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Have ever found yourself in bed on a sleepless night, wondering to yourself, 'How does he do it? How does Johnny maintain his position at the top of the blogging world with such style and panache? What can I do to be just like him?'

Of course you have, and you'll be happy to know it's a simple three step process.

Step one: live in Ohio your entire life, save for one insane year in the far east, and obtain both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the finest university in the world.

Step two: become a mediocre writer. And I mean REALLY mediocre.

Step three: harass and annoy the creators of a semi-popular OSU blog until they give you a writing position out of pity. Coast forever.



  • SPORTS MOMENT: on a school bus after a swim meet, surrounded by my teammates as we watched the 2002-2003 championship game on a 3 inch portable tv screen.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: three way tie between krenzel, yao smith, and brian rolle
  • NFL TEAM: the bengals. i make poor life decisions.
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ. i can name more than three players now!
  • NBA TEAM: nooooope
  • MLB TEAM: reds

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Comment 15 Aug 2017

Curt made me 100 times more interested in wrestling than I would've ever been otherwise. We'd sometimes talk about movies or the Simpsons and he wrote into the Dubcast a lot (and he was a really fun dude to talk to), but honestly I think the thing I'll remember about him the most is his passion for the sport and how clear it was that he genuinely wanted to share that passion with others. A great, great guy who I'm going to miss a lot.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

The study simply proves that if you think you have CTE, you probably have CTE...

that's absolutely true, but when 87% of people across any kind of sample size all suffer from the same disease, and the most common factor is football, that suggests that there needs to be more study done on people who don't suspect CTE but still played for significant periods of time.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

boxing is an individual sport where both people involved know the risks and are fully aware of them. football is a team sport that requires a huge player base, and if it doesn't have that because of significant concerns about safety, then it's going to look very different in the next 10-20 years.

i think it's a mistake to view football as some unchangeable monolith that will be here forever; i also think it's a mistake to think that this is just a "football" problem