Dish network and BTN at it Again

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September 15, 2012 at 8:42a

went to watch the btn on dish this morning and got message that they are in discussions with BTN AND are not  providing service.

Most of today's games are on local channels but the pre and post game shows are not available. BTN also has responsibility in this so we should also contact them as well to express our concerns. We need to make a stand and show them a united Big Ten fan base and what power we can have if we all stick together!!!



We all need to call dish and raise a little hell!! dish number is 800-333-3474


for the Big Ten Network  try


we all need to force them to settle this now.


I already have contacted Direct TV and the local cable company about switching and if we all this together We WILL BE HEARD!!!!

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I just called and told them if I don't have BTN by monday night I'm canceling my service.  Call and do the same. Trust me, enough people do this they will hear it. I'm out of contract so I could care less, I'm sure some of you would have to pay a cancelation fee though.
Also, Act like the guys from Bahston and let them know you think this is a good old fashioned CAAHN JOB!!! DirecTV has BTN.... CAAHN JOB!!!

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Unrelated but I saw Dish Network's attorneys in federal court yesterday. They're suing a small satellite tv company regarding trademarks. Seems they can't even settle petty discovery issues; I've never seen a judge get so angry.

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I'm pretty sure they will sign eventually. BTN is just going to sit and wait for Dish to get bombarded by their customers and have them come crawling back. Glad we have a week to find out if they come to terms.

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No disrespect, but calling Dish won't do anything. Assuming you aren't locked in, the number you should be calling is 1-800-4DIRECTV

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Just wanna say I'm happy with DirecTV.  Have they ever been known to have similar issues?

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Another interesting unrelated story to Dish Network - apparently, some mom in NC was DVRing the Disney Channel - the movie Lilo and Stitch - for her 3 young kids.  As the kids were watching the recording, there was some message about a signal loss, and then for the next 6 minutes, a pornographic movie played.  Porn on the Disney Channel?  Only on Dish Network. 
Glad I have Time Warner.  At least they only threaten to remove some channels, and never actually follow through.

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