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Comment 23 Jan 2015

Is that you, Craig Krenzel? Love your work, man.

If not, welcome just the same. Look forward to your work. :)

Comment 23 Jan 2015

OSB, I am with you on this one. I think we should all remember this in coming seasons - these are kids, some more mature than others, and some more gifted than others. When they typically thrive, it is under the leadership and guidance of professionals, and Warinner is one of the best. Urban's assembled a great staff who are also individually very good at what they do, and we all need to trust that they know what they're doing a hell of a lot better than we do.

If there's a time in the next 12 months where there are missteps - a loss, a few blown assignments, or disciplinary actions, and we know there will be some of one kind or another - let's all stop with the "FIRE WARINNER", "FIRE FICKELL", or "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH ASH" type comments on here. I think we're all better than that, and words have some permanence in this forum. They can come back and bite back.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Yep. There was a 6'10" guy out here at SDSU a few years ago, and he rode the pine; bad footwork, and he couldn't stay low - he'd get worked just about every time they put him in. I remember that OSU was after Skipper, and I was sort of hoping we'd get him. Didn't work out.

That's what I like about Feder, though - as a wrestler, he's already used to shooting low and using his base for leverage. Time will tell. It's a high-quality problem to have, and I think he's already got a lot of what someone that big needs.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Same here. When you Google image search Kevin Feder, you'll see a bunch of these arm shots. I keep thinking it can't be right, but damned if it isn't. I can't wait to see him operate - being that he's a wrestler, I think his footwork's going to be pretty good, and he sure knows a thing or two about leverage. But, sheesh - 7'0" and maybe 375-400 lbs.  by the time he's done? WOW.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

GM3 - This is always a tough one for me, because Matta can't dribble, shoot, or pass. Only his players can. I think nowadays with having to cater to the personalities and a prevalent entitlement mentality, his job gets tougher every year. Yeah, and I am with you on Slam and Shannon, and obviously on Craft's last couple years - little progress on their j's at all.

I agree with you on adjustments. The schematic side of basketball is up to the coaches - they do have to get the players into good situations for an open look, into positions to execute presses coming off shots, etc., but the X's and O's of this comes down mainly to Matta's assistants these days. If we look at the turnover OSU has had in its assistant coaching staff (Jent, Groce, et al), we may find our answer.

I was kind of hoping that Boals/Paulus/Dickerson were going to be able to help on this front, but it doesn't seem to be panning out that way.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Yeah, I agree. The important thing will be for him to not fall back into a natural tendency and to enjoy things as they come. Everyone's a little different in terms of what those tendencies are, but in coach Meyer's case I think it is to work harder. I think he's learned that working smarter > working harder. It's wonderful to watch, that's for sure.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

NO, that would be Dennis Franklin is the root of all evil. Should've gone to Ohio State, as he continued a bad trend of Ohioans going north of the border to play football.

Good fun. Good to see you back on here, M Man. 312 days :)

Comment 19 Jan 2015

We share a love of OSU basketball, for sure, and also an absolute respect for Hondo and Lucas, but I think where we part understanding is a player's role in his own development. Coaching only gets one so far.

So let's recap - in Matta's 10 years at OSU, they've only ever NOT made it to the NCAA tourney twice (once when they were on probation and once the year that they won the whole thing over at the NIT tournament), and in their appearances they've only not made it past the second round twice. That wouldn't exactly speak to either a "totally cupcake" schedule or an inability to "coach up" talent, although I also have been concerned about the short bench we usually see. He's also thrown in 4 B1G conference titles just for good measure, and 3 additional "regular season" crowns.

That kind of record, along with 9 NBA draft picks (which after this season will definitely go higher), will keep one employed. That's a fact. I, too, get frustrated every time I see Amir Williams brick another bunny, loaf back up the court, lose the handle on another sweet feed pass, or bring the ball down off the glass on an offensive rebound only to have it stripped away. However, as I have said before in this forum, I think what Matta's really lacking is someone with an ability to coach the bigs on fundamentals, not fundamental coaching skills.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

I don't know when, but if you keep putting yourself into position as he has (making the sweet sixteen, elite eight, and final four), eventually one will go his way. He's had an obscene abundance of talent, for sure, and probably should've won one before now, but we can't lose sight of the fact that he's running a very good, very successful program that is turning out good people. I like that just about as much as I like winning. 1A and 1B, in my book, and I have been a fan my entire life.

Watching Eldon (Elmer Fudd) Miller piss away wins with a lot of great talent was WAY more frustrating than watching Thad's teams, trust me (if you didn't see it yourself).

Comment 19 Jan 2015

De-fanging? PC-ization? Watering down? In principle, historically, it's been an apt phrase that most don't get too rankled over, but there are a lot of people on this site who take exception to that characterization, FWIW.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

You've got a lot to say for being such a new member here. Above you say it's two McDonald's All American 5-stars with zero growth, and here it's 3 kids with no growth. I think if you set aside Amir Williams, whose problems are attitudinal, the other seniors who see significant minutes (Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson, and Trey McDonald) have all improved.

You need to lighten up and dull that axe you've been grinding for Matta. Dude's the winningest coach we've ever had (or close to - I think he passes the legendary Fred Taylor soon, if he hasn't already), his kids stay out of trouble and graduate, and he's taken us deep into the tournament. He'll win it all one day before he's done.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

1/2 million living alumni (and growing), plus all of the untold millions who support our fine alma mater, can't be wrong. It always amazes me to see Ohio State - on a sweater, a beanie, a decal, you name it - everywhere I go, both near and far. We're out there in big numbers that most universities that aren't Texas can't even imagine.

O-H, indeed!