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Comment 30 Mar 2015

actually, we were up 2 scores with under 1:30 left in the game... Tyvis needlessly jumps on a double move and we give up a 53 yarder, which leads to Coop scoring on that slant inside the 5. Had Tyvis stayed disciplined, that play never happens and bama loses by double digits. Also take into account the first 2 red zone visits we had in the 1st qtr... were Cardale bobbles the snap, and Jalin drops a pass on an out pattern in front of the sticks... if we execute then yes.... this game could of gotten out of hand and Bama loses by multiple socres... 

As far has the oregon game, if we don't fumble the ball 4 times.... you're looking at a Cardale Jones video game type blow-out... 90-something to 14...(HA)

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Clearly, your basketball knowledge is faulty.... the big east has been by and large, far better than the B10 up until the split in 2014. Uconn, L'Ville, Cinci, WV, Villanova, Pitt and 'Cuse were all very competitive.  And If i recall, 'Cuse played a good Indiana in the tourney not too long ago and flat out smoked them. And what has Boehiem done recently, how bout a final 4 run in 2013. Ohio St hasn't won anything since they beat the 'Cuse in the elite8 3 years ago doggie. Let's see Thad win a chip first, then come talk  (And yes.. I'm from NYC, so I'm a 'cuse basketball fan, in case you couldn't figure that out yet) Don't worry, you guys will be at home sitting next to us real soon HAHA!!

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Kyle, there is one note in this article that i disagree with. The INT vs. Bama, that was on Devin Smith. Cardale was trying to back-shoulder (stop fade) that throw to Devin. Cardale prior to that snap gave Devin the signal, but Devin missed the call and kept running. That INT was a product of the QB and WR not being on the same page. I don't feel it was because Cardale under threw it. Devin smith even admitted this after the game in a interview. And on the sidelines, you can tell Dev was mad at himself on that play.

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Jimmy also competed in the Big East for most of his career.. a LOADED big east where basketball was king, unlike the Big 10. Thad beating up on Nebraska, Penn St, a Bob Knight-less Indiana, Minnesota, ect. is in no comparison to what Jimmy faced with UConn, L'Ville, G'Town, Villanova, Seton Hal and St John's over the years. So you can have your weightless winning % with Thad.. I'll take Jimmy B's trophies.... homer HAHA

Comment 10 Mar 2015

thank you!! I've been saying the same exact thing all winter long about Lewis. I guess a lot of people on here only look at recruiting stars and assume some young guy is just going to come in and start over a veteran. Every once in a while a young guy beats out an older guy who under achieved, yes, but that's not the case with Lewis. He was actually getting snaps last year.

I think Lewis starts at end, Schutt starts at nose, and Conley starts at field corner. Everybody else will be rotational players.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

Yeah, and Jim has a championship along with one of those final 4's. Thad does not. Thad winning % may be higher because of a smaller sample size. Also, Thad took over an establish program from O'Brien. Jim built syracuse from the ground up.

The syracuse program will be fine. They have a top 4 recruiting class coming in next season. They can even delay the scholarship subtractions for the following year, and Jim isn't going anywhere.

You're just an ohio state homer (which is what I would expect so that's fine). Everyone has an opinion but try to be objective. Boehiem is on the best in the buisness, that's why Moyer is sticking. Deal with it broskie...HA!

Comment 09 Mar 2015

well... Thad isn't a great coach either... Jim has longevity and has been doing it for decades. Last time 'Cuse played Ohio St, they were missing their starting center, which is a pivotal cog in that 2-3 zone. The following year, Cuse went to the final 4, now how is this a water down program? 'Cuse had a rough year this season because 3 guys went pro and unfortunately weren't replaced. As far as Dayton, OSU guys lost to Dayton last year just like 'Cuse, so I guess Archie is better than Thad too right?? HA!

You want facts, Boehiem was been to more final 4s, won more conference championships, got more guys drafted and won more Natty's than Thad. He's a great college basketball coach dude, and a hall of Famer. Stop hating bud. HA!

Comment 25 Feb 2015

You say he's a great student and wants to do mechanical engineering, so go with the best academic fit. Unless you are on a sports scholarship, playing sports in college are over-rated. I did it. I played D3 hoops. Afterwards i was like, whats the point?

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Not sure why people are writing off guys like Holmes and TyQuan... they actually played this past season while Hubbard took a red shirt... Until we see Hubbard line up on the field and take live snaps, you go with what you know, and I know that as of now, these 2 guys are ahead of him on the depth chart

Comment 23 Feb 2015

but the wr's route was flat, which tells me it wasn't a corner route.. so throwing deeper to the back corner would of been incomplete anyways. Von Bell did a great job of undercutting the route. Defensive players make plays too you know.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

you don't throw the ball towards the middle of the field while you are rolling away. That would a been a pick there too. Take a look at the mike in the middle of the field