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Comment 20 Nov 2016
Guess what... the Buckeyes opened the 2016 season as the youngest FBS team and after 11 games they are still the youngest FBS team. They are building experience but are still collectively "young". Guess what... they are 10-1 with a chance to go 11-1 and make the CFP. And guess what.... this team will show better than Sparty did in the playoffs even being the youngest least experienced team in FBS. Do you really think this team should be as good as last year's team at this stage? Oh and guess what.... refs hats were blowing off their heads when JT was throwing the ball. Somehow the wind never came up when the negative "fans" think we should have played better. Critiquing is fine but too many are delusional about alot of facts.
Comment 25 Oct 2016
+1 - i think Urban did this last year trying to get Braxton so many touches, etc. And instead of getting it to the best possible open player we are sticking it in to a player to get him touches. I agree lets pick the best three and let JT get comfortable. And his 65% completion rate will include more yards as well.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
Somewhere on MGO they are sharing the Buckeye "faithful" meltdown. In context the Buckeyes are the youngest team in America with a great chance to run the table. Its a blemish for sure, and some questionable play calling... however let context be your friend.
Comment 20 Oct 2016
I love the Tate! He was vanilla ice re-invented. And that they will be shedding blood when they play Ohio State. Oh and i love when they are pathetic and six short months later they have the front runner for Heisman and are planning to make the playoffs with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.
Comment 06 Oct 2016

I unfortunately was on the wrong end of a ticket scam. My sister and I met in Dallas and decided to scalp tickets for the NC game. It was cold and windy and we couldn't get into the pre-party without a game ticket. So we walked around and talked to a few people selling tickets (scalpers). We bought our tickets and headed into the pre-party and had a blast. When it was time to enter the stadium we got rejected when we presented our tickets. The lady taking tickets told us we had to walk all the way around the other side of Jerry's World to report the issue. On our way to the other side of the stadium we passed a scalper who wanted tickets (it was about an hour before game time). We walked up and sold ours back to him for all but about $50 of what we initially invested. We walked away and then he turned to us and said "wait are these fake?" and we just kept walking. We ran into a couple with Buckeye gear trying to sell two tickets because their friends couldn't make it to the game. We paid for those and actually got better seats for a better price. For the Notre Dame game last year in Phoenix I only purchased tickets from OSU fans, When I went to Norman for the OU game, I purchased my tickets from a OU fan (lady and son).. From now on I will stick with finding fans who have extra tickets only. Or as DJ said get a photo of the dudes driver license. If he won't give it to you, it's probably a scam. 

Comment 29 Sep 2016
I was a bit young to appreciate what Woody did as a coach, as a leader of men and for the entirety for OSU but i am no longer young and will savor this period of time for both Meyer and also what OSU is doing academically. Winning is fun but winning at these standards of growing success at a sustainable level may be unmatched in C-bus.
Comment 15 Sep 2016

I am nervous as I believe we don't have big game experience and if we get behind we might have a hard time in a tough environment to come back against a pretty stout defense. The current feel good attitude reminds me of 2014 prior to the VT game. Similar young team but with Barrett much more prepared, yet will everyone else be as prepared in this environment. I hope I am wrong very much wrong especially since I will be at this game.  

OU -27

OSU -24

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Any idea what sections the majority of Buckeye fans will be sitting in the stadium? I am driving up from Dallas and yet to buy a ticket. Prefer to sit around Buckeye fans versus a random group of Oklahoma fans.

Go Bucks, blast boomer. 

Comment 28 Aug 2016

Iowa fan logic - connect the dots

Iowa beat Pitt

Pitt beat Louisville 

Louisville beat Kentucky

Kentucky beat Missouri 

Missouri beat BYU

BYU beat UConn

UConn beat Houston

Houston beat Memphis

Memphis beat Ole Miss

Ole Miss beat Bama

Therefore IOWA is 2015 National Champs

Comment 04 Aug 2016

This is why Bama has been able to reload every year. The depth they have had under Saban has allowed a lot playing time and keeping everyone fresh. The Buckeyes are clearly there with another loaded class coming in next year. 

Can't wait to see an opposing RB sweeping out into the flats - pretty sure they'll get Booker'd and Hooker'd... Just saying

Comment 19 Jul 2016
Not a quick cal fan but at least it is original unlike 7 nation army that EVERYBODY in the entire world does. Copy cat stuff sux. Let's get creative and start a tradition worthy of being a Buckeye. I am all for not being Penn State or Michigan State or Utah or Rutgers. 50000 students and we can't be more creative than the rest of the also rans...
Comment 01 Jul 2016

You bring up a good point. For instance e I picked Eddie over Zeke. Given the landscape of football and especially when Eddie played I just felt he had to do more than Zeke did. But Zeke will always be one of my all time favorites.

But my larger point is this. Will Zeke become like Beanie and Carlos due to the extraordinary talent Urban is bringing in? Will Weber be the next Zeke as Zeke was the next Hyde and Hyde was the next Beanie? We haven't seen this level or recruiting before. And to assume Zeke is less than Eddie seems illogical. Future comparisons based on expected performances of these incoming 5 stars might eventually leave out guys like Teddy and Braxton and Chris Gamble etc... it's only going to get harder in the future to pick top 5's and to that I say it's a problem I can deal with.  #realworldbuckeyeproblems.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

It might be easier naming five Buckeyes who didn't live up to the hype than the top 5 Buckeyes!

Speilman, Archie, Troy Smith, Pace and Eddie. Not necessarily in any order. 

Comment 28 Jun 2016
I'm of the opinion that we have fickle fans. Fire somebody is a yearly mantra. Fickell was probably first now we have the next rendition of it, and for what reason? Get a real opinion and quit posting BS just to be posting. And if you really have that much feeling about firing someone who has minimal influence on you and your family my recommendation would be to find a better outlet than the Buckeyes. Probably be better served listening to Finebaum.