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Comment 18 hours ago

I feel like USC will give Alabama a game. The Trojans seemingly return the entire team minus the QB. It will be fun to watch some of the Trojan athletes (JuJu & Adoree) against the Tide. The game I feel will be decided on the line of scrimmage. USC has the experience, no doubt Alabama has more raw talent. Will be fun to see which prevails. USC returns all 5 offensive lineman. I feel like both defenses will be strong and the game will be decided by which offense doesn't turn it over.  I predict a low scoring game, both squads under 21 points.

Comment 23 hours ago

Alabama really struggles to develop QB's. Its surprising given how well they recruit at the position. A.J. McCarron was the last true freshman to play QB there, so maybe they have decided to let a guy develop as the starter for a while?  I was shocked when Blake Sims won the job over Coker. I still cannot understand how between Cornwell, Barnett and Bateman they cannot find a QB to run that offense that is about as conventional as it gets. Besides I always thought Bateman was pretty tough:

Comment 18 Aug 2016

I guess when I referred to BC and Cuse I meant schools with some success in their histories. Have you seen the attendance at Maryland games? Its embarrassing to the conference. Hey everyone look who we added to the league.... no one cares and the only time asses are in seats is when its opposing fans.  I gave those two as an example of more respectable schools athletically because this is all about branding, money, and competition, so why water down the level of competition?  I could have just as easily said Pitt or WVU. Fans of college sports don't really care about AAU membership either. 

State flagships in the B1G are typically larger states. Two schools on the east coast that are the only show in town and have done nothing noteworthy prior to the early 2000's don't seem to fit the "profile" of what the B1G has always been. They seem like a reach for cash at the fans expense. I think most fans of Ohio State, Michigan, MSU, and Penn State would rather play 2 traditional western foes opposed to Rutgers and Maryland?  So now we get two extra weeks of shit games to go on top of the 2/3 weaker games we always start the season with. Indiana was enough before, but it wasn't bad when we knew we would draw Wisconsin or Iowa.

I lived in Quantico for over 4 years and I met more Penn State and Virginia Tech by far more so than any other school.  I did run into some Maryland fans, and was actually friends with one. I remember him always talking about how Maryland will never sustain football success because despite fertile recruiting grounds the traditional powers in the B1G, and ACC will always pull the top talent out of state. This was during the good years of Friedgen he said this and I felt bad for him, but he was right. At Maryland's best in football he knew it wouldn't last.  Just like New Jersey produces a ton of great in state talent but it all leaves.  Outside of PSU and VT,  NOVA/DC and Maryland is a melting pot of fans from all over because most move there for careers or are former military who stay.

I know this may seem far fetched, but I think the Big12 is still toast. With only 4 playoff spots the power 4 conferences that play CC games will always get the bids. This is why I mentioned Notre Dame as a possibility. They are eventually going to get boned out of the playoff because they will play one less meaningful game in the eyes of the committee. I think the Big12 is still sinking, and it shows by them scrambling to add weaker teams just to hold it all together. BYU, TCU, Boise State,Colorado State, Cincinnati.... I just don't see the top dogs Texas and Oklahoma sticking around for long.  I expect the SEC to make a move at some point to stay ahead of the competition. 

We had the chance to get Notre Dame in the early 90's before Penn State.

Maryland is also (.524) historically. They have won one ACC title since 2001, and 4 combined since 1983.  Most of their success came in 6 years of Bobby Ross in the 80's and Jerry Claiborne in the mid 70's.    4 of the 11 conference titles you mentioned took place in 1893, 1896, and two years as an independent in 1913 and 1914.   I will admit I did not know they had a solid run through the 1950's.  I wouldn't say that 4 league titles in 35 years is exactly remarkable.  We added east coast Purdue and Northwestern.

I think if you did a poll and asked fans if they would rather have Rutgers and Maryland in the B1G opposed to Notre Dame, and really anyone else mediocre in football, the latter would win. I think Navy is more qualified.... and if you want a national

I know we don't agree and I'm fine with it. Only a few more weeks brother!!!!

Comment 18 Aug 2016

I just don't understand why go after bottom dwellers? No one in NYC really cares about college football compared to other sports, same goes for LA. Too many other things going on in those places for it to be front and center. USC and UCLA can't fill their stadiums. Reaching for potential tv sets is a bad move. It shows you that money is more important than the quality of the product. Well when the quality of the product takes a dive, people go for the better option. I think fans would rather see 2 schools better than Rutgers and Maryland in the B1G. I can't imagine if given the option to add Notre Dame and Kansas (hoops) as an alternative that people would be upset. Right now week in and week out the SEC and ACC are far more watchable football conferences in league play than the B1G. Can you imagine a scenario with Notre Dame in the East?  There would rarely be a week of conference play that wouldn't grab eyes nationally, even in NYC.  I've lived on the east coast and college football is not as important there as it is in the South and Midwest. In my experiences there I've encountered more PSU fans than anything else. I lived there when Maryland was actually good under Friedgen and still the fan support wasn't great. 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

I guess I don't understand why them? You want the east coast TV sets, add Syracuse and Boston College and lock up the east coast. Penn State and Virginia Tech will always own the NOVA/DC/ Maryland area. Neither will ever become a real power in football because they are in the East division. 

The Big East died and I feel like at this point the Big12 is next. The Pac12 will be the Pac14 soon, and I wouldn't be shocked if Texas and Oklahoma get the invite sooner than later. I know the ship sailed, but I feel like we should have gotten Notre Dame when we had the chance. If they were able to do that and get Kansas for hoops the conference would be in a better place I think



Ohio State


Notre Dame


Penn State











Comment 16 Aug 2016

We recruit less Ohio kids now under Meyer. If anything it will be great for Cincy, but I can't imagine this will harm Ohio State. It would take tOSU falling on some really hard times for Cincinnati to become a recruiting threat. I wouldn't worry at all, and in fact I think its good for UC if it happens. Sucks for their fans who will likely never see a road contest outside of Morgantown though. I think the conference realignment frenzy will be looked at in a negative light once the dust settles. It puts TV money before the fans.... the fans are what make college football go. I personally would rather geography have something to do with conference membership. I'd rather have the old Big12 back in tack with a few new members. Same with the B1G adding RU and MD, terrible move for quality of the conference. Two traditional football turds whom have no history, and wouldn't have ever been considered prior to the tenures of Greg Schiano and Ralph Friedgen. 

Comment 12 Aug 2016

Illinois- Brandon Lloyd,  Kevin Hardy

Indiana-  Antwan Randle El,  Victor Adeyanju

Iowa-  Tim Dwight,  Bob Sanders

Maryland-  Vernon Davis,  E.J. Henderson

Michigan-  Tyrone Wheatley,  Charles Woodson

MSU-  Plaxico Burress,  Greg Jones

Minnesota-  Laurence Moroney,  

Nebraska-  Scott Frost,  Ndamakung Suh

Northwestern-  Darnell Autry, Pat Fitzgerald

Penn State-  Michael Robinson,  Lavar Arrington

Purdue- Vinny Sutherland,  Bernard Pollard

Rutgers-  Brian Leonard,  Khaseem Greene

Wisconsin-  Matt Bernstein,  Jim Leonard

Comment 04 Aug 2016

So what happens to Bosa if no deal gets done this season? Do the Chargers still have his rights? I've never heard of this outside of Elway. Could Joey be a free agent if no contract is done before the season ends?  I guess I'm asking what happens if no deal gets done.... does he become a FA, is he back in next years draft? etc

Comment 03 Aug 2016

We seem to have one of these threads each year, usually during rivalry week. I think it would be fitting for many teams to wear home colors as long as the contrast was strong. The idea of white jerseys came from making games easier to watch on black and white TV sets. We have advanced, no reason we can't do it other than interfering with tradition. I do agree that it looks pretty cool when UCLA and USC both wear home uni's. I'm sure it would look pretty awesome if tOSU-michigan did it as it would for some others. 

Comment 02 Aug 2016

Georgia with one title cracks the top 15, prior to the SEC dick fear campaign that began in 2004 they probably don't make the list.

Surprised to see Texas that high.

It says an awful lot about talent in the state of Florida to have FSU and Florida in the top10 and Miami at 13 when all of those schools essentially didn't get serious about playing football until the late 70's to mid 80's. Impressive climb.

Not sure how 1954 UCLA isn't a title when they split with tOSU.  Heck half of Alabama's titles are split.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

0710 great comparison. I feel the same way. Let's just hope it turns out like your scenario and not end up like Germaine/Jackson. I want both on the roster. I have a feeling Barrett might be gone after this season if he plays great. Collier will be gone, Gibson is going to be a WR.  Between Burrow, Haskins, Martell and Clark I'm sure someone will end up transferring just based on numbers, especially if Burrow replaces Barrett as the next starter. That's too many talented freshman waiting 2 more years. Who knows, Alabama has managed to keep a sleuth of elite QB recruits on their roster after Blake Sims won the job. At some point you would think they would figure out developing QB's is not Alabama's strength.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I say go back to the bold early 90's style with plain shoulders and sleeve numbers.

I know he's a Michigan guy, but I'll always like him for this:

"I thought [the bandana] was the best way to thank them and to get in a dig at the owners. The Modells can burn in hell for all I care." -Steve Everitt