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Comment 17 Jul 2014

I am with Steele... I think we have an offense that will score points, even with a young O line. Braxton is very mobile so he will do his share of keeping drives alive if the O line breaks down. Throw in Dunn, EZEKIEL, Dontre, Devin Smith, Huerman (sp) and a more wide open offense with El Guapo gone, and I think our offense will put up enough points even against toughest opponents. If our D secondary is 50% better than last year we will be stellar defensively. I think we lost a lot of talent in the secondary, but what difference is talent if it's always out of position (thanks Withers and Coombs). So with Ash you get maybe equally talented albeit inexperienced secondary but if they are generally in the right position to make a play they will ultimately give up fewer completions and yards than last year. I think our D makes significant strides (probably not top 5-10 strides) but much more efficient allowing our offense to have the ball more and score points. We will be very good next year. 

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Went to an OSU/ um game in AA in 90's when Um beat us when we were number one. My brother scored tickets and we drove up. When we go to our seats they were all filled. So we asked the people to move because they were our seats and one fat tall dude told us to STFU and that it was his mom we were trying to move out of our seats. We asked an usher to help sort it out and he just ignored the situation. There were at least 5-6 more people in our row that could fit or aligned to the seating set up. We still squeezed in and had the worst sporting event experience ever. We tried our best to adjust every few minutes but it absolutely sucked. And yes there were knees in my back the entire game. I don't know how they got 5 additional people in without tickets but they did, didn't give a shit and weren't respectful and beyond the Buckeyes losing, a very shitty 3 - 3.5 hour game day experience. Never have been back, not worth it. 

Comment 05 Jul 2014

Some OSU dude is making the money selling to the secondary market where they sell for an even higher price. Somebody originally owns the tickets.

that said the prices quoted in the article are still a value. 

I live in Texas and try to make it home to a couple of home games a year. Of course I use miles and try to find cheap hotels etc. but I don't chince when it comes to the game day experience. I travel for business and other than the bucket list types events (Kentucky Derby, Masters, etc.), I have found zero environments as awesome as a Buckeye game and that includes many NFL games (Jerry's world), NBA games, MLB stadiums and NHL games. 

I am willing to pay for the Buckeye experience! Then again, some Buckeye has control of their tickets and help build that secondary market. Maybe there should be a Buckeye exchange where good margins can be made and the average Joe isn't left out of their favorite traditon(s). I think one already exists but apparently not all Buckeye ticket holders are fans of it, or maybe that is just my perception.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

The verdict is in. Rutgers and Maryland are B1G members. I am all in with them. No reason to discount them because they aren't original members. It's time to embrace our new members. It can be an awesome comraderie. So let's not be assholes about this and the two new members should be welcomed. 

Comment 04 Jul 2014

41-34 in the last 6 years when they are used to shouting "most wins" will suck the life out of a fan base. I believe Meatchicken eventually comes back and competes with MSU and OSU which will make for great rivalry and drama, but that is a couple of years away. In the meantime SCUM fans can keep bragging about Fielding Yost and Bump Elliott. 

Comment 04 Jul 2014

Meatchicken was 3-6 in their last nine games despite being a plus 10 in turnovers in that span. They stayed in games fortunately and that's because their D kept them alive in those close games. 

I do believe they will be better with the new O coordinator and their D will still be better than average so my prediction is 9-3. I predict that because some of those tweener  games will be in AA ( ie UTAH, Gophers and PSU) and I am giving them the edge. The three losses are on the road against the much better teams. 

Comment 26 Jun 2014

I kinda always thought verbal assault was the same as physical assault. So if someone purposely assaults someone verbally that eventually tears at their mental state and over time breaks them down (whether they show it or not). So I am with you. Punching a few douche bags in the face multiple times just because they are 1) a douche, 2) their smugness ,3) say very stupid things, and lastly actually believes we will believe their bullshit comments ( I guess some do since someone started this thread in the first place) should be open to public flogging and face planted into hard objects repeatedly. Verbal assault or character assassination is tolerated because of "freedom of speech" but it has never stopped me from taking revenge of the verbal assaulter when I felt it was necessary.  Frankly is is a bit therapeutic for me. I guess the continued wussification of America has kinda put me in the Dirty Harry category.   

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Better Wifi = more expensive tickets (or more expensive game day experience in the form of increased concession prices or parking, etc.). They will have to pay for it somehow. So they fix one problem (wifi) and they generate or perpetuate another (higher prices). So which of the two would you rather have? Or maybe the better question is which one is better for TOSU to manage to?

And does it matter that students don't want to go to the game if they can't get wifi? Tickets will sell. Put the burden  on TOSU to schedule better, more interesting opponents throughout the season, tickets will sell. So my business side of me (cost/benefit) makes me question if the students don't want to go to the games because they can't live without wifi for 3 hours why should that impact the cost benefit to the other 77,000 fans is keeping ticket prices lower and most likely filling the stadium anyhow? 

disclaimer: of course I want the students at the game, just considering all angles to the issue.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Myopically if I only thought of football as the ONLY factor, I might consider it. But OSU and the B1G are so much more than just a football factory. Why be one dimensional in your brand? Maybe going independent would be a wiser move, keep all the benefits of OSU overall and schedule much tougher opponents (top Sec opponent, top PAC 12 opponent, top Big 12, opponents, top B1G opponents) every year to raise the SOS and increase interest nationally for the Buckeyes.

Comment 14 Jun 2014

UM's problem seems to be they took the fan out of the equation. To Brandon it is about share of wallet which is the typical way a business person would look at and he is trying to maximize it just as he would any business. That is where the rubber meets the road. In this situation, Brandon is no longer bringing the collegiate perspective to it but rather about branding and money. Yes OSU has done some of that, all schools do. The difference between Brandon and Smith and potentially UM's regents and OSU regents is that Smith is running it more as an athletic department approach with fund raising and trying to find ways to keep up with the costs and the jonses where Brandon is truly about the business model. That to me is the difference and the two are completely not the same albeit increase in prices.

That said, I live in Texas and make it to at least one home game a year and sometimes two. I still love the atmosphere at the Buckeye games, the fans coming together for a common cause. It costs a bit of coin, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I miss the camaraderie and therefore and willing to pay for it (my choice). If that went away and it was just a business where the corporations take the good seats and we are left with the crappy choices for seats, then I would lose interest in the product because they no longer care about the fan. Texas Rangers for example, all the corporations have all the good seats they give to their clients and or their employees, For most it isn't about rooting for the Rangers, it is about having some place to give their clients an experience. It is a sterile environment with very little camaraderie except for some real fans at the game, but not the same as we get at the SHOE. No games are EVER sold out. Big difference between what that is and the experience I get at the Shoe. I can see Brandon moving towards the corporate model. that is how he thinks. Many schools would be envious of UM's cash flow, so I would worry about others following that model. Hopefully OSU can keep the fan first approach even if it costs a bit more year over year to keep up with rising costs.

Comment 22 May 2014

Big BTN fan here. Especially living in Texas and travel frequently. I watch it regularly even during non-football season. I will watch the best game regardless of the network but I do watch BTN games to see how other B1G teams are especially if the Bucks have an upcoming game against one of them. The overall insight of the post games and studio material is very good. They share great insight and compared to others who try to be everything to everybody BTN gives me solid B1G experience that I wouldn't get otherwise. 

Comment 20 May 2014

If we run table we should. But the following factors also come into play: 

1) how the B1G does in marquee OOC games this year. Early games against LSU, Oregon etc will create early perceptions about a weak or  strong  B1G.

2) Virginia Tech winning some good ACC matchups

3) we stay healthy

4) we manage to look explosive in the games we should easily win.


Comment 11 May 2014

Long after Rosenbergs time and Tressels time on this earth are gone. Tressel will have created many opportunities for young people to advance themselves as a coach and an educator and Rosenberg, well he will just have trolled more people during his life time. A life full of quality and high character is something Rosenberg will never know. I'm sure UM is proud that they have such a distinguished representative in the "national" media. 

Comment 07 May 2014

With the latest additions to PSU they are pretty much done and sit at 53% of 4 and 5 stars. In past years primarily due to sanctions 21%. The B1G needs this. But also keep in mind OSU has averaged 68% over the past four years. We will be alright in the end and the B1G will be much more improved because of PSU recruiting better. Going to 9 games in conference hoping to make a playoff spot we need strength of schedule against B1G opponents to factor in and that only happens if the Big is better. In Urban I Trust.

Comment 01 May 2014

"Not the optimal way to start his last chance at proving himself as a Buckeye back". 


True-dat but neither was a 3 game suspension for El Guapo, many who had kicked him out of school for almost bitch slapping some dumb girl in a bar. 


I have faith he can be very good based on the performances I did see from him. Who knows, but I hope he breaks out and Eazy, Dunn, Ball all compliment the crap out of him. That is my ideal scenario.


Comment 20 Apr 2014

"Fan punching bag". 

I have to disagree with that statement. I wouldn't classify the people butt-hurt over Fickell as fans... Maybe front-runners, band-wagoners, knuckle scrapers, negative Nellies, etc. but not fans (in the classic sense of the definition anyway). 

Comment 16 Apr 2014

"even lumpy Jim Karsatos and his 80s perm seemed almost mythical." - Classic Ramzy! 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Oh yeah, and let's not forget as an "employee", the university has to pay outlandish insurance premiums or pay a fine. 85 football players in the scheme of things probably not that big of deal, but we all know this would filter down to any student athlete and then the burden gets much larger. 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I am curious as to how many of the 85 scholarship student-athletes on a given football team will end up on a NFL roster. The value that a high percentage of them receive in form of a scholarship who will never sniff an NFL roster have received a benefit well beyond just going to college to get a degree, they are getting essentially paid to play a college sport while they are going to college. Otherwise they would never have received monetary value (scholarship) to play college football and essentially earn a free degree that most of us had to pay out of our pockets. 

if they need paid so much, go to the CFL and take college courses at night and in the offseason somewhere. In this sense most would probably never receive a degree, be out of football in a couple of years and then be shoveling dirt somewhere on a road patrol. In that sense the Colleges ARE looking out for the student-athlete. There are alternatives. Let them decide. Just don't implode college football on the way out to that stellar department of transportation job they truly and really always just wanted. 

frankly I have grown weary of the NCAA. But if I were them, I would preemptively tell any union wishing entity that was representing CFB student athletes to go pound sand and remind them this is a choice they made and find alternatives if this particular practice doesn't suit thier needs. I would do so before this infiltrates the rank and file and it is too late. To me this would remind them the SA is receiving something in return for playing CFB is probably better than the alternatives and they should quit looking a gift horse in the mouth. Especially those who aren't going to the NFL and would have to pay for college themselves otherwise.