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Comment 14 Aug 2017

That's exactly what they are. The whole point of running a counter/screen/etc is to keep the defense from pinning their ears back and attacking the play you really want to run (which for Ohio State is always going to be the Tight Zone). Instead of running them on a different play, Wilson/Day are just combining the constraints into the same call, allowing the offense to get a much more honest look from the defense, but happily taking the free yards if they don't.

This, in my opinion, was the biggest obstacle holding the Buckeyes back over the past two years. In 2015, they were so worried about getting enough touches for certain players that they lost any semblance of a constraint and simply became predictable for long stretches. That same problem began to bleed over into 2016, as once defenses saw what OSU wanted to do with the new personnel, the play-callers failed to include much to keep defenses off-balance. 

That said, I don't know what the offense could've done to beat Clemson...

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Yes, although the spring game was extremely pass-heavy (and unlike what we'll often see in the fall), there were definitely some seeds of adding 'reliefs' to the core run concepts, such as backside hitches and slants and playside WR screens. 

Keep an eye out next week for more on this topic.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

Thanks for posting the bundle link, Hovenaut.

Crusader - as he noted, all the film studies can be found there, although a couple get bundled with preseason/bowl/spring previews from time to time. That said, we've put out at least 3x Film Study articles per month since the offseason began, and this was actually my final off-week before the season begins (meaning I'll be writing a Film Study at least once every week until January). 

As for your note about constraint plays - it's a valid point, and while there haven't been any pieces dedicated solely to the lack thereof, it was mentioned in a few. I tended to avoid writing too many autopsy pieces after last season, as I've found few people tend to actually read the content while most simply comment with their pre-existing beliefs (shocking, I know).

In regards to Wilson, he does use constraint plays as you described, and I examined how he did so at IU in this piece:

Thanks for reading and don't worry, you've got plenty of film studies coming your way over the next few months!

Comment 12 Jun 2017

A Bear front would play right into their hands since they're looking to run outside the tackles. Sure, it might take away some of the B-back dives, but they'll gladly take the ball outside.

As for the 5-DL look, I think that would actually hurt the defense even more since the outside guy being read on the pitch is likely less athletic and comfortable playing in space the way an OLB would. 

We'll get into this more over the next couple weeks, but the secret to beating the flexbone has very little to do with scheme, and everything to do with fundamental techniques.

Comment 30 May 2017

Really appreciate your input to this conversation. It's amazing to me what's being learned about the human body's capabilities every single day. 

Given your familiarity and passion with the subject, can you speak about the theories of guys like Ryan Flaherty? His 'Force Number' algorithm based on trap-bar deadlifts supposedly shows that a person's natural speed can be improved by increased strength from this exercise along with flexibility and proper running form (which, like throwing, is something else very few people are properly taught how to do).

As the story goes, Johnny Manziel ran a 5.09 40 on his first day of draft training, but dropped it down a half-second by the combine. I'd be more hesitant of such results, except that his list of clients is impressive and his thinking seems sound, at least to an outsider. However, I'd love the opinions of someone far more versed than I in this department.

Comment 08 May 2017

How do you define 'explosive' plays? 20+? 15+ on the ground? 25+ through the air? I know everyone has their own feelings on the issue and find it interesting to hear what/why.

As for YPP, I've found it can still be deceiving if looked at for only one game but is great for a larger data set, since it tends to minimize the outlier effect.