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I used to work at Abercrombie. So, pretty good folder.


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Comment 07 Aug 2019

He’d be at the top. No reason for any optimism right now but I know there’s been communication. I would have felt a little better if Bigsby was still trending to South Carolina.  

Comment 06 Aug 2019

If you take away Fields, Cox, and Luke Ford that would put Georgia at 309.05. Take away Snead, Baldwin, and Blue Smith and Ohio State is at 312.48.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Saw that as well. If the reason for his departure from Georgia really was at least partially because of a disagreement with the coaches over his position, then I suppose maybe it could happen (meaning it wasn't all because of drugs or whatever). I just know OSU wasn't happy with the way the whole flip to Georgia went down.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

So the other day we were talking about running back recruiting and how Michael Drennen II and a few other guys fit into the picture. Someone posted his top 10 and I suggested that he was likely only a take for maybe two of those schools on the list right now. It turns out I was entirely wrong and he's been officially offered by basically all of those programs. They absolutely want him.

Comment 05 Aug 2019

About a month ago I mentioned there was a reason for some optimism on Watts. I see the secret visit to Ohio State has now gone public, but that’s what I was referencing. At least I don’t believe it was previously reported. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

It's a struggle, honestly. Every single name from last month is gone with the exception of Cowan. No one seems to have any idea which RB is the priority right now. I suppose that's not a total surprise since they seem to be fine with waiting to see how senior seasons unfold. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I do think it's fair to move Drennen up a few rungs. Just not sure if the staff is wanting to get someone (not named Bijan Robinson) now or wait and see how their senior seasons play out. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Yeah I got that part. 

“why would Ohio state take him if they didn’t say he was a take?”

That’s the part I’m not following. He’s not committed or anything.