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Comment 19 Sep 2019

There was a play in the second quarter where he was held by the opposing offensive tackle and he was slow to get up, so I think it might have happened on that play, though he returned to the game after that. He didn't appear to suffer any injury on his last play of the first half though, so he could have played through an injury until halftime, which seems like something he would do based on what he said last week about playing through his previous groin injury.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

It's not my job as a reporter to tell the players how great they are. My goal as a reporter is to ask questions that lead to insightful answers. In my opinion, the questions that Doug and I asked were the questions that needed to be asked to the tight ends. I also didn't expect their answers to be "negative," and I would argue that the story is positive and provides insight into why the Buckeyes have been successful. But you don't get much insight if you only ask softball questions.

Also, Lori Schmidt is one of the most consistently positive people I've ever met. So while I understand why you might not like some of the questions that Doug or I ask, she's one of the last people I'd ever accuse of being negative.