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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Looking skyward in elation in Tempe, AZ and thanking God that I got to be there when my Buckeyes won the first national championship since I was a child.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Of all time? John Havlicek. Now? Sam Thompson.
  • NFL TEAM: Chargers
  • NHL TEAM: OK, OK - the Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Clippers
  • MLB TEAM: Braves
  • SOCCER TEAM: OK, OK - the Crew.

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Comment 19 Sep 2014

I almost bit to chime in and say "San Diego", but... you'd have to believe that they're really an NFL team.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

HA HA !! Yeah, it's all funny until someone loses a book :)

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I was lucky enough to have received an autographed first run copy of "Tishomingo Blues" from Elmore Leonard through a mutual friend. It wasn't his best work, but I had been a longtime fan of his writing and I treasured it.

So I got the book, put it on a prominent shelf with other prized collectible books I owned, and told everyone in my family to NEVER take the book out of the house. Some years later, as I am putting my things in a box and preparing to exit my marriage, I see that the book is gone, and I ask my ex-wife if she knows where it is. Her response: "I don't know, I must have given it away."

No point here other than to connect DJ's dot's - a dead marriage, links to Elmore Leonard's and George Orwell's writings, justifiable scorn of wrongdoers, and the fallacy of trust.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Thanks, all, for the suggestions and updates on some things! The 'dube, Skull Session, and Varsity Club are old haunts/favorites of mine, and I hadn't completely ruled them out yet! Just wanted to see if there had been any new developments a la the Heineygate type of atmosphere, mostly, but the parking tips are helpful, as well; there's a lot more of it there now than 10 years ago.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I watched and enjoyed him from the lower level of 11B for four years as an undergraduate. It was a great pleasure to meet him in person in Tempe, and have him graciously pose for a photograph with my three kids. Solid, lovable, gentle, and committed Buckeye. RIP Orlas.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

The Toe.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

M Man, I love that you call things pretty straight. We're glad to have you commenting on here, and even though we don't always agree, it's good to get some outside perspective.

We still want our team to beat your team's ass, but we respect that you want the same and can engage in respectful commentary.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

You could probably put just about any mediocre quarterback behind that line and have some success. These two are actually good quarterbacks - and really good athletes - so once they shake the jitters, I think they're going to be fine. Control the turnovers, be patient and let the line execute in front of you, and let the defense get you the ball in good position. This team will win 9 games if it just doesn't turn the ball over. There is obviously upside from there.

My biggest fear now is of Barrett trying to "do too much" - those things that may look like "gutting it out" or "stretching for the extra yards" may lead to fumbles, INT's, or worse, injury. If that happens, then I am really worried.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

One should never wish one's life away. Get ready for one hell of a ride this year, I think. We'll want to savor ever week.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I am still firmly of the opinion that he's going to get himself into some trouble that the POPO can't get him out of. He'll take himself out of consideration. Hate to say it, because I think everyone deserves a second chance, but there is a lingering odor around this kid that just won't go away.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Welcome, Tim, and good luck! <If you're not pissing off about half the readers here, your stance may not have been strong enough>

Comment 12 Aug 2014

You're correct. However, a true leader would've made sure to take the time to vet the facts before weighing in with a decision, and it's unclear if that's what happened. Could be that the report (flawed or otherwise) was all he read and therefore thought he had all of the information he needed to act, but the cries of "foul" and "scapegoat" make that claim seem a little hollow.

My son went to UC-Irvine while Drake was there, and while he and I never spoke about Drake specifically, I did look into campus happenings and administrative decisions from time to time, and overall I still think OSU got a very good president. I have said this before and will believe it until he proves otherwise. Not sure I'd be ready to anoint him the vanguard of a new order just yet, though - he could still step in it, and as more facts come to light about this case, it looks like a railroading job.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Kids are very clever at finding ways around preventive measures and/or lying about knowing ways around them. In principle, it's easy to see why the facilities managers would say "no way", but I saw first hand that kids used to be able to smuggle a keg in for use in the upper level of B deck in section 11; how does that happen without an insider? Answer: not possible.