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I'm a 16th grader here at The Ohio State University. I'll graduate someday, but until then I'll keep doing college things.

I started writing a blog I made myself that a maximum of 10 people read. But I did the best I could for those 10 readers, and one of them happened to be Ramzy Nasrallah (there's a lesson here: don't suck even when you're sure nobody will know if you do). Oddly enough, he liked what he read and so did the rest of the staff. So here I am.

If you ever see what looks like a balding 15 year old wearing a homemade Chic Harley jersey on a game day, come say hey. I've got stickers.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Blasting Mike Jones' "Mr. Jones" in the parking lot outside of Jerry World before the 2014 National Championship Game, knowing EXACTLY what was about to happen.
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Comment 18 Sep 2017

Nothing definitive, but Haubeil really was not putting the ball where it needed to be for the kick coverage to work properly. Ideally, the ball is supposed to be kicked between the numbers and the sideline. He was placing it too far towards the middle of the field, and had been for a few games. They probably just wanted to see if the walk on could do better (and he overcompensated by drilling it out of bounds).

Comment 10 Sep 2017

To be fair, there were hundreds of people who yelled much less reasonable things as they passed by, they just wouldn't take the time to talk to me more in depth about it.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

There were plenty of people who walked past and yelled something like "J.T. Barrett sucks!" but very few people who actually took the time to speak to me were in favor of benching Barrett. That kind of surprised me, actually.

Comment 04 Sep 2017

I can't tell you why he waits till halftime, but someone who worked with the cornerbacks told me during the first quarter of Thursday's game that he expected adjustments at the half. He said Schiano is incredible at halftime adjustments, that he's incredibly detailed and it's amazing to see how the team executes the adjustments in the second half. He mentioned last season's Wisconsin game in particular, and he was spot on. But again, I don't know why he waits until halftime.

Comment 04 Sep 2017

It depends on what you consider "better." Baker Mayfield is not throwing a back shoulder fade better than Richard Lagow did on Thursday night. However, he is much more elusive in the pocket, is a threat to scramble on a busted play and might have a bigger arm. But he's not going to place balls, have better timing or make presnap reads better than Lagow did at the first half of Thursday night's game.

Comment 04 Sep 2017

They're actually playing how they were taught. They don't stick their arms up, they don't turn around and play the ball. They play the man and attack the ball as it comes, through the receiver's chest and up to his hands. The idea is that there's less margin for error. If you turn around and find the ball, and miss the ball or are in poor position to make a play, you're screwed. It also relies purely on your height and vertical jumping ability, and against a bigger or more athletic receiver, that's not a great thing.

But if you play it through the receivers chest and up to his hands, you can still make the play even if:

A) Your timing is off, because you're covering the entire process of the catch and not just the high point of the ball

B) The receiver is taller/can jump higher, because you're attacking the place where he's going to bring the ball down to (his chest area) after he makes the catch as opposed to the high point of the ball. That's why you'll see a lot of passes knocked out of a receiver's hands after he appears to make the catch (you saw Denzel Ward do this a few times – both successfully and unsuccessfully)

So no, that's not going to change next week. But also, it's not poor technique.

Comment 03 Sep 2017

I actually do not have access do your email address, so if you could email me at that would be great.