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Comment 18 Dec 2014

I would agree that CJ is probably a much better north-south runner than laterally, i mean just look at him, he's 6'5 250+ ,so naturally yeah. Kind of has a Terrelle Pryor build to him a little bit. However, this statement here is incorrect and i want to clear this up...

"I have a feeling we'll see more North and South running from CJ, after faking the inside run to EzE"

First, it's not a fake, it's a read from the mesh point. The QB is reading a defender, it's not a pre-determine fake. Second, the call is an 'inside zone'. The back is the dive (north-south), which means the QB is the edge threat. You can't run north-south directly after the read on this play. The play isn't designed to do that. The QB would have to move laterally and get to the edge first before ever turning up field. Now on power read, or the inverted veer, the roles swap, and the QB now becomes dive player. Option 101 stuff, man.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

ok bub, guess what... since I am a ball-coach, i too break down film (just like Ross and Kyle)... and you know what I see, I see Raek not being so WILLING to plug and take on that guard as he should. Unlike Grant who DOES take that block head on and DOES allow the play to spill over to the force and alley players (example:Michigan St game). So IMO, Grant IS more fundamentally sound and does his job more often than not and that's why he still claims the starting MIKE spot. Raek has limited snaps, for this reason... so enjoy your Tivo with the other children in the living room, and make sure you come to class on time tomorrow. I'll be here all week.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

"I just think OSU plays all these young guys on Offense, why not Defense????"

....maybe because the coaching staff feels those young guys aren't mature enough to handle starter roles yet. 

"Does it hurt to have speed playing inside LB? "....speed is overrated if you don't know what you are doing on the field and you overrun the play

"Last year and the year before that, he had a tough time comprehending the defensive scheme (funny because many teams found it easy to score on OSU's D)."

......soooo what's that have to do with this year? Grant has played well this season... and you know what Grant does better than any other LB on our team??? He plugs his gap and stalemates the lead better than anyone else on the team, INCLUDING Raek. Don't believe me?, just turn on the wisconsin tape and take a closer look, especially that 3rd down play where Grant cuts down the pulling guard AND lead fullback in the B gap, which forces Gordon to re-direct and move lateral, which ends in a bosa/Lee tackle for a lost. It's plays like that, that are the reason Grant starts and not Raek.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

If Raekwon was truly better than Grant, he would start over him. But he doesn't. You realize that playing the Mike is not just about lateral speed. If anything, its more so about getting down hill in a hurry, something that Grant does very well. It's also about reading your keys and processing information quickly and diagnosis the play. Enough with the whole Raekwon > Grant talk. His time will be next year, and yes he will be outstanding when that time comes. But this season, Grant has been stout. Give credit to where its do. And another thing, we don't ask our LBs to go straight man often, they go to the low hole, take the flat, or carry the seam. You don't have to be the fastest, you just have to be smart and recognize route concepts.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

No thanks. We would rather have someone who truly understands QB mechanics, and is very cerebral, to instruct our QBs. No thanks tim; stay behind the desk over there at SEC TV Land or whatever that crap is called.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

i understand what your saying, but keep in mind, Coop isn't going to output 28-35 points all by himself... Just look at the numbers... and remember, Bama still has to stop Ohio State from scoring too right?? Coop can't outscore our entire team by himself can he? If he does then we're not worthy of being out on that field.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

This reminds me of the "Jordan effect".. You have mainly 2 choices.. either A. focus on limiting Coop's touches and force the other lesser playmakers to beat you or B. Let Coop get his touches but make sure the rest don't hurt you.

Our coaching staff has to break down the tape, weigh the options, and figure out what gives us the best chances to win. My opinion as a coach, I feel we should try to take away Coop, and force Sims to go away from his 1st read, and really have to work thru his entire progression. If he can constantly do that thru out the game and make throw after throw, then they are just the better team and deserve the win.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Stop. Eli is not as fundamentally sound as Doran. Doran is much older, more seasoned, has better tech, and does a way better job at finding the ball in mid-air and not causing an interference on the wr. I don't care how long you are as a corner, if your footwork isn't on-point. Eli needs to continue to work on his transition steps and do a better job at playing the ball. Doran is our #1 guy... hands down.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Clearly some of you don't possess an idea on the framework of our defense. If you watch the games closely and pay attention to Ross/Kyle's articles every week you would have a much better understanding. This isn't madden video games people, this is real football. At Ohio St under Ash...we run a boundary side/field side quarters coverage scheme, meaning our corners do not follow guys around, they are designated to a side, and the same concept goes with our safeties. We do not run a man 2 man scheme. We pattern match and distribute routes. We've been doing this for the past 3 years.

Also, you can't just call a bracket on a wr and load up against the box, it's not that simple, not in this scheme, especially if bama comes out in twins or trips sets or if they move Cooper in and out of the slot. Our safeties only help on verticals if their assignment stays shallow under 8 yards. There are specific rules to the quarters coverage that must be followed. You can't just say "you 2 cover him and everybody else stop the run". That's fan talk. If you don't believe me, ask Ross, or go to a coaching clinic.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Ummm dude, Big 12 has been talking to Cinci throughout the year, well before this whole playoff fiasco. Do a little research online and you'll see for yourself. If the big12 does expand, Cinci will be the first school in. Now the second school is up for debate.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Actually, Ado is a 3 teq... and as a 3 teq you naturally get more 1 on 1 opportunities... so no, he's not really "eating up multiple blockers". If anything Bennett who plays the 1 shade takes on more blockers. However there are times that i do see Ado slides over to 1 when we go into our 30 front. Ado is good, but if bennett can bring pressure at nose, I'd expect more from Ado when he lines up as a 3 vs the pass.

Now against the run that's a different story... the playside 3 teq faces alot of doubles and/or down blocks... and i see he does a great job there. Very stout vs the run. Every great D-line has to have a live 3teq, and we have that.

Comment 07 Mar 2013

teams win 'ships... but as far as pure talent, football IQ, and the ability to actually throw the football...... Matty owned tebow, even in college....
isn't it safe to say that tebow was a product of the 'system' and the athletes around him??

Comment 07 Mar 2013

The guy went unblocked.. and hits a defenseless 5'6 ball carrier who just received the hand off... but thanks to espn, we will continue to see this for the next 15 years... give us a break -____-

Comment 06 Oct 2012
Did sabino get hurt..wut bad
Comment 01 Oct 2012

but its a run base power spread.......actuallly..if u look our base...its an iform spread out...our personell is fits fine guys.. we just need more time in the system.. next year we will be a national threat... no dout in my mind

Comment 24 Sep 2012

wow.......storm klien starts at MIKE??!!??!!?.....unbelieveable
..and glad to see nate starting again...this allows simon "the shark", to slide back to his natural spot at strong-end