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Comment 25 Jun 2018

That's a much deeper topic than can be addressed in this space, but essentially, the NCAA intentionally limits how much time coaches can spend with a player in real 'practice' scenarios to even the playing field and ensure some teams aren't practicing year round. This was much more important back before every team had a pristine indoor facility, but now it's used as an argument to allow players some time away from the game to focus on their schoolwork in the offseason.

Comment 18 Jun 2018

Yes, the OSU staff provides attendees with a DVD full of drills at each position, though they're quite fundamental in nature and don't give away any trade secrets. I believe the focus on shoulder-tackling was not a coincidence, though, as it's become such an ingrained part of the culture there and I truly think the staff believes it's necessary that coaches at all levels buy into this line of thinking for the game to maintain its place in our society.

Comment 21 May 2018

Agree on not having the threat of Butt there. Between DPJ and Tariq Black, though, he should still have plenty of talent at WR. The real questions for me are:

  1. Can Michigan ever create a consistent running game against good teams? They averaged just 2.36 ypc against ranked teams last fall. Warinner should help, but they still lack any kind of difference-maker at RB to set up the PA pass where Patterson should be able to shine with the deep ball.
  2. If a running game doesn't emerge, how long will it take for Patterson to develop rhythm and timing with his new receivers in the quick, 3-step passing game as well as master the route concepts in the traditional drop-back game? Both of those skills will require him to operate far differently than he did in the Ole Miss system, and there are bound to be some hiccups.
Comment 07 May 2018

I know people are tired of it, but the reality is 1) Day was hired to install a number of the elements he learned from Kelly and 2) there's no reason to believe Day and Wilson are going to invent anything new themselves.

Every coach just borrows from someone else, and the guy Ohio State's coaches have been borrowing from most in the past two seasons happens to now be the head coach at UCLA.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

They didn't show any of that, no. Haskins and Burrow ran far more traditional dropback concepts while Martell was given mostly RPOs, showing where he is on the development curve. They aren't asking him to make more than one read very often, and the only 'downfield' concept they showed was a seam route to the Y attached to a speed sweep and the backside slant with outside zone. However, I believe he gave the handoff on both occasions.

Comment 26 Feb 2018

I'm not sure I've ever heard someone argue that allowing corners to man-up all game isn't "letting them loose" but hey, here we are.

Again, the issue with OSU's man coverage last year had absolutely nothing to do with the corners, as shown in the videos. The issues were inside with the linebackers and safeties. Lattimore, Conley, and Ward have been outstanding the past two seasons, and were in no way, shape, or form the reason Schiano's defense may not have been up to some people's standards.

Comment 26 Feb 2018

We discussed this a few weeks ago here after the news of Coombs' departure, but playing the ball instead of the man is a very tricky technique. As Schiano put it early in the season when Sheffield, specifically, was racking up the PI flags, 

"If you are in an advantaged position, so you’re even with the receiver or you’re over the top of the receiver, then you lean and locate. That’s the verbiage. If you’re behind him, you don’t, because all you’re going to get to see is somebody celebrating over your shoulder. Because the guy’s going to catch the ball," Schiano said. "Now, part of it is, why are you behind? Why are you trailing? Some coverages are designed that way and others aren’t. So the ones that aren’t, you have to be on top of him. And that helps a little bit. But there’s not one single issue."

So what he's saying is if you're even with the guy, make sure you box him out like a rebounder on the basketball court before you look for the ball, as the first and most important thing you can do as a defender is get in between the ball and the receiver. Once you're there, then go ahead and try to make a play on the ball. That can lead to some interference calls now and then, but it's better to give those up than to get lost looking for the ball and watch the receiver running into the end zone.

While I know the PI calls get people upset, pass coverage on the outside was not the reason OSU gave up so many points to Clemson, Oklahoma, and Iowa over the past couple seasons.