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Comment 13 hours ago

He's having doubts because he has no clue who his position coach will be. I'm not sure if it's so much about Stud or if it's just the fact that they can't tell him who it will be if it's going to be someone else. And Stud leaving wouldn't cost them Paris Johnson. Johnson has been on campus about 50 times so of course there's a relationship there, but he was Meyer's guy.

Comment 13 hours ago

Think there may have been some miscommunication with that. I'm of the understanding that OSU isn't able to guarantee who his OL coach will be. I have no idea if PSU is feeding off of that, but I definitely don't think it's another one of Franklin's bogus "LJ is leaving" stuff.

Comment 17 hours ago

I do think he'll take some more visits but from what I gather it will be tough to get him to sign elsewhere. He's actually somewhat close with Stud so we'll have to see how further coaching changes could shake things up.

Comment 18 hours ago

Just now catching up on this. 

I think blaming Day for any of this is borderline asinine. He's got some major damage control to do and that's going to happen any time your school loses someone like Urban Meyer. The same is going to happen at some point in his career when Larry Johnson leaves and he has to handle all of the guys that committed because of LJ.

Jordan Battle grew up in Florida while Meyer was dominating at UF. He committed to Ohio State because of Urban Meyer. The minute there were talks about Meyer's future being up in the air was pretty much the moment I thought that kid was gone (Nov 5 to be exact). Seems like there was a bit of optimism lately but I believe that was because his family was telling media outlets and coaches what they wanted to hear.

The biggest issues right now – as far as the coaching staff goes – are Stud and obviously Bill Davis. How many times have we seen a kid commit to Ohio State BECAUSE of Stud? Sure seems like he's the least active recruiter but overall the OL play hasn't been near as poor as linebacker. I honestly think the secondary will be fine. This season Arnette and Sheffield have mostly been meh or even bad, and while there are talented guys behind them, they just weren't ready yet.

Also the coaches being on recruiting visits with Day is absolutely zero indicator of whether or not they'll be back in 2019. That's been a hot topic on some sites and it really doesn't tell us anything one way or the other.