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Comment 18 Jan 2021

Browning is a senior who was already planning to leave before his announcement today. We aren't doing front-page posts for the seniors' announcements unless they announce they are returning, because most of them aren't even doing announcements for leaving. (Tuf Borland, Jonathon Cooper, Luke Farrell and Justin Hilliard, for example, are 100% leaving even though they didn't announce it in tweets.)

Comment 17 Jan 2021

Harris was listed as unavailable all season, so I believe he was dealing with an injury of some sort. I don't recall ever seeing Gardiner in any capacity this season, but he's still listed on the roster and as far as I know he's still on the team. Young was buried on the depth chart at linebacker, but he might have more opportunities next season with Werner, Borland, Browning and Hilliard all being gone. And Johnson, quite frankly, just hasn't yet developed into the player he was expected to be as a recruit.

Comment 16 Jan 2021

They're coming later today. Time-consuming article to put together, and with everything else going on this week, it takes a little longer to get that done.