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Comment 27 Aug 2013

100% with you on this, He can occasionally get to the edge and have a nice gain, but as an everydown back I think there are better options without a doubt. Running between the tackles he just looks so,,,out of place

Comment 27 Aug 2013

Absolutley drooling thinking about this Defense next year..2 seniors in the 2 deep? only 7 upperclassmen?? Don't get me wrong this season will be great, but that D is gunna be unbelievable for years to come

Comment 16 Jul 2012

I am 100 percent with gravy on this.. the penn st scandal is a tradgedy and those who allowed it to go on need to face the proper punishment as im sure they will.. but it really needs to stop being mentioned as much. you can say it happened because people kept their mouths shut about it but at this point all everyone is saying is the exact same thing over and over. i listened to a little bit of college sports radio today for the first time in a while and all you heard was EVERY SINGLE callers diffrent viewpoint on it. Its a terrible thing and it needs to be dealt with, and i just hope the victims can find peace, but it really needs to be left alone now.

Comment 16 Jul 2012

I would love to see a BIG/SEC agreement. like someone said above that is what everyone wants to see. Ohio State/ Bama, TTUN/LSU, Wisky/Georgia, Penn St./Florida,Nebraska/South Carolina.. the list just goes on and on of the great games that could come of that. Sure odds are the BIG wouldnt fare too well as a whole, but it would still be great to watch.

Comment 08 Jul 2012

Thats something you have to give to coach meyer, hes had no tolerance for that sort of behavior so far. And he definetly didnt let the fact stoney is one of our best offensive weapons keep him from coming down hard on him(some might say too hard). I think the rest of the team will see that and respond by keeping themselves in check.