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Comment 18 Sep 2016

I'm guessing that ass whooping did not help Oklahoma's chances for some of these kids!  It HAD to be impressive for these recruits to see the massive hoard of Buckeye fans in the stadium and how much Ohio State dominated the game throughout!!!  Just can't wipe the smile off my face!!!  We are in the presence of probably one of the most dominate runs in Ohio State history - and that is saying something!

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Great great great article!  We are so fortunate to have him as our head coach along with his newly found zen!  A healthy and happy Urban means great things for the Buckeye Nation and his tenure because if he's truly happy, there is NO reason for him to move anywhere else!  He is exactly where he wants to be and where he needs to be.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Interesting question on how long Schiano will stay!  His stock is no doubt rising and will probably continue to ascend throughout the season if they play at this current level.  My completely unprofessional, un-knowledgeable assessment - if a dream job comes along, he'll say adios - if nothing big comes along, he will ride the Buckeye Train for another year!  He is obviously having a blast in his current position and enjoying not being the head coach.  He's getting a big salary, has elite athletes to coach, and is doing what he loves!  That may also be a huge factor in him staying around for a few years.  Again, that is just my opinion - I could be wrong!

Comment 09 Sep 2016

The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival was the best when I lived in Ohio!  Mmmmm buckets of melted butter soaked ears of corn and copious amounts of cold cold beer!

As for the Buck I Guy - I only go on what I know.  I had a chance to hang out with him in Dallas during the glorious CFB Championship game and he was a ton of fun.  He always had a smile on his face, took an endless amount of pics without asking for a thing, and spread a ton of positive Buckeye vibes the entire time!  I get what others have said about him but during my hour or so hanging out with him - I had a blast and like the guy!