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Comment 15 Jul 2019

Here are the full red zone stats from last season:

Wisconsin was solid, ranking 23rd in TD rate inside the 20. However, the best team in this regard was UCF (whose offense is nearly identical to OSU's) while Washington State (4th) and Clemson (6th) show that bigtime spread teams can still get it done close to the goal-line. Navy and Air Force are also extremely efficient inside the red zone, and while most people think of their style as physical because of all the running, the flexbone is really the ultimate finesse system. Pure smashmouth football doesn't seem to be the key to success down in short yardage, but rather showing multiple threats and executing.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Fair question - I'm just looking at the most interesting schematic challenges OSU will encounter this fall, and I should note that this list is truly subjective. 

Though the Sparty and Michigan defenses are probably the best defenses this team will face, I'll probably avoid writing about them simply because I've already done so at length. Instead, I'm focusing on opponents that readers might be less familiar with, but will still provide a tough test, like Wisconsin's punishing run game and subsequent play-action as well as how Harbaugh's offense will look in year 2 with Shea Patterson. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

From what I understand, Yurcich's job this spring was to teach the offense to Fields and the other QBs, and ensure they can execute it to the highest degree possible by August 31. That involves both the physical and mental aspects of the game and is no easy task. Day is definitely leading the charge in terms of what the offense as a whole will look like from a scheme perspective, with input from Wilson, as well as Yurcich, Stud, Alford, and Hartline. Over time, Yurcich's role will assuredly grow within that group as he becomes more familiar with the system, but for right now, his main focus is Justin Fields.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Defenses HAVE to teach gap responsibility, not just reckless running for the ball like a kindergarten soccer game. However, making sure players always know which gap is theirs and know how to defend it (inside vs. outside, on the line vs. second-level, who/what to read, etc...) is key to success. Mattison's goal is to try to replicate these situations as much as possible so that all 11 guys feel comfortable with their responsibility on any given play, and are able to simply react instead of trying to adjust on the fly.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

To be fair, Young and Cooper weren't the DEs getting caught out of position inside, but rather the younger guys like Harrison and Potter. Both obviously have a lot to learn and shouldn't be expected to know everything just because people put a bunch of stars by their names when they were 16. That said, the Counter play is a nice change of pace to the tight zone and was a major part of Buckeye game plans in 2014 (as James L eluded to multiple times on the BTN broadcast).

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Alabama (not surprisingly) does this quite a bit against spread teams with their 'Money' backer, which is essentially just the weak-side version of the Star. Saban uses those positions to work in younger DBs that haven't completely separated themselves and earned a spot on every down, as he still claims to run a base 3-4 defense (though he's really in nickel most of the time). Either way, he teaches the Star and Money roles to every DB on the team and just picks the one that fits that weeks opponent (run-stuffing vs pass coverage).