We'll Be Just Fine

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October 18, 2013 at 12:42p

Buckeye fans,

This may be completely redundant, but let's think about the good here. Last night we lost a battle to PSU for Mike Gesiciki's services for the class of 2014. Let me be clear, when we play PSU in 8 days... Mike might be a potential Nittany Lion, but he will see the real pride of the Big Ten when we demolish them. So we lost that battle, but let's repeat what needs to be said. Urban Meyer will never let us down. I look at the 18 commits so far and I love the #2 ranking we hold on 247sports.com. I also LOVE the fact that we still have a shot at landing incredible prospects! Whether it be Raekwon McMillian, Chad Mavety, Thomas Holley, Marshon Lattimore, and Erick Smith... which I believe we land ALL 5 studs! You can disagree if you please, but I see us getting all 5 of these guys making an strong run for the #1 class in the nation...Yes I know, were like #9 according to ESPN, but face it.. ESPN is about as accurate as having Condoleeza Rice on the College Football Playoff committee next year. (Sorry ladies).. anyways, let's please take a moment to reflect on the good and what is coming up! I love the visit list we have for the remaining home games and I think this strong class will help to propel us for the 2015 class! Please respond with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas as to how this 2014 class finishes! Feel free to mention names that also are on the board of interest such as John JuJu Smith, Trevion Thompson, Johnnie Dixon, Mike Rogers, Jamal Adams, etc.... Thanks guys! About 27 hours left until we continue with win number 19!  

Take care my fellow buckeyes!

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Thank you for the post. In addition to the names you mentioned, we are still in:
DeAndre Goolsby TE
Tyler Luatua TE
Johnnie Dixon WR
Solomon Thomas DL
Ju Ju” Smith ATH
Jamal Adams DB

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@DUBLIN68 I mentioned a few of those, but thank you for mentioning the others! I totally forgot about the other names! Thanks for the reply. Who do you see us landing to finish out the 2014 class?


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Beside the five names you mentioned, I Think Solomon Thomas will be number 6. Urban Meyer when he created his Twitter account a couple month ago, the second recruit he followed was Solomon Thomas (Raekwon McMillan was the first)

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I am "meh" about the Gesicki commitment. You're right: look at the Buckeyes recruiting class! One kid isn't gonna make or break it. I think since recruiting develops slower during the season, people shine an extra bright spotlight on the one or two kids that are actually committing. 
And at least someone else in the B1G is ACTUALLY RECRUITING! I think BOBs offense may be better suited for the kid. Look at the production from Hermeyer's TEs so far. And this is "the best TE combo" Urbans ever had or something to that effect.
Good for Mike, good for the Nits, and good for us bc tOSU has one more spot to fill on NSD or sooner. Honestly, recruiting is MUCH more fun to follow in February when it is the only show in town. Cant wait for the UA and AA games and all the commitment drama.

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@45OH4IO Agreed, I understand the slow paced recruiting track that goes during the season. Kids have their seasons to worry about, and college coaches are obviously doing the same. However, the loss of Gesicki does sting, but I love the fact that Heurman and Vannet are not close to graduating because they're Juniors. Hopefully, the loss of Mike allows the staff to go and get another great player! Can't wait to see how this class finishes up. My honest opinion, yes that stings in losing Mike, but Urban will find another dynamic play maker for our beloved Buckeyes! Thanks for posting!


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FWIW: Heuerman is a junior, Vannett is only a sophomore (red-shirt soph. I believe). 

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It's all good CH, nice post....

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@HOVENAUT thank you! High five right back at ya! Go Bucks! 


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Tight end, schmight end.  Bucks will be ok!!

vacuuming sucks

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The sky isn't falling?

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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I agree with you CH9, we will be just fine. We will certainly have a strong recruiting class. That said, I am sorry we did not get Gesicki, but it sounds like he is very happy with his decision, and I wish him the best. 

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DeAndren Goolsby tape....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkMd06Gqe0A Very good looking player. Look's and plays like Jimmy Graham. Kid can play!!!

"We Don't Believe You, You Need More People"- Hova #GOBUCKS #FreeElGuapo #Famthik

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Agreed.  In a sense, with the recruiting classes Meyer and company have been landing, for anyone to complain about losing one guy (it's certainly OK to be disappointed) is a little bit of an unrealistic, even unappreciative perspective.  My take on Gesiciki is that more than a position need he was a promising enough prospect that Meyer was willing to bring him on board.  I'm not into following to the man all of the recruiting details (although I learn so much from the great 11W articles and the very knowledgeable fans who post on here), to modify a slogan we use for Coach Matta ... In Urban We Trust.

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If I was a TE and Braxton Miller was under center, I'd be looking elsewhere to ply my trade.  Our TE's are becoming afterthoughts.  At least Kenny G utilized them a bit more while he was in, but for some reason, Miller hasn't been throwing them a bone very often.
If we're not going to use the TE, then just add more speed with another slot receiver.

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If you're a high school TE & your main concern is Braxton Miller (who will be a senior next year) perhaps you should rethink your priorities.

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Personally I don't care about anyone's gender on the playoff committee so long as they're qualified. I think it's a benighted POV to think otherwise. I get it. It's cool to dish on ESPN, but there's a slew of other directions you could've gone there. No DV from me for that though.

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I have great respect for Rice.....A great choice,imo.

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Agreed, she undoubtedly has the highest IQ of anyone on the committee, and I know for a fact she has been a devout college fb fan for a very long time. I'd be more than willing to compare her "chops" against some others on the committee.



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