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Comment 07 Mar 2013

teams win 'ships... but as far as pure talent, football IQ, and the ability to actually throw the football...... Matty owned tebow, even in college....
isn't it safe to say that tebow was a product of the 'system' and the athletes around him??

Comment 07 Mar 2013

The guy went unblocked.. and hits a defenseless 5'6 ball carrier who just received the hand off... but thanks to espn, we will continue to see this for the next 15 years... give us a break -____-

Comment 06 Oct 2012
Did sabino get hurt..wut bad
Comment 01 Oct 2012

but its a run base power spread.......actuallly..if u look our base...its an iform spread out...our personell is fits fine guys.. we just need more time in the system.. next year we will be a national threat... no dout in my mind

Comment 24 Sep 2012

wow.......storm klien starts at MIKE??!!??!!?.....unbelieveable
..and glad to see nate starting again...this allows simon "the shark", to slide back to his natural spot at strong-end

Comment 05 Sep 2012

Honestly.. not to sound bias but... im thinking next freakin season... we will have 4 sr on the oline..almost the entire 2ndary and wr corp returns...brax will be a jr....and im hoping big hank comes back.. also look at our 2013 schedule... its not bad really.....and most importantly..look at the entire college football landscape....oklahoma and usc will fall off once these QBs leave....michigan will be worst off next season when denard leaves... texas will still has a shaky qb situation...FLstate is built to win today if not NEVER ...and besides that..i mean teams like bama...lsu...and va-tech would be in the hunt but soo will us...but who else really threatens us??? saying we will win in '14 is a lil more difficult... the playoffs will be introduced and thats another game for us to get thru.. on top of that we will be breaking in 4 new starters across the oline... and im a firm believer that champ teams have good quality veteran olines... not to say these young recruits wont be good but... i like our chances with the veterans Srs returning next season...defense will be great either way!