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Comment 16 Jun 2016

Heading to Norman (live in Dallas). RV probably (Rent). Should be interesting to see what tailgating is like with Sooner fans.

Comment 15 Jun 2016

...And in other news a coach from Michigan is on another corporate jet flying to a camp in some obscure place wearing khakis and some random Jersey. 

Thank you Urban for providing a real platform that OSU athletes can benefit from. 

Comment 27 May 2016

#buckeyeproblems #NCChamppionproblems

Comment 26 May 2016

I live in Dallas.A friend of mine graduated from Houston. He never quite got the whole following football because frankly when he went to school at UH they didn't win and no one attended. Now that Houston got Herman he is stoked and followed them religiously last year. So this fall we are planning to RV it to UH/OU and then up to Norman for Buckeyes/OU. Should be a fun few weeks. 

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Connor Cook in Rd 2 would be a mistake. He has no more upside. He is what he is. Watson next year, RG3 this year. Don't waste a high pick on Cook, it doesn't fit the strategy... 

#32 Noah Spense stud)

#65Nick Martin C ND

#76 trade or Kenneth Dixon RB 

#77 trade or Jeremy Cash S

Solid and steady contributors across the board and could be effective Browns for most of their careers. Then strike it rich in next year's first and second rounds.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Agree BP -

UM has a bunch of seniors playing this year. They will be sound and hard to continually make big plays on. However OSU has so much talent coming back that could have been starters last year (WR's) and also those who got plenty of experience throughout all of last year that out experience will be slightly less than UM but our skills will still be much better (Think of Worley at LB and Booker. They sat behind Lee and Perry for two years. It is not as if they won't be ready to play. They know the schemes. I am more worried about Sparty then UM next year. Then when UM loses all that senior laden experience when we head back to the Big House in 2017 we will be by far the better team and probably projected in the top 2 in the country. That will make Jimmy 0-3 against Urban and heading back to the Shoe in 2018 staring down 0-4. The only issues I see with the team this year is if we have some lack of leadership or new guys don't gel for some reason. Also what will the dynamic be with Schiano and Fickell? That could be something different as well. I am sure I am wearing scarlet colored glasses but I do believe we are just as talented as last year without as much experience. UM is more experience but less talented and we beat them by 29 last year. Another key will be the running game. If you watched JT/Elliott last year when JT became full time starter the rush set up the pass and if that doesn't happen as well this year then we can see a less dynamic offense. 

Comment 20 Apr 2016

What kind of Buckeye fan am I?

Let's me put it this way... My favorite Buckeyes are too many too list but I will always have the Neutron Man near the top, I am not a fire Fickell or Matta or Gene Smith contributor nor do I subscribe to the theory somebody should be fired every time things don't go as expected. Even though they don't get it, I brag to my non-Buckeye friends that I go to a thing called the skull session to hear THE OSU marching band practice for the upcoming game and STILL somehow maintain my man-card. I believe hating Meatchicken is a God given right and in someway a weird gesture of respect to the rivalry something the John Cooper era never figured out. Let me buy a ticket in the A deck, the B deck, the C deck, the D deck the south end zone or on top of the flagpole, I don't care, just let me into the stadium. I wished Hang on Sloopy was played more often than it is. 

That's the Buckeye fan I am. What score does that tally up to? 

God Bless the Buckeyes, God Bless America and Meatchicken still sucks!

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Psychology is Urbans specialty. Maybe he is playing reverse psych on a kid from Kinthucky and it didn't resonate??? Crickets?? If Kinthucky  is his front runner and he has an offer from Bama or TOSU, I don't think psychology will or has ever worked on this kid. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Great point JKH... Most of the malcontents wanted Smith gone as well (now OSU ranked as highest value program NCAA on the planet). Of course they are probably the same folks who wanted Fickell gone (and now Tressel. News to me). These are your front runner faithful. They probably have some Indiana or Michigan or MSU fans in their office and don't know how to defend OSU when they have a down season. So I guess Urban might be next if he doesn't win it all. Thad has the best record of ANY previous Buckeye basketball coach EVER and becuase of some challenges the malcontents want him gone. My only hope is karma doesn't catch up with the front runners and they aren't let go prematurely from their jobs becuase some clown down the hall doesn't see the value they bring. That would suck.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

So do you want to see them stagnate or Thad decide he recruited a star system and not players that fit his or a system? Can't have it both ways.presumptively he is trying to change things (who knows until someone speaks) which if correct is better than sitting around watching the same train wreck over and over again. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I am a glass half full guy and think things will work out. However this is unprecedented. Not even when Tressel "resigned" did we have fallout like this as a percentage of the team. I trust in Thad and in Gene Smith but there ouvbht to be a press conference or some statement relatively soon. This looks and feels bad even if the five 5 scorers are coming back. 4 Freshmen leaving is just short of a mutiny. 

Comment 26 Mar 2016
Let's see. He has pissed off most of the SEC and then he passed off someone he doesn't even know he pissed off who will let him know he isn'that well respected on 11/26/2016. Urban will pull no punches because Hairball tried to embarrass UFM's boss and University. Urban will take Hairball to the woodshed that day and will probably throw the ball winning by 20 with 39 seconds to play irritating that ass-wipe and the now becoming low class university who needs to win through twitter. "Hail to those twitter victors, hail to those low class scum-buckets, hail hail to Meat chicken, the irrelevant of the world."
Comment 24 Mar 2016

No certainly that wasn't my point.

Rather that if your a coach at TOSU and you have a bad stretch even if you have brought that athletic program to unprecedented  heights there is a certain faction of "fans" that will want your head on a skewer and call for a persons demise. Because you know, those "fans" deserve only grade A steak for every meal. An occasional hamburger in between is not going to cut it.  It's a minority for sure but very vocal.

Malcontent - one who is chronically discontented.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

I guess I have been around this site long enough (and others) to see a trend. Fire Gene Smith (now we have the highest valued football program in the country). Let's fire Luke Fickell (wait Urban the greatest coach on the planet wants him and he helped win a NC a year ago). So the same mob has now turned it's pitch forks on Thad. 

Ultimately I am not sure who Buckeye fans should consider letting go of, coaches and AD's who continue to do more for their  beloved university or the couch potatoes with access to a device that allows for lazy insults of those they cannot even comprehend a skill set with which they could only dream of. 

I dunno? This is a tough choice. 

Comment 23 Mar 2016
Another thrashing of the basketball program. Will we have another next week? Something about a dead horse or something. This team looked lackluster for sure, no chemistry. As good as recruiting 4 and 5 stars are for a program if you don'the have leadership on the floor you can have all the shooters in the world and you won'the win squat.I saw no leaders on the floor. I will blame Matta for that but won't challenge his coaching skills. I suggest that is the real criticism of this team. Matta and the basketball Buckeyes will be ok.