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October 23, 2013 at 12:34p

Just a quick question for anybody who knows... Obviously, the Iowa game was last week and on hand was Justin Hilliard from Cincy checking out not only his Hawkeye brother, but the Bucks as well! Anybody know how his visit went? I looked around on some sites but didn't really catch anything to how the visit went. I guess I summarize by saying I  haven't heard much on him and if were looking good to get this guy for '15 class. Let me know what you guys think or what you may have heard. I know every Sunday Michael Chung from the "Ozone" writes his recruiting rundown, but I didn't see Hilliard listed. I have to say I think Justin is a must get for 2015 because he is a stud linebacker (which we really need depth wise) and he's a in state kid I really don't want leaving our protective border. Thanks guys! Let's go get #20 this week! Also have to say I cannot wait for this Saturday night! I hope to see the shoe just absolutely rockin with noise and attitude! Thanks again guys/gals for all the insight! Love reading your various threads and posts. Learning a lot because of you all. Blessed to be part of the THE greatest fan base in the nation. God bless and Go Bucks!

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I know they're recruiting him, from everything I've read, Hilliard is an Iowa lean with his brother there. But it's over a year a way and Urban & Co. are some of the best recruiters out there, so you can't count them out.

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@XUBUCKEYE Thanks for the response! I kind of have heard a little of the same just from various sources, but nothing to in depth. I realize his brother being there helps Iowa, but I must say I love our chances against Iowa for this kid. What I HATE is ht was at TSUN a few weeks ago visiting. Hopefully he comes our way with Glover-Williams and Hilliard at the #1 and #2 prospects in Ohio in our class, I like the way that would shape the rest. Already have Glover-Williams. Have to get Hilliard. Thanks again for the insight!


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How in the world do I get a downvote for this post?


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Sometimes it happens by mistake when people are using their phones. Don't worry about it and I wouldn't bring up up/down votes or it could end up like this thread:
In regards to Hilliard- his recruitment will be very interesting over the next year. He is a very good player and is one of the top kids in Ohio so obviously OSU would like to get him. With Berger and Booker committed and Trey Johnson, Perry and Cam Williams returning (and Shazier, right????), our depth at outside LB might concern him. The good thing is that Urban recruits kids to play day 1 and I am sure Hilliard knows that. The bad thing is that he is from Cincinnati Northern Kentucky so I think it will be an uphill battle.


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@MH277907 haha thank you! You bring up some great points! Appreciate the reply! Take care!


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I certainly didn't down vote you, but this seems more appropriate for the forum as opposed to a blog post, and that could be why? I'm certainly not the internet police though, so who knows.

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From what I understand, he liked LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, and will look at Iowa because of his brother. Did not like Alabama. I also heard that three weeks ago, so maybe something changed. 

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@ECSAGESTER Great insight! Thanks a lot for the input! Take care!


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Maybe one of the assistant coaches at Alabama gave him an interest free loan.  They are allowed to do that at Alabama as long as they pay it back as soon as the NCAA finds out about the loan.  They also defer payment on chargers and hummers for up to 4 years.  

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In an unrelated note I saw Chung tweet that Holley and Samuel would like to play together in college.... so that obviously plays in our favor.
But yes, Hilliard is a must get #1 rated OLB by 247, with Mitchell, Johnson, Berger, Booker, Hubbard and hopefully McMillan in the last couple recruiting cycles, we land this kid and a couple other studs our once 'weakness' at the LB position will quickly turn into one of our strengths.

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I read somewhere that his top three are: Iowa, Scum, and ND

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@DUBLIN68 Hopefully we change that!


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Justin Hilliard didn't end up visiting for the Iowa game. A few weeks ago, he told me he was planning too, but it seems like that was changed since he has visited OSU a ton. If I recall correctly, he visited Clemson instead. 

He tells me he doesn't have a list or any favorites. Notre Dame, Michigan, Iowa and Ohio State are usually the four most mentioned schools. It's nice to see him visiting a lot. 

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@JORDANWAGNER Wow! Thanks for the updates! That helps a ton! Take care!


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@MikeDyer: #Alabama offered St. Xavier junior LB Justin Hilliard, says St. X coach Steve Specht #enqr #cincyfb