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Comment 10 Aug 2020

Not unless something changes. They're focused on big men. 

Miller is definitely more of a forward who plays like a wing than a true big man. Far from a center. 

Comment 31 Jul 2020

Funny story...

Holtmann and Pedon were sitting courtside at the St. V-Sierra Canyon game in December to watch Malaki Branham up close. On the other side of the scorer’s table just a short walk away? Lebron, his wife, Maverick Carter and a few others. Was paying attention to see if they’d interact at all, and they didn’t. I thought it was weird that Holtmann never went over to them to say hello. I mean, the guy supports Ohio State publicly and literally has a locker in the Schott. Even if he doesn’t know Holtmann, it would’ve been an opportune time to introduce himself, in my opinion.

Asked about that... From what I was told, OSU coaches couldn’t have the in-person contact with Lebron since his son was a freshman in high school, making him a recruit. It apparently would’ve been an NCAA violation. So they sat and watched the game from half of a court’s length away from each other. The recruiting rules never cease to amaze me. 

Comment 27 Jul 2020

I think it's possible. But I'm expecting them to add a big, whether via recruiting or transfer. 

I haven't heard much about Diallo recently. I'd expect a bit more out of him this year. But the big I have heard some decent stuff about is Zed Key. They like his frame a lot (listed at 6-8, 245 with a long wingspan) and think he'll be able to bang in the post as a freshman. He's not a five-star center or anything like that, but they believe he'll be a high-character, winning big man who can be a successful four-year player. His floor is pretty high, in my opinion. As we sit here today, I'm of the mind that he's going to get more minutes than Diallo this season. 

Comment 27 Jul 2020

In that scenario, I think the transfer portal would be a potential answer. Would give that better odds than finding another 2021 big we don't already know about.

If they decide not to go to the portal? They'd look for late-rising guys. I don't really know who those would be yet.

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Seems like a good chance OSU is leading.

I haven't had that specific intel, but those around Ohio State have been feeling good about him for a long time. A few months ago, an OSU coach told me he believed they were in the top tier – he wasn't sure if they were No. 1 or just among the top couple options. Nothing since then has happened to change that.

Michigan's involved and has been for a little while. Honestly not sure how I'd rank the others at the moment. Like I said, Efton doesn't necessarily like playing the recruiting game and is pretty quiet with info.

More so than anything else, I'd say Ohio State right now has to hope he doesn't reclassify into 2020. There's no room for him in that class. If he stays in 2021? Buckeyes are right in the thick of it and could be leading.

They're undoubtedly further along with him than any other big man. That's just a fact. If Holtmann's going to land a top-50 big man in the 2021 class, I think it would have to be Efton (there's an outside chance they make up ground for Bediako, Kepnang, Etienne or Holmgren, but they're playing from behind for all four, and who knows if they'll be able to get any of them on campus before they decide).

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Provided Efton Reid stays in the 2021 class, he's the top target. They're in a good spot with him. Got him on campus way back when visits were a thing. He's a culture fit, a fit on the court with what Ohio State wants to do and would see immediate playing time. 

Consider me optimistic about Ohio State's standing with him, but he's also fairly quiet about his recruiting process. 

Comment 22 Jul 2020

To reiterate the plans moving forward...

If Ohio State gets Malaki Branham, it'll be done in the backcourt for 2021. Would be a heck of a pairing with Meechie. Then, it'll aim to snag a big man to fill out the class. They'd be willing to sign someone else in the Efton Reid-Charles Bediako-Chet Holmgren-Micawber Etienne-Franck Kepnang group this fall (would technically be over-signing since they only have three rising seniors). Reid is the guy they're closest with, but he's a reclassification candidate and there are other strong programs in the mix for him. Not sure I'm overly optimistic about the others, to be honest.

If Ohio State doesn't sign one of them, it'll evaluate and recruit others during the 20-21 season. Could be a late-rising big they feel comfortable in or potentially a transfer who they sign next spring. They'd decide that in time which way to go if they don't get someone in the aforementioned group. Won't be any rush on the Buckeyes' end.

Comment 22 Jul 2020

Yeah it's just not out of the ordinary with how this specific recruitment has gone. I do think it'll be Ohio State. But the coaching staff hasn't been alerted yet. 

Comment 20 Jul 2020

If Malaki picks Ohio State, Efton Reid definitely becomes the No. 1 target on the board. 

Not as optimistic on the Buckeyes' chances there just because there's a chance he reclassifies late to 2020 (and they don't have any open scholarships), but they've been going hard after him for a long time. The relationship between him and Holtmann/Pedon is strong. They've got to hope he stays in the 2021 class right now. Would obviously be a home run. 

Comment 19 Jul 2020

Not yet.

I was told yesterday Alabama was making a last-minute push and there was still some thought Louisville could be in it. But I also felt like it was Ohio State and Xavier at the top when I spoke with Branham.

My prediction would be that it’s Ohio State, but I’m not yet ready to push that confidence meter to 10.  

Comment 19 Jul 2020

A couple of quick recruiting updates that'll be in a story tomorrow...

Talked to Josiah Harris, who said Ohio State's been reaching out consistently about every day the past month since coaches can reach out directly. Ohio State, Kansas State and West Virginia are the three talking to him most often. Think the Buckeyes are in a good spot with him. He's in no rush.

Also spoke with Sean Jones. Said Ohio State, Xavier and VCU call him most. Purdue, Virginia and Iowa text him most. Know there's been some worry from fans about offers to other 2022 guards and what that means for Jones and Paul McMillan, etc., but he said OSU's always in contact keeping him up to date with what's going on behind the scenes. Don't think that's much of a concern for him. 

Comment 18 Jul 2020

Yeah that’s my fault. I meant “very close” to a commitment. Decision has been made, he says (though until it’s public, it would be naive to think it couldn’t be changed).