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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The "Midge Game" vs. the Yankees in the 2007 ALDS
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Comment 29 May 2020

Funny enough, that scouting report's incredibly similar to what his coach told me.

"He's fun to coach for a couple different reasons. One, his skill level, because he's so advanced. But here is some of the bigger reasons. One, he's very humble, very coachable. He listens very well. He will listen to what's said in practice. He's a great teammate and he's unselfish. It's not like he's out there getting his. He's going to make the right play, and if the right play is Sean getting to the rim or knocking down a shot, that's the right play. But if the right play is penetrating to the basket and hitting the open man, he does that as well. To me, it's not only the skill situation. It's those intangibles that really make him a joy to coach."

Comment 29 May 2020

Definitely agree. Maybe the most consistently entertaining Twitter account on the OSU beat.

Comment 24 May 2020

Two and done! You're right, accidentally left him off. Fixed that.

As for 2021, it's hard to know without seeing how they use Wilson in the slot this fall. I think what you suggest is absolutely possible. But I won't lie, after watching Wilson play slot in the spring (even though I think we could see just two practices), he looked pretty damn natural there. Very interested to see him in the spot during games this season.

Comment 20 May 2020

I think it'll be very different.

They won't be playing through a center – either inside or outside (yes, Kaleb played a lot on the outside, but to that point, there's no big man who shoots the way he did from behind the arc). Their wings (Sueing and Towns, specifically) will be much bigger scoring threats and will handle the ball significantly more than last season's wings. Either of them, really, could lead the team in scoring, which wasn't the case last year with Andre Wesson. And Liddell and Washington will be more involved as scorers, too.

Altogether, I don't think it'll look too similar to last year (or the year before).