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Comment 17 Jan 2017

I will admit, I have screamed about yanking J.T. out of some games because, quite frankly, his performance was not all that good... missing wide open receivers, holding the ball too long, and just plain not moving the offense.  Sitting here in the post apocalypse of the Clemson game - I am actually ashamed of myself when it comes to J.T.!  I really have been a huge fan of this man since the beginning but at times, I realize that it was more on me than J.T. for I have become accustomed to OSU blowing out people or the outcome of the game was already known - it was just a matter of by how much, and that attitude led me to scream as I watch OSU's offense just stink it up.  I feel horrible for the criticism this man has been exposed to and I am embarrassed that I have been guilty of it here on this blog!  As an adult, an rabid Buckeye football fan, I will do better next year!  I want J.T. to come out and beat the ever living shit out of everybody and secure his rightful place as one of the all-time great OSU QBs!  

To J.T. - I humbly apologize for my stupidity and vow to remain a huge supporter of the Barrett!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Wilson reminds me of every coach I ever had... I got blasted by a cutback block once and a few plays later, after I was able to clear the cobwebs out of my head, the coach rolled up to me and said something like: I didn't see any bones sticking out or open sucking chest wounds so get your ass back out there.  Times have changed - some for the good, some for the bad!  Either way, I'm sure the pressure won't be as significant for Wilson and he will fit in just fine under Urban!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Not a fan of the anti-boom messages, but I've come to expect it given these are young kids with a ton of people in their ear 24/7.  What I do know is that Urban and team have a stream of studs coming to OSU and that is all that matters!  I do believe that the new kiss of death is when a kid says he is 100% committed to play at <insert name of school here>....

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Ed as an OL coach.... absolutely.  Ed as an OC... absolutely not.  Whether he was in over his head... don't care.  The offense under his watch (insert Tim Beck's contribution here) was not productive, predictable, and had we not had superior talent, responsible for a few more losses!  Bring on Wilson

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Personally, I have no problem with OSU being ranked 6th.  That Fiesta Bowl game was a horrid showing and it made us look amazingly weak - that obviously stuck in the voter's mind.  When you get blown away 31-0, it is really hard to argue with anybody about it!  

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Ah, the power of the Internet - where anybody, after 2 years of education, and make an ass out of themselves for all to see!  I am amazingly fortunate that I have the mental facilities that have enabled me to be successful in life and never, EVER have a video of myself acting/looking like a completely unhinged, ignorant moron!!!  Thanks to my dad for always drilling the lesson of taking years to build a image/reputation, and a second to forever destroy it!

I hate to say this - but Roll Tide tonight for I will NEVER, ever root for this ass grabbing, ball fondling group of sexual predators... I hope Saben crushes Dabo all night long and I can only hope that one of these morons tries to finger a Bama player and gets his ass kicked!

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I'm sorry - I stopped watching OSU basketball about 5 or 6 years - I could just no longer stand watching a Thad coached team.  All I saw was a continuous stream of teams that were inconsistent, unprepared, under performing, and just plain fucking aggravating.  I will wait until he retires or is asked politely to leave and then I'll get back on board... until then, I certainly don't need any more stress in my life!!!