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Comment 3 hours ago

Phuck weddings on game days!  haha.

I know I've told this story before but back in 2006... #1 Buckeyes, Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith and company roll into Iowa City to take on the then undefeated Hawkeyes... Gameday was at there that week as well... (I lived in Iowa City and went to U of I at the time) and my oldest sister had her wedding at the exact time as kick off in Des Moines (2 hrs away) so I had to miss the game :( .  Was sooooo close to calling and saying my car broke down but didn't.  Since then I vowed to never miss a Buckeye game for a wedding or any other purpose... and I haven't.

What's even worse?  She divorced the Jabroni a few years later.  Missed that game for nothing.  Dafuq.

Comment 6 hours ago

Huskies gonna crash the playoff party?!  Pac-12 is whack.  Rest of their schedule:

@Oregon - not good this year

Oregon St - Not good

@#18 Utah beat a bad BYU team by 1... beat San Jose St by 17 which Tulsa beat by 35 and Iowa State beat by 34.

@Cal  Could be tricky as they're a pass happy team so ya never know... but still bad.  Gave up 31 to... Hawaii.

USC - Not good.   They would've killed the Huskies 12 years ago.

ASU - Sitting at 4-0 right now but have no defense and barely beat Texas San Antonio by 4.. who lost to.. Old Dominion by more (14).

@WSU - In State rivalry so it could be tough, especially with the way the Cougars can score and throw the ball... and coming off last year, I thought WSU would be much better this year.. but nope.  They lost to an FCS team in Eastern Wash who isn't that bad... they lost in a shoot out vs ND State 50-44 and a couple weeks ago came to my town and beat my boys (UNI) 34-30.  Lost a close game to Boise St too.  I think this may be their toughest game if they're undefeated coming into this game.  In State rivalry playing @WSU. 

Pac-12 Championship -- ASU? Utah? ... Colorado?

Comment 7 hours ago

That fake was a given the whole time.  You take out the little punter and put a WR back there... Surprised Gorman didn't realize that.

Comment 7 hours ago

Skip said year 2 Urban would win it. And just gushed over Urban and the Buckeyes after watching those tOSU training days segments.

Funny, from that same segment it was Jesse Palmer who corrected predicted Urban would win it all in his 3rd season as coach for the Bucks.

Comment 7 hours ago

This is why I hate that overrated stat of All-Purpose yards.  McCaffrey hasn't done anything in this game so far (27 rushing, 2 rec) but throw in his return yards (87) and all you'll hear is "McCaffrey already nearing 120 total all-purpose yards and we still have 6 mins left in the 2nd quarter!"

Comment 7 hours ago

My best friend worked for Lagunitas when a branch of the company started up in Chicago.  Beer isn't bad.  He said everyone from the founder on down smoke weed and everytime they went out to Cali for meetings and what not they'd all get high out of their minds and actually during his interview they joked (which later came true) that he'd have to take some hits out of a 'Volcano' Vape.  I need to work for them.

Comment 7 hours ago

They basically just said it's what happens in college football especially at big time programs.. and pointed out how well tOSU has recruited the QB position lately and landing players who are true dual threats whereas Clark, rated as a DT-QB is too big to fit in with what Urban wants from a QB, mainly running.

Then the second half of that feature was them all agreeing with Urban on his comments on how there shouldn't be an Early Signing Period. 

You didn't really miss much that hasn't already been said on here.

Comment 8 hours ago

Huskies may be a year away.  I mean, they could run the table in that bad conference this year but they start 8 sophs including their 2 best offensive players (QB - RB) and only have 3 Seniors starting on offense and 3 on D... although, Budda Baker will more than likely enter the draft early.  I don't know why Chris Petersen's name doesn't pop up more for all of these high profile jobs that may be opening up.  USC needs to make him a priority.  Do whatever ya can and snag him up.  He's a west coast guy and obviously can recruit that region.

Comment 8 hours ago

Man, I don't understand how Punters can shank kicks as bad as they do sometimes.  If there's pressure, sure.... but when you have all the time in the world to set up and kick, there should be no reason why they shank one out of bounds 15 yards away.