Buckeye Charting Project - SDSU Helmet Stickers

Big time play by Kenny G leads to his first win in the Helmet Sticker competition, largely on some beautiful touchdown passes and killer reads on the option. Heuerman also came up big from the tight end spot. On defense, Jamal Marcus has a surprise upset with a couple big plays in the second half. L...
14 Sep 2013
by yrro

Buckeye Charting Project - SDSU Offense

Some quick observations: We were in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE) pretty much the entire game, although Heuerman did split out wide regularly. San Diego State blitz. A lot. We rarely saw only 4 rushers, but the line did an excellent job of picking them up the majority of the time. We tended to have m...
14 Sep 2013
by yrro

Buckeye Charting Project - SDSU Defense

We started the game in our standard 4-2-5, but spend most of the second half in a 4-3 to get our backup linebackers more playing time. Notably, Curtis Grant stayed in with the backups, and while he's no Shazier, he showed a good nose for the ball. The defensive starters dominated. With the back...
14 Sep 2013
by yrro

Do NOT mess with her Buckeye Football

I met the woman who is now my wife when I was a freshman at The GLORIOUS Ohio State University.  No it wasn't love at first sight (we didn't start dating until our sophomore year and didn't get engaged until we were about to graduate) but humble beginnings, right?  I love my wi...
13 Sep 2013
by jdagrava.1

Rundown: No. 3 Ohio State at Cal

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, 7:00 (FOX) I am using this game as a measuring stick for Ohio State's defense. I am curious to see if the Buckeyes' defense can stop Brendan Bigelow. Last year Bigelow rushed for 160 yards and two touchdowns on 4 carries. That's only 40 yards per ca...

Happy 100th Jesse!

Jesse Owens was born on this day in 1913 which would make today his 100th birthday.  Let us take a minute to remember one of The Ohio State University's and America's greatest athletes and a hero that transcended the world of sports, a man that stood tall in the face of racism, fascism,...
12 Sep 2013
by OSUStu

Jim Bollman (Dead Horse Beaten)

Ok, I get it. We all get it. Jim Bollman was, is, and forever shall be a terrible football mind.  Jim Bollman was so bad... How bad was he? He was so bad ElevenWarriors devoted several articles highlighting the black belt of ineptitude. The Last Refuge of Failure 1st Annual Jim ...
11 Sep 2013
by ziplock007

Dohrmann and Evans SI Piece

Perhaps I am too close to the situation to give an objective opinion on the matter, but I am going to give it anyhow.  My wife's family all went to Oklahoma State and my FIL played football there.  To say they bleed orange is certainly an understatement.  I have attended numerous ...
10 Sep 2013
by Maestro

Trolling in Ann Arbor

I find myself in Ann Arbor this week on bidness.  Why, you ask? Maybe I am a bad person and am being punished for past transgressions. In any event, I decided to don an Ohio State shirt last night and spend the evening (s)trolling down S. Main St., which is one of two main drags in Ann Arbor (...
10 Sep 2013
by ATXbucknut

Imagine a world without Kickers

Hello, 11 Dubbers!  I am an up and coming science fiction writer ("up and coming"= nobody's has ever heard of me) and I would like your opinions. The current project I'm working on is some near-future speculative fiction (Don't worry, the point is coming). I wanted to sta...

The Victory Cigar - San Diego State

I have been enjoying a Victory Cigar after (almost) every Ohio State game for several years. I know others have spoken out about their love of a good smoke and others have said that they are considering starting this as a new tradition. I hope that this can be a place where connoisseurs can let othe...
09 Sep 2013
by Buckeyeneer

Buckeye Charting - Buffalo Defense

Excellent Defensive performance all around. Shazier is a beast. Bennett played well, too. All of the starters with the exception of Reeves I would say had a good day. The biggest takeaway I had from this is how hard it was to bring down Oliver. We were giving him no room to run, but he still almost ...
08 Sep 2013
by yrro

Buckeye Charting - Buffalo Offense

Here are the results from the Buffalo game. In the future I have more analysis, but for now I'm just happy to have a script working to get this data into a blog post. I'll try to put up the defense later tonight! The San Diego State game should go much smoother now that I've got everythi...
08 Sep 2013
by yrro

Big Weekend for the B1G

Up until now the B1G has been playing some pretty good football. In week one the B1G went 10-2 with a 2-1 record to other BCS conference teams. The other loss came in a close game to NIU who were in the Orange bowl last year. In the second week the Big Ten went 11-1 with a 3-0 record against BCS op...
08 Sep 2013
by AngryWoody

Buckeye Charting - Buffalo Helmet Stickers

So while I am struggling to figure out the best way to put giant spreadsheets into this blogging software, I thought I would at least post the Helmet Stickers for the Buffalo game. The full game charts can be found here: Offense Defense I found the different notes the charters have taken very in...
07 Sep 2013
by yrro

Buckeye Charting - Formation Guide

This initial list comes courtesy of NW Buckeye. I will attempt to update it at some point with pictures from Urban Meyer's playbook. Understanding Formation Terminology! My goal it to keep this as simple as possible.  Charting plays is always a challenge, particularly if you have multi...
07 Sep 2013
by yrro

Buckeye Charting - Style Guide

Please consult this style guide before contributing to the Buckeye Charting Project. It will explain what should go in each column in the spreadsheet. Note: I have rearranged the spreadsheet to type to make it easier to fill in. The first columns should all now align with the information you can pu...
07 Sep 2013
by yrro