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Comment 18 Mar 2017

It's pretty obvious to me - if J.T. improves his accuracy and Wilson/Day do what we all hope they do - I think J.T. will cement his legacy as the GOAT!  Personally, I think Beck and Warriner messed up with his head and along with all of the aforementioned issues (line, receivers, play calling, etc) he looked, well, really bad at times!  All season long, to me, it just appeared J.T. was second guessing everything, hesitating, and highly unsettled!  I'm hoping that all goes away and we can get back to seeing a super confident, accurate, and high performing J.T. we expect!!!

Comment 12 Mar 2017

I love the fact that Schiano stayed around another year!  It is the perfect fit for him to hang around a great program, doing nothing but coaching the defense - all while getting back into coaching after his, um, well - let's just say NFL experiment.  There are just certain coaches that are just better in the college environment and I think he is one of them!  What he did at Rutgers was astounding and I think his time at OSU is vital to getting the bad taste of the NFL out of his mouth!!!

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Horrible news... We sometimes take life for granted and this is a very huge reminder that nothing is promised!  Live life to its fullest, every single day - even the shitty ones, for it may well be your last one!

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I have never left the Pryor bandwagon and have been a big fan of the man since he stepped on campus!  That has never changed and I agree - time to acknowledge the man as one of the greatest QBs we have had - period.  Had it not been for Tatgate, J.T. would be chasing his records this year!  Sadly, in the NFL, he has played for two teams on my 'can't freakin stand' list but still rooted for him to succeed anyway!  Loving the tide of positive vibes he is generating now!

Comment 18 Feb 2017

It depends - does Ohio State want to be highly competitive in basketball or do they want to be loyal to Thad because he has done so much for Ohio State and he is a good guy?  When it comes to high stakes massive scale programs like Ohio State - it will be and should be 'what have you done for me lately' situation.  I stopped watching OSU basketball about 3-4 years ago because Thad's teams appeared to be undisciplined, unmotivated, and unprepared... I just got tired of watching sloppy and uninspired play.  I think it has gotten bad enough that recruiting will (or already has) start to suffer big time.  Since I don't follow it - that recruiting impact may have already started for all I know!