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I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2018 with degrees in Marketing and Journalism. And now I blog about sports online.

My second year of college, I started writing a blog by myself. I never really expected anybody to read it, and definitely never expected it to lead to a full-time job, but Ramzy Nasrallah stumbled across it, then one thing led to another and here I am – the full-time sports blogger.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Blasting Mike Jones' "Mr. Jones" in the parking lot outside of Jerry World before the 2014 National Championship Game, knowing EXACTLY what was about to happen.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Thrashers (undefeated since 2011)
  • NBA TEAM: Whoever hold's Jon Diebler's rights
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 20 Sep 2019

He thinks UCF is very good, that was the main point of the article if you read it in context. He certainly wasn't disparaging Ohio State. He's saying "Hey, UCF is legit good" while also saying Ohio State was even better and looked "as good looking as you can get." It was a compliment to UCF by saying they weren't drastically worse than the team he thinks is as good as you can get.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Yeah Ben Hartsock is probably wrong. He's definitely behind at least John Frank. But I stand by Clarett. I think it would have become a little more obvious if he wasn't hurt a lot of his freshman season.

But I really wasn't trying to split hairs, just point out that the 2002 offense had some players that stack up all-time. It certainly wasn't bad.