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Comment 22 Mar 2017
How does the saying go? Give Michigan a fish they will be able to eat dinner, teach OSU how to fish and they will continue to land the best fish? Sad wording I am sure but the analogy isn't so bad... Michigan hires High School coaches to land one top 5 player. Ohio State hires proven coaches especially now with NFL experiences and get multiple 5* recruits each season. Barnum Harbaugh has raised the interest in Meatchicken but hasn't figured out how to grab top talent on a regular basis. Personally I am more concerned about holding off Herman than Harbaugh.... wait Herman just hired Beck... never mind
Comment 17 Mar 2017

105.7 sounds like a bunch of whiney asses, Zeke is 21. Yes he can still get more "grown-up", but come on. I am fond of Spiels and I take his approach is to send a wake up call to Zeke so I respect that.. How about picking up the phone and share his interest in showing Zeke the best approach?

Internet fights are hilarious. Radio stations calling each other out is childish. too many people with too many opinions makes for great drama. Thanks for the amateur show!

Comment 11 Mar 2017
When the starting QB notices and feels the heat from "a small %" (yeah, right!) Then there is an issue. If JT leaves with almost every record and a win % over 90+% and he potentially regrets playing for TOSU because of the idiot over zealous fans, then our "fans" are complete assholes. My god it's not like we support Purdue. Enjoy what we have instead of picking every minor issue apart. I trust JT and Urban taking us to the highest level.what's wrong with me? Morons with an opinion.
Comment 10 Mar 2017
Sometimes as an Ohio State fan I can see why others hate Ohio State fans. JT is about to set almost every OSU QB record and it is not good enough. Personally the jelly bellies who are complaining are your typical Internet football player wannabes. I hope JT has a "stick it up your ass fake fans" kind of year. Urban isn't concerned in as much he walked a terrible QB coach and a wannabe O coordinator. So JT starts and two coaches are shown the door. I trust Urban about these things more so than some lame ass "fans" who happen to have access to the internet. Looking forward to some of you idiots eating crow this year. Clown asses!
Comment 27 Feb 2017

Personally I felt JT wasn't confident with his recievers last year.and it put him out of sorts. The O line struggled to some degree that also put him in check down or run for yards situations. JT has the skills as proven in 2014. Technically skills don't just disappear and so I believe the new coaching and the changes to coaching had an influence on him as well and ultimately their choices made him less confident. Get him some help and he will take this team to the promise land. 

If the suggestion is Meyer would never take JT out, if I am Meyer I am not taking him out either. Given the passing game woes last year for reasons mentioned above the Buckeyes still went 11-1 and much of that had to do with the defense and primarily JT not taking negative plays. Give me a smart leader like that all day every day. 

Who knows id Wilson and Day are the answer but for sure the Buckeyes offense regressed since Tom Herman left. While the quarterback who was in Herman's system and set records is still here. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I agree with original post. Bilas is a little too fond of himself. He knows his stuff but he is a complete ass hat.

Comment 17 Feb 2017
Change for change sake isn'the always good. We may have some chemistry challenges early in the season. However I respect UFM more now than even before. He wants the best for Ohio State and won't be afraid to make tough choices especially in this day of social media where anybody is willing to pick someone apart. He hired Wariner and Beck not too long ago. Other coaches would say we will do better next year. Meyer however takes the actions necessary to make change effective. Think of Tressel and his OC... taking tough steps is a true sign of a leader and we have one in UFM. That and his ability to recruit will keep TOSU in the championship hunt every year. Go Bucks!
Comment 13 Feb 2017
Agree! Harbaugh is to competitive to be 0-4 against the top of the top that also happens to be the arch-rival. He came in as a savior but if 0-4 will have a hard time dealing with the talking points about being 0-4 against OSU. Also the.media enjoying hiis gimmicky ways will start to look at it differently. He will find a pro job. By then the UM faithful will be even more delusional thinking Brady is on his way.
Comment 23 Jan 2017

Anyone up for a hostile take over of the Browns? Maybe recruit Carl Icahn to represent us and then ala Packers create shares so the fans/city can help own the team and create a board to oversee the "company". Share holders rights and annual voting for the board will keep everyone honest. That way Haslam won't be preserving cash flow for his other business entities and lawsuits. 

I have Carl in my speed dial if anyone is interested.  

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Barrett has a lifetime QB rating of ~ 145. His stats in 2014 under Herman was:

203 Comp  314 Attempt      64.7%     2834 yards    9.0 yards avg       34 TD's passing  169.8 passer rating. 

Why did he regress? Beck and mechanics? Warriner and offensive play calling? Something changed. give me Barrett and his leadership all day long with the right coach for him. 

Who would you rather have?

Comment 09 Jan 2017

If true I wish him well. Not sure who was calling the plays the last two years but it lacked a lot. If Warriner wants to be a HC I can't see him taking a step back to O-line coach, but he isn't getting it at OC if he is calling the plays. Tricky situation for sure. Also call me skeptical but I felt what Warriner did for the inexperienced line in the NC year was much more impressive than how the line developed this year under Stud. Not sure what to expect. I am a bit worried about constant change. First losing ~14 players last year and next year having a somewhat veteran team with all new coaching philosophies. Not a big fan of all the change. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017
The thought of looking under the hood (HC) is good, there should always be accountability. That said, I think Coach Meyer has earned a bit of skin here. If you only look at the one or two losses and potential close games and make an assumption Meyer should have a rectal cavity exam, I am sorry I believe that would be over the top. Look at the record at OSU, who matches it? Look at Urban's record as a HC no one matches it. It is fair to question things as I have but the first game where he has looked bad in 67 games is a bit of a hard pill to swallow when someone demands a cavity search. Live, love, and laugh! The Buckeyes are as good as they have ever been, even with a bad loss. In Urban I trust!
Comment 05 Jan 2017
Bingo! I also think all those pick six helped us look better than we were. Still JT is better than he showed this year and the receivers are better than they showed this year. I have 110% faith in Meyer. There seems to be a lot of coaches taking advantage of the Meyer "coaching tree effect" and I wonder sometimes if there may be "reaches" with the constant turnover (including Beck, promoting Wariner to OC and Strudraw (sp). Maybe more stability or 3 year commitments are the way to go. Or 2 years with a third for hot coaches with a bonus if they stay the third year.
Comment 20 Nov 2016
Guess what... the Buckeyes opened the 2016 season as the youngest FBS team and after 11 games they are still the youngest FBS team. They are building experience but are still collectively "young". Guess what... they are 10-1 with a chance to go 11-1 and make the CFP. And guess what.... this team will show better than Sparty did in the playoffs even being the youngest least experienced team in FBS. Do you really think this team should be as good as last year's team at this stage? Oh and guess what.... refs hats were blowing off their heads when JT was throwing the ball. Somehow the wind never came up when the negative "fans" think we should have played better. Critiquing is fine but too many are delusional about alot of facts.