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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being present in Tempe to see my Buckeyes win their first national championship since I was a child.
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Comment 07 Nov 2015

Actually took a road trip to Bristol today to see the Severn (and stock up at the nearest Costco - Scotch selection surprisingly meh), and am now watching some prelims; go FSU! Cheers, Hove!

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I'm dying to know! The science sounds about right, but of course the total population can only be extrapolated if the size of the user group is known. Great question!

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Right - like as in 2,000 regulars and 18,000 lurkers? Unless, of course, there are 20k "regulars" or "named users", then it's 20k/180k - that is a LOT. I would still like to hear it from the site guys, who I am sure have these kinds of statistics.

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Normally I take Wikipedia with a huge grain of salt, but there's some real research embedded in there! Based upon an estimate of the 10% (those with user id's who comment with some frequency >0) as maybe around 2,000, that would size the population of lurkers at around 18,000. Site guys - what do the analytics say?

Comment 26 Oct 2015

All good points, and it absolutely is on Ohio State to keep winning - that solves it all. I just hate the posturing and the politics behind the voting. Always have. I always am skeptical of the motives.

Aaaand boom: here is a better accounting of the weirdness than I could've made http://www.elevenwarriors.com/college-football/2015/10/62170/poll-watch-ohio-states-lead-at-no-1-grows-while-iowa-makes-a-steady-climb-to-no-10

Comment 26 Oct 2015

The only point I'd argue is that these snakes will take any opportunity to give their team a boost, and that makes it harder for those they don't (like us) to climb back up. I don't necessarily feel that we're deserving of the #1 rank for the points you mention, but I damn sure don't think TCU, LSU, Baylor or Clemson should leapfrog us, either. They will, though.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I agree with you. Depending upon what the others do against weak opponents (expect romps: Baylor vs. KState on the road, Clemson vs. NC State on the road, LSU on a bye, and TCU against WVU at home), I wouldn't really be terribly surprised to see them drop to #5 - LSU's bye will be better than ours...

This is a great chance for these asshats to move up some of the other teams. Watch and see.