Are the Buckeyes Chokers?

I have to listen to this claim almost constantly down here in SEC country.  "They cant win the big one!!" is the chorus. I used to smile, nod and dismiss (which I should probably continue to do) but I have become more prone to politely challenge that notion. One reason is that one ca...
14 Dec 2013
by GregB

Why did losing to MSU Taste so Bad...?

I was thinking about all the articles, blogs. post on 11w and I was writing as well. Then I took a few days to think about why so much hysteria over a loss, a game, and Big 10 Championship?  Well, here goes my opinion after reading all the frustration, hate, negativeness, hurt, pain, disgust......
13 Dec 2013
by Bucks777

Is My Hatred Misplaced?

I've been struggling with something all year, maybe I'm wrong, call me crazy, but I have found someone that I cannot stand more than Mark May. I know it sounds insane and maybe it's my own doing by watching College Gameday on Saturdays, but there is someone else that I have found to plac...
13 Dec 2013
by jthiel09

Mini trip Report: Indy

Well days have passed and the result still stings a bit. The memories of the trip have helped ease my pain some. Here was my trip to Indy in a few pictures. Hope you enjoy fellow dubsters.. Outside on Georgia St. at the B1G Fan Fest. Pregamming with local Sun King OSIRIS pale ale.  ...
11 Dec 2013
by BUCKtuckian

What's with all of the hate???

I'm, as my profile states, a passionate, yet rational Buckeye fan.  I realize that, no matter which team anyone roots for, there will always be rival fans that will "hate" the other team and its fans.  Lord knows, I can't STAND TTUN.  Having said that, I'm notici...
10 Dec 2013
by buckuar

2014: Starts Jan 3rd!!!

I for one would love to see Urban open up the complete play book and go after Clemson, there defense is really mediocre at best, I mean look at what FSU and S.Carolina did to them.  We have the most Dynamic QB, and RB in Hyde.  They will not be able to stop them, and we should get 400 yd r...
10 Dec 2013
by Bucks777

The Offensive Play Calling in the Big Ten Championship Game

I am surprised that Coach Meyer/Coach Herman did not throw everything at MSU the way Michigan did to OSU the week prior. I thought Coach Meyer and Coach Herman would play like there was no tomorrow but they did not. What happen to the short passing game, you mean to tell me Braxton Miller could not ...
09 Dec 2013
by m4

A Moment of Silence for TBDBITL

There could not be a worse BCS bowl draw for The Best Damn Band in the Land than the Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl traditionally does not permit college marching bands to perform at halftime, instead opting for a Super Bowl style performance which will feature country singer Dierks Bentley this ...
09 Dec 2013
by osuxrow07

Saw this on Reddit

Puts things into perspective:   "It's a testament to how spoiled us Buckeye fans are to have an Orange Bowl appearance considered a disappointment. If Michigan were playing in the Orange bowl this year, everyone would say the Wolverines were "back". Hell, there's a numb...
09 Dec 2013
by acapell99

A Eulogy for The Streak

The loss is still far too raw for me to engage in the raging debates in the forums about what went wrong and how to fix it.  Similarly, I have no heart yet to talk about the Orange Bowl and Clemson.  So, with apologies to the Bard: Friends, Buckeyes, Dubsters, lend me your ears; I come ...
09 Dec 2013
by Earle

Perspective from a very young Buckeye fan

Being a 17 year old kid, I have no where near the knowledge that comes with being an adult Buckeye fan. I never got to see the days of the great Woody Hayes, have no eyewitness account of Eddie George or Archie Griffin. All I can really remember of Ohio State football is the last 8 years. In these 8...
09 Dec 2013
by papakrom

Defend the honor.

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end for O-Hi-O I don't take this last line of the Buckeye Battle Cry lightly. I figure I am going to make some people a little upset on this whole 11W thing, but I gotta be honest.  I am sure I will get some down votes here....I have built up enough,...

The Ohio State Effect: Michigan State

Another week and this time Ohio State's season gets flipped upside down. It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State. Below you will be able to compare Michigan State's stats before playing, and after playing, Ohio State. Entering the B1G...

A view from the nosebleeds

Well, that sucked. I should have known the night wasn't going to go well when I approached my seat and a bloated, beer-soaked bro was sitting in it.  Said bro moved over and said to his Dad "damn I hit my head really hard on that seat, I am kinda embarrassed." Very unfortunately...
08 Dec 2013
by Maestro

My Frustrated Thoughts

I've been sitting on the sidelines, if you will, all season, reading and trying to take in all the differing opinions that this site has to offer.  Only recently did I decide to become a "full fledged" member (don't ask my why I waited, I don't know).  I've watche...