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Comment 17 Oct 2014

I don't think "freshmen qb" and "early injuries" offset a loss at home at night by 14 to this VT teams...out of the 1-loss teams, this loss has to be one of the worst...unless Ohio State beats Michigan State by 40 and everyone else by 60, no playoff for the Buckeyes

Comment 19 Sep 2012

I was surprised that Hall played so much and that Dunn didn't see the field at all.  He must have not had a good Wednesday practice.

Comment 13 Sep 2012

1) Out R Inn

2) Little Bar

3) Varsity Club

4) anywhere else

I'm 28, been going to games since 1990, went to college here.  Just my personal prefrence from the past few post-college years.  Tailgates are great but anywhere in Columbus on gameday is a sight to behold.  Have a great time!  Michigan gameday is crazy.  If you are wearing scarlet and gray you'll be alright. 

Comment 05 Sep 2012

Great stuff.  The first 10-20 plays are scripted, so with the first quarter struggles, I'm sure Meyer wanted to see what Miami did with the zone read and in 3rd and long.  I love the adjustments, which we saw none of last year.  I'm sure the plays will be "better" scripted once the coaching staff gets more film and can expect more with pre-game planning.  When Hall comes back, he is going to be in the "pivot" role right?  And it seemed odd in the 2-min drill, 5-wide, that Boren and Stone were both in...is that because OSU doesn't have 4/5 WR that are ready, or is it just substitution based i.e. can call plays faster without taking Boren out?  I would expect Boren to be out in a end-of-half/game...hurry up passing package.  Great job.  Keep it up!

Comment 30 Aug 2012

You can't sleep on any of the MACTION...but Ohio State is going no huddle in the 1stQ/1st Half and if Miami goes 3 and out more than 3 times, it could be 28-0 at halftime.

Comment 27 Jun 2012

I will never forgive him for the quit game vs. Boston in '10, or the tv show, or the party the next day...but it does seem he has grown up, and as a bitter Cavs fan, I have too.  I enjoy watching the best players/teams play at their best...and the Ravens' super bowl hurt a hell of a lot more than a Miami title (I did turn off the tv in the 4th though)...I am a little happy for LeBron because this year and playoffs he was getting killed and didn't deserve any of it.  Time to root for Irving and Co. and hopefully meet Leb and a fading Heat team in the playoffs down the road.  I do hate that those sh*tty miami fans have another instant-title.  f*ckers.

Comment 22 Jun 2012

could also you the option with the reverse, maybe with Hall coming from the slot and Braxton just flipping him  the ball as the defense is reacting to the speed option look.  A running QB on the edge with multiple quick choices is a very scary thing.  We are not losing to Purdue.  Ever.  Ever.