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Comment 28 Jul 2015

Listen... i like Braxton too... but this lovefest about the position switch is getting out of hand now... we are comparing a guy who has NEVER played the wr position at the Div1 Teddy Ginn Jr. Let this sink in for a minute....Ted...Ginn...Jr. 

The top 3 most explosive runners i've seen in my 30 years were....Randy Moss.... Adrian Peterson.....and Ted Ginn Jr. And I'm seeing comments like..."oh with just a couple reps at WR this summer, Braxton will be great"...... What?? Huh??? Do you guys even hear what you are saying?? Please stop. Even Urban Meyer said, "pump your breaks, I've never seen the kid catch a pass live yet" Why this was ever a question in the first place is beyond me. Let's watch the kid first.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

To this day, I still feel the B10 should of chose Mizzu over Nebraska. I think Mizzu was a better fit. They also have the St.Louis and KC markets, and as of today, has been more competitive on the field than Neb. Just my thoughts.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Well, Urban thinks your wrong...

...and judging by the low number of wr's that get taken in 1st round of the nfl draft now a days... i highly doubt that in just 1 season he will be drafted in the 1st round

yeah the feeling is mutual.. i'm done with you too... and your mother should of had an abortion... have a nice weekend... and i'll see you around.. get use to it

Comment 25 Jul 2015

urban meyer just said "hold the phone on this move"... and i said HAD his shoulder been healthy he would still be competing for the QB job. It was because of the injury that he felt a switch was needed, and they mention this in the SI article, trying reading for once. Besides, nfl scouts said he's a 3rd rounder at best as a wr so calm down. You guys were saying he could be a 1st, cut it out.

Aboynamedtracy?? what kind of soft ass name is that anyways HAHA yourself a favor now..... get over yourself. You aint shit dude. Just another fan with an opinion.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

...and i've mention in other posts that if his arm isn't 100%, only then can I see him making a switch. Had he been healthy buy now, he would be competing as a QB. ...and he will continue to work with the QB's more as his shoulder gets stronger...Even Urban Meyer said 'don't jump the gun on this just yet'. So do us a favor... take a step back.... and shove it.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

...and he said he will continue to rep with the QB' what were you saying

Comment 24 Jul 2015

well... first of all... you only have to defend 5 of those guys at a time... they all can't play at the same time. Second, any good DC knows the best way to stop another team from using all it's weapons... is to disrupt the play from the start by applying pressure. The O-line has to do their job first before any of these guys can touch the ball. People get caught up with skill position guys but truthfully it all starts up front. Just showing the big-uglies some love that's all.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

i said the same thing.. i feel JT might be the best QB we've seen at ohio st. and that includes Troy...
that being said, my heart wants to see Braxton get one more shot. I feel like Braxton andUrban were the one's that got this all rolling back in 2012. I like all 3 but.. it'd be nice to see Brax play QB 1 more time. I'm not buying this "switch to wr" BS everybody on here is talking about. He's a QB, he just so happens to also be a dynamic runner.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

ok...1, u don't know what braxton's thinking.. unless your his home boy or mom... 2, who ever said he would be a 1st round pick even if the guy switches positions... 3, just getting drafted is a HUGE accomplishment regardless of what round it is... 4, even if he does switch, NFL scouts may still not buy into him being a wr at the next level. you guys are doing alot of assuming. Just let the kid play QB, somebody will draft him at some point, and i'm sure they'll go from there. Throughout camp he'll be repping at QB, so you really think come september he can just make the switch and become this 1st round wr?? hahaha what a laugh

Comment 17 Jul 2015

then he'll be kenny guiton 2.0.......BOOM!

Comment 17 Jul 2015

At last.... someone who actually gets it... thank you OSU07

Comment 10 Jul 2015
no. braxton will remain a QB... please give this 'position change' nonsense a rest once and for all.
Comment 09 Jun 2015

No dude.... We are a 2 high qtr coverage defense. We don't blitz a lot. He has a lot of tackles because of design. For 1, in this defense, safeties get matched up against slots once they clear LB depth, and 2, safeties get involved more versus the run in qtrs because of their run fits (alley defender). The more teams try to run out on the edge or perimeter, the more safeties get involved.

Comment 06 May 2015

Rugters and Maryland were fine in there first year in the B10. Outside of playing us, they were competetive. They'll get better. When the move was made I was fine with it. It gives penn st closer rivals, opens up an eastern corridor for the conference, opens up new recruiting grounds for us such as new jersey, greater NYC, and the DC-VA-MD region. I live in NYC so I can go to buckeye games now closer to home. There's a ton of alumni in these areas as well. That being said, I still would like to see Mizzu join. I think they are a perfect fit, and bring more balance to west div. WV is not a bad idea, but their academics are suspect. Kentucky would also be a good choice.. big state school and increases the basketball brand. People keep hating on MD and RU, but truthfuly, they should hell at Illinois and Purdue for not having a pulse on the field.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I doubt jalin starts at Z... he'll be starting in the slot which is where he belongs. I been saying all winter long, Corey will replace devin on the outside. Corey just needs to cut down on drops. As far as pure speed goes, McCaulin and Parris are closer to Devin. But Corey can still be productive and replace Devin's play making ability regardless. I'm still not sold on Dontre yet. Dontre getting open on crossers isn't an example of talent or skill. It's a product of the scheme. Dontre needs to show us he can get clean releases off jams and seperate. Otherwise, he'll just be a motion back on jet, which jalin marshall can already do... and then some.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Do you not understand the framework of the offense? The H and it's role in jet series is just as valuable as "heaving the ball 60 yards down field"... The H is actually more valuable because it acts as an extention of our run game, and aids with manipulating the defensive front for zeke's runs, which is the engine of our offense.