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Born in Hayes Kansas in 1962, father went to University of Kansas, then on to University of Washington for his PhD, first job at The Ohio State University in 1969, my first Buckeye game was in 1972. Attended Worthington HS graduated '81. Flunked out of The Ohio State University, too much time on High Street and keeping up with OSU football. Graduated from William Carey College in Hatttiesburg, MS home of the USM Golden Beagles. Went back to Columbus, followed parents down to Memphis, TN where father works for Univ of Tennessee (Pharmacy and Med School there). Still bled Scarlet and Grey!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My only visit to scUM Stadium was a win in 1981.
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Comment 08 Jan 2015
The key on offense will be long drives in the running game early maybe some deep passes (Hopefully One TD to D Smith for TD). On defense getting up 10-14 early will allow substitutions and keep our starting D rested to shut them down in 4th Q.
Comment 06 Jan 2015
In the 1969 Rose Bowl we wore white uniforms even though we were ranked #1, the year before Indiana wore red and I'm sure they were ranked lower than USC. Not sure how they choose who wears what color we wear we got the Best Damn 3rd String QB in the land!
Comment 15 Dec 2013

I'm not in denial, it was just as bad as '72, '74, '98 because IT DID keep us from a shot. The '06 and '07 were worse BECAUSE we WERE in the CG and LOST.

Any time you are in CG and lose those are the worst.

The second worst loses are those that keep you from getting to a chance. For instance the '73 tie* kept us from a chance at a NC therefore its the second kind of loss that can occur.

Everybody entitled to their opinion though.

* corrected my error I had typed loss, but meant tie, sorry

Comment 13 Dec 2013

I remember I was looking forward to the season with Rod Gerald starting didn't turn out that way. Art got the start and PSU killed us if I remember right 19-0. The only other thing I remember from the Gator Bowl were those damn Clemson cheerleaders, "Push em back, push em back way back. When Woody threw the punch, knew it was over.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

4th and 2, oh well, good bye Invite to NY for Heisman & POY for tOSU.

Kenny G stepped up for B Miller, so I think we would have been fine w/o him. Perhaps B Miller gives a slight edge overall, but I liked Kenny G's passing better. Perhaps we would have lost two or three games if Kenny G had been QB, we'll never know. I've seen us lose a few games but other than the FG from OU back in '77, I don't recall a precious play like I will the 4th and 2 call against MSU, it will live in infamy.

Nobody really filled Hydes shoes, Hall did pretty good, but not the animal Hyde was, Wilson still young and scUM actions (though I believe justified, needed to show maturity and not allow thugs from Michigan to bait him).

B Miller struggled down the stretch, Hyde got better, and because of this the 4th and 2 call, it will live in infamy. And this Hyde deserves the POY. Shazier 2nd, Bosa 3rd. 


Comment 10 Dec 2013

I agree with you. Why you got a negative vote I don't know, you spoke the truth. You didn't say not to win big, you just said it wouldn't do anything for us. The team in the NC game already whipped them and as you said they struggled against weak opponents.

Comment 10 Dec 2013

What hate, Mark May and the the bozo's are picking tOSU in their Bowl.

They're now talking about the awesome 24 winning streak and believe it it or not HOW Tough it was to pull off.

Ohio State is a Northern team that has had success. These people down here still talk about the war (no not  WWII WWI but the Civil War and hate Yankees). They know Sherman and Grant came from Ohio. Now ESPiN is in CT, but they are the AssEC Network along with CBS so they poor it on for their conference of choice. That hate is never going away!

Comment 10 Dec 2013

2011 is the only REAL failure we've had in sometime, we lost 4 games in a row first time since 1943 and happened also in 1922 as well as 1898. The only time we lost more in a row was 5 in 1897.

If we hadn't lost to Wisconsin in 2010 we would have been in NCG (and we should have been). This year we had a bad defense but the best offense we eve had so if 2006 and 2007 are failures you'd have to say 2010 and regardless of what happens in the Orange Bowl this year is a failure, we were expected to play for a NC this year.


Since you start every year out wanting to win a NC, IMHO the only truly Successful year was 2002. The other's with the exception 2011, the other years were good to great years anytime you beat Michigan is a great year. 

2006 and 2007 were better years than 2003 when we lost to Michigan. NEVER good when that happens, but you make the best of a bad situation by winning a Bowl, doesn't make up for the L to Michigan though.

I'd rather play in a NC, then a lower Bowl. I'd rather lose to FSU than Clemson, I'd rather beat FSU than beat Clemson. A win against Clemson does nothing for us, I think we win, but it doesn't help. A loss only adds more criticism. Yes we would be criticized for losing to FSU, but I'm use to it. you can't win a championship if you're not in the game.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

OU is the only team we would have a shot at beating. Lots of people are brining up the 1998 team comparison, I think 1974 is probably closer. We'll play tough but probably lose to Clemson (and we'll have to hear 1978 over and over again). Push em back, push em back way back - that is a haunting sound from the last time we played them.

Comment 07 Dec 2013

Remy great post as usual


Buckeyes ranked #2 vs ranked MSU (#16) 1-0

Buckeyes ranked vs MSU when Bucks are ranked higher 10-1. The #20 ranked Spartans beat the #15 Buckeyes in 1987. The other 9 times a higher ranked Buckeyes team played a lower ranked Spartans team they won.

The 3 worst loses were 1972 (#5), '74 (#1) and "98 (#1), Spartans were unranked. This leads me to believe when Spartans are good Buckeyes are prepared and win. Ranked Spartan teams are 5-10 vs Buckeyes. Lower ranked Spartans vs higher ranked Buckeyes 1-10.

Only 3 times since 1965 has MSU scored more than 21 points (1965, 1998,1999). MSU is 4-0 when scoring 28+, they are 6-3 when scoring 23+. When MSU is held to 23 or under they are 7-25.

10 of tOSU's loses are when they are held to or under 13 points, the 3 times we lost when scoring more than 13 (20-1912,20-1951, 24-1998).

Last years game was the first time OSU was held under 20 points and won vs MSU.

The Buckeyes record when scoring vs MSU:

17+    28  3  0  (0.903)

20+    27  3  0  (0.900)

2 loses we scored 20 points (1912,1951)

21+    27  1  0  (0.964)

The loss was a 24-28 loss which will live in infamy 1998

25+    20  0  0  (1.000)


Just about every other team OSU plays in the Big Ten you'll find OSU winning a few games 7-0, 10-7 and losing a few games 21-24, 24-35, not this one this is cut and dry, MSU has to keep OSU off the score board. On the other hand tOSU can give up 20-24 points and win.

OSU is 8-1 when both teams score at least 20 points, yes that one loss was 1998.

OSU wins they go to NCG and MSU goes to Rose Bowl. There will be no argument if MO wins, they (Sports Media) placed their bets on Auburn. I think MO wins, but even if they don't OSU will have beaten the #1, #3 and #9 defenses in the country.

Great job again Remy!

Go Bucks!




Comment 07 Dec 2013

Wilson left, Braxton right, Hyde up the middle. Dr Miller (precise throwing as a surgeon) & Mr Hyde (no explanation necessary). The receivers and TE's have to catch the ball when thrown to them. Hyde gets over 150, something that has happened only 5 times against MSU by 4 backs (Wells, George, Snow-2, Combs). 18 backs have run for 100+ yards in 22 games (Griffin-3, Snow-2, Wells-2, Ferguson-2). There were 2 100+ rushers in the 1976 game. Buckeyes are 4-1 with a 150+ rusher. They are 18-4 (0.818) with a 100 yard rusher.


As far as passing goes there have been 8, 200+ passing games. Herbie passed for 201 in a 27-17 win over MSU in 1992. Buckeyes are 6-2 with a 200+ passer. Troy Smith passed for 249 in 2005, good for second next to Mike Tomzcak's 256 in 1984, both wins.

When the Buckeyes have a 100+ rusher and a 200+ yard passer they are 4-1.

The closest the Buckeyes came to having a 100+/200+ game was 2003: Krenzel passed for 213, Ross ran for 125.

Everybody says we haven't seen a defense like this, malarkey, we've seen the 3rd and 9th best defensives, they haven't seen an offense like ours.


Comment 06 Dec 2013

I said 28. Buckeyes are 27-1 when scoring 21+ (20-0 when scoring 25+)points, the one loss 24-28. Bucks are 28-3 when scoring 17 or more.When the Bucks score 20 or less we are 1-12.

MSU is 5-8 when scoring 20+(2-0 when scoring 30+; 3-8 in the 20-29 range). They are 7-22 when scoring 20 or less.

I don't see this MSU team scoring 30+ on our team. They could score in the 20-29 range.

I believe the  Bucks can score 28 blind folded against most teams, but this is the #1 defense. I still believe they score at least 28.

We've never lost when we've scored at least 25, I don't see that changing.




Comment 04 Dec 2013

Before '98 there was 1972 and 1974. Perfect seasons ruined. If the Bucks go out and play tough, we'll be fine, if however they don't MSU is good enough to hurt us.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

I don't think Urban Meyer is going to fire his D coordinator the week of the B1G Ten Championship, lets not forget a lot of guys have been banged up, we have even lost a Captain this year. One thing you can say this D doesn't quit. Who knows maybe during the break Fickle may take a head coaching job somewhere else. If not I'm sure after the Bowl game changes will be made. No problem with people complaining, but it isn't going to change the way UFM does business. Right now his focus is doing whatever he can to patch the holes, firing Fickle now will cause anger by the Defense players and would be a huge DISTRACTION to the team. And a new coach coming in this week wouldn't be able to get his schemes in any ways. So as far as criticism goes I'll save it until we lose or the season ends. UFM watched the same game you and I did, and he gets to watch the coaching film as well. Changes are coming, but not now.

I have enough confidence that our offense can out score any team in the land. And enough in our defense that they can make the stop when needed, otherwise we wouldn't be 24-0. No doubt if the want to keep the streak going, the D is going to have to make changes but a complete change now would be detrimental for the rest of the season. 

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I say they should have to do community work in the state up north for a day. My God Wilson was mugged by 5 or 6 guys those guys up north ought to be coming down to Ohio to do some community work as well.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Better worry about MO, who lost to SC who lost to TN who lost to FL who lost to FCS GA Southern.

Oh how the might SEC is hurting. When the SEC stops losing to FCS teams then they can come and tell us how bad we are


Comment 28 Nov 2013

Aweso_e as usual Re_y.

The record for winning streak against TTUN is 9 by _innesota 9, 10 if you count the tie that was before the 9 win streak and go with non-losing streak. Just think a win and we are 0.500 the last 10 ga_es in AA.

Go Bucks!