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I am a devote Pastafarian and a member of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! I have been touched by his Noodly Appendages!!!


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Comment 24 hours ago

Sorry - never been to a fall wedding... none of my friends are ignorant enough to have a wedding on Saturday during the season!

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Cracker Barrel Jimmy... has a nice ring to it!  You guys fill up on pancakes and bacon... the Buckeyes will fill up on coach Mick's menu and we'll see who shows up in better shape!  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Frankly, I am amazed we didn't drop in the polls but elated to see we didn't. Along with everybody else on this board - still can't understand the love Bama always gets from the voters... If you get beat, you shouldn't be ranked ahead of the team that beat you and has the same record - but what do I know!

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I am elated that we are 5 - 0, however, this team has some serious issues right now.  If it weren't for Zeke, this game would have turned out different!  The defense did what they needed and held us in the game, however, if it weren't for a ton of dropped passes by WIDE open receivers, the headlines would probably no be in our favor.  The offense has returned to Tressel ball and that is f@#$ing disturbing!  Cardale is not the same QB he was last year and his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired.  He looks way too tentative on making every single decision and the play calling reminding me of the walrus... luckily our schedule is pretty easy but we are losing style points BIG time and that may hurt us in the playoff race.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

HORRIBLE game all around... outside of Zeke, there wasn't one positive point!  We are not even remotely close to a top 5 team and the OC reminds me of the old Earle Bruce days. Yeah, we won - but other than having a small advantage in the score - OSU got it's ass kicked in every single facet of the game tonight... Sorry, Cardale - you were awesome last year - but seriously, right now - you are just plain awful!  I can't remember a QB outside of Bauserman, that missed so many open receivers...

Comment 27 Sep 2015

They played much better but like everybody said - lots of room for improvement!

Cardale just doesn't look confident back in the pocket yet!  Last year, when he took off running, he took off running.  Now, you can see him fighting himself to either run or throw and that led to some bad decisions on his part!

The Buckeye defense gave up so head scratching big runs on the same play, time after time after time!  Again, fixable, but head scratching why they kept gashing us on it!

All in all - much better than the last two games and we are 4 - 0!  Bring on the Hoosier daddies!

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Okay - color me an idiot but why would you want to eliminate a system that got you the title?  You're recruiting QBs that are athletic to run the read option offense - but now you want to move to a pro style type offense?  What am I missing here?