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Comment 23 Oct 2016

I still can't believe Urban didn't call a TO on that rushed mess of a FG attempt.  If you're gonna go for it, go for it.  Don't wait until there's little time left on the play clock to send out the kicking unit and even worse not call a TO when it's clear these boys are rushing and barely set before the clock hits 0.  Baffling.  Oh well, still control our own destiny.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Wonder how many underwhelming performances our O needs before Urban makes a change.  He saw it all of last year.  Just because they're tOSU coaches or players doesn't mean you can't criticize.  Anytime you bring it up, the DV trolls come through.. I mean, you're okay with mediocre?  Are we the team up North?  Sorry but winning against a bunch of teams who talent no where compares to ours doesn't give the coaches a pass in my book for the repeated terrible offensive performances in big games, or games that shouldn't even be close but are.  Winning is tough to do all the time but it doesn't matter if you aren't collecting titles.  No way a team like PSU should've done that to us regardless of the white out and them coming off a bye week.  Can't light a fire under these guys?  Can't run any simple pass plays without it looking like a mess.  Can't even block a 4-man DL rush.  Blah.  Oh well, I always thought next year was our year and we still can make the playoffs but after seeing this team perform the last few weeks.. I don't know if I'd want to see them go against a legit, top 4 team.  At least not right now.  Hopefully this loss will wake everyone up from the players to the coaches because that was a pathetic performance on all levels. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

And a lot of people were hating on me when I suggested bringing back Hazell.  Hmm.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

I don't understand how we go away from Samuel after he just had that TD run.  You see it all the time.  Someone will dominate for us one week then won't even be apart of the game plan the next.