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Comment 26 May 2016

Yep. Having an Ohio State alumnus and SEAL come in and talk about these principles is just awesome, as is the commitment to recognize and honor veterans and their families.

The other thing I thought as I read this (and maybe it was mentioned by the SEAL but not recounted here) is another SEAL slogan, especially from their BUD/S training days, and that is "The only easy day was yesterday", something that I know Urbz would love for all of the kids to take away. Not just as a football ethos necessarily, but as a life tool.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I hope that he uses the critical eye in recruiting and evaluating talent that only one who played like he did can have. I hope that he recruits hustle, tenacity, selflessness, and industry, all traits he carried in spades as a player.

Welcome home, Chris - how firm thy friendship!

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Exactly. And unfortunately, our "news at all costs" media is enabling this bullshit. I hate what our 24/7 media has become for this exact reason. I "cut the cable" and don't watch any TV news at all anymore. If I want to develop my own opinion of what's going on in the world, I turn to the internet; while it is far from perfect, at least there are lots of views of the truth instead of just one, and I can make up my own mind.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Should be "walking trails" in/around the CBus environs, but I will say Hocking Hills are quite nice - I stand corrected. Did quite a bit of hiking in said Rockies myself, and even in your fine state - Rock Creek ring a bell? Lolo National Forest?

Comment 18 Mar 2016

1. The Columbus Zoo: world class

2. Central location: easy drives to King's Island (or Dominion, whichever it's called now), Cedar Point, The Greenbriar, Indy, etc.

3. Center of Science and Industry (COSI): outstanding

4. Great hiking/biking trails and many other outdoor recreation activities

The list goes on and on, but these are great for starters with your wife and kids. They'll never want for things to do, that I can assure you. I miss and think about Columbus all the time. GOOD LUCK and GO BUCKS