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Comment 20 Feb 2020

There were multiple occasions during press conferences last year where coaches expressed that they still wanted to see more out of Wilson in practice.

For example, Kevin Wilson said in November when he was asked about Garrett Wilson: "I think Chris Olave is a young man that has a combination of talent but tremendous detail in his route-running and his work habits, whereas the young guys sometimes, we think Garrett gets away with not as good a release as you want but he's still quick enough or a good enough athlete to make an acrobatic catch. I think he's just one of those very talented young guys that you're trying to get him past, because as you continue to play, as games get bigger, talent gets equated. And when you play in the upper echelon of our opponents and as these kids get moving even past here to the NFL, to be great, you can't just rely on your talent. I think a lot of our young freshmen come in, they're so talented, they're used to that. And it's being able to go past the talent, have those great work habits, those great practice and fundamental periods ... So it's just him learning as a young guy how to practice at an elite level that matches the talent."

I'm not sure "weighing him down" is an accurate description, because he had a great freshman year, I just think they didn't think he was quite practicing at the level needed to maximize his talents yet. And since they were more public in saying that about him than they usually are, I'm sure they were trying to send a message to him and thought that would be a good way to motivate him. But I think some of that can be attributed to just being a freshman.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I'm referring to their playing style, not their size. I think Stroud has the athleticism and ability to extend plays outside the pocket to run the offense and make plays in a similar fashion to Fields.

Now, there's obviously a huge difference between doing that in high school and doing that in college, so I'm not saying Stroud is going to be the second coming of Justin Fields. He is going to have to put on some weight and he didn't actually run the ball that much in high school, so there's definitely development needed there. But I think he has the arm and athleticism to potentially be an elite quarterback if he develops on his current trajectory.

That's not to say that Miller doesn't, because I think Miller is more than capable of being the future starting quarterback at Ohio State too. But I had to make a projection, so I went with my gut instinct. Realistically, nobody knows – not even Ryan Day or Corey Dennis – who will be better than the other until they actually start practicing, and I expect the coaches to keep Miller and Stroud's reps as equal as possible throughout at least the spring so they can evaluate them as fairly as possible. But if I make one projection on one article, I'm not going to change that projection in another article when nothing has happened to change it. It really is just a guess at this point, though, if that's what you want me to admit.

As I wrote in the article, I think quarterbacks 2-4 on the depth chart could easily end up in any order, and that's almost entirely going to depend on how they perform in practices that haven't happened yet.