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Comment 03 Dec 2014

Also noted are three teams from the Midwest Athletic Conference playing for titles. Coldwater, Marion Local and Minster.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Wax me poetic, call me sentimental, but I always enjoy these threads.

Meltdown threads like 3-5 minutes into a game and somebody calling for coaches to be fired or players to be benched, always enjoy them. And then the dudes who ddin't beat the original threader to the punch are all seconds behind him piling on, revelling in the delightment of misery. 

It's like the grade school kid on the playground who got run over by a girl accidentally as she was playing hotch-scotch with her friends with cute little dresses on. And then the bruised ego boy who is probably 20 pounds heavier immediately runs to the principle to say how rotten that girl is then calls mommy to come pick him up. 

And to think like 115 other FBS teams would love to have our problems. 

Ahhh, the meltdown thread.... It is one of life's little joys. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I attacked no one, threw no one under the bus. Was down voted for expressing my opinion( my guess is the good ole boys with itchy trigger fingers). Are you ready to throw the two down-voters in jail? I hope not but then again it is what is being recommended, right? 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

No, no no... Are we f'ing China. Let people be douchebags and let the the masses determine they are douchebags. Quit limiting people, thoughts and ideas. Just because it doesn't fit the masses narrative doesn't mean it is wrong for Christ sakes. There are morons on here ( include me if you want) that rip people right and left for providing an opinion. No need to be judge and jury, no need to be arbitrary and judgmental. If you want the quasi perspective, limiting threads and topics and  If that's what you want then be ready for the same ole, same ole good ole boys club. I imagine this site has as big of readership/clicks as it ever has so now it wants to be selective? Especially against someone who has a high number of helmet stickers as you say, let's not be naive. One idiot down voting every  post is not worthy of censorship. One idiot down voting every post doesn't demand a broad over-reach. I doubt the masses are leaving the site because the one idiot down voted people. Stop the foolish thoughts. 

Comment 07 Nov 2014

I think we win the game IF:

* we jump out to an early lead and make Sparty try to play catch up (like 17 points)

* we throw them off by engaging our tight ends early and often

* QB draws just enough to throw the blitzes off

* 3rd and manageable vs third and long

Comment 30 Oct 2014


I hope and pray to see the day when we surpass scum in an era where it is harder to win then it was when playing high schools! I think it is a 13 game spread now so I am assuming 12 after this year. I don't know. Maybe we get down to 8-9 gap before they get back to respectability and then it will take some time if we play that 50% for OSU and 50% for Scum like we did in the 10 year war.

I know I am more then half way past the life expectancy for modern day males so while I believe I still have plenty of time left it certainly makes you start considering things when one is on the backside of that mountain and heading down.

And when that day comes, my ashes will be grey (I presume) and I will put in my will that they spray a scarlet, white and black stripe down the middle. And after everyone admires that and takes pictures, throw in some Gentlemen Jack into my urn so I can enjoy it as well! Then the after-world will be right for me, even if I head into with a hangover! Just like all the fond memories of past Buckeye games, the Varsity Club, Hiney Gate, National Championship in Arizona! All the stars will be in alignment, the pearly gates will open up and to my joy instead of Saint Peter, Saint Wayne Woodrow Hayes will be there to greet me, kick me in the ass and say, its about time son! Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Being on the downhill sled to dead, I have seen enough Buckeye football from the 10 year war (and before) to the Cooper era where it was pure hell. This to me is just another era in our storied rivalry and one that more than makes up for us losing almost all of our games with Cooper (to ScuM). Sweet sweet revenge for sure but yearn for the rivalry to return to the 10 year war days. I don't see them making the same coaching hires as they have the last two, will get a big name in there and be relevant again in three years just in time to ask Kalis how it was going Ofer against the Buckeyes (yes that sweet sweet revenge again). Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Debbie downer!

Yes this is the I told you so commentary by Dmac. And in his other rant I asked him what his answer is then to solve this problem. Instead he just wanted to spout some insane facts. So Dmac if what you say is true should we just watch the Buckeyes fail in big games as you suggest or should Urban go with another QB then? I don't agree with your commentary, I think it is one of those that can have points of view on either side. But what you don't share is your answer to the problem then. I think we would all love to hear your suggestions that Urban should deploy so we don't fail in the upcoming big games.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Have a dual quarterback backfield where the D doesn't know to whom the ball is going to. JT or Braxton. JT gets the ball he can hand off to Brax or pass (read option). Brax gets the ball and he can run the wildcat and potentially hit JT on a wheel route out of the backfield as well as other routes by recievers.

Our O line will be stellar for sure and our other offense weapons are there for passes from either.

How in the hell do you prepare for that? Most offensive backfield schemes have a RB or no RB. No other RB can do what Braxton could do with the ball in terms of pass or run.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Jury is still out. However I believe Meatchicken and Meatchicken state both knew last year you could beat OSU with the pass.. At this stage I am not sure they can fall back on that. Most are trying to do it via bear D so I am still unsure if our pass D has been truly tested.  Jury is still out. 

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Too predictable, just like seven nation army. Just because everyone else  is doing it makes it more irritating that we might do it. If we go down the path of an alternative uniform, Buckeye colors allow for some very cool combinations, and not all black or almost all black (Maryland). Maybe just do something different with the helmet or pants. And as for the seven nation army chant, that was so 2010. It would be awesome if we started our own trend  and let the others follow us.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

So what is your strategy then if you are concerned for J.T.'s arm strength heading into the rest of the year?

I think what you are trying to say is he may not be a complete quarterback yet because of his arm strength (although I am not sure I agree). Not sure anyone is ready to start analyzing him for his NFL prospects either. Instead you kind of are throwing him under the bus with your headline.

So name your replacement if you think he can't get it done. Who on this roster is gonna be better in all facets for which the position that we should put in instead? I bet you can't name someone better than JT. All he does is win and distribute and score TD's. I'll take that over someone with a better arm who might throw interceptions, can't execute the read-option or can't read defenses.

Not going to down vote you for your opinion, just think it is off base.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

You are doing the beat work then. Tress would be happy! 

Comment 07 Oct 2014

My two cents is ESPN has locked up the SEC fan base. So in previous years they were throwing most teams non-SeC under the proverbial bus. Now that they know they have the SEC fan base locked up they are playing to the other conferences fan bases to keep their viewership up. 

F%ck them. They make money off the SEC and will always put their interests first. Do NOT be fooled by this play. 

Don't forget the B1G network negotiations are in play. Money will be king but Delaney will have his share of negotiation power if he perceives ESPN has been keeping his league down from a negativity perspective. 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

DaveyT11 -

Good points. You hit a sacred cow the Carlos Hyde reference/example so I understand the downvotes even though your point is very valid. I guess trying to mesh emotions and logic don't always work.

I'm with you that this kid should have been put on probation but not lose his scholarship. I guess they are trying to make an example out of him. That said maybe instead of the scholly loss, let him go to football practice everyday and visit Mr. Schlegel for his punishment until the season is over!

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Ummm, I don't know... but may be his point is the forum was asked a question and he offered his opinion? Just sayin....

Comment 11 Sep 2014
It ain't the end of the world! Buckeyes will rebound nicely. Four new offensive linemen and a freshman QB, I mean what the f were we expecting? Next man up? Sounds good in principle. But next four men up and the quarterback hasn't played since HS in 2012. I am a victim of past success, but after bringing my brain back down to reality, it makes perfect sense. Go Bucks!
Comment 04 Sep 2014

Yep - William and Mary plays in a league that features powerhouses Elon and Drexel and Delaware. I am of the opinion Navy's a much tougher opponent. William and Mary RPI #153. Navy RPI 79. Navy expected to win 9-10 games this year. W&M?