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Comment 26 Nov 2020

Wrote this piece last year. The photo of Luther Muhammad does not hold up. A lot of parts within the article about how Holtmann wants to build the team do, though.

He listed off Jay Wright’s Villanova, John Beilein’s Michigan and Tony Bennett’s Virginia to go along with Painter’s Purdue as programs that have won consistently in the way he envisions doing at Ohio State. By recruiting well, developing players and having veteran-filled teams complemented by strong cores of youth. 


“I think when you saw Thad’s incredible run, it was always an incredible mix of older guys that he had been with two, three, four years and some young guys and really talented,” Holtmann said. “There was always that mix during his incredible run. Hopefully we can get back to that kind of sustainability.”

To have Ohio State rolling, Holtmann has to lock down the best in Ohio (Branham, Meechie), get some guys who might be lower-ranked whose personality fits into the backbone of what you're building and will be around for the long haul (Etzler, Brown, Key, Hardman) and some top-50 out-of-state talent (Gayle, Thornton). I really do like these three classes a lot, especially since I think these are guys who will buy into how Holtmann runs the program. Getting an impactful center is clearly the No. 1 next move. There's a reason why Ohio State's been going after some of those top big men...

Comment 26 Nov 2020

I'll see what I can find out on the big man front over the next week or so... I know that's the big thing everybody wants to know. Luckily for OSU, they've got ample time to figure it out and can now focus all their efforts on bigs (and forwards in 2022, if they decide to go that route).