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Comment 22 Mar 2017

My ex-wife graduated the day he gave that speech, and I am here to tell you - there wasn't one dry eye in that entire place. It's up there in the top 5 of the all-time great memories I have had in my lifetime, and there have been many great memories, the births of my three children taking up the top three slots. 

Comment 20 Mar 2017

The hot plate under Thad's rear end should be uncomfortably warm all next season. Little change to the roster + little or possibly no change to the staff = little change likely for outcomes next year.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Agreed. Basketball or football, though, I think there is risk in betting on the "character side" of a 5-star recruit (inside or outside of the state) vs., generally, a 4-star or even a 3-star recruit; the 5-stars might have the entitlement attitude that a 3- or 4-star might not, simply because the lower-ranked kids have more to prove and might be more earnest and hard-working than their higher-ranked counterparts. For that reason, I would like to see more in-state guys in the 4-star range get a look over the nationally-visible 5-stars. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that those guys may pan out with fewer issues.

I think in the case of the basketball team specifically, 5-stars are being directed by other recruiters to look at the lack of player development at OSU, as well as the state of Matta's health and continued longevity with the program (right or wrong, true or false), and those things not only stick but also are difficult to counter. I think we are in the midst of a long descent in the success of the program for these and many other reasons addressed in this thread.


Comment 14 Mar 2017

In fairness, AZ, a lot of the top football talent in OH is leaving, too, IMHO. Urban is a global recruiter, sure, but I also think we could use some more of the in-state talent that is being left off the list of "must gets".

Comment 03 Mar 2017

I was a student and devoted basketball fan during the Miller years. Even before I was an Ohio State student, in high school I was a rabid fan, like you were, I suspect. Unlike you, I also had played high school ball against several of the Buckeyes on the roster at that point (Joe Concheck, Troy Taylor, and Ronnie Stokes, as well as others in pickup games around campus and what used to be Larkins hall), so I am in a little better position than you to know how good these players were vs. what Miller got out of them. Thoroughly mediocre. Absolutely relevant.

Now, I don't have the same firsthand knowledge of the current players, but neither do you, so all we have in common to go by is the trend of the program and our views of what contributes to its success and failures. Key to my statement above is "what Miller got out of them". 

We can also agree that there are too many current players who aren't interested in playing defense, and that there is a lack of leadership. I certainly am not of the opinion, as you seem to think I am, that Matta's career highlights and contributions to the program and university should be negated, as some here seem to feel. However, as far as being the face of the basketball program is concerned, the success and failure of the program unfortunately falls at his feet, fairly or unfairly, and the program is in decline in that regard. My point is: exactly when did leadership and a defensive mindset become something that is completely outside of a coach's control? 

You seem to want to keep mixing your comparisons between player's accomplishments and coach's win/loss records and accomplishments . Fact is, coaches and their assistants get fired if their teams start underperforming, irrespective of the individual accomplishments of their players. Coaches steer the ship - player evaluations and development, schemes and strategies, and ultimately wins and losses. Recalling my statement above, what Matta is "getting out of these players" is my concern - the talent level, man for man, is presumably better today than under Miller's watch - but the team's performance is declining. 

Comment 02 Mar 2017

You can find it to be whatever you want, and we're not talking football here, we're talking basketball - I would never make the comparison in any way between Cooper and Tressel, although one might say that Cooper was at least at par in recruiting talented players. So the point of my statement about our basketball team, if you want to bring Cooper and Tressel into the conversation, is that Cooper wasn't getting the performance that Tressel did out of similar caliber players. Miller/Matta.

The fact is that the last four years of Thad's career have been declining against his previous performance, despite the opinion that he's said to have been recruiting well. Eldon Miller had a ton of talent and couldn't do anything with it, generally - I was a student during his tenure and had to witness the futility firsthand; were you? I'm thinking not. Thad's last 4 years' .653 winning percentage against Miller's .607 isn't radically better, and Miller's teams actually did better in the postseason during his last 4-year span than Matta's have in theirs.

I am not in the "fire Matta" camp, mind you, I just don't see the team cohesion any more and I sure don't see any progress. He can't rest on the laurels of what he did 6 and 10 years ago. Would you say he's got a job for life? THAT would be absurd, wouldn't it? You could say it's the players, but isn't that part of the coaching equation, too? Something's changed.

Comment 02 Mar 2017

He's become the Eldon Miller of our time, although in fairness to Thad, Eldon never made the final four or the NCAA championship game. I am with everyone on here who shakes their head in wonder as to the defensive decline - I am a firm believer in the old adage that "offense wins games, defense wins championships", no matter what the sport is that is being discussed.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

That's a very somber take on what was meant to be a encouraging post. I have never purposefully correlated a game with real life tragedies or war - one's a pastime, and the other's a dark side of humanity, and I understand that ne'er the twain shall meet. As far as "spitting flames" is concerned, again, not meant to be a quote from a movie or a reference to "guns ablaze", but rather a characterization of how powerful our offense ought to be. Whether they will or won't live up to that characterization, to be fair, has yet to be seen, but I'd rather not see them "shooting blanks", either. Lighten up, man. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I consider myself to be an objective, thoughtful, and inquisitive person with a college degree. My objection is to anyone (and I mean anyone, with opinions on just about anything) speaking to the masses - just because they have a microphone and/or a camera in front of them - as though their opinion is more reasoned, informed, or valid than anyone else's, and strictly because of their own self-importance, that it should therefore be adopted at face value by all who hear or see it. Most of these dopes are just good at pretending like they know something, and they start to believe that they really do. 

I have my opinions on things, and I frankly do not care if a "Hollywood type" agrees or disagrees with them. I do, however, object to anyone with little veracity seizing the "bully pulpit" as though they have a unique insight into any truth. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

You're absolutely in the wrong for characterizing someone who has a gold tooth and tattoos - or whatever in the hell else you want to throw in there with your stereotype (Dreadlocks? Saggy pants? Beats?)  - as being a "character problem". Any way you want to paint being "wrong", you're that shade. Keep that kind of comment to yourself and off of this forum. It's unacceptable. 

Comment 27 Jan 2017

Not me, especially in the years before he and Herbstreit teamed up. I always looked for this, and was rarely disappointed: opposing team has the ball = Brent's tone and pitch were higher, and his comments and mood lightened; OSU has the ball: flat, even tones until the other team did something great, OSU put the game out of reach, or they did something miraculous to win - then he was "all Buckeye". It used to drive me frickin' crazy. I, like other posters have mentioned doing, used to turn the telecast sound off and the music up whenever he did a game.

I was at that Rose Bowl game, so I didn't hear the broadcast. Will have to check it out.

Comment 26 Jan 2017

I know that all broadcasters are supposed to remain objective, but in my opinion he only ever did when Ohio State went ahead in the score. I guess his bitterness from those days of watching his NU wildcats get curb stomped by the Buckeyes (and his obvious hatred of Woody Hayes) never left him, and it showed. Good riddance from the booth, Brent, but best wishes for your health and a long and happy retirement.