1996 season. I can't say Eddie George made me a legit Buckeyes fan because in 95 i was in a custody battle as a kid and didn't watch very much football. I think the 1996 season was exciting for me because I finally decided that I was going to be a Buckeye. Honestly I just loved college football as a kid, and never picked a team until I watched long enough to decide who I liked. My dad never got into sports. I had some relatives who supported Notre Dame and Michigan that I felt were pretty arrogant about it. That's probably what drove me to choose Ohio State as my team. 

Comment 07 Dec 2016

At this point if I'm Les Miles, Greg Schiano, and even P.J. Fleck, I wait another year for a better opportunity.  Fleck would be a solid fit at Cincy, but I think he likely wants a power 5 job. 

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I think Notre Dame has spent enough money on buyouts that they could have probably paid for a Rockne clone.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

To the kids defense I can't blame him. Anyone of us here are elite prospects and Ohio State offers we are taking it even if Luke Fickell retained the job and we were only winning 7-8 games a year.  Its hard for me to ever knock any kid who goes where his heart is.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Which is funny because a guy I follow for political analysis called Silver being wrong a long time ago. The guy is pretty out there, libertarian from Vermont into occult stuff... but nearly all of his projections have come true regarding the election. His commentary and knowledge is pretty awesome if you can stand looking at a guy with long hair, and weighs probably 120lbs. lol  look up styxhexenhammer on youtube.

He has a couple of videos on Nate Silver I think.
Comment 06 Dec 2016

No way you can have 6 teams, its 4 or 8. You cannot give 2 teams a bye. All you would do is cause a perpetual pissing match of who should be rewarded the bye. Its a bad idea, we already will have complaining about who gets left out whether its #5 or #9. A bye is horrible and gives 2 teams an advantage and inside track to the championship. If you want it to be fair, they all have to play. Injuries and rest shouldn't be advantages given to 2 selected teams. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I typically dislike most of the stuff Nike makes these days as I'm a traditionalist/minimalist, but I must give credit where its due and say that these are pretty creative. I still think simple bold contrasting colors look much better in motion, especially with grass stains on them.  Nike does a solid job on throwbacks and military uniforms. I still think Navy clobbers them.  I wish fashion in football wasn't so prevalent and they focused more on scheme, and promoted teamwork ahead of individual accomplishments. As much as I can appreciate the honoring of our military as a veteran, I can't help but think to myself, what would the hardest generation of men who've ever walked the face of this planet think of these uniforms?  A part of me thinks they would embrace the gesture out of respect and likely return the gratitude despite their service to our Nation... but the other part of me thinks they would think this is feminine in nature, and would also question why anyone would waste a bunch of time, energy and resources on something as plain and basic as a football uniform.  

Comment 05 Dec 2016

For those who think Purdue doesn't belong in the B1G: Since 2000 Purdue has beaten Ohio State 4 times, and it has taken OT in two of the Buckeyes wins. In this span they have produced far more NFL players than Indiana, Northwestern and Minnesota.  They have proven that they can compete despite the recruiting disadvantage. I think Brohm is a very solid hire and will turn David Blough into an All-Conference QB in 2 seasons. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Opposed to Ash and Durkin?  Why would anyone want to take one of those jobs in the East division when you have to recruit and try to compete with tOSU, Michigan, PSU and Sparty?  I won't call it career suicide, but its essentially taking money to eventually drop back down to a coordinator in less than 5 years and be able to add power 5 HC to the resume.  At least Lovie Smith and now Brohm are taking advantage of the more winable, sustainable division. We know Wisconsin is the top dog, but it's a crapshoot each season in the west between Iowa and Nebraska, and no team in that side of thew conference is a truly dominant team on the field or on the recruiting trail. We all expect Nebraska to return to form, but maybe it doesn't happen. I'd love to see Scott Frost get the gig eventually and turn them into an option football force again. I see the West as wide open and a chance for any good coach to come in and build an easy path to Indianapolis. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016
There is no way they would have gotten in anyway. They didn't just lose two games... they lost two games in conference. No other two loss has that badge.