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Comment 19 hours ago

I have never left the Pryor bandwagon and have been a big fan of the man since he stepped on campus!  That has never changed and I agree - time to acknowledge the man as one of the greatest QBs we have had - period.  Had it not been for Tatgate, J.T. would be chasing his records this year!  Sadly, in the NFL, he has played for two teams on my 'can't freakin stand' list but still rooted for him to succeed anyway!  Loving the tide of positive vibes he is generating now!

Comment 18 Feb 2017

It depends - does Ohio State want to be highly competitive in basketball or do they want to be loyal to Thad because he has done so much for Ohio State and he is a good guy?  When it comes to high stakes massive scale programs like Ohio State - it will be and should be 'what have you done for me lately' situation.  I stopped watching OSU basketball about 3-4 years ago because Thad's teams appeared to be undisciplined, unmotivated, and unprepared... I just got tired of watching sloppy and uninspired play.  I think it has gotten bad enough that recruiting will (or already has) start to suffer big time.  Since I don't follow it - that recruiting impact may have already started for all I know!  

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I am perhaps in the minority here, but I am a fan of Franklin!  He is a decent human being, all Vandy rumblings aside, he is funny, tough, and obviously a good coach!  Every interview I have seen with him I walk away being impressed with him.  I can see why recruits respond to what he is selling.  I HATE everything else about PSU, most of all their cult followers - but I do like J.F. and I hope he stays around for a while!

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I don't care about the score as long as we have at least ONE more point than those bastards!!!  Since it drives Booger Jim MORE crazy (if that is possible) to lose a close one, I'm for waiting until the last second to rip his blackened heart out, spit on it, and crush it like a bug

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Happy birthday Woody!!!  You were a big part of my father's life and mine growing up!  You were a great great man sir!!!  The Buckeye Nation will forever celebrate your coaching tenure and more importantly, the lessons you taught us in life outside of the gridiron!  

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Way worse than the Bee Gees. The Bee Gees have talent

Holy shit - worst thing I have EVER read on this blog and it would absolutely invoke a throat punch if I was standing next to you!  Not only was the Bee Gees' music complete crap - it was disco, even worse than complete crap!

I've seen the Rolling Stones 7 times and they are, without a doubt, the greatest rock and roll band of all times both in the studio and on stage.  Uff, I've got to go throw up and rinse my mouth out with a entire bottle of mouthwash to get the taste of your statement out of my mouth!

Love your work D.J., but that line is BLASPHEMY SIR... blasphemy I tell you...

Comment 17 Jan 2017

I will admit, I have screamed about yanking J.T. out of some games because, quite frankly, his performance was not all that good... missing wide open receivers, holding the ball too long, and just plain not moving the offense.  Sitting here in the post apocalypse of the Clemson game - I am actually ashamed of myself when it comes to J.T.!  I really have been a huge fan of this man since the beginning but at times, I realize that it was more on me than J.T. for I have become accustomed to OSU blowing out people or the outcome of the game was already known - it was just a matter of by how much, and that attitude led me to scream as I watch OSU's offense just stink it up.  I feel horrible for the criticism this man has been exposed to and I am embarrassed that I have been guilty of it here on this blog!  As an adult, an rabid Buckeye football fan, I will do better next year!  I want J.T. to come out and beat the ever living shit out of everybody and secure his rightful place as one of the all-time great OSU QBs!  

To J.T. - I humbly apologize for my stupidity and vow to remain a huge supporter of the Barrett!!!