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I used to work at Abercrombie. So, pretty good folder.


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Comment 29 Jul 2018

OSU definitely wasn't getting David Bell or Elijah Higgins when Zach Smith was there. Not sure what will happen with Hartline but early returns are definitely making it sound like he covets them both more than the previous regime. Seems like OSU has a better shot with Higgins than Bell at this point; partially due to Garrett Wilson being on the case. Maybe they'll take a harder look at Wandale Robinson as well? 

Comment 29 Jul 2018

May not have any impact but it’s better safe than sorry. If they know they can get Jarrett/Rashawn Williams even if they wait a bit then that’s probably the right move. Would guys committed for 2020 impact Jameson Williams and the remaining 2019 targets? Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t. But I can see why they wouldn’t want to risk that considering all the negative recruiting that takes place.