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I am a devote Pastafarian and a member of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! I have been touched by his Noodly Appendages!!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl Game watching Ohio State dominate the U to win the National Championship!!!
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Comment 2 hours ago

It is - but D.J. mentioned in his blog post that he was told it has to go away this year... we disagree!

Comment 3 hours ago

Looking for my pitchforks and torches now!!!

Comment 24 Aug 2016

As I stated in an earlier story, I had been a Chargers fan since 79 and I even went to Miami to watch them get pounded by the 49ers in the Superbowl.  I started to become disillusioned with the crappy product they have fielded over the last decade or so and when the Spanos family basically told the entire city of San Diego and the fans of the Chargers to either build him a new football stadium or go fuck themselves, followed by his attempt to move the team to LA - that was the last straw!  I tossed my Charger gear in the trash and will never root for that team again!  I personally am glad Bosa is holding out and I hope he goes to another team!

Comment 20 Aug 2016

I was a Chargers fanatic since 1979 up until last year when the Spanos family tried to whore themselves to the NFL to relocate to LA.  The Spanos family did nothing but tell the city of San Diego and all their loyal, rabid fans, who have supported an average to shitty franchise all these years, to go fuck themselves!  That is when I chucked all of my Charger stuff in the trashcan.  It pained me to see Buckeyes get drafted by them last year but I am now hoping Joey does tell them to stick it up their asses... 

Comment 18 Aug 2016

I actually don't think Harbaugh goes back to the NFL - there is really no reason for it!  He makes a ton of money, gets to rule with an iron fist over 18 year old kids, and he can basically get away with murder in AA and still be drooled over by their fanbase, alumni, and university... don't see it happening.  Having said that, he is a whack job with a massive ego so anything is possible!