Meyer Knows Michigan

Urban Meyer grew up a Buckeye on the shores of Lake Erie. He needs no introduction to the Ohio State-Michigan game. For Saturday will be the culmination of years of dreaming.

That R Word

Ohio State has made it through four revenge games this season. The fifth one, though, is the most pivotal because it's against Michigan.
19 Nov 2012
by Sarah Hardy

Hate GIF: The Scrap

This Hate GIF features Ohio State wide receiver David Boston and Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson coming to blows at the end of a first quarter play in 1997.
19 Nov 2012
by 11W Staff

The Senior

John Simon has literally given his blood, sweat and tears to the Ohio State football program for four seasons. On the eve of his final game as a Buckeye, the workhorse defensive...

Debriefing: Wisconsin

Ohio State finally decided to give the ball to Carlos overtime. 11-0 feels mmmmmmmk, and now it's Michigan week. These boys are going hard in the paint headed into the...
18 Nov 2012
by Jeff Beck

Your Early Games Open Thread

It seems like only yesterday that a young freshman from Deerfield Beach, Florida was bursting onto the scene in the Big House. Today, Denard Robinson will play his final home game...
17 Nov 2012
by 11W Staff