sEc(S)PiN worst Nightmare - What 2 Loss team from the SEC, ACC, Big 12 or PAC 12 does UNDEFEATED OSU play ?

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October 20, 2013 at 11:24p

I live in Tennessee but spent time on a Big 12 campus (Kansas University) a PAC 12 campus (University of Washington) and most my youth and early college years were spent on a Big Ten campus (The Ohio State University) before finishing college in SEC country and now living were SEC's University of Tennessee Medical campus is located in Memphis home of the Liberty Bowl were I cheered on UCF to beat Georgia a few years back.

With everybody talking about 3 or 4 undefeated teams, I thought I'd do it a little different.

I believe every major college team with the exception of tOSU will have at least one loss. The Buckeyes will be the only undefeated team at the end of the regular and Conference Championships. I thought it might be fun to look at every school besides tOSU having at least two losses. Who would play OSU. Should we do what Herbstreit said and GIVE IT to Alabama because of their past 2 National Championships. Even though he believes if tOSU goes B2B undefeated that shouldn't matter. If I remember right according to former President Gordon Gee he lead us to our greatest victory against the team up north 13-13.

 In the ACC

Clemson loses to South Carolina. FSU beats Miami (FL) loses to FL (1).   Miami loses to FSU(1) and VT(2). 1 loss VT loses at BC (2), beats Miami (FL). VT(2) beats FSU(2). Everybody in ACC now with at least 2 losses.

Clemson, FSU, Miami (FL), VT all finish with 2 loses


  In Big 12

Baylor loses to OU (1) and Texas (2). OU (1) loses to OkSU (2). OkSU loses to Texas(2). TT loses at OU(1) and Baylor(2).

Baylor, OU, OSU, TT all with 2 loses. Tried to work it so Texas would end up with 2 but couldn't work it out, however, you can work it out but would have to throw one of the others out.

  In the Big 12

Oregon beats UCLA, loses at Stanford(1), loses to OrSU(2). Stanford loses to ND(2). UCLA loses to Oregon(2). Pac 12 CG who cares they all have at least 2 loses!

In the SEC (Herbies conference)

   MO loses 2 from SC, TN, at Ole MISS, aTm. Alabama loses to TN and LSU, beats Auburn.

Now everybody in SEC has at least 2 loses and we haven't even gotten to the SEC CG. Even if AL loses only 1 in Regular season they could lose the SEC CG.

In the Big Ten

OSU wins out wins B1G Ten CG only undefeated team left. Wisconsin wins out. OSU beats MSU or Neb in a very close B1G Ten CG.

Should OSU play that team over, a rematch with Wisconsin?

Or should  2 -2 loss teams from a conference other than the B1G Ten play each other?

It has come to this where every team has to have 2 loses before they will consider OSU!

BTN and B1G Ten Comish better start speaking up, the guy who runs the NCAA, put one of his SEC boy's in charge of the playoff system and we are to believe it's going to be fair?




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Whoever wins the SEC is in no matter what. Damn the Ws and Ls. It's just the world we live in right now. Heck, the SEC team would probably be favored.

Our Honor Defend!

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As described, the other team would be the SEC Champion. With equal records,the team winning the conference that has won the BCS for the past hundred years straight gets in. 

ONE Not Done!

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I would be more interested to see who would get in from the SEC if Bama lost in the championship game but that was their only loss. 

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If that happened, it'd just be a rematch in the MNC game. A 1-loss Bama vs a 1-loss or undefeated Missouri, in Pasadena. That would be an exciting game....

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Oh see I was thinking that might be a way that the SEC champ doesn't make it in the title game. If a 2 loss South Carolina or Mizzou beat them for their only loss, for example. But if that was the case you could make a solid case for an SEC-less title game. 

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The more Tennessee wins in the SEC the worse it looks. How can you say Oregon doesn't belong? That said, I could see Oregon stumbling as well....

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It would probably be LSU...


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Your scenarios probably are noted with horror by ESPN. Still, I agree with the above comments. The SEC is ESPN's cash cow and vice versa. The lobbying for the SEC champ would be too much to overcome. A sound OSU victory under those circumstances, however, would smash numerous baseless biases the CB media has been based on ...

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

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What if there's not a two-loss team in the SEC? The only teams I have confidence in finishing with less than three losses are Alabama and, maybe, Mizzou. Maybe. I agree with BENW that a Bama loss in the SEC championship game to anyone might be a knockout, though. That's a tough time to lose and, this year, a less-than tough opponent to lose to.

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I could see a 2 loss minimum for all far more in the SEC than the Pac12.  I'm hoping for 1 Oregon loss, I don't see a second.  No way does Oregon State clip the Ducks although I would love to see that.