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Comment 11 May 2018

I usually try to make a note on crystal ball picks, but I've been slacking lately. 

- Marcus Washington: Put the pick in about two weeks ago. Was told that he may be the top WR target behind obviously Garrett Wilson. Also was told that Ohio State feels as though they can get practically any of their guys at WR this cycle with the lone exception maybe being David Bell (because of his desire to play basketball). I know Missouri is in the running, but I'm guessing Bama is the top competition. I see Allen Trieu also put in a pick, and that's good news because he knows his stuff and recently talked to the kid. 

- Jonathan Allen & Trevor Keegan: Put the Allen pick in last week and Keegan yesterday. The Allen one is probably pretty obvious since he's an in-state kid who was just recently offered. Not trying to knock the school, but he's the rare Dunbar product who seems to be a really good kid who is also solid in the classroom. I probably should have put the Keegan one in a while ago, but I was a little hesitant with Darnell Wright out there. We've said it before, but Ohio State is certainly slipping with Wright and tackle may be the biggest need in the class. Guessing they take three tackles and right now I'd say that would be Jacoby, Allen, and Keegan. Someone who would definitely know told me that the staff likes Nester as a guard right now despite his tackle size. 

- Zion Puckett: Put the pick in yesterday and I'm certainly not 100 percent confident on it. However, a Georgia guy (who was really dialed in on the Cox and Haselwood recruitments) told me that he thinks it will be Ohio State. I know the staff is high on him and likes him at defensive back. Stanford probably the main competition but if Georgia ends up pushing then it could be especially tricky. 

Comment 09 May 2018

That was me who said that on Knox. I think there are several ahead of him on the pecking order (many of which are listed in the OP). Both OSU and Tennessee are concerned about his speed; especially OSU. 

Comment 07 May 2018

Essentially, it means that anyone associated with a prospect cannot be hired as a non-field coach within two years of the prospect’s signing (read: high school coaches primarily). That is a very limiting rule since there are only nine on-field coaching positions. And if you do hire a high school coach, he can’t recruit a prospect from his former school for two years.