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Comment 05 Aug 2017

Thanks for the reply. Agree wholeheartedly on Webb being the weak link last year. Mostly agree on Sheffield, but I don't know if it's totally fair to use his departure from Bama against him. Maybe it was solely a talent thing or maybe it was just a bad fit or a combination of the two. Not sure.

As far as "counting on the 5 star freshman who are on the bench to carry your argument" -- not sure what you really mean by that. I even said in the article that the vast majority of the talent is unproven and it's likely unfair to expect too much immediately. That's precisely why I feel Ward is so important. 

I agree that the best is usually the most talented, and certainly the best players are the ones we expect to see on the field the most. But I think this year may be a bit of an odd year for that. I don't think many would argue that Okudah and Wade are probably more talented than Damon Arnette. I also don't think many would disagree if someone were to suggest that Arnette will see the field a lot more than both of them barring something unforeseen.

If we are talking about the projected starters, then I don't think they are anywhere close to tops in the country. If we're talking about talent and recruiting, then I think they are right up there. Maybe saying most talented group in the country was an exaggeration, but I don't think they're that far off.

Comment 30 Jul 2017

Ohio State really likes Herron, but they will sign 3-4 DE this year and then only take 1-2 in 2019 if I had to guess.

As mentioned above, I think we have a pretty good idea who they're going to be. 

Comment 29 Jul 2017

So you think I was just "throwing out a guess" when I CB'd Harris to Auburn before everyone else, Kradel to Pitt, Pope and Tyreke Smith to Ohio State, Clark to UK, etc? Or Andrew is/was just guessing with his Teradja and Pope stuff? He used to live in VA and knows a ton of coaches there.

I mean those guys definitely do a good job and I think all of the Ohio State sites bring something to the table, but your stance on this is a bit strange I think. No one gets everything right. Not even Steve Wiltfong who is probably the best in the industry.  

To each his own though, I guess. 

Comment 28 Jul 2017

I would be a little surprised if Oweh waits that long, but I guess you never know. My crystal ball has been on Ohio State for a while and I don't have any reason to change it at this time. I genuinely think he's a bit torn between OSU and PSU, but I keep coming back to the whole "I want to go somewhere that will develop me" thing. And that obviously just screams "LJ."