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Comment 14 Sep 2015

Exactly. People just can't come to grips that he's not ready yet to play. Take a shirt. See you next season , and let's all move on. There are plenty of skill positions players out there already who can contribute. Brax, Jalin, Sams, Mike, Corey, Dixon, Clark, Parris, (i guess Dontre)...Vannett.... we'll be fine.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Remember last spring when some of you buffoons said that Lattimore and/or Web would start over Conley and how they had so much more talent. Just goes to show you some fans aren't as knowledgeable as they think. I'm glad Conley played well. I was rooting for him. People under value the extra year or 2 an upperclassmen has over the younger players. It makes a difference.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

...and no one ever had a clue he was gonna be that good. Besides, JT was the #1 dual QB in texas before he tore his knee. At least that gave us something to go off by. Can't say the same about berger up until this point.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

first off, the term viper is no longer used at Ohio st. Ever since Ash has come in, that term has died. Our DE's no longer flip sides based on strength calls. We now have just RE and LE.

Bri'onte Dunn will be the #2 back. Coaches said he has had a hell of a camp, and he's also healthy, unlike webber.

Wilson is too small to be considered an outside wide out. And on top of that, Parris and McClaurin are way higher on the depth chart. Teammates have already stated those 2 are the fastest guys in zone 6. Also, Coach Zach stated that clark isn't quiet ready yet to be a contributor at ohio st, so he shouldn't even be on the chart.

brady taylor is the back up center, you can see that if you re watch the scrimmage video closely. Evan Lisle is actually the back up RG.

cam burrows is good enough to be a #2 safety. Joel hale can only play nose, so some one else will be the back up 3teq, my guess is mike hill or munger. I would agree with everything else.


Comment 27 Aug 2015

well, JT also broke many of braxton's old records/big ten records as well, so that has to account for something. I think zeke and JT compliment each other better because they both can carry the rock, so you can't key in on 2 during the mesh. Cardale has a great arm, but what people forget is that you have to have the wr's that can get deep, which we may still have (even tho devin is gone), but we will have to see. Those extra 10 carries were probably a by product of starting a new QB and being a little more conservative. I'm just leaning towards JT, but wouldn't be mad either way. But in my heart of heart, I wish it was braxton with a healthy arm.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

ehhh... sorry coach... but technically, OSU corners don't play man 2 man coverage all game long. We run quarters match up zone. Once a WR breaks towards the hash, the route gets passed off. Now if the wr runs vertical, then our corners lock on. That's just rah-rah talk to get recruits to buy in. But that ain't the truth. Anybody who thinks i'm wrong, go ask Kyle or Ross. Or we can break down film.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Take carries away from zeke?? Ummm guy, in case you don't know, urban staple to this offense is the zone read, which by design, will take carries away from zeke for the better, and JT runs that better than Cardale. So that point is mute. Zeke got hot those last 3 games more so because of our line play and play calling. Urban admitted this. Also, Zeke had great games against cinci, maryland, and mich state as well, that was with JT under center. Lastly, a lot of teams played us with 2 high safeties. Mich. state played us 2 high all game long. Cardale's arm isn't the reason teams played us 2 high. Most defenses today combat spreads with 2 high qtr coverage, regardless.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

People act like JT can't throw a good deep ball. He may not have the pure arm strength of jones, but he makes up for that with timing, and ball placement. JT does a better job of getting the ball out his hands early and throwing to a landmark. Besides, most deep balls travel only 40-50 yards tops. JT has plenty enough arm strength for that.

What jones does well is firing the ball on a rope and connecting deep down the field. Case in point, the dig route he threw to jalin vs bama. To fire the ball in that traffic, between the hashes, and on a line, that's a grown man throw.