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Comment 19 Aug 2017

I wasn't talking about the past three seasons. I was strictly talking about last season. Don't think anyone can argue that the passing game wasn't a problem in 2016—QB and WRs alike. Outside of Noah Brown against Oklahoma, I think the wideouts definitely underperformed. J.T. clearly had issues too, of course.

Comment 05 Aug 2017

Thanks for the reply. Agree wholeheartedly on Webb being the weak link last year. Mostly agree on Sheffield, but I don't know if it's totally fair to use his departure from Bama against him. Maybe it was solely a talent thing or maybe it was just a bad fit or a combination of the two. Not sure.

As far as "counting on the 5 star freshman who are on the bench to carry your argument" -- not sure what you really mean by that. I even said in the article that the vast majority of the talent is unproven and it's likely unfair to expect too much immediately. That's precisely why I feel Ward is so important. 

I agree that the best is usually the most talented, and certainly the best players are the ones we expect to see on the field the most. But I think this year may be a bit of an odd year for that. I don't think many would argue that Okudah and Wade are probably more talented than Damon Arnette. I also don't think many would disagree if someone were to suggest that Arnette will see the field a lot more than both of them barring something unforeseen.

If we are talking about the projected starters, then I don't think they are anywhere close to tops in the country. If we're talking about talent and recruiting, then I think they are right up there. Maybe saying most talented group in the country was an exaggeration, but I don't think they're that far off.

Comment 30 Jul 2017

Ohio State really likes Herron, but they will sign 3-4 DE this year and then only take 1-2 in 2019 if I had to guess.

As mentioned above, I think we have a pretty good idea who they're going to be.