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Comment 30 Mar 2014

Oh yeah, and let's not forget as an "employee", the university has to pay outlandish insurance premiums or pay a fine. 85 football players in the scheme of things probably not that big of deal, but we all know this would filter down to any student athlete and then the burden gets much larger. 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I am curious as to how many of the 85 scholarship student-athletes on a given football team will end up on a NFL roster. The value that a high percentage of them receive in form of a scholarship who will never sniff an NFL roster have received a benefit well beyond just going to college to get a degree, they are getting essentially paid to play a college sport while they are going to college. Otherwise they would never have received monetary value (scholarship) to play college football and essentially earn a free degree that most of us had to pay out of our pockets. 

if they need paid so much, go to the CFL and take college courses at night and in the offseason somewhere. In this sense most would probably never receive a degree, be out of football in a couple of years and then be shoveling dirt somewhere on a road patrol. In that sense the Colleges ARE looking out for the student-athlete. There are alternatives. Let them decide. Just don't implode college football on the way out to that stellar department of transportation job they truly and really always just wanted. 

frankly I have grown weary of the NCAA. But if I were them, I would preemptively tell any union wishing entity that was representing CFB student athletes to go pound sand and remind them this is a choice they made and find alternatives if this particular practice doesn't suit thier needs. I would do so before this infiltrates the rank and file and it is too late. To me this would remind them the SA is receiving something in return for playing CFB is probably better than the alternatives and they should quit looking a gift horse in the mouth. Especially those who aren't going to the NFL and would have to pay for college themselves otherwise.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Absolutely will go down in the annals of Buckeye/Scum rivalry as a true image of the rivalry. For that he is and will be a cult hero as a true Buckeye. He has the time in front of him to prove he can do it in the NFL and I hope he does. Maybe how A Boone is now a regular starter at 49'ers. But when his time is done there, make now doubt about it, that image will be used over and over again when the historians talk about The Rivalry. It is part of the history of it all. I love it and hope to get my hands on a signed poster to frame for my man cave next to the other classic photo's I have of the rivalry! (Might have to cover my kids eyes for the next few years though :). ) Best of luck Marcus! Go get you some $$$.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

No, No, No, No. Leave Friday to HS games. If you need to play on another day there already is Thursday night games. What exactly does having a Friday night game do to elevate attendance at Meatchicken? I don't see the connection to that change? Winning marque games will bring the students back to Meatchicken regardless of what night it is on. Also a lot of people work. And a lot of people who attends the games don't live in C-Bus, so someone from Dayton probably wouldn't be inclined to bust their ass to get to C-Bus on a Friday night game where they would on a Saturday game. Also all the pomp and circumstance of the Saturday event is lost on Friday night. Very few people would be able to make it to thier favorite watering holes, skull sessions, etc. 

so if fewer fans would be able to make it, all typical Saturday traditions are lost and hanging out with the boys for a few beers after the game would not be as likely due to travel back home at 10:30 at night, I don't quite get the need for Friday night games. Besides OSU is a national program, top 5 recruiting classes, what additional exposure if any will it help OSU? 

No, No, No, No!!!

Comment 26 Feb 2014

I am of the opinion this awesome display by Bert ^^^ will go down as one of the finest memories that Arkansas fans will recall once they kick his arse out the state with a sub .500 record in 3 years. 

Comment 26 Feb 2014

Watkins, then Hyde. No to any QB in round 1. Think how this offense will be stacked for even a middle of the pack QB. Then take Mccaron in round 3 after taking a LB in round 2. We also need a guard but you generally pick them in r2 or 3. 

Comment 23 Feb 2014

Why? So we can create more terrible inner city school districts where drugs are very prevalent? Or this shit hole of a government that spends more money for shitty programs and more pork than ever. Yes, let's legalize one more enabler so we can give the govt more money to throw at more bad programs. Especially the programs needed to support the ever growing drug ( and alcohol) prevention. Oh and while we are at it, more cops to bust the DWI's for drug use. That problem will grow exponentially as it is bad enough for the alcohol DWI's. 

I don't smoke pot. But I don't have anything against it, other than the impact on society is bigger than the people who want it legalized suggest. They keep arguing it against alcohol, but two wrongs STILL do not make a right. But they are the beneficiaries of legalized pot so they forget that common thought process. 

Comment 21 Feb 2014

I seriously doubt Urban allows the D to perform as bad as it has the last two years. This a result of Coombs taking direction from Ash, LJ and his ability to add to what Vrabel did and then some and finally a real secondary coach that will align with the D coordinator and be in unison with the total D game planning. No longer will Fickell be trying to align a D with the dis functional way he was handed a new D coaching staff. If Urban wanted to he had the ammunition to fire Fickell after last year. Instead he gave Fickell more tools to work with instead of the dysfunction of EW (co D) and a pseudo DB coach in Coombs. Urb is as much to blame for the poor D the last two years as anyone by creating the dysfunctional setup. He gets it and helped make the changes necessary. And no, Fickell wasn't one of those changes to the dismay of many arm chair D coaches.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

Black uniforms are what you do to get attention. Generally non-top 5-10 programs do to garner highlights on TV. Even Oregon isn't a traditional top 10 program and they do this to possibly generate interest. USC, Oklahoma, Alabama, Meatchicken, Texas, Buckeyes don't do that shit. If you are a top tier program you don't wear the clown suits.

would love to see the buckeye leaf more incorporated in the actual uni but that is about it. 

If it's not already clear....HAIL NAW!

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Nada, no way.... Ok, got it? 

I hate to think we do things because others do it. I don't even like the rivalry uniforms that are supposed to honor previous Buckeye teams.  making minor adjustments to what we have is ok, but not wholesale but not the latest trendy thingy...

a friend of mine is a Wisconsin alum. He told me once that he thought our standard road uni's were the most awesome in Ncaaf. I think he is right. Classy but not too old school. Got it?

i am glad we had this little chat today to clear this up.  :)

Comment 18 Feb 2014

My dad once bought me a football. Do those top shelf credentials earn me an interview?

Just out of curiosity wasn't a "recruiting assistant" on the back of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle when he hit the ditch? Maybe that is why they require one year of collegiate football coaching experience...

Comment 12 Feb 2014

For sure! the people with Fickell butt hurt need to go find their moronic pleasures elsewhere. 

Comment 06 Feb 2014

Urb didn't fire Fickell and if he wanted to he could. At some point the folks that have boners to fire Fickell just need to find another hate outlet. I like Ash but love Johnson... We upgraded the D coaching and recruiting opportunities, especially in the east. In the end it was the secondary continually letting the D down and the O running too many 3 and outs. Depends on what the final D coordinator lineup will be, my hope is Ash can help the secondary be real. Otherwise the boneheads will once again have their panties wedged in their arses to oust The wrong guy yet again. I kinda feel sorry for those dudes, ok no I don't, I kinda enjoy watching their meltdowns on these boards...


Comment 06 Feb 2014

So you are suggesting a move back to Cooper ball? Joking... 

That said I don't see him at TOSU. We are set with dudes to run the UFM style offense. Bringing in another dude who doesn't quite fit that mode doesn't make sense to me. 

Comment 01 Feb 2014

Would absolutely love to see Urban speak at an event! I had the luxury and unique opportunity to have seen Woody speak at a Buckeye backers event ( he brought Jim Stillwagon with him), I think I was like 11 or 12, saw Earle speak at a similar event and saw Tress pump up the fan base at both the NC game at the pep rally in Pheonix and at the Alamo Bowl against Oklahoma State. All have been very inspirational. Woody was old school and probably my favorite so far but they are all equally talented in their spirit for TOSU! 

Comment 17 Jan 2014

So we all agree the our head coach admires Luke Fickell. To me that signals it is a good time to move on from this polarizing issue.

I like UFM and if he wants Luke around, it's good enough for me. If he wanted Fick fired he would have fired him. He had all the ammunition to do so. But he didn't. Therefore all other explanations to the contrary are both tiring and more importantly irrelevant. 




Comment 07 Jan 2014

Take your talents to east Lansing then. The entitlement crowd needs to go. You be one of them. Ohio State takes no back seat to MSU much less any other B1G school. Are we going to lose once In awhile? Yes everyone does. So don't let that door hit that fat fucking ass on your way to the state of fucking clowns. 

Comment 06 Jan 2014

"This is the new reality at Ohio State. Gone are the years where players have to wait until their junior or senior season to see significant playing time. AND Jim Tressel was excellent at bringing in three star recruits and grooming them into studs (see Dane Sanzenbacher, James Laurinaitis and Troy Smith). But, when he got the occasional 5-star like Maurice Clarett or Terrelle Pryor, they elevated the program; winning BCS bowl games and national championships. "

THAT my friends is the difference between Tressel and Meyers. Look no further than Tressel disciple to see how they won the B1G this year and thier BCS bowl game (Dantonio). Seniors and Juniors coached up and with significant experience that minimized mistakes and capitalized on sound gap alignment (D). That is how tOSU played D when Tressel was here. The entire philosophy has changed from sound, experienced and disciplined to finesse, talent first - experience second and not enough experience in some cases to be disciplined. Throw the playmakers out there and let them make plays. In some cases they did not. The down side to the Tressel and Dantonio model is when they lose most of thier defense (or offense) they fall back to a middle of the pack B1G team except that Tressel recruited enough talent over other B1G teams that the fall off was less severe. 


Comment 29 Dec 2013

Sorry, the most egregious crime to ever happen at a  University doesn't need bleeding hearts saying "but the current students didn't do it". Let the university suffer for covering it up, as they should. No more reductions of fines, penalties or it minimizes the impact that it had on real people who were victimized. Don't let the crime hide behind good kids who are now at school there, let it play out as it should so the fans of NCAAF across the nation and the schools know you cannot ever let this happen again. Letting the penalties slide would be more injustice to those impacted. Kids that choose to go to school there can either transfer if college football is that important to them OR never go there in the first place. It is a good school so any kid that goes there would be going for the education and to know the school unjustly treated kids unfairly in the past so their football program is gonna suck for a number of years. AMEN!

Comment 26 Dec 2013

Not so poor, but a flight from DFW to Mia is $814. The 2-3 nights in a hotel another $250 a night and then decent tickets another $250-$300. Add in alcohol, partying and food and it is almost $4,000 to do the trip right. 

I usually can fly to CMH and see a couple of games and do it for less than $2,500 for both games and get to experience classic Buckeye tailgating, skull session and the Varsity club.  Got to be wise. Would rather see it in person but sometimes the cold beers in the man cave are better and seeing it on a 60" TV with replays is a better way to go. Real is real. 

and I agree with a previous poster, looking forward to seeing games in NY area next year for much cheaper and probably a better experience. This from a guy who went to 2002 NC game, Alamo bowl against  the other OSU and the 2007 NC game against LSU. I am not afraid to spend money yet, there has to be more value in it for me.